Save Madison County NC From The Left
Are the Flood gates about to open?
Are the Flood gates about to open?

Are the Flood gates about to open?

Are the flood gates about to open – Three videos below that you should take the time to view they are telling and very informative. After that County News and Rupa steps in it again….Madison Cawthorn fund raiser at Bonnie and Clyde’s March 25th at 6:00 PM.

President Trump said “We have it all” remember – What do you think that is? I and others believe it is the evidence of election fraud and it is big. This state’s officials better be worried because Cooper shut down the counting of the election on November 3rd 2020. And they were watching…..and they collected it all. IP addresses printer identifiers etc…

All today:

  • WaPo retracts lies about Trump’s phone call with Raffensperger about Georgia fraud.
  • Georgia State Rep met with Trump from Florida Oval Office
  • Georgia Congresswoman MTG went on Greg Kelly’s show (who is personal family friends with DJT through his father).
  • The Epoch Times reports that a Fulton County, Georgia judge might unseal absentee ballots for fraud investigation.
  • Most importantly, POTUS issued a statement calling for Georgia election to be overturned.

Very, very interesting. Are the floodgates about to open?

Donald J. Trump worked for free- never took a paycheck… with 3 to 4 hours sleep a night on average.
He worked 24/7 with a passion for ‘We The People’, as NO other President has in a very long time.

He was and still is, hated by the DC Establishment and Swamp. He exposed their weaknesses, their multi-term failures, and the massive corruption they have profited off for so long.

They never envisaged an outcome where ‘she’ would lose.
But she did.
She lost in the most humiliating way possible.
Their plans swept away in a vast Red Tsunami wave.

The Deep State came for him, and they came for us. You, me. The Deplorables.

And they will keep coming.

But it was never going to be ‘just another 4-year election’. And THIS will not be just ‘another 4-year election’.

The World sees it. Eye’s have been opened. Questions that the public would not commonly be asked, are being asked all across the World right now.

And most importantly, all the questions that you, reading this right now may have are being explained.

Do you remember why you voted and chose who you chose five years ago?
Apart from what we know already regarding the election, has anything changed?

Has President Trump ever broken a promise?

No. He has not.

Do you think that President Trump has, for ONE second, stopped working for ‘We The People’ since January 2021?

Do you think that he has stopped losing sleep over the things that matter?

You already know the answer to these questions.

A promise made is a promise kept. It was never just a campaign slogan or a line pumped full of ‘hopeium.’

When President Trump says, “The Best is Yet to come,” or “Our Best Days are Yet to come,” they are PROMISES!

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do NOT see. There is much we do not see.

So have Faith.


Do you ever ask yourselves what the hell is going on in my Country and in my community are we all going mad?

Marxism is evil and you can’t turn a blind eye any longer….They want your children and they want you to submit.

PC Marxism thrives in our churches and elementary schools. All in the name of so-called progress and inclusivity, we have public libraries hosting Drag Queen Story Hours, Evangelical churches conducting gay weddings,

Dr. Suess’s books are too offensive, but Cardi B is rapping about her stanky pussy while swinging on a stripper pole at the Grammys is acceptable????

Well, folks, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

These Democrats never learn, and their ineptitude is on display daily. The Mars Hill Marxists have taken over the Democratic party in Madison County.
This latest spectacle says a lot about what the Mars Hill community has become over the last few years.

We have Heil Hoffman from Marxist Hill- who is Madison County school superintendent screaming at teachers about wearing masks yet – he was spotted at a Madison ballgame without one. Pretty Huh…. “Not for me- but for thee”

What is going on in Mars Hill – shall we call Mars Hill -Marxist Hill?

Both political parties were on display at their conventions on Saturday.
Let’s start with the Democrats-The Grifter – Pimple Popper- Child Popper AKA-Rupa Russe has announced her takeover of the Mars Hill Precinct.
Read below:

This woman is the gift that keeps on giving to all of us that need comic relief What an idiot!

A grifter lives off the falsity of their self importance – This spectacle above speaks volumes!

Don’t forget this Goode guy is the chair of the Black Lives Matter Terrorist Madison Indivisibles, a nut wing group I wrote about before; see below:


Rupa’s gibberish word salad is so Pollyannaish.
“We in Madison County take care of each other?”

Seriously…. like the Democratic Party only taking care of its own and its families?
They do this while Using the Sheriff- DSS- School System- Health departments to go after those that don’t toe the line.

Madison is a welfare County, and it sounds like – this is where Rupa wants those that sponge off the system to stay- beholden to her and her Marxist friends.

I bet she learned that from good ole Pat Franklin; she is the Appalachian’s real jewel.
Rupa certainly did not learn this on her own because she has never done anything but go to school. How many businesses has Rupa managed where she had to meet a payroll? Has Rupa ever done anything, or did her poor old mama pay for her endeavors?

Rupa is a grifter….

It seems to me that these Mandisonians that Rupa talks about – you know, the ones that throw bags of trash out along the road and live off of public assistance, are the proper description of what is wrong in the Appalachians.

It is a Hillbilly Elegy where white, working-class Americans experience a collective identity crisis.

They are like farts in a whirlwind, and people like Rupa and the other fake swells in this County want them to stay right there at the bottom where they can never succeed because the bottom line is- the Deep State of Madison makes more money off of them when they are down and not productive.

Grants- baby that is how these crooks pick the meat from the bones of the real tax payers in this County. Rupa is a free loader on her taxes she claims farm exemption- just like Barb Wyatt of the School Board. Have to have that extra $$$ to go gamble at Cherokee.

The Rupas of Marxist Hill want to make these poor souls dependent on the failed socialist system.. The Marxist Hill people have no desire to help these degenerates succeed and better themselves.
Rupa bashing her teacher as uninvested: could it possibly be that her teacher was “uninvested” because Rupa, herself, as a student, was so uninvested?
Of course, Rupa portrays herself as a victim here, but the teacher was a failure because the wayward teen with an attitude didn’t engage with class or lessons?
Rupa is a Pollyanna with highly romanticized and unrealistic expectations of society, community members, and herself.
If Rupa wanted to do some good, she would have a realistic plan for holding people accountable for their reckless and foolish decisions resulting in them being unemployed and addicted to drugs for life.
Furthermore, “Early College” is nothing more than lipstick on a pig or dog dung packaged with a pretty bow…same waste different name.
If you want to know how successful a school is, you need to look no further than the community members.

From the examination of the numbers on public assistance in Madison, the schools are a dismal failure.

Rupa’s goosebumps are similar to anyone that plays people for gain. Folks, Rupa’s only desire is to profit herself just like all grifters- Why do you think she and Buddy Harwood are such good BFFs. They sit around and contemplate how they are going to screw the tax payers she calls it goosebumps. But it is more like a slobbering coyote stalking wounded rabbits.

Have you ever noticed “Slime” in a stagnant pond?

It always seems to find the other slime after a while, and then your whole pond is nothing but one big Muck.

Madison County is one big Muck polluted by Marxists like Rupa.

This County needs authentic leadership, not more Leftist freaks that have no idea how to balance their checkbooks, much less a County budget.

We don’t need anymore Rino’s that do Buddy Harwood’s bidding. We don’t need the white trash from Coy Phillips family using us as their own personal piggybank. Can we please elect a sheriff that doesn’t bring in the whole family caboose.

Robin Lyles is running for Sheriff on the Republican ticket, but he is in Buddy Harwood’s pocket and would be a disaster. Not to mention, he is not professional around women, and the County would have numerous sexual harassment lawsuits to contend with.

The County is a mismanaged mess, and it started with the patheticness and arrogance of the Sheriff’s Department. Madison County is an embarrassment, and we have a progressive Cancer in this County and it starts and ends with Buddy Harwood. -CH


Fundraiser at Bonnie and Clyde’s for Madison Cawthorn – March 25th at 6:00 PM- We need Madison to defend our rights and work for our President Trump!