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Mark Snelson & Commissioners corruption threatens Madison County safety
Mark Snelson & Commissioners corruption threatens Madison County safety

Mark Snelson & Commissioners corruption threatens Madison County safety

Did Madison County Commissioner chairman Mark Snelson and Madison County Commissioners arrange a Quid Pro Quo with Watauga Medics?

The Madison County chairman of the commissioners, Mark Snelson, has been hired as the new manager of Madison Medics – Madison County’s ambulance service

Six full-time employees have left since September because of the hiring of Snelson there are only two left.

These positions have not been filled. Why? Because who would want to work for this incompetent bum, Mark Snelson. 

Look, folks, Mark Snelson is no different than Buddy Harwood. In fact, according to Snelson, they are best friends, which speaks volumes.

Follow the corrupt connections below; notice how this Political Graft went down.

We have a chairman to the County Commissioners who cut an illegal deal to get a cushy job.

Watauga Medics are the same ambulance service, which Madison taxpayers paid an additional one million dollars for over a year ago. There was a third option that would have saved Madison taxpayers a great deal of money; along with keeping the same standard of service with good employees.

This county had an opportunity to get a lower bid but chose not to after Sheriff Buddy Harwood and commissioner Mark Snelson’s pilgrimage to Watauga County to speak to the owner and operator Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics during this bidding process.

What possible reasoning would these two men have to do this? Commissioner Snelson was to be recused under NC law.

Why is Harwood involved? 

Also, during this process, after Watauga Medics received the green light, two commissioners Norris Gentry and Craig Goforth, “Big Democrat buddies of Mark Snelson,” were appointed as liaisons for Madison County, yet failed to show up and negotiate this contract. 

Folks, this is malfeasance, and for all of you in Marshall, this means an affirmative act that is illegal or wrongful.

These acts are no different than Wanda Greene in Buncombe County.

Remember Buddy Harwood had lunch weekly with Wanda Greene.

So who do you think orchestrated this?

In North Carolina, it is a crime for certain public officials and employees to contract with the units of government they work for or represent. G.S. 14-234 makes it a misdemeanor for a government official or employee who is involved in making or administering a contract to derive a direct benefit from that contract. The terms “making or administering a contract” and “direct benefit” are defined in the statutes.

Frayda S Bluestein- NC Institute of Government

Will more paramedics leave? You bet they will; below is the criteria which was posted for this manager’s job.

By the way, Madison Medics sent this to all Madison County Commissioners

Why was this job vacancy not announced to the public or in ANY commissioner meeting?

Was this to ensure Snelson would get the position? What kind of commissioner leadership do we have which allows this to happen?

Did big daddy Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics advertise this job?

Craig Sullivan below – he sure looks like a Buddy Boy!

Notice the requirements above of education in order to apply for this job

  • REQUIRED -You must have an associate’s degree in this field.
  • Mark Snelson only has the equivalence of a GED.
  • Prefered National Paramedics License
  • Mark Snelson does not have a NATIONAL PARAMEDICS LICENSE.
  • The other two applicants met the criteria presented.
  • These two other applicants had their National Registered Paramedic license and the required education.
  • One of these applicants was the acting interim manager and had 20 years in Madison County.
  • Bubba Snelson was a supervisor making about $30.00 an hour.

Let’s get back to how this county got stuck with Watauga Medics; Mark Snelson, while he didn’t vote for this contract, was actively manipulating illegally behind the scenes.

Mark Snelson was involved during closed session commissioner meetings in discussions of Watauga Medics being the new ambulance service for Madison County.

Donnie Laws, the Madison County attorney, never bothered to remove him, nor did he remove him from the room during the voting in open session.

Buddy Harwood and Mark Snelson bullied Michelle Boone constantly while she served as the manager for Madison Medics.

Big Daddy Sullivan never had her back during these trying times. Michelle Boone resigned. Does it sound familiar to you?

Look at the way Buddy Harwood, Craig Goforth, and Mark Snelson treated Forrest Gillium? Same bullies and same tactics. These despicable tactics are what these jackals do, but this time they have crossed their precious line.

Folks, don’t forget the former reporter from the Asheville Citizen-Times Paul Eggers Moon never reported on this. Why? Notice what Paul received; he received a job with Land Of Sky.

These commissioners are very active with Land of Sky and remember they all signed Paul Moon’s Marxist Manifesto.

RINO Matt Wechtel is very tight with Land of Sky; he brought in Sara Nichols to change our land-use laws because he has a crush on her.

Moon took her position at Land of Sky without having any former education to fill this job. Are you catching on?

Yesterday I called and sent an email to Frayda Bluestein at the NC Institute of Government. I explained the situation. I thought I would have to wait till next week, but she responded very quickly with the canons below. Frayda is a Professor of Public Law and Government Bio Frayda S. Bluestein | UNC School of Government

Why did Sullivan choose Mark Snelson when all the employees at Madison Medic pleaded with him not to hire him as their manager?

These employees have been around Mark Snelson long enough to know that this weasel doesn’t have the intelligence or the integrity to lead anything.

Heck folks, he can’t even lead a respectable competent commissioners’ meeting.

Did Craig Sullivan hire inept Snelson because he knew it would cause many to leave? Look Sullivan now has rid himself of employees who had more years and higher pay rates.

Did Craig Sullivan hire Mark Snelson who does not even have the qualifications to apply for this job, in order to secure another ambulance contract with Madison County?

What has happened to the Madison County Ambulance service?

We have lost some of the best employees in this county. Many of you know these civil servants. How do feel about this? The EMS will not be up to the same standards that you have seen in the past.

Mark Snelson, Buddy Harwood, and these Madison County Commissioners have destroyed your EMS AMBULANCE SERVICE.

Mark Snelson and all the players above cut a deal with Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics just so Bubba Snelson could get a cushy job which he is not qualified to do nor deserves.

A year ago on Facebook Craig Goforth, Coy Phillips, Hart Barnhill, Lizzie Gullum, and Mark Snelson attacked me and stated that if I needed EMS services they would make sure no one would respond.

I reported this to the County Attorney and to Watauga Medics. No one responded.

Folks this alone should cause any agency that holds a license or certification for any of these clowns the fortitude to remove these licenses and certifications.

IT WAS AN ILLEGAL ACT by Mark Snelson Buddy Harwood and others- READ BELOW the canons from the Institute of Government!

Mark Snelson at the minimum needs to resign immediately. Many of you are going to be sick do you want the likes of Bubba Snelson arriving at your door?

Heck, you would be better off getting the lifeguard at the pool to take care of you. He has the same license this guy is a repulsive joke morally and ethically.

Bubba Mark Snelson

We the taxpayers of this county need to move forward with an inquiry into Craig Sullivan’s Watauga Medics, Mark Snelson, Buddy Harwood, and the Madison County Commissioners. Whether we do this in court or with an investigative agency it is time. I will have more follow-up coming on this story. I am just getting started.

I have always told many of you to let your enemies destroy themselves, well folks they have-CH

More coming this week, we are in a RED OCTOBER so buckle up Patriots…

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