There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
This isn’t a prosecution, it’s persecution…
This isn’t a prosecution, it’s persecution…

This isn’t a prosecution, it’s persecution…

The Democrat Party know they can’t win in a fair duel so what do they do?

Trump Tells Supporters To ‘Protest’ And Not ‘Sit Back & Watch’: ‘CAN’T ALLOW THIS ANYMORE’

By Ryan Saavedra • Mar 18, 2023 • •

Former President Trump called on his supporters to protest his possible arrest next week.

Former President Donald Trump called on his supporters Saturday afternoon to take action after he claimed earlier in the day that he will be arrested next week.

The remarks from Trump come after a report from NBC News said federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies were analyzing security assessments and making plans to prepare for the possibility that Trump could be indicted next week by a Manhattan grand jury in connection with a $130,000 hush money payment he allegedly made to porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.


It’s not just Trump they hate, but anyone who supports him!

The Democrats, used the FBI against parents; they used the FBI against Pro-Life Catholics; they used Big Tech against vaccine critics & anyone who questioned them.

Now they want to arrest Trump, their leading political opponent.

George Soros gave 1 million to Manhattan DA -Alvin Bragg’s campaign. Bragg downgraded 52% of felonies to misdemeanors in NYC in 2022. Just observe the Crime in NYC; it has escalated faster than the rats in the sewers.

But now Bragg plans to elevate a piddly misdemeanor to a felony because it’s Trump. This action out of NY is political persecution and prosecutorial misconduct by a corrupt, shyster attorney who abuses the rule of law for sport to pay off his benefactor, evil George Soros.


Excerpt -Evil Soros ( Left’s God and financier) He set up his own people- from his 60-Minute interview…

This Demon has no Guilt

At this moment, we need to evaluate who actually receives a law license in our country and uses it to persecute those they disagree with.
It is out of control in our court systems.
These shyster attorneys need complaints filed against them and sued in federal and state courts.

When they impeached Trump over a phone call to Ukraine, it backfired & his poll numbers went up. When they raided Trump with the FBI for overdue library books, it backfired & his poll numbers went up. When they indict Trump for a misdemeanor that nobody else gets prosecuted for, watch his poll numbers increase and then witness how easily he wins in a landslide in 2024.

The Democrat Party will end, and the people will never again trust this Banana Republic called DC again.
Let it die and bury it so it never can unleash its wickedness again…

This totalitarian Deep State can’t beat the American Spirit that dwells in the Trump populace movement called MAGA, so their last gasp before they drown is “Arrest Trump.”

Below is a powerful short video featuring Carlo Maria Viganò, a bishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016.

Vigano speaks about how the evil of liberalism and the globalist ideology that wants to destroy the world through its hellish Great Reset project.

Vigano is a revered figure of the Catholic Church and also a staunch supporter of President Trump.

Understand Vigano is a CHRISTIAN that wants to unite the cause of freedom and CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLE, not the principals of the disgraceful Catholics who have gone the way of abortion -sexual deviance, and Luciferian Globalism.

See more on the CATHOLIC PRINCIPLES here: Viganò Explains the Deep Church and Great Reset.

If you doubt what they are up to, watch below.
The Democrats and the Biden Crime Family will do anything to protect themselves.
Including destroying our country through war and incompetence in controlling the finance system, banks, the Fed, and our borders…

We are coming for the Administrative state – write that down!

I think it is time to start a Non-Profit which looks into these politically motivated shyster attorneys in our country who use their bar license to suppress speech and quell dissension of those who disagree with their objectives…

These Mentally ill Leftists have poked the bear one too many times at some point the bear fights back…

If radicals like George Soros and other leftist Reprobates fund groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, then there should be a counter-movement to go after these pettifoggers.

Ties between Biden and the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center are alarming…

Excerpt below…

Americans should be deeply concerned over the alliance between the Biden administration and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-professed civil rights group infamous for its aggressive targeting of conservative and religious organizations.Lately, it seems as if President Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice are rewarding the group for that.Americans were rightly shocked when a whistleblower exposed the FBI for targeting “radical traditional Catholics” based on criteria from the SPLC. This organization has inspired a left-wing domestic terrorist attack and has been exposed repeatedly for baselessly smearing its political opponents.

Mr. Biden recently nominated the SPLC‘s strategic litigation director, Nancy Abudu, to be a permanent judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th District. Ms. Abudu’s confirmation hearing made it abundantly clear that her ties to the SPLC would affect her ability to fairly apply the law, especially toward those she disagrees with politically.

In addition to her support for abolishing the filibuster, Ms. Abudu refused to answer questions regarding her involvement in the SPLC’s abuse of the judicial process through judge-shopping (targeting specific venues to file cases solely in order to have them heard by a sympathetic judge).

Tom McClusky – – Monday, March 6, 2023

Southern Poverty Law Center Has Long History of Carrying Water for Antifa Extremists

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation charged a staff attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center with domestic terrorism for his involvement Sunday in a violent attack on police officers at the construction site for a police training facility near Atlanta.

Although the SPLC claimed the attorney was a legal observer, the agitators were dressed in Antifa-style black bloc for the attack on the facility they call Cop City. The SPLC has a long history of carrying water for Antifa rioters. The SPLC claimed that the lawyer’s arrest “is not evidence of any crime, but of heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters.”

Full Story Below:

The SPLC Has a Long History Carrying Water for Antifa (

Let’s call this Non- Profit – “Lino Busters.”

LINO – Lawyer In Name Only -This way, the bad attorneys and their complicit organizations will be exposed and litigated against.

Below Simone Gold, who is one of the Frontline Doctors who tried to warn the public about the Fauci BioWeapon, was sued by an unethical attorney; now this Mama Bear is fighting back…

County News- Hillbilly Deep State at it again…

Gangsters in Madison? Folks we are getting real close…

The Madison County Government and French Broad EMC have become an establishment just like DC…

Mark Snelson former Madison County Commissioner who lost in the last election has been chosen by French Broad Nomination Committee to take Joe Justice’s vacancy.


Read this story about Mark Snelson; it is the truth, and ask yourselves why would French Broad EMC even consider this scumbag for any position?
Snelson has also been convicted of spotlighting deer …
He will fit in with the Good Ole Boy cock fighter on this board from Mars Hill.

Notice the French Broad EMC has not filed its Federal 990 tax forms since 2019. What have they been hiding since 2019?

BELOW 2019 Salaries and CONTRACTORS

The woman below was recently hired full-time at French Broad EMC she is also the niece of Mark Snelson.

She and Hart Barnhill- (who sits on the Board of Adjustment) were married when she and he posted this.

The Board of Adjustment is established to review and hear appeals to the decisions made by zoning enforcement officers.

Board of Adjustment Members
Karen Kiehna  – Chairman
Richard Molland – Vice Chairman
Hart Barnhill
Robert Briggs
Ernest Ramsey
Darlyne Rhinehart

2023 Meeting Schedule

3-20-2023 webcapture

For the record, the FBEMC has a nepotism policy, which will not allow board member relatives to receive benefits under this policy.

What if Gentry gets triggered by something someone says about her uncle inside French Broad EMC? Will she cuss at them?

Will she be demoted to part-time if her uncle is elected?

She is Mark Snelson’s niece and was mad that I was exposing her uncle, whom I call Bubba Snelson, a Madison County commissioner who was involved with Municipal County Grafting to secure himself a job which cost this county an additional 1 million dollars in an ambulance contract.

It is priceless that now Mark Snelson could possibly sit on a board of a municipal service provider. Wait till the tapes service of what he did while employed by Mission Hospital.

You can’t make this up!

Gentry was also mad that I wrote that if you were bringing trash to the collection areas, you should have a dump card to prove you have the right to dump your trash.

Notice her colorful inept language. Do other French Broad EMC employees cuss and act unhinged like this on Facebook?

Most French Broad EMC employees act like adults, does she?

Same for Hart Barnhill, who was encouraged by Uncle Mark to do this on Facebook and still sits on the Madison County Board of Adjustment.

What will Uncle Mark encourage Jeff Loven to do when and if he is elected onto French Broad EMC Board?

Remember, the board of French Broad EMC decides to raise salaries for Loven and others.

Think about it…

Two classy peas in the county pod….

Another individual wanted his chance to be on this board, but through Attorney Jamie Stokes of Leake and Stokes law firm, French Broad EMC sent a letter to this man and told him he was not eligible because he was a former employee of FBEMC.

Isn’t Charles Tolley a former employee of French Broad EMC? Wasn’t Jeff Loven’s daddy a former employee of French Broad EMC?

I questioned Greg Fowler on this, and he stated that FBEMC changed the by-laws three years ago when they stopped filing their IRS 990s. French Broad EMC did this under the fog of COVID.

You just can’t let a good crisis go to waste…

Is this coincidental? Maybe but maybe not. I will have more on this story because there is more that deals with these LLCs -FBEMC contractors and the Fiber Optic materials coming from Costa Rico.

FBEMC has potentially kept the Shareholders- (you) out of the process. To control the secret hidden agenda and the dirty handling of the running of this Non- profit.

A Non-Profit Utility Coop that uses the back door for political gain and profit.

What other reason would they want the likes of Bubba Snelson on this board?

Mark Bubba Snelson

Understand FBEMC is chartered as a Coop, meaning the customer (member- you) own the company. More coming soon…

The next Gangsters your fake pious -County Commissioners

I have noticed the County Commissioners, since these five men have taken over, have shuffled their chairs. I thought, at first, they were doing this because they have no comprehension of how it looks, but now I feel it is to send a message to the public.

BEFORE – notice County Manager Gentry looked straight at the speakers. Regardless what you think of him, he didn’t act like a scared rabbit hiding in the corner…

New Seating – Notice how Rod Honeycutt,’s permanent County Manager positions himself.
His back is to the public, and his total attention is to the Commissioners not the public.
Speaks Volumes…

This Commissioner Meeting Brad Guth proposes the new changes to the Madison County Land Use Plan – notice these Einsteins are adding a ” Religious Exemption” folks this is a
Red Herring – (a clue or piece of information that is, or is intended to be, misleading or distracting.)

Watch Guth below. Does he sound like he knows what he is doing?

How dumb is this? Do you realize that applying this in an ordinance opens the door to any and all so-called religious organizations to be exempt from following the Madison County Land Use Plan rules when dealing with Special Events?


County Commissioner March 14th Meeting -Brad Guth Madison County Development Services Director – pronounced “Goof”

This is what happens when you have the likes of Mandy Bradley Fish running our County Government.
Why was she on this committee anyway? She doesn’t live in Madison oh but I have been informed that her daddy worked at FBEMC …Are you catching on Folks?

I requested the Draft of these changes because there will be a public hearing at the next Commissioner’s meeting. But they also commented, which was not audible in this meeting, that a meeting would be at the Library tomorrow. You idiots, do you realize that just having these changes at your office for review is not legal or acceptable when scheduling hearings?

Brad Guth needs to go; he is a lazy, incompetent man. Madison County deserves better.
John Noor Attorney for Madison County Planning Board is just setting our county up for lawsuits.
This is how Noor makes money for himself and his firm Roberts and Stevens…

Rod Honeycutt – Brad Guth of the Madison County Government has not supplied these changes to me. They have had plenty of time. It only takes 20 seconds to produce these records, folks; maybe they don’t want you to see them; this is how establishments run things, and this is how Madison County and FBEMC run things.

This is also how Military Boys run things, and they run them into the ground.

Now because of this added caveat, which could have been left out entirely. Any of these wedding and event facilities can file as a 501-C3 and designate themselves as a church.

They have used the Farm exception for years. These event facilities file as Farm Excempt -Look at the Paint Rock Farm, which is one of the facilities with the most complaints from area residents as a nuisance.

Why is this county exempting churches anyway? Folks, they don’t pay any taxes. See below; I have picked out five political churches.

Why are they special?

This next year these exempt churches can apply not to pay dump fees. Who do you think pushed this?
None other than ole Elmer Gantry Garrison.

Elmer likes to use the churches for his bidding…

If the churches are exempt from paying the county, why would they not deliver this pittance to help the County?

Remember, these churches claim they voted Republican because they had to pay dump fees. How pathetic is this?

Shall we play a game which Church is it:
Which of these Celestial Bodies below is hiding a big Sexual scandal rambling throughout the countys network?
When you talk with that Wooden Cross on your Back, speaking righteousness and how Great Thou art , you better be able to walk it…

Below are five churches in Madison County; look at the property value and then look at the bill. Do you think they should be taxed for trash?

More Next week-Two drug houses blew up last week, and there was no reporting by the area Weekly Wiper Machine.

Buddy Harwood-Michael Garrison should have shut these drug-cooking machines down years ago. I guess they are too busy singing at the churches below…CH