There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
What do Dictators all have in Common?
What do Dictators all have in Common?

What do Dictators all have in Common?

Dictators Never Learn History

The Nazis and Hitler cheated to win also – History always repeats itself….

Dictators use their pens to get what they want, They steal to get what they want they kill to get what they want and they cheat in elections to get what they want….They also involve themselves in crimes against humanity. The Children of this World need America to stand with them.

America is the last light left – God is not going to abandon her. We will never be a Socialist Country run by evil globalists.

Roy Cooper – Josh Stein the Democrats – Republicans cheated in this election because they wanted power. They knew they could not win against President Trump and his populist movement.

These men received money from George Soros and his non profits. Where did that money come from – From the darkest of souls of this world.

Remember the pause on election night that was to recalibrate the ES&S Machines and the Dominion voting Machines. You are not stupid don’t let them gaslight you. You know President Trump won you know that old corpse did not win. Biden couldn’t even fill a garage with individuals. He never came out of his basement.

The people that voted for President Trump are over 80 million plus we are the backbone of this great country. We are the Majority and the best of this country – Don’t ever forget that folks…We love our Country and we are not going to allow these Communist Satan worshipers to take America.

Folks you do realize what is going on in DC is also going on here in our communities- Right?

This is a Battle between Good and Evil…. Look what is going on globally the People are rising up against this evil! God is at work in the heart and souls of mankind.

Below is a great interview with Chad Nesbitt and Lin Wood- Watch it -I am glad Chad is woke!

HOLD THE LINE because we are going to stay free! I know you are weary but now is not the time for weakness we have to fight and remember as President Trump told us – Never Give Up Never Never Never – CH

As Lin Wood just said trust God – Spread the Truth … And turn off the TV – they are lying to you -A great video below that explains what is going on Have faith ….Trump never left and he is coming back!

Lions wait for the opportune time to attack that is why they are the kings of the jungle- be patient ….More tomorrow – A lot is happening around the globe and the Mockingbird Press is burying it but I will have a breakdown tomorrow…