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Cawthorn bails on the new 14th district…
Cawthorn bails on the new 14th district…

Cawthorn bails on the new 14th district…

Madison Cawthorn leaves the district in unprecedented move.

He builds his war chest off all of you, and the first chance he gets, he runs like a baby to a smaller district. This is what happens when you elect an empty suit or an empty bathing suit-CH

Remember when Cawthorn said this below?

Cawthorn Switches Districts

(Asheville, NC) — Madison Cawthorn is switching congressional districts. Yesterday, Cawthorn confirmed his decision in a social media post. Cawthorn ways he will run for U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s newly drawn 13th congressional district instead of the 14th district where he is the incumbent.

The new district covers Polk, Rutherford, McDowell, Burke, Cleveland, and parts of Mecklenburg County.

In his statement, Cawthorn said his decision is based on where he can have the most influence, in addition to the fact that the new district has half of the counties he already represents.

It was thought North Carolina’s House speaker Tim Moore would run for U.S. Congress to represent the 13th district, but he stated yesterday he would not be running.

Cawthorn is now running in a different district, moving to the 13th from the 11th because it was no longer safe per his statements yesterday.

Look how big this new 14th district is; see below.

During Cawthorn’s term, he was too busy running around the country, talking the talk, and collecting a war chest, while neglecting his own constituents.

He would rather play than work. So you shouldn’t be surprised the first chance this coward gets, he bolts.

Never forget the gun confiscation Red Flag Law vote or his vote to protect Liz Cheney.
Madison Cawthorn gave the Democrats full permission to push through radical gun confiscation law legislation when they initially voted in favor of it.

He was stupid enough to believe he could negotiate with the Democrats on this and “remove it later.”

Two days ago, Cawthorn sent out a mass fundraising email that did not mention a district change.

In the email sent by campaign manager Blake Harp, Cawthorn said he hoped the headline would be, “Youngest Congressman Re-Elected as Republicans Take the House in a Landslide.”

“Democratic opponent has money flooding in from all sorts of special interest groups and Washington elites”.

In this email, Cawthorn never mentions he is leaving the district.

The only thing Cawthorn is good at is Bait and Switch.

He is a typical politician.
Money Money Money is what rules Cawthorn and many RINOS like him.

Cawthorn’s home county of Henderson chose to support Rod Honeycutt over him. George Erwin, former sheriff of Henderson County, is the GOP chair and endorsed Honeycutt last month.

On the 570 AM Mark Starling show Michelle Woodhouse – GOP CHAIR of 11th District hints at running. Colonel Rod Honeycutt has announced and don’t doubt others will join.

But folks it still doesn’t look good for the Democrats – look below at what is poised to represent the Democrats in the new 14 district for congressman of NC.


A transgender Lesbian so-called reverend

More Election news for our area…

A new sheriff contender for the Republican side of Madison is coming soon…

Yellow dog Democrat Larry Leake – appointed judge by Illegitimate Roy Cooper (after CC harvested ballots the first time) has a challenger from Watauga County; his name is Republican Matt Rupp.

Madison Countys Stain
Why does Larry Leake have a law license?

The exciting thing is Larry Leake has to retire by statute in July of 2022. So Comrade Cooper will be replacing him. Who will that be?

Larrys Lunch Buddy Donnie Laws? It is comical but won’t this be fun!

Donnie Laws of Yancey County – Big leftist and County attorney for Madison

Folks, this is what politics is rough and tumble.

It is obvious Madison Cawthorn can’t handle the heat of politics and is an opportunist. Lets see if his pretty face can get him elected in the 13th district.

I am glad Cawthorn’s true stripes came out.

All it takes is light.

Next week, the light will be shined on the likes of

Jasmine Beech Ferrara, and the Helter Skelter of the Western NC Mountains.

It is time to stand up to this evil -CH

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