There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Follow Gods Compass, Not Mans…
Follow Gods Compass, Not Mans…

Follow Gods Compass, Not Mans…

Folks, I know many of you are frightened, confused, and angry by what is going on all around you. Those that you thought you could trust are now shown to be your enemies. This great journey is ending soon stay focused and keep your eye on God’s compass, you will always be going in the right direction.

We need to refuse to live in “a world where the TV is the sole judge of truth.

A world where going outside is equated with murder. A world where wishing to live your life is selfish but desiring to control the lives of others is benevolence. In short, a world where logic has been replaced by emotions and common sense is no longer common.”People, use your God-given common sense and fight for and protect your fundamental rights. Your rights are not what the fake news media say they are. Know what your rights are and use them to your benefit.

General Michael Flynn

My hope is by now; you understand what I have been trying to open your eyes to throughout our journey in the last year. You may hate what I have brought forth to you, but understand truth is not an easy pill to swallow. Many have risked everything to help with this cause to defeat this evil amongst us. This awareness of evil many of you may never accept.

But it is here flexing its Luciferian muscles as I speak to you today.

Below the first video will open your eyes and give you hope and tools to fight these draconian measures that Resident Biden wishes to infect on our great nation.

God blessed our country, but we fell asleep, and the evil crept in like rats in an abandoned building.

It is time to fix it and do your part. Do Not Comply; stand up to those lying and maneuvering to inflict tyranny on you and your family.

Why do you think they censure us? Why do the vaccinated care if others choose not to get vaccinated? If you believe in what you have done, then why does the fact that others disagree bother you?

It is not “The Unvaccinated” who are causing this variant outbreak; it is those of you that chose to follow Man’s compass instead of relying on Gods.

Below is a great video of information to get Ivermectin other drugs and access to information if you are afraid of losing your job.

Please take the time to watch.

Fauci is a genocidal maniac that hasn’t practiced medicine in over 30 years. The only thing Fauci is practicing currently is how to hide his crimes against humanity from the public.

It is mad scientist Fauci that guides these Healthcare entities’ narratives.

Tammy Cody, Madison County Health Director, in the last County Commissioner meeting, made these statements below:

Our numbers are bad, and they’re getting worse. Things are heading in the wrong direction, and predictions are that they continue in this direction. We are putting plans in place to continue with the surge we’re seeing. Previously, we had a slow incline with this virus. This time, it has hit hard, and it has hit fast. We’re heading down a very challenging path.

There’s mention in the Bible of communicable disease, and mentions that were put into place to isolate individuals in an effort to protect their communities,throughout recorded history, epidemics such as the plague and smallpox caused sporadic public efforts to protect citizens in the face of contagious diseases. By the 18th century, isolation of the ill and quarantine of the exposed became common measures for containing specific contagious diseases. As public health became a scientific initiative, it provided us with a field of experts, prevention and control of disease were no longer tasks of common sense and social compassion, but of knowledge and expertise. Health reforms were guided by engineers, chemists, biologists, and physicians. Health departments became as a source of scientific knowledge and health.

Tammy Cody August 3

Now add to this the statements by RINO – (Republican in name only) Michael Garrison on August 3:

It looks like there were 138 COVID cases in Madison County from July 12-25.

According to the Weekly Wiper Of Marshall- written by Casey

Commissioner Michael Garrison pinpointed one particularly alarming statistic from the handout given to the board members. from Cody-“The last two weeks, Commissioner Garrison, we have seen 50 COVID cases a week,” she said. “If we go back to the first week in July and the end of June, we were seeing one or two positive cases a week. I was enjoying (the thought of), ‘Oh my gosh. We can finally breathe. We can finally hope to return to some normalcy.’


I requested from Tammy Cody on September 3 – Below:

Would you please give me the statute upon which you are relying when you address government agencies to shut down business and civil rights in Madison County?  Because you have been caught fabricating Covid numbers I am requesting a copy of your testing mechanisms and the protocol by which you determine a death cause of those that are medically ill of other origins.


She responded with this rubbish:

Ms. Harman, 
I would be happy to discuss if you would like to call me 649-3531. There seems to be a huge misunderstanding. I am not sure where your information is coming from, but it is not accurate. The cause of death is determined by medical examiners, not by health department staff.  These numbers along with residents’ demographics come to us from the state database. There have been times when the info has been provided to us and when we went in to review, the county was not Madison County, therefore, was reported incorrectly, thus we always go back and report that. Accurate information is important to everyone. If you look at the state numbers, in the near future, you will see that we sadly have had 2 new deaths. I note, that there is a lag time with the state posting information. We have many residents hospitalized, and several on vents. We do check on them daily and are made aware of their deaths before the official paperwork is submitted through the state system. Covid is a reportable communicable disease. 
I have not ordered nor asked for any business to close;  if you have been told otherwise I would be happy to speak with you or anyone else who has a misunderstanding. 
Have a good day.

Tammy Cody

Tammy Cody, MHS

Health Director

Madison County Health Department

Now folks, Look at what Tammy Cody said above at the August commissioner meeting. I highlighted her Biblical statements. Does she think she can isolate people who will not take the jab?

This woman is dangerous and obviously mentally ill.

Does she think she can round up those who are not vaccinated and isolate them because the Bible tells “Her” so?

This is how Adolf Hitler herded up those he felt were dangerous to his endeavors. He used a flu epidemic.

And Garrison, who is really a Democrat and a Buddy Harwood cronie, is pushing this evil woman’s narrative.

During the Great Plague, which was an actual pandemic, One of the Privy Council’s Plague Orders instituted was that any house containing someone infected with the plague must be locked away. The whole family had to remain inside the house, sick or not, for a total of 40 days. The Health Authority painted A red cross onto the door to warn others that the occupants had the plague.
This lockdown was a controversial order because many felt that it was an automatic death sentence for family members who were still healthy. Nathaniel Hodges, a physician, believed that the ruling increased the death toll during the Great Plague, but he was powerless to oppose it. Health workers removed those exposed to the plague from the general population for the greater good.

Cody nor these commissioners or corrupt Sheriff Buddy have any authority to do anything.


Both of these arrogant Megalomaniacs- Cody and Garrison want power, and both are low grades in their professions.

Garrison failed his lieutenant test in Asheville and ran to Buddy for a job. Garrison has always lacked in law enforcement training, even to the point of looking the other way and allowing Buddy and John Ledford’s drug houses to remain open here in Madison County.

Why do you think we have massive Drug overdoses occurring in our area?

Tammy Cody is not qualified in any capacity to be in the Health field. She is mentally unstable. But hey, this is what the NC Medical community likes. If there were smart individuals with integrity in these positions, the hospitals and Medical community would not be getting away with this fraud and crimes against humanity. They are killing people.

Remember Tammy Cody states above ‘The cause of death is determined by medical examiners, not by health department staff”.

So what is this below straight from Pasty Mandy Cohen’s office:

It is a fraud; they are coding everyone that dies as Covid regardless – this is a crime, and you should not trust Mission Hospital or any other for that matter.

Watch these videos learn how loved ones are being isolated from their families, not given life-saving drugs, and starved: when they go into the hospital.

They are isolating them in hospitals against their will.

Anyone that is vaccinated is a danger to you and your families; they are the carriers of the variant.

I think those that took the jab know what they stupidly did, and now they want everyone to perish along beside them.

Over 200,000 people have been removed from Facebook alone that have tried to get the adverse reactions information out to the public. Are you waking up to who these evil people are?

Remember Cody’s above statement –

If you look at the state numbers, in the near future, you will see that we sadly have had 2 new deaths. I note, that there is a lag time with the state posting information. We have many residents hospitalized, and several on vents. We do check on them daily and are made aware of their deaths before the official paperwork is submitted through the state system. Covid is a reportable communicable disease. 


So why is she involved with hovering over these dying folks that she caused to be vented? Which means placed in ventilators for all of you in Marshall.

Yes, folks, the two that have died recently in Madison were old in their dying years; one was 90.

Tammy Cody made sure all these poor people at the Nursing homes received her and Cooper’s death jab. The people dying are the vaccinated or the people who were going to die anyway.

Once you are placed on a ventilator in these hospitals, your chances of survival fall to 35 percent. The Grim Reaper greets you at the door of these hospitals.

Cody never answered my question about the testing mechanism because they don’t have one.

They run these tests 40,000 cycles in order to get a positive. If you are not symptomatic, you can not be tested accurately. How many times has a doctor tested you for flu when you weren’t sick?

Why do you think there was no flu last year? Folks, there is NO TEST FOR COVID or THIS VARIANT.

This is a sham to scare you and to give them power, money, and more false positives.

If you go into their hospitals, you could very well be signing your own death certificate.

The new Pfizer drug was NEVER approved by the FDA. The FDA ONLY extended the Human use provision. Same evil deadly drug, this was done to trick you into taking it. Remember Pfizer’s former CEO is now the new director of the FDA.

Wake Up; these people are monsters and serving the will of Big Pharma.

Tammy Cody, you can’t wash this blood off of your hands and you and all those like Heil Hoffman – school board- Buddy Harwood – churches etc…will be held accountable. Below positive proof of what is going in Death hubs called Hospitals.

It will be the “Unvaccinated” who will Save America, because the “Vaccinated will be incapacitated, dead or unable to work or function.

Below see these monsters at work in North Carolina devising a plan to lie and fraudulently escalate the numbers for Covid in order to scare the public. The full video is on the link- There are more and more whistleblowers coming forward, so buckle up this Cabal is falling.

The Grim Reaper Cody will be at the Madison County commissioner’s meeting on Tuesday to lie some more in order to attack you and your family’s rights.

These commissioners are the worst group of feckless slop ever elected in our county. Don’t trust them; they will be carrying Tammy’s red paint.

NEW – National File has obtained a recording of a Zoom video conference call between physicians and a marketing director at Novant Heath New Hanover Regional Medical Center, a group of 20 hospitals, clinics, and offices that treat patients in North Carolina and South Carolina.

In the recording, Mary Rudyk, MD, tells Director of Marketing Carolyn Fisher and another hospital employee that she wants the hospitals to become more “scary to the public” by inflating the number of COVID-19 patients.

By using messaging that falsely tells individuals, “if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die.”

Now in final, this great video below, please take the time to watch.

This video features Juan O Savin, a great patriot; he speaks the truth and gives you an insider’s look into where we are currently and when we will get our Country back.

It is far from over and everything is coming to a head.

October 15th is a marker. Juan explains this in great detail. Even you doubters will understand.

Take into consideration Catherine Herridge’s report about the money being spent in Gitmo.

She reported Fifteen Million was being spent for a courtroom addition. Now add 700 million that has been spent in the last few years. Two hundred million for a geriatric facility hospital. All the Concrete piers have been upgraded to withstand hurricanes and will be used for anchoring positions in the harbor. Are you catching on folks? Something is going on in the “Spa.” Remember Mccaffe – Gislane Maxwell and Durham. This is not going away there will be justice…

Although doubters, unless they are dead, have to be partially awake.

A great organization has just been formed by Christian Patriots throughout America.

I will post the links below referenced in all the videos and the County Commissioners agenda for Tuesday, September 14th.

By the way, Matt Wechtel- RINO is using the Soil & Water department to do land grabs on our property in Madison County; remember, this Insurance guy is a fake; he lives in a Home Owners Association where he bans all uses of property, including guns.

Wechtel, a Yankee from Ohio, has disdain for all of you from Madison. He thinks he can con you into believing he is on your side- he is on Matt’s side and only Matt.

We need others to run for sheriff; the three who have announced and the one hiding are inadequate and immoral.

You do not have to be law enforcement. How refreshing would that be? You will need a Hazmat suit for the first two weeks to Lysol the smell and germs of BR549 Buddy -Coy and all the whores out of this Sex Castle.

Speaking of Junior, Buddy Harwood and John Ledford have teamed up to take your guns and harass you.

They are just waiting for illegitimate Cooper and Josh Stein’s order. Don’t trust a Cop with a “D” or an upside-down R next to their name.

You knew there was a reason for these two to turn lunch buddies, Right?

I don’t back the “Blue” that doesn’t back our constitution and who doesn’t have a moral compass. Harwood- Lyles- Garrison-Cruzan are, all the same, no difference in any of them.

I can’t stand the saying “Back the Blue” it is arrogant – I back our military; it is tougher to be in the military.

You are actually trained, and you are trained to show respect and love for our country and the constitution which you serve.

There are good Christian Republican cops out there, but they need to stand up against this sludge enveloping their ranks.

You don’t use your office to go after those illegally that you don’t agree with.

Buddy has some awakening coming very soon…

How many cops did you see sucking up to BLM? There was plenty in this state; it was disgusting to watch.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, and no one should ever bend a knee or suck up to that trash.

Good things are coming. Have faith keep your peace, and your compass focused on God, not man.


The TRUTH about COVID, Mask Mandates, Government Shutdowns, etc (

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