Save Madison County NC From The Left
The Monsters within us…..
The Monsters within us…..

The Monsters within us…..

The puzzle is coming together

The “Mask” erade is back because “vaccines” work the way they work.

Right on schedule… inoculated people must mask up because, let’s face it, they lied to you. You will never be free, no matter how many shots you get.

Ready to wake up yet?

Covid variant new deaths are simply “vaccine” related deaths in disguise to continue and fear monger for the push of even more jabs.

The “vaccinated” are the real super spreaders.

These mRNA vaccines contain a virus that attaches to the RNA (the messenger) of man’s DNA, which can never be undone; this means that in this vaccine, the RNA / messenger will always carry a virus; the very one they inject into the body!

Do you understand this is not a conspiracy theory; it is true.

It has always been about your children. The Deep State has now crossed the redline.

These people are monsters, and they exist among us.

They don’t just sit in DC. These monsters are in your state legislatures in the governorships, even in your hometown counties of your states.

The “Deep State” is in full panic mode and are now going after you and your families.

The only thing that can stop them is you.

These monsters are arrogant, but they fear the people, not Antifa, not BLM; why?

Because Antifa and Black Lives Matter is them, and the Deep State fund these organizations.

You have been lied to by the press, mainstream media, your government which the Deep State also funds.

You have always had the power; now it is time to use it.

Your children and your families depend on it. Below is a short video that will explain “The plan – the Great Reset” It is true, and I think many of you are finally getting it. Please take the time to watch you must understand who your enemy is before you can defeat them,

The Sleeping Lions are wakening.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.


Now we put the puzzle together and show you the enemy and their plan.

This week out of thin air The DOJ- (Department of Justice) declared in an opinion that vaccines are legal.

Below from Attorney Lin Wood he puts this in perspective like no other :

This week The DOJ declared in an opinion that vaccines are legal.
Below from Attorney Lin Wood:
The Big Bad DOJ has declared in an “opinion” that vaccine mandates are legal!!!

Wait. Under the US Constitution, the DOJ is a department of the executive branch of our government that executes valid laws.

The executive branch (including the DOJ) does not pass laws. That is the function of the legislative branch.

Then there is that unpredictable (these days) judicial branch that determines whether laws are constitutional.

It seems to me the corrupt DOJ is trying to put the cart before a couple of horses.

Of course, the above description of the lawful authority of the three branches of the federal government only applies if the federal government upholds the US Constitution.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why the Communists/Globalists/Deep State want to overthrow our Constitution. But beware! One ingenious method for overthrowing our Constitution without saying you are doing so is to fill positions in ALL 3 branches of government with corrupt Communists, Globalists, or Deep State operatives.

Wrap that package with a Mockingbird propaganda media, and you have a revolution and overthrow in disguise. When the “watchdog over government” becomes an arm of those attempting to overthrow the Constitution, WATCH OUT!!!Sure explains why the 2020 election was rigged, doesn’t it?


From President Trump:

Biden administration ready to force vaccines on the unwilling Sounds like the Nazis are you catching on?

So at least the USPS workers union is wakening to the Great Reset by Biden and his globalist buddies.

American Postal Workers Union representing over 220,000 postal workers opposes #COVID19 vaccine mandates in a statement just released.

Look, folks, you don’t have to take any vaccine, and you don’t have to mask up or force your children to mask up and take a vaccine.

What kind of a message are you sending to your children when you go along with this madness?

The left is losing and panicking; that is why they are pushing this so hard. Use your common sense; do you honestly think these orders are coming from the WH?

No, these orders are coming from Europe; who do you think controls Biden- Think Rothschild’s for starters – Europeans are standing up and fighting for their freedom, and these globalists are sweating bullets. Your precious press is not showing you the real news.

Search for the truth and you will find wisdom.

This uprising by the people was not supposed to happen; she was supposed to win; who is she? Why Hillary Clinton – You freedom fighters are winning; you just don’t know it yet. Keep Fighting never give up!

Below -How to say no to the jab….

Speaking of Freedom Fighters, Madison County School system heard from “We the People” Monday evening. I am so proud of you for standing up to this tyranny by your local school board!
It was a raucous meeting between board members, Madison County health director Tammy Cody, parents, clergy, and citizens of Madison County. Tammy Cody, who has gone complete megalomaniac and is just yearning for another stretch of dictatorial power, showed herself again.

She wants your children vaccinated and masked. This woman reminds me of Nurse Ratched off “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest,” except folks, she is actually the cuckoo.

Why would anyone want their children under her control?

Poor old Lizzie Gullum – (remember this yank claims she runs Madison County and is founder of Sustainable Madison). She had her Marxist cheese handed to her Monday night.

She, along with Tammy Cody and Lisa Gahagan, Heil Hoffman, and the feckless Madison County School board, was dealt a blow and taken off its stride by vocal parents and concerned citizens of Madison County.

But what was comical is Barbara’s Wyatt’s mouth never rose from the table.

She seemed to take insult to a preacher quoting scripture. Why?
Now, folks, I call her Cruella D Vil not only because she looks like this Disney character but because she is as evil.

Along with all the rest of these board members, this woman attends the golden calf – Mars Hill Baptist Church.

This pagan church promotes homosexuality, adultery, corruption, Marxism, and deviance.
It is all about the money and who is who, forget God they don’t need him they just want your money.

Why is one of their youth directors a known child predator?

Folks this place has all the appeal and godliness of the Vatican.
Barbara Wyatt is one of the fake parishioners that claims diety while making her rounds to gamble at Cherokee with all the other church ladies of repute.
I thought religious people paid their taxes? This woman does not pay her fair share of property taxes she gets the Barbara Wyatt special.

Did you know she even dared to claim that the County should lower her property values at the last reevaluation hearings.
This attempt of fraud was after she received a substantial inheritance from her parents. You get the gist; it is all about her and her insatiable greed.
Is this the quality you want in a school board member? Is this the type of moral character that you want in charge of your children?
All of the Madison County School board, along with Wyatt, unanimously voted just recently to put Tommy Justice, the reverend of this despicable church, on the AB TECH board.

Now that sums it up, why would you put someone like Tommy Justice in charge of AB TECH decisions?

But hey folks, look what the school board voted in to be in charge of the Madison county NC School Curriculum. Why none other than Lisa Gahagan.
It is amazing how the school testing scores miraculously went from the bottom to the top during her and Heil Hoffman’s reign. So much that it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Speaking of smell, did you know that Lisa Gahagan was married to Bubba Snelson, chairman of the Madison County Commissioners?

She was a former Hot Springs principal, and while she was married to old Bubba, she had an affair with Buddy Harwood when he was captain to John Ledford. Mark Snelson went wacko when he found out and drove his car into Hot Springs elementary school. He then wrote some fascinating graffiti all over the school grounds. But what is interesting is the charges against him were never issued because Larry Leake entered the scene, and Snelson was not charged.

This incident happened on school grounds; what else has Snelson done and buried under the rug?

Why didn’t Ledford charge him? Is it because he is a Democrat? You get the picture; why is the Stain Of Sodom allowed to bury a legal action, especially when dealing with a school? Would it just go away if it were you?

What happened to Lisa Gahagan? Why the Madison County School system promoted this moral compass.

It was said that Buddy so languished after she dumped him that he cried in the corner of a room some thought at the time he had peed himself.

Very pathetic but what is so nauseating is Snelson calls Buddy now his best friend. These people are sick!

Folks, think about it do you want a woman like this in charge of your children’s curriculum?

What kind of curriculum will Gahagan chose?

Don’t think for one second the Madison County school administration won’t impose Critical Race Theory on your kids. Do you trust the likes of Lisa Gahagan? How did she get the position of assistant superintendent to Heil Hoffman?
Is this another Deb Frisby moment?

Speaking of wrong moments, Elizabeth Gullum, a big friend of this Democrat fascist Marxist board, is pushing to instill critical race theory in Madison Schools. Why? She has no children in the school system but her brainwashed daughter does teach for Madison County school system.

Remember Dr. Robertson tried to warn us about what the public schools were up to, and you folks let them have it.

Last year in a sinister coordinated attempt Lizzy Gullum and her band of crazed Marxist whacks tried to get Dr. Robertson fired for being Christian.

Just to refresh your mind below are some of the transmissions between Lizzie and her mentally challenged minions from over a year ago.
Don’t ever forget what these monsters are and what they are capable of doing to your children.

Now folks Gullum and her crowd call themselves the Madison County Progressives which says a lot.

Notice she calls Madison School children “Her Kids” and she wants to nullify this horrible thinking which is Christianity”. Sounds like the “Down Home Madison Crowd”. Wake up it is right in front of you.

Remember Gullum tells everyone she runs Madison County. She is good friends with Corrupt Sheriff Buddy Harwood and Pat Franklin.

Are you putting the puzzle together?

Remember Lizzie used that crap hole radio station in Marshall called WART a few weeks ago to prop up and help Buddy Harwood. Sheriff Buddy was in trouble with his Democrat groupies because he hired a cop that Rupa – and the Citizen -Times didn’t like.

By the way what kind of idiots name something wart?

Another interesting note is the new Community reporter for the News Record & Sentinel is this guy below.

Lizzie Gullum and he are also good friends and she uses him to spread her Marxist propaganda.

Notice he promotes Black Lives Matter which is a terrorist organization funded by Nazi George Soros…Now this is priceless and speaks volumes as to how bright this guy really is!

Remember when President Trump called the critical race theory “poisonous, “blatant racism” that “has no place in America”.

He is so right, and folks, you can’t trust the Madison County School System to protect your children from this.

The Madison County School Board would not answer this question about the” teaching of critical race theory” when it was asked Monday night. Wonder Why? Why did Lisa Gahagan give a speaker dirty looks when this was brought up?

The Madison County school administrative offices are full of corruption, and they will lie and do what they want to your children. For the sake of their mighty dollar.

You have no oversite of your children who are over the age of twelve because of Comrade Cooper’s recent unconstitutional order.

Evil Tammy Cody can vaccinate your children without your consent. You can sue, but it will be too late.

There are only two options left to parents: gain control of your school boards or pull your kids out of a system that has been weaponized against you and your children.

Either choice will take determination by you based on principles of changing schedules, maybe even downsizing your lifestyle.

Are your children worth it to you? I think this is the red line for many of you.

Do not get bullied into something that’s not right for your child.

Don’t let the Madison County school system talk you into enrolling your children this fall.

They will try to con you into this because this is how they get paid.

They get paid from the enrollment at the beginning of the school year, after they get your children registered, they will revert back to their devious ways.

They don’t care; your kids are only a number to them.

This County needs more than ever a Christian Private school.

We have plenty of great Christian parents and teachers who are willing to help.

You can do this folks, once you make the break from this oppressive school system; you will never go back, and your kids will be better for it. You can’t risk letting these monsters vaccinate and brainwash your children without your consent. It is time to take a stand.

Now in closing from Captain Seth Keshel about RINOS (REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY). These RINOS are as dangerous as any Democrat.

They are liars and the biggest cons in politics.

We have two who are sitting as commissioners, Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison both are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

These comments below are from Captain Seth Keshel (Retired Military Intelligence ) he describes Matt Wechtel to a T.

A con artist but, I will add lazy to this because, Wechtel is the a epitome of the term slothful.

It is time to dismantle and give the Republican Party of Marxist Hill a good scrubbing.

You have the puzzle put together right before your eyes. It is time to take back your country and your community-CH

From: Captain Seth Keshel

I just had a call with a very wise and valued friend and mentor, a retired Air Force General and hero.

He reminded me again that the RINOs are a much more substantial threat to righting wrongs and thwarting tyranny.

Today’s Democrats are honest, in a way. They hate freedom. They will extinguish it for you and give it to the rest of the world and its people at your expense.

RINOs talk a great game at election time and get just enough people on board so “they” can’t win, and they lose slower.

They get nothing done.

This reminds me of how military installations are fenced, razor wired, spot lighted, and stood guard over to ensure the threats from outside don’t get in.

That’s us trying to watch out for democrats.

But once upon a time, when I was a Lieutenant at Fort Hood, my boss asked me to run down to the airfield to take care of a task, but called me 2 minutes later and told me to get inside.

That day was November 5, 2009, and our base was shot up, with serious loss of life and injury, by Nidal Hasan.

The enemy inside the wire. The enemy is inside your wire – and they often carry a letter (R) behind them.

We no longer will ask “who should we primary?” We will start off with “everyone,” and only in round 2 will we ask “who do we keep?” It’s easy.

If they don’t support audits in places that need them – primaried.

Forget the outer perimeter. Inside the wire.

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