Just because you have an “R” next to your name doesn’t mean you have earned my vote.
Just because you have an “R” next to your name doesn’t mean you have earned my vote.

Just because you have an “R” next to your name doesn’t mean you have earned my vote.

“Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.” David Jeremiah

Integrity is the quality of having strong ethical or moral principles and following them at all times, no matter who’s watching.

Just because you have an “R” or “D” after your name doesn’t mean we will toe the line and support you.

We should all take the time to evaluate who is running for office. We should all do our homework to learn everything about these candidates. We have shown them they can no longer come into our County and Carpetbag us into voting for them.
But alas, after looking up Madison County NC GOP, I have run into a roadblock. We have no Madison County NC GOP website; see below.

When you do go to the one hosted by the NCGOP – Notice the email is directed to Buncombe County GOP. Why?

Why is Buncombe County Running Madison County’s GOP?

Buncombe County GOP has run their party into the ground now they are after Madison.

Why do we want anything from Buncombe involved in Madison?

Are you catching on folks?

This is what is on Facebook; see below looks like Patrick Ward- chairman of Madison county’s GOP, maintains this site.

Patrick Ward – chairman of the Madison GOP is a disaster and can’t do his job and is now bringing in the old crows from Buncombe to help him out in Madison County.

These old battleaxes are deciding everything from where to put the Republican headquarters to who should be promoted on the ticket.

They claim they put the Republican headquarters next to the tag office to get traffic but, I think what is more telling is it is also next to a funeral home…

We don’t need Buncombe County in Madison County period!

You in the Republican Party created this twelve years ago. Is this the best you can do? Why is it private? The last chairman of Madison County GOP, Jeff Hullender had a website and gave access to his email. Where is Patrick Ward’s email?
Like many other residents in this County, I want to know who these candidates are.

What is telling is the Democrat Party of Madison County has had their Website up for at least a year or longer.

Let’s start with the Republican commissioner candidates:

  • David Peeler- former military with emphasis on Finance. His problem is that he is hanging out with RINOS-Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison, Democrat Buddy Harwood’s butt boys.
  • Bill Briggs – Who is using the name Clarence? Is this done to confuse? Maybe he wants to be known as Clarence the Friendly Lion?
  • Alan Wyatt- the smug planning board vice-chair member who threw residents under the bus and ruined their property to help a Carpet Bagger from N.Y. A Buddy Harwood plant. He is a fire boy – Remember the Commissioners and their new County-Wide Fire Tax. Why do we need a County-Wide Fire Tax? We have to pay off all these firemen who will be collecting Buddy Votes because they think you are too stupid to think for yourself. How many of these Fire Departments in Madison County have ever been audited?
  • James Hollifield- Independent Statement below
  • Jeremy Hensley- This guy is probably the best of all four because he is real and concerned about his County’s direction. He is very respected by those who know him. Besides, he knows how to design a sign, unlike Alan Wyatt. See below:

I am sorry, but that is one creepy sign above by Alan Wyatt. That touch of the elephant in the corner is Priceless…

Now the school board candidates: I am so glad we have so many running and not allowing these ghouls in office to continue their reign unabated.

District One- Barbara Wyatt – Cruella De Vil’s seat.

  • Vickie Hollifield’s submission is below; she was the first to register to run against Wyatt.
  • Ashley Thomason- Update from Ashley below- Thank you Ashley for your response

District Two – School Board:

  • Rand Gifford- Independent- is a newcomer on the scene but has been very involved and is very well-liked by the parents who have stood up to the totalitarianism of the Madison County School Board. Rand has been a target of Karen Blevins, chair of BOE, who had the arrogance to make this young man stand outside and wait in the elements to speak because she thought she would catch a disease from him if he were allowed to sit inside the room unmasked. Rand was respectful and did as he was ordered and gave his statements after remaining outside in the cold. By the way, folks, there were others unmasked in this very room, Karen never asked them to leave the room. Rand’s statements below about why he is running.
  • Monica Olnhausen- again heard she was a good candidate and a local but we know nothing about her, so we need a statement.

Chair of the School Board- Karen Blevins seat:

  • Tony Ponder native, has been a well-respected real estate agent in our area and has strong roots in our community. Put out a great press release below.
  • Melissa Sluder, an area nurse, is a good candidate but likes to stir the pot. She has made many angry over her Facebook banter and allegiance with Chad Nesbitt. All I know about her is she was the one who made the statement about Patrick Ward and Scott Greene, saying, “Scott said he would wipe the floor with that “bit###” a$$- use your imagination fill in the holes. Scott Greene made the statement against her cousin, who is also running for another school board seat.
  • Scott Greene- the above should be enough, but we don’t need another board member with the same baggage as we have now on the school board. I am talking about Scott Greene’s wife is a teacher in the Madison County School system. Remember Ken and Barbie? Kelby Cody- a School Board Member and his wife who has been getting all kinds of goodies since he was elected. For that reason and the above statements, it is conflict, and because Patrick Ward has stated he was actively helping this guy because they are cousins, you should skip over this guy and not vote for him.

We need transparency in Madison County GOP, not placeholders the party deems we accept.

Matt Wechtel lied in the last election; we gave him a chance, we took him at his word, and he betrayed us.
Garrison and Wechtel talk, but they don’t walk. Folks, they don’t question anything in County commissioner meetings or ask for a discussion, this speaks volumes about their stupidity and or laziness.

We need leaders, not placeholders; have we not had enough of this?

I don’t want Mars Hill in their leftist arrogance ruling the rest of us in this county. Look what they have done to their town?

The Mars Hill College is a cesspool of Fascism. You can smell the Patchouli and body odor before getting off the Interstate. It used to be a Christian School; it is no more; not even a hint survives.

Look at the mayor; he was a former Cock fighter, and these aldermen in the town are a Woke Clown Show. These swells do this while holding their arrogant noses up and thinking they are better than the rest of this County’s people.
There is a common denominator here in this fake righteousness; they are all educators. So they are mask-wearing- pro-vax- bureaucrats. Speaks volumes!

All this means is they could not make it in the real world, so why are we letting them ruin our County? Why can’t we have district commissioners? We have district School Board members. You do realize this can be done, right? So why haven’t the Republican and Democrat parties suggested it?

We here in Spring Creek have the village idiot of Hot Springs representing us called Mark Snelson. He barks and jumps just like Sadie the drug dog does when Buddy snaps his finger. Snelson’s former inlaws even have a Buddy sign in their yard. They know what Harwood did to their family. Folks, you see how messed up some of these Sheeples are?

Denial is not just a river.

In honesty, we should not be surprised when the GOP uses the same egotism in rendering us beneath their mighty rule. Every election, they crawl to us wanting our support, but they don’t want public interaction in their party. They have shown us this by not providing the public with a website to collect candidate information.

They want to remain big fish in their little pond. They believe they can control the outcome and maintain power over the people by controlling the narrative and keeping the public hidden from the truth.

Sound familiar? What has the GOP done about those college kids unlawfully voting in our elections here in Madison County?

Are they watching Red-Face Goforth, the scholar of Sally Struthers distinction who busses kids in to vote from Mars Hill College?

Everyone knows about it.

Why did Patrick Ward – chairman of the Madison County GOP, say

” That Ship has already sailed” when asked about Election Integrity right after the rigged election in 2020?

There are only three reasons why the Republican Party would want all of this candidate information hidden and not be forthright on a functional website.

  • They pick the candidates and want you to shut up and get in line.
  • They are actively working in collaboration with the Democrat Party.
  • They are lazy and stupid, and Patrick Ward is an incompetent disgrace.

Below are the candidate’s above submissions and after these the Sheriff Contenders and “Anyone but Buddy News.”

Rand Gifford- District two School board Independent candidate

Why I Decided to Run for School Board
Running for the school board is not something I ever thought I’d do. I’m not political and I don’t like meetings. However, for the past year, I’ve watched the current school board members sit idle while our children were forcibly masked without a shred of
evidence showing that it has any benefit when it comes to preventing the transmission of any illness, let alone Covid-19.
I began attending school board meetings in the Fall along with many other parents asking the school board to make masking optional.

By this time there was ample evidence to show masking had no effect on preventing transmission and was even
leading to higher rates of RSV, learning disabilities, and depression.

We felt our children were being held hostage by an arbitrary metric (positive case rate), which has no consistent denominator and is based upon a PCR test that has proven to be unreliable.

Despite a packed room of concerned parents, our pleas were ignored. The school board chose to punt the decision to the health department.

The problem with this is that the health department takes its marching orders from the CDC which is largely bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical lobby.

The conflict of interest should be clear to everyone by this point. All I want is for our children to have a normal childhood and for the decision of parents to be respected.

This goes not only for masking but also for vaccines and sexual education as well. The school should leave these decisions to the parents and
focus their energy on educating our children.

There are a lot of great teachers and administrators within the Madison CountySchool system. It is not my intention to tear anything down but to preserve what has always been.

We need school board members who are not afraid to stand up for what is right, even if it might not be popular with everyone. We cannot ignore the harmful effects of the past two years, nor pretend it never happened.

If nothing changes those complicit in this charade will not have to be held accountable.

Rand Gifford

Tony Ponder – Republican Candidate Chair School Board

February 24th, 2022

Press Release:

Madison County native Anthony E. “Tony” Ponder of Mars Hill announced his candidacy for Chairman of the Madison County Board of Education. He stated that we need to return to teaching our children the basics. He added that our children need to be taught that ours is the most free, most fair, and most special form of government that mankind has ever devised. They should be taught to respect our country, our flag, and our unique heritage.

He believes there should be a new compact between educators and parents. Our children belong to the parents and not the government. Parents should have the right to examine and to challenge classroom educational materials. We collect tax dollars from everyone and everyone has a right to expect that the money will be spent wisely.

“Mask mandates muzzle and constrain our children,” he stated. “Masks have proven to be ineffective, harmful and retard a child’s learning. An experimental vaccine should never be forced on anyone, especially our healthy children. We must ask ourselves; do we really want to inject our children with an untried and untested pseudo-vaccine?

“I believe that our school board should provide a sympathetic forum for parents to express their concerns. School board business should be open and transparent.”

He acknowledges the position will be challenging. Ponder wants to bring educational policy decisions out of the shadows. “We must end the practice of decision making in secrecy behind closed doors,” he added.

He believes that negotiating the red tape of governmental bureaucratic mandates will be challenging. We all need to work together as parents, teachers and community to assist in a child’s learning process. He is of the opinion that education should be one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences in a young person’s life. A free nation can have no better insurance policy than a properly educated electorate.

Ponder graduated from Mars Hill High School, Mars Hill Junior College, and U.N.C. Chapel Hill. He is married to Madison County native Glennis Rice Ponder and they have three children and four grandchildren. He is a U.S. Army veteran and a retired Realtor.

Anthony E. Ponder

P.O. Box 681

Mars Hill, NC  28754

Ph. 828-689-3384

Vickie Hollifield- Republican Candidate District One School Board

Hi everyone. My name is Vickie Hollifield. I live in Mars Hill, and I am running for the Board of Education District 1 seat.

On April 1, 1995, I was saved at Coles Cove Baptist Church in Weaverville, NC. I am a member of the Madison High School Class of 2006. I was licensed to teach in NC in 2015 and the state of VA in 2021. I currently hold a master’s degree in teaching and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
I am running for the school board because I am concerned with the trends I see in education and what our children can do when they graduate. I am also worried that the voices of parents are seemingly being ignored. I believe in serving the community best; there must be Transparency, Trust, and Accountability.
If elected, I would like to institute an accountability plan that would include having lesson plans available to parents for review before use in the classroom. I also would like to change the meeting format and time so that working parents would have the ability to attend the meeting without it being an inconvenience. I also plan on being accessible by phone to all of those with questions, concerns, or comments that they want to share. My overall goal is to ensure that our students can participate in this world when they graduate, which means knowing how to count change, balance a checkbook, research and evaluate LOGICALLY everything they hear, fill out job applications, and life in general.

Vickie Hollifield

Ashley Thomason- Republican Candidate District One School Board

James Hollifield- Independent Candidate for County Commissioner

I have been a resident of Madison County for over 18 years. I am very outspoken about what I believe and think. I have never been one to just go with the flow. I think that the greatest quality a man can have is honesty; I don’t care so much if I am liked, as long as I can earn your respect. I have no problem taking unpopular stands if I am on firm ground based on the Bible first and foremost, the U.S. constitution secondly, and state and county ordinances lastly.
The most needed changes that I see that need to happen are these. #1 there are too many unelected bureaucrats in our County wielding too much control over our County. #2 our County is wasting a lot of money having different lawyers advising or running various boards in our County. #3 our current commissioners are leaving folks with the feeling that they have an agenda in line with the Democrats that DOES NOT represent the welfare of the County and its residents.
While I can’t promise anything, if elected, I will do my very best to deal with these issues and others that may arise to keep Madison County from becoming Buncombe. Our county slogan is “the jewel of the Blue Ridge,” and I will try to make that slogan true. Please help me by signing my signature sheets to get me on the ballot for the county commission in Madison’s general election in November.

James Hollifield

We have two good men running for Sheriff of Madison County. Robin Lyles on the Republican Ticket and Jim Cruzan on the Democrat Ticket.

Both have May Primaries.

” ANYONE but BUDDY ” is catching on;

people are sick of Sheriff Buddy’s corruption.

The people of Madison County want to feel protected and not worry that Buddy Harwood’s gang of misfits is targeting them.
The people of this County don’t want Coy Phillips and his drug gang operating.

The people of this County want to know where all those guns are being kept and sold. The people of this County want the unlawful kickbacks to end.

The people of this County want these dirty gorillas prosecuted for their crimes.

We in Madison want our County back in the hands of the people where it belongs.

We want our elected officials to respect and listen to us.

We want transparency in our Government offices.

We want the money to stop going to the goons of this county.

Did you folks know Buddy Harwood has given an order to his employees that they cannot be on my website. We are not talking about work; we are talking about their time off work. He tells them he can see if they are on my website at their homes.

This tale is a lie. This clown cannot harvest information in your home. Why would he even try if he is being watched?

I know he is dumb but is he that dumb. Not to mention he wouldn’t even know how to start. Remember when Buddy sent out the below memo to all you Madison County Sheriff Employees? You know the one where he said Coy Phillips had to take time off because of Family issues?

He lied then as he is lying now.

The reason Coy was sent home was that he failed a drug test, folks, not because of his family issues. He could care less about his family.

Why is Buddy so paranoid?

We know Harwood ordered his employees not to eat at Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine on the By-Pass.

This active order is unlawful. Harwood can’t tell his employees where to eat on their nickel.
Did you know Harwood is on my website all the time? So is John Ledford these lunch buddies have a scheme they are contemplating on Madison County.
Most of you probably already figured this out as it involves John Ledford coming back in as Sheriff of Madison County if Harwood gets reelected.

The scheme is Buddy will be stepping down so the corrupt Democrat Executive Committee can replace him with John Ledford.

Harwood is not in good health and wanted out years ago, but Coy Phillips was caught in various nefarious acts, so this screwed up the initial plan.

Ask yourselves where the retired Larry Leake will be next year?

Where was Larry Leake’s secret retirement party last week?

The Barn…

You see, they think you are stupid, and as I told you before, Pirates only break bread for two reasons, Profit or Fear.
Ledford hates working for Quinten Miller, and Miller won’t allow Ledford to pick and choose arrests.

Miller doesn’t allow special treatment. Quinten, if you are smart, you would watch ole John Boy.

Did you know we had a former county commissioner caught in an investigation stealing building supplies, and Harwood shut down the arrest?
Would you be treated in the same way? Would you want to be treated in the same way? Of course not unless you are not honest and lack integrity.

Why do you think so many in Madison County are Independent?

Because both of these parties have left their foundations of decency and morals and the people are waking up every day.

Below Madison County Independents hold the lead…

Why would Jim Cruzan run for sheriff?

Why not just stay at home, retire and spend time with your grandchildren?

Why go through this?

Because folks He knows what Buddy Harwood and his regime are. He saw it firsthand he wants a safe fair county for his family and friends.

I have no doubt that Robin Lyles wants the same. We must remove the shackles of this County in order to thrive. It has to end and end with new leadership.

Below are Mr. Cruzan’s statements

Jim Cruzan- Democrat Candidate for Madison County Sheriff

The Sheriff is hired by the people and must be fair and honest with everyone, not just a select few.
Law enforcement and the protection of Citizens are the Sheriff’s number one responsibility. If I am fortunate enough to be elected by the citizens of this County, I promise fair and equal treatment for all.
Law Enforcement Officers should be held to the highest standards. In my Administration, if an officer breaks the law or fails a drug screen, they will be fired and charged.
I do not seek headlines or praise. I want a Sheriff’s Office for all the people without exception.

Poor Madison Cawthorn he and Pee Wee are probably in the fetal position today because President Trump didn’t endorse him yesterday nor did he get on stage.

Look Madison maybe you should spend less time going after Rod Honeycutt signs and more time growing up and developing your character in order to be a good candidate. Rod Honeycutt could teach you a few things. Folks Rod Honeycutt would be a great candidate for congress he won’t embarrass us.

Speaking of the embarrassing look below at what the Senate did this week and what is on the horizon…

Have a Happy Easter!

Remember what God has done for all of us have faith Patriots.-CH

Lest You Forget…

The Democrats have given us their Pedophile Gatekeeper Kentanji Brown Jackson as a Supreme Court Justice. This woman is a prime example of who these people are she protects the evilest in our world. Why? Because they are Satan’s revelers.

The Bidens the Obama’s the Bushes the Clintons are all heads of the snake. All part of the Globalist evil who are waging war on God’s people.


Coming to a theater near you! Trump Won Democrats Cheated!