Save Madison County NC From The Left
When does a bird sing?
When does a bird sing?

When does a bird sing?

When does a bird sing, and why has Lazarus risen in Madison County?

I will get to the County news in a minute, and as usual, you won’t be surprised…

So, to recap the last two weeks thus far….Vice President Biden’s Administration lied about taxes, watched good manufacturing jobs flee to Mexico.

Biden allowed the US border to become a giant sieve of illegals, coyotes – rapists, and undocumented children so Hollywood and perverts in the Government like Biden can refurbish its adrenochrome. 

Biden tripped up the stairs three times on a fake Airforce One and then blamed it on the wind.

Biden was caught placing more kids than ever in cages and inhumane conditions in cargo holders.

He screwed up a green screen effort to make believe he was talking to reporters- was publicly mocked by Putin, and then claims Americans are unpatriotic if they chose not to take a dangerous vaccine.

Did I miss anything?

Below are the real pictures of Biden’s kids in cages- Where is O Crazy Taco? and where is Maggie Richards and Madison Indivisible and those Marxist Hill grifters Pat Franklin and Rupa Russe?

This unelected embarrassment is what is representing our Country.

Did you watch Joe’s press conference (the one where he said Xi – (president of China) was a great guy?

Are you upset that he wants your guns, your family vaccinated, and you taxed more than illegals?

The Biden illegitimate presidency has been a pathetic rolling disaster, and we have not even hit the 100-day mark! 

This guy didn’t even give a state of the Union Speech. President Trump gave the State of the Union.

The illegitimate Bumbler in Chief can barely read a teleprompter, and all reporters have to submit their questions beforehand – see below; this is because the guy’s brain is toast.

Yet the news media wants you to believe that over 59 percent of Americans think of him favorably…

Bull – another “Fake News” poll – the only people who could possibly believe this scam are complicit in this election fraud or have a toilet bowl on top of their heads with CNN attached to it! 

The Democrat party and RINOS in the Republican party are an embarrassment to the nation! They are America haters, corrupt frauds, and evil, and they are globalists who believe that Government is the only answer.

These people don’t work for the American people so tell me, folks – Why do you trust them with your family’s lives and your hopes and dreams?

The China Flu Hoax isn’t about a virus anymore and never was.

Look how the officials in this County- (More Below- Tammy Cody Busted again) and state used this hoax to pad their pockets.

Do you think most people are wearing masks because they’re afraid of getting a virus? It has always been about taking your freedoms and forcing you into submission.

Covid was designed as a scare tactic to force people into getting a vaccine, which is a gene-altering DNA-scrambling serum. 

This one-year hoax is the Deep State’s agenda.

Most people are wearing masks only because they’re afraid of what others will think of them if they don’t obey. The Government -Deep State knew this when they planned it all out.

What does that say about you folks that wear a mask? 

Were you aware that many people have been dying from this covid vaccine? 

You won’t find this on the evening news. Why – follow the money; it always leads you to the truth. Who owns the mockingbird press? 

People are dying from this vaccine -these same people thought they were doing the right thing. 

And now the Deep State thinks they can con you into vaccinating your kids – Did you know that these vaccines are untested, which means under most life insurance policies, if you die from this vaccine, your life insurance will not pay- that is because it is an experimental Medical invention.

What do you say to your kids after you force them to take this poison, that is, if you survive in the future to explain your actions?

The Deep State knows people are easily-brainwashed, and brainwashing is one of the things they do best. 

But being gullible and hand-fed your news daily from disreputable self-serving media outlets is your fault. Hurting your children and your families is your fault.

The Government (Deep State) knows people will do what they’re told if others show aggression towards them for not obeying “authority.”

The Covid Hoax was nothing more than a fear tactic to scare people into doing what the Deep State wants.

The Government wants control of your lives – they don’t care about you. You are a number in their twisted scheme to control the world. You are nothing more than cattle to these Globalist Satanists.

But don’t think your state-county and towns aren’t just as evil and corrupt. They all come from the same apple tree.

Eve’s apple tree. 

One year ago today, Madison County earned the exclusive award as the only County out of one hundred that ordered its churches to remain closed on Easter. 

Pill Popping-corrupt Buddy Harwood and Megalomaniac- Tammy Cody executed this illegal and unconstitutional order. 

Now for all of you in Marshall and Marxist Hill – 

megalomaniac means:

Obsession with the exercise of power.

If you describe someone as a megalomaniac, you criticize them because they enjoy being powerful or because they believe that they are more powerful or important than they really are.

The same church people who adore and take blood money from “Harwood and Company” allowed this Con Man and unqualified Health Director to silence their churches. 

You are the same Church People pushing others to take this dangerous vaccine so you can feel safe. 

You know the Mob gave plenty of money to the Catholic Churches; they never blinked an eye, just took it- now we find out the Catholic Church wasn’t so churchy – Is that what is going on here? 

Below great video link for those of you that want the truth on the vaccine or would you rather have your Krispy Creme instead?

Truth Or Donut pick your poison?


Let’s go back over what Tammy Cody- (Health Director Madison County) did a few weeks ago and what recently has happened. Remember, Cody is a staunch Democrat. And was given this job because her last name is “Cody.”

I monitor the Covid deaths- Below is an excerpt from my March 8-2021 story.

Are Tammy Cody and Emergency ambulance services coding deaths in this County that are not Covid as the coronavirus to receive Federal subsidies?

I have been watching the counts for months and noticed this particular incident- On the weekend of February 6-7, the count was 30 deaths.

On February 8 – Jack Wallin- mayor of Marshall fell over dead – The Madison Health Department coded two deaths for that period. One for that weekend which was Lisa Ogles mother, and one for Monday, which was Wallin.

The only person that died on Monday was Wallin.

Wallin did not die of Covid – he was a chronic alcoholic that took drugs.

Remember, if you code these deaths as Covid, you do not have to pay the ambulance and emergency services.

The Madison County Health Department accumulated ten extra deaths from February 8, 2021, to March 8, 2021. 

The total death count on March 8 was 40.

After I published the above story on March 8, 2021-boom, no deaths – the only change came on Friday, March 19. 

The date states Saturday, March 20, but Health officials posted it on Friday, March 19- why? 

On Friday, March 19, a miraculous thing happened in Madison County Lazarus rose from the dead, and the count went DOWN to 39; see below.

Within the last few days, Madison County has added another – the count is back up to 40.

So I guess Lazarus didn’t make it after all.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up -but there is more County Dysfunction.

Marshall North Carolina – Early Friday morning -March 26…..

There was significant flooding occurring in the Rollins area of Marshall. 

This area sits on the river bottom and is where the former mayor Jack Wallin use to reside with his wife Mary Jane Wallin- Register of Deeds who still lives there.

At about 1:15 am, many woke to the rising river’s loud sound and emergency personnel.  

That would seem normal except for one problem the Marshall Emergency and police department was exclusively at Mary Jane Wallin’s home helping her get her camper out of harm’s way.

Instead of helping living individuals seek safety-Witnesses saw these emergency individuals buzzing solely at her home. 

At approximately 1:45 am, a Marshall Police Department vehicle was parked at Ponder’s church – regular lights were on – no blue lights, and no cones were in the roadway to stop traffic. 

The MPD didn’t even try to hinder vehicles from wading through three-foot of raging water. In fact they didn’t even try to stop anyone trying to drive through this three foot of water.

I reached out to get a comment from officials- Town Administrator – Mayor – (we will get to that in a second), and below are the statements only Wallin responded:

CH-“You want to comment on why Marshall Police – Fire & rescue came to haul Mary Jane Wallin’s trailer out of the river bottom – (no one inside) but failed to alert living individuals of any danger last night?

Mary Jane Wallin- “Hello,

Your information is wrong. No one came to haul the camper out of the bottom. It is still in the same spot that it has been. Thank you for reaching out before publishing lies. 


Here is the truth – Mary Jane is right about one thing; the camper is still in the same place, but she is inaccurate when she says they did not try to get it out. The emergency responders could not get it out because The Wallin’s pointed the hitch toward the river. 

Folks, let’s show this for what it is – The Democrats in this county use tax-paid entities for their own personal workforce. 

This act is why the last thing we need is another futile government entity called a Fire Commission. 

You people in Marshall have been funding the yard work and lavish infrastructure for numerous city officials for years. 

Did you Marshall Taxpayers realize your money went to build a rock wall along the driveway of a felon’s Marshall home? 

The city workers built this for the town clerk, who was later indicted for taxpayer money embezzlement- in other words she took little old ladies water bill money.

She never served time for this because Larry Leake – (town attorney) had her felony reduced to a misdemeanor. 

This woman did not learn a lesson because she served a federal prison sentence for three years after this. 

What did the townspeople of Marshall and the Republican Party do for this Junkyard Queen when she got out of prison? 

Why they held a fundraiser for her, She even received $500.00 from Judge Baker. So folks, when I tell you it is both sides in this County – Don’t doubt me. 

The latest from Marshall and its inept aldermen – they have appointed the idiot and former town administrator Nancy Allen as mayor. 

Nancy Allen is Norris Gentry’s sister -the Gentrys are typical Democrat freeloaders. All jobs go to these inept, incompetent former school teachers and certain families who have sucked the Madison Teet for years.

And unfortunately it looks like Under-Dog is not performing well at all – I hoped that he could fix the Marshall Mayhem. But alas, the Democrat blood runs deep. Fear will never allow success unless you are part of the corruption or bought.

The town of Marshall does not need a mayor; it needs a dog or, better yet, maybe Clyde from Bonnie and Clydes? 

I think Clyde needs to run or at least a Write-In….

Speaking of Bonnie and Clydes: Good job; Bonnie helped with the Madison Cawthorn Fundraiser this last week-I hear it was a success!

Two Republicans did not show, and I think it is worth mentioning – because both of these weaners of manhood work for corrupt Buddy Harwood. 

Sheriff Harwood has ordered all personnel not to do business at Bonnie and Clydes, which Bonnie should wear as a badge of honor. It is like being boycotted by the smelly Marxist of Marshall. 

The two RINOS are:

  •  Robin Lyles- Running for 2022 Sherriff election
  • Michael Garrison – County Commissioner and brain matter for the debacle -Buddy Harwood-Garrison was involved in Illegal wiretapping in Madison County and is involved with the evidence room’s coverup at the Sheriff Department.

What kind of men – which I say this lightly would allow someone to tell them where they can eat? Not to mention it is illegal, which speaks volumes to what kind of lawmen they are.

This act alone proves Robin Lyles and Garrison are in Buddy Harwood’s pocket and do his bidding. 

It is right in front of your eyes, folks – you just have to take the blinders off.

In conclusion…

Shall we play a game ….

What do Crossnore -Larry Leake, and Roy Cooper have in common?

Who has profited off Madison County DSS?

Where did Pat Franklin work?

Who gave a fundraiser for Roy Cooper?

Why are so many Madison County Children sent away and where?

What is the Sheriff’s role?

When does a Bird Sing?