Save Madison County NC From The Left
When the Hunter becomes the Hunted…..
When the Hunter becomes the Hunted…..

When the Hunter becomes the Hunted…..

Today is National Freedom Day.

In order to fully experience freedom, we must break free from the shackles of mind and narrative control through propaganda and brainwashing perpetuated by the fake stream media.

We must be dedicated to pulling the curtains back on corruption, and expose the satanic and evil ways of radicals who are toppling and hijacking an entire political system.

We must be dedicated to being a body of one. Unity in gods army. Unity amongst Patriots.

I know that freedom will ring, and I know that God will win.

I am afraid that there will be many bullets and lots of blood in the short term, but I am 100% confident that, in the end, the children of our world will be safe and their innocence and dreams of bright futures will be made a reality!

Stew Peters

You don’t get into the club unless they trust you. And they don’t trust you until you are as compromised as they are. They are the Hunters but now they are being hunted…..

The pedophiles and the Deep State have always been the “Hunters.” 

Now they are the hunted – all their little secrets and evil are coming to the surface.

Look what happened yesterday – 

We are now finding out about the Lincoln Project Pedophiles- The never Trumper haters and now Burma … The World is waking up

The nation of Burma’s Military has arrested the leaders of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar for committing massive vote fraud during the November 2020 elections.

The official results of the November election in Myanmar, also known as Burma, showed a victory for the liberal National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi. 

Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint were both arrested in morning raids on Monday by the nation’s armed forces, after widespread allegations that they had committed election fraud.
Some of you may think, well, that is way over in Burma, and it does not affect us, but it does.
Myanmar is a den for human trafficking. And the Pedos in the Cabal need these children. This Coup is also a big hit to the Chinese Communist Party.
Myanmar is also tied to the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Shocking right? Myanmar is also part of “The Golden Triangle” coined by the CIA (Clowns in America, per Q). The CIA’s Cabal of money laundering and human trafficking is being destroyed.
The walls are closing in for the Deep state worldwide. Enjoy the Show!

Hey this evil is everywhere -Click the link to see a video that the left doesn’t want you to see the TRUTH ABOUT BILL GATES – This is a UK site – Europeans are Woke! Look at how all of these con artists are intertwined.


ENTER WALLSTREET – Moving money as fast as they can – Hedge Fund managers desperately tried to short sale as much as they could before interrupted.
It appears they were trying to save their assets before the Military seizes them. The same assets now look like they are about to be frozen, in compliance with President Trump’s Executive Order #13848.
President Trump is not idle, folks…. I will have this story tomorrow and explain the United States of America Corporation – Which is no longer in existence.

There is a lot going on and democrats are panicked – Below Dan Scavino – who is one of President Trumps closest friends put this video out late last night….It speaks volumes

We are Trumps army don’t ever forget that – They are very small minority and they are our enemy – They can’t win because they dance with Devil and God has the back of the Righteous…

Tomorrow I will go over this state’s Election fraud and- who ordered the use of E&SS voting machines in Madison, which are linked to Dominion Voting systems. Remember them it is coming out, and NC is implicated.
The Democrats want this buried because they were involved in stealing this election. Democrats could not win legally, so they participated in an illegal election with foreign Countries to get Biden into office. Remember the Pause on election night that was because Cooper was losing. It is called treason, and it threatens our democracy. It will be undone Biden is not and will not be president long.

You can’t trust Democrats and very few Republicans. The Democrat & Republican Parties in Madison County have destroyed this County and pocketed the gold for themselves.

Madison County is a welfare county and an embarrassment. Why should we pay our taxes when the County allows the swells to pay a pittance of what they owe? Remember Cruella De Vil?

The big question is, where is Lori Ray- tax administrator? Lori Ray is incompetent and lazy. Follow the money folks – The non profits getting money from George Soros and the pedos – Hint – Down Home Madison and Madison Indivisible …

Oh another funny -Why did Rupa Russe stop volunteering for Beacons of Hope after the election- Did they- BOH quit giving the Pimple Popper free food or was it because she didn’t need them anymore- catching on folks? -CH