County Planning Board on Hot seat tonight!

The Madison County Planning board is poised to move forward on Roam Mountain development tonight. 

It has come to my attention that five have recused themselves out of the nine County Planning Board members.

If there is only four voting, then this is a not quorum. If the vote is held it would be considered illegal under NC Open Meeting laws. 

This development has proposed twenty houses and a welcome center on 50 acres this is the definition of a subdivision and should be treated as such.

The Madison County Land Use Plan designated this property as Agricultural Residential, not Commercial.


  • A Madison County Planning Board Member asked for recusal because he said before even hearing the application, he was against it. Look, if you are on a board, you have to remain impartial. This board member, a prominent Democrat, must be permanently removed from ANY board in Madison County. Hint he has a significant connection to Matt Wechtel Madison County commissioner.
  • Jamie List, Madison County Environmental Health Director, has had her cows grazing on Joanna Cahill’s property. Cahill is the owner of this proposed development. Jamie List would be overseeing the implementation of the Wells – The Septics and the ongoing inspections of these commercial cabins. The State Board of Health should investigate Jamie List under her license.
  • Jerry Silver has been seen grading Cahill’s roads; his son Jarod Silver is on the Planning Board and had to recuse himself. Is Silver trying to get the bid to excavate on this property? This question needs to be asked of this developer Joanna Cahill tonight.
  • The Madison County Planning Board- John Noor- Donny Laws have refused Public Record requests of names of Planning Board members and its charter, which governs its actions. These names are public records and should be on the Madison County Planning and Zoning website. What are they hiding?
  • The road this development wishes to use for ingress and egress onto its commercial facility does meet the state requirement for access. This road is a dirt road, and the DOT does not have easements to enlarge road access.
  • This development will require massive excavation to accommodate Cahill’s endeavors to level the property.
  • Why hasn’t the Planning Board demanded an Environmental Impact Study on this property? This development could cause an impact on the Laurel Branch tributary, which runs into the Ivy River. Ivy River is a water source for Mars Hill – Madison County and parts of Buncombe. 
  • The potential lawsuit against Madison County could be phenomenal simply because of the feckless administration of our Land Use Ordinance. 
  • Why does Madison County, with a population of 22,000, need two law firms representing us? Donny Laws law firm and Roberts and Stevens the County commissioners say they are working on our behalf when they refuse to work on our behalf. We, the taxpayers, PAY THEM!
  • Why is Madison County paying for two Zoning Directors, Terrey Dolan, and Brad Guth? Madison County employee Marla Gouge has not forwarded the pay salary and time of hire per Public record Request. It takes five minutes to look this up and send it. Why is she doing this? If Marla Gouge is going to violate State law then she should be sent home.
  • Chairman Alan Wyatt of the Madison County Planning Board has thrown his hat into the ring to run for County Commissioner. If Wyatt moves forward on a vote with only four members out of nine voting well, that will speak volumes. If you are intelligent, Alan, you will table this.
  • I think it is interesting that John Noor of Roberts Stevens is the Madison County Planning Board attorney. Noor was the attorney who litigated an improper vote in the town of Woodfin for a town commissioner. The lawsuit filed in December by Noor for town residents Jeff Feist and Ron and Linda Larsen named multiple instances where the town allegedly violated the state’s open meeting laws. These violations to accommodate remote meetings during the pandemic, including the vote to make Stoker a commissioner. Stoke was later removed by court order. John Noor is the same attorney
  • So folks, guess what? We can use Johnny’s win against him. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Below is the Proposal from Cahill notice she intends on using this for a wedding venue: She lied and she is all over the place with her endeavours. This will be just like “The Ridge”.

Below look at this aerial of the area do you see any other properties in this area with twenty houses? Twenty houses not including the idiocy of treehouses which NY Carpetbagger Cahill proposes?

Now notice the Laurel Branch tributary which runs into Ivy River and runs perpendicular to Howell Road, yes folks if you run off the dirt road called Howell road trying to avoid collision with oncoming traffic. You will end up in the Laurel Branch.

None of the people on this road have to give easements to widen Howell road just to make Cahill happy. You have rights and don’t let her or this planning board bully you!

Below names of the Economic Development Board for Madison County notice all are going to profit with “Tourism” in our area with the exception of Ryan Cody – Look who the County put in as Economic Development coordinator Sara Nichols – As I have always told you KNOW YOUR ENEMIES- The Madison County Commissioners and these folks below are Your Enemies-CH

By Sara’s own words their intent:

Connect with Sara at
or 828-649-1377

Economic Development Board

The purpose of the Economic Development Board is to promote quality economic development within Madison County through a focus on the retention and growth of existing business and industry, the attraction of new commercial and industrial development, and the encouragement of entrepreneurship, to improve the lives of all Madison County residents. This board works to establish a framework for recommending economic development policies, guidelines, and expenditures to the Madison County Board of Commissioners, as well as establish strong partnerships with all local, state, and federal agencies deemed appropriate. They recognize their job is to help facilitate a strong environment for a diverse and growing economy, as well as to increase the prosperity of all Madison County citizens. 

Mitch Hampson, Chair

Bruce Murray, Vice Chair

Connie Molland, Clerk

Ryan Cody

Forrest Gilliam

Lee McElrath

Jonathan Szucs

Tammie Whitlock