There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
You can only lead a horse to water; you can’t make it drink. Folks, it is time you wake up and drink…
You can only lead a horse to water; you can’t make it drink. Folks, it is time you wake up and drink…

You can only lead a horse to water; you can’t make it drink. Folks, it is time you wake up and drink…

BREAKING- Buddy Harwoods Toadie Michael Garrison conniving with Tammy Cody to shut down Madison County again- They will be trying to use her manipulated fabricated numbers- They have no LEGAL AUTHORITY TO SHUT ANYTHING DOWN- STAND YOUR GROUND!

No Democrats joined a moment of silence on the house floor for the Thirteen Military troops killed in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, Biden looked at his watch five times while our hero’s bodies were being removed from a plane after they were killed in Afghanistan.

If these Democrats don’t care about the Military Troops who defend and protect our nations freedom then why should you believe they give a damn about you, your families or Landon below?

Today, I spoke to someone in Madison County distraught because the Madison Health Department and Madison County school system conned their mother into taking the Moderna vaccine at Ingles.

This woman was made frightened because a Madison County school student and relative who lived with her tested positive for Tammy Cody’s Covid test.

She said she thought it was the right thing to do. Does this sound like the CDC’s talking points? Does this sound like Tammy Cody’s talking points?

The next day the woman had a stroke. Will she live? Maybe; you can’t undo it; the damage has been done.

Update there are two women that have had strokes in Madison after taking the Covid Vaccine. Don’t trust Tammy Cody she is your enemy

Look, you need to be watchful of your loved ones if these Marxists can con adults in this manner, Katie, bar the door with what they will do to your kids when left alone with them and their NAZI propagandist playbook.

Notice below that Moderna doesn’t force the jab on their employees. Why?

Places that don’t require the vax for employees:

The White House

The Who




Johnson & Johnson

The CDC on Monday came out and said Covid vaccines are less effective at preventing hospitalizations, particularly for people over the age of 75.

The drop in vaccine effectiveness is now blamed on the Delta variant.

Have you noticed they are always blaming someone? There is NO test for this variant and quite frankly I doubt there is a test for Covid.

Folks, do you know what a blood clot is? These young kids who want to participate in Highschool and college sports are being forced to have vaccines to play ball.

Many are developing blood clots; some are dying. This vaccine is not tested. This jab is so dangerous; why would you let your children take this monster?

It baffles me that parents are pushing this on their children just so these kids can make them proud on a ball field or basketball court. Do you realize what this poison will do to them?

Have you ever heard of Mad Cow disease – what about Alzheimer’s? If this vax doesn’t get your heart, it will get your brain.

You can’t fix what it will do to you.

It attacks the heart and the brain along with reproductive organs.

Please, for the sake of your family, your kids, and your friends- Watch this Zoom Call below; it is two hours of prominent doctors, scientists, coaches, attorneys, etc. giving you unbiased information.

These doctors have put their professional livelihood on the line because they took an oath to do so.

They have been bullied, sued, chastised, and threatened by the American Medical Association- Big Pharma and the shill of the Main Stream Media.

These warrior doctors and professionals keep trying to lead horses to water with the hope that some who are not aware will finally drink.

Fauci and Communist Roy Cooper’s regime is who Tammy Cody -( Health Director Madison County) takes her cues.

Look below what Dr. Death Fauci likes to do to dogs; if he can do this to a dog, think what he is capable of doing to you.

Heck, folks, this is how serial killers start are you seeing what I am seeing?

Two Years Before The Outbreak Of COVID-19 The USA, The EU, China And Nations Around The World Started Exporting Millions Of Diagnostic Test Instruments For… COVID-19, A Disease That Supposedly Didn’t Even Exist Back Then. 

Great article Proof That The Pandemic Was Planned & With Purpose Proof that the pandemic was planned & with purpose | Principia Scientific Intl. (

Onto to more contemptable County News folks….

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We just can’t get away from Br549 Buddy and his sweetheart Lu Lu.

The Madison County School system is in complete disaray!

Daphne Harwood Sheriff Buddy’s wife caused the shut down of Brush Creek school this week. Remember Lu Lu was symptomatic at a wedding on August 21. On that Monday, she was diagnosed with Covid. Custodians sprayed her class with Lysol, and kids were allowed back in.

This Wednesday, Heil Hoffman sent the whole Kindergarten and first grade home from Brush Creek Elementary.

They have to isolate for ten days-Children have to separate from their friends.

Are you kidding me? Kids have virtually no chance of catching this and getting sick. If they do, it is like a cold.

There were no 7th-grade teachers in class on Wednesday.
Brush creek now has three classes quarantined one Kindergarten, one first grade, and one-third grade (Daphne Hardwood’s class).

On Monday, Heil Hoffman sent several from the Middle school home. Most were vaccinated so I guess the vaccinated tested positive.

Opps that sure sinks Cody and Hoffman’s propaganda talking points.

Hoffman & the School board canceled all sports this week.

Hoffman will not isolate staff or students if exposed to someone who tests positive as long as they have a mask on; now that is just priceless.

His choice, remember those five idiots called the Madison County school board put him in charge of all of this.

Heil Hoffman has issued another edict to all students parents employees little dogs and anyone else he can kick around it is as follows:

All parents employees students should demand straightforward answers from these Marxists at Madison School System, Tammy Cody and Madison County Health Department.

Prove the below :

  • Prove Masks work
  • Prove that children are contagious and vile little things
  • Prove the Vaccine works
  • Prove the vaccine has been tested fully as all prior vaccines
  • What tests are Tammy Cody and her feckless incompetent Health department minions using to verify Positives?- I thought there was no test for Delta Variant?
  • Prove how many cycles these so called tests go through before producing a positive.
  • Show me one GENERAL STATUTE by which you rely for the above abuse of power- competence and disregard for human rights.

Below your rights- These school board members, along with Hoffman and Cody, are setting themselves up for a reckoning.

They think the legal system works only for them. Cody and Hoffman will answer to the courts, and they will not be protected under an exemption of being a state or county employee.

Their arrogance and contempt for our constitution will be their downfall.

Heil Hoffman and Tammy Cody are going after your kids, they are weaponizing them against you.

This is child abuse plain and simple!

It is in their Marxist Playbook ” You want Freedom you do what we tell you”

The Marxist playbook is not how America is run: we are a nation ruled under a constitution and a bill of rights.

Folks, Tammy Cody and the Madison County School system are imploding, they are losing control over you who are standing up to their tyranny. Keep fighting for your rights: you are winning.

Please learn from History it is repeating itself.

The Jews just like those that are accepting this hoax and taking the death jab, believed they would be safe if they voluntarily went into Hitler’s concentration camps. The times are no different and the evil amongst us is much more massive.

But they, unfortunately, made a mistake…

Why has Tammy Cody- Mission Hospital been fraudulently coding COVID deaths? On September 2, 2021, Cody bagged another:

CORONAVIRUSAS OF THU 09/02 Madison County

Confirmed cases: 2066

Deceased: 44

Remember, I have been monitoring her for over a year, and I have noticed numerous people that did not die of COVID, yet she codes them as COVID. In fact, Lazarus has risen twice under her bookkeeping.

On Thursday, the total number of deaths increased to 44.

The only person I can find on September the second, who died in Madison County was 66 years old; she was in Hospice, so she likely died of cancer or a chronic disease.

But if Tammy can get a positive test, the corrupt Medical community will code her as having died of Covid instead of the real cause of cancer.

Why is Tammy Cody doing this? She and the state want to show more deaths in order to push their false propaganda.

Why do you have to sign a waiver in order to get the jab?

Folks they want to scare you into submitting to the Death Jab. These monsters want you to think that if you take this you are protecting yourself and others, when in fact you are making it worse.

Remember the woman that took the Moderna vaccine at Ingles and had a stroke immediately after. This woman never had any heart-related problems till the vaccine.

I think Cody is also trying to shut down Madison county again; she is a megalomaniac and wants power. She is not stable.

Heck folks, she married her cousin, which is messed up even for Madison County.

Through this fraud of coding people as Covid deaths, Cody has placed Madison County in a precarious situation. Madison’s per capita is now considered the SECOND LARGEST FOR DEATHS of Covid in NC.

Remember what Cody and Harwood did to this county in 2020? They ordered the County to bow to them while they ate steak, which we paid for out of our taxes.

They lied along with illegitimate Cooper and shut businesses down. They lied about the hospitals being overflowed with Covid Patients when in fact employees were furloughed home due to lack of work.

Don’t let them do this again. You do not have to take orders from Madison County Health Department -Buddy Harwood or The County Commissioners.

They never had the legal ability ever to shut you down. Neither Harwood nor Cody has any understanding of the law.

Tammy Cody and Buddy Harwood are two Liberal peas in a pod.

Both will take your rights away to satisfy their hunger for power.

Did hypocrite Tammy Cody of Madison County Health Department ever show concern about the two super spreaders we have and are having currently? Massive people congregating to worship their Satanic Gods.

  • The Marshall Mermaid festival – A satanic festival of homosexuals and every freak imaginable. Good Democrat voters.
  • The Wild Goose Festival – More Homos and freaks on display claiming spirituality Wild Goose Invitation – Wild Goose Festival
  • This one in Hot Springs – a toilet bowl of a town. Good Democrat voters.

Both of these homo events are nothing but pure evil and an embarrassment to Madison County.

Do you want these Satanists freaks anywhere near your family?

It is time you stood up and made your voices heard.

If you claim you are a Christian, you need to fight against this immorality and for Christ.

Below another embarrassment for Madison County Government -Marshall Early Childhood Education Center – Assault on a Two-Year-old

Who strikes a two-year-old in a Madison County government facility?

If this actually happened then who hired this person?

Now in final the below story, Sheriff Buddy Harwood is trying to bury this.

All reference to this story from May is virtually hidden on the Internet.Why?

A beloved teacher that many called “Mrs T” was railroaded by Buddy Harwood,Coy Phillips and the Madison county School system are you surprised?

How many times has Harwood and his goons used our sheriff’s department to destroy others illegally in this county? Below old post from Sheriff Buddys Facebook:

On May 21, 2021 the Madison County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kelley Rickey Temofonte. Mrs. Temofonte is a former teacher with the Madison County School System. Mrs. Temofonte was charged with Assault on a Child under the age of 12.

“Mrs. T” worked in the Early college and taught History, but Hardcore Democrat Jennifer Cardwell, principal of Early College, didn’t like the way this Conservative woman taught history. So she maneuvered and had her moved into Special Ed.

Jennifer Caldwell is “Hilley Holbrook”- she has her redeeming personality through and through.

“Mrs. T” was teaching a class in special education and while carrying several things in her arms, a special education student charged her physically in her classroom.

She stuck out her foot to protect herself from being trampled. Mrs. T immediately contacted the parents; they never filed any grievance against her; they never blamed her.

But what is despicable is enter the dope-dealing thug Coy Phillips, former chief deputy Madison County sheriff’s department.

Harwood’s area Henchman. Harwood uses Phillips to implement all his mobster dealings herein Madison.

Picture of Coy Phillips below he likes to lay drunk and eat dirt.

Remember folks, Coy Phillips the investigator on this case was holding classes for Concealed Weapon permit certifications unlawfully in Madison County.

Phillips never followed proper procedure for these classes and sometimes just took the money and wrote the certification. Harwood would then verify and sign off for the permit to be implemented.

Did Harwood feast on the money from these certifications also? This investigation is also from a Sheriff’s Department that doesn’t audit its evidence room.

Coy Phillips started seeing a great deal of “Mrs. T’s” school aid, and five days after this incident.

Remember …

(the parents of this child had no problem with what happened), corrupt Buddy Harwood arrested Kelley Temofonte.

The teacher’s aide claimed she saw the abuse. She no longer works for Madison County Schools; wonder why? How does an aide have authority over a parent and a beloved teacher with no prior history of anything?

The parents have stood by “Mrs.T.” until now read the below update…

Update 9-4-2021

After having spoken with the parents of the child in question I am updating the story. To indicate the parents will be cooperating with the prosecution. Also, it has been suggested that one of the parents made a deliberate attempt to discuss the charges with a key witness. Can anyone smell mistrial?


But what is most egregious is that Harwood and Company performed a strip search of this respected teacher. Did any of these bumbling deputies reasonably suspect this Respected teacher possessed contraband?

Buddy is so stupid and arrogant that he probably doesn’t understand that we have a constitution and a Fourth Amendment and a Bill of Rights.

But what do you expect out of this “RoyBoy”.

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. It prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. In addition, it sets requirements for issuing warrants: warrants must be issued by a judge or magistrate, justified by probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and must particularly describe the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

Buddy Harwood wouldn’t understand the constitution if it were wrapped around his despicable body. Harwood abuses it on a daily basis

From the Institute of Government:

The longstanding rule regarding searches of arrestees as they are processed into the jail is that they may not be strip searched without reasonable suspicion that they are concealing a weapon or some other contraband.

In many cases from across the country, including the Fourth Circuit, policies of strip searching all arrestees are held unconstitutional, sometimes leading to personal liability for the sheriff and jailer. See Logan v. Shealy, 660 F.2d 1007 (4th Cir. 1981) (strip search of a DWI arrestee had no “discernible relationship to security needs at the Detention Center that, when balanced against the ultimate invasion of person rights involved, it could reasonably be thought justified”).

James M. Markham
Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Chair in Public Policy

Actually, deputies under their certification should never be doing a strip search.

What probable cause could this corrupt sheriff’s department have in order to strip search this respected teacher? Or anyone for that matter that has not be tried and is not incarcerated and denied bail?

The reasonableness of a search under the Fourth Amendment often involves a balancing of the governmental interest in conducting a search with a person’s interest in being left alone by government officials.

With strip searches, court cases often recognize that a person has a heightened privacy interest in not being unclothed involuntarily, observed unclothed, or have their private parts observed or touched.

But folks, this is not the first time Harwood and Company implemented illegal searches and violations of civil rights.

Remember when Coy and Buddy presented the Hooker Hoax in Wolf Laurel back in 2017?

They lied and said these hookers were doing business in Wolf Laurel when Coy Phillips actually invited them in. It was a setup and the public was conned to perpetuate votes.

One of the hookers was asked to take her clothes off AFTER the arrest and was also stripped searched. In fact, she made the comment “I have never had to take my clothes off after I was arrested”.

Coy Phillips loves to take advantage of new girls that start to work at Sheriff Buddys Sex Castle.

I am hearing Coy has moved on to another naive kid in the Sheriff’s department. A 24-year old they are getting younger folks.

Phillips has even proposed.

If this young girl has any sense she will run as fast as she can and get away from this trash. Nothing good ever comes out of being with Coy Phillips.

The Madison County Sheriff’s department is nothing more than a Coy and Buddy sex castle.

Coy’s sister Michelle Quintero hires the poor young women and then she pimps them out to her diseased feckless brother and her boss Buddy Harwood.

Can poor old Harwood only find kids now to work for him? That speaks volumes!

Are you catching on folks Buddy Harwood and his Sheriff’s department is an embarrassment to this county and all decent law enforcement?

If the time were ever to come and Buddy’s friends Communist Roy Cooper and Joe Biden tried to take our freedoms, don’t doubt Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips would be right there implementing this tyranny.

Harwood is NO President Trump supporter; he is an opportunist and an enemy to all patriots.

Harwood couldn’t even last 100 days when he joined the military. He wet his pants and called daddy to bring him home; this is who we have as sheriff and why we need new blood.

Buddy Harwood is no different than Joe Biden, a corrupt embarrassing disaster.

You don’t have to be pushed around by these local tyrants; this is your country and your county. They work for us.

Coming up in 2022 – Three new commissioners, a new sheriff, and school board – Time to put some skin in the game folks, and step up retire these reprobates from office.

The following School board member’s terms expire and the following seats will be up for election in 2022.

Board of Education Chair- Karen Blevins (Countywide)

Board of Education District 1 -Barbara E. Wyatt (Beech Glen, Ebbs Chapel, Grapevine Mars Hill)

Board of Education District 2 – Keith Ray (Hot Springs, Laurel, North Marshall, Revere, Sandy Mush, South Marshall, Spring Creek, Walnut)

How right President Thomas Jefferson was when he said that he preferred dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Very few of the American people know of this today.

It is not good enough to stand back and play the spectators in these times for as Abigail Adams, wife of the second president of the United States, rightly stated:

“All honor lies on the battlefield.”

You have been led to the water now, it is time for all you Patriots to drink -CH