Save Madison County NC From The Left
Hospitals are now being labeled the “killing fields” of the “Plandemic”.
Hospitals are now being labeled the “killing fields” of the “Plandemic”.

Hospitals are now being labeled the “killing fields” of the “Plandemic”.

The hospitals are the danger zones. Hospitals are now being labeled the “killing fields” of the “Plandemic”with hospital doctors, nurses, and administrators openly conspiring to mass murder those who are unvaccinated while covering up the deaths of those who took the vaccine.

Below please watch these videos from Dr. Jane Ruby-nurses and hospital administrators. Hospitals are now widely known to be covering up vaccine deaths in order to hide the number of fatalities for as long as possible.

Tammy Cody and her regime have bagged 52 deaths in Madison County.

She pushed to have the elderly vaccinated and now is after your children.

One thing she is definitely doing is clearing out the nursing homes to make room for all of you that have taken the jab.

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween Costume this year you might want to go as “Tammy Cody” -Madison County’s Health Monster.

What these so-called Health Profesionals and hospitals are doing is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. I will have more on this Monday. A lot going on-CH

  • Durham arrests – Clinton Campaign attorney
  • Forensic audits will be revealed on September 24
  • Madison Manor bars the Great One
  • Judicial Watch suits reveal
  • Why the Deep State wants aborted babies- remember this is IN your vaccine for all you that too the jab.
  • January 6 rally this weekend set up by FBI and Nancy Pelosi
  • Resident Biden and the Democrat Party falling like a lead baloon on a windless day

Significant information on Monday these are short videos below: please watch and please get some Immune System Support supplements.


HCQ and Ivermectin are being banned. National Boards prohibit the use of Covid treatments

Hospitals and personel are lying they make a lot of money getting you on a ventilator .

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