Save Madison County NC From The Left
You say, “Bring It” we say “When” …
You say, “Bring It” we say “When” …

You say, “Bring It” we say “When” …

Our Problem is the Republican Party, and it is time to save this country and irradicate these RINOS!
Get in the game or get out of the way…

You know you are winning when Newt Gingrich calls for a patriotic congressman, Rep. Matt Gaetz, to be expelled from the House Republican Conference over his efforts to remove current Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who is the money man for the Uni Party Cartel.

Gingrich wanted Matt Gaetz removed before he actually came to the floor. Gingrich has profited for years off the backs of the American people. Don’t forget where he hails from – GEORGIA, which is the most corrupt state in the south. Newt helped entrench those RINO clowns into this state now look at it. A big fat Red Joke!

You can see clearly who these Neocon Rinos are and notice many of them work for the Murdicks at Fox News!

This is what a Real Patriot sounds like oh I wish we had a Matt Gaetz in our district…

But this is what we have entrenched in our state, the Poindexter, NC, Boy Patrick McHenry, who can’t take the heat!

Because his Boyfriend was fired!

Let’s expose these NC Rinos, starting with the midget and the gavel Patrick McHenry…He is a Neocon Bush Boy now you understand why your tax dollars are being sent to Ukraine. Congress could have stopped this at any point…

Look at another RINO CHIP ROY, a friend of McCarthy- Ron Desantis and the Midget with the gavel. Does he sound unhinged?

This is what Losers look like…

Red October and its heating up…

BREAKING: Kev-OUT! Gaetz Ousts McCarthy From Speakership.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) successfully ousted Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House. The motion to vacate by Gaetz comes in response to the House passing a temporary government funding measure – without the spending cuts or border funding pushed for by conservative members – after McCarthy allowed a vote on the floor. In addition, Gaetz has accused McCarthy of having cut a secret side deal on Ukraine funding with President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats. 

Following the vote the designated Speaker pro tempore moved to adjourn the House. Republicans will now caucus and begin the process of determining who they will nominate to be serve as the new Speaker. House rules do not prohibit McCarthy from being renominated for the Speakership. Republican Reps. Ken Buck, Byron Donalds, Tom Emmer, Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, Mike Johnson, and Jodey Arrington have all been floated as potential candidates for Speaker. In theory the Speaker does not have to be a Member of Congress, leading a few House conservatives to pitch the idea of naming former Donald Trump as Speaker. 

After Republicans retook the majority in the House of Representatives following the 2022 mid-term elections, it took 15 rounds of voting for McCarthy to successfully win the Speakership. The California Republican was only able to secure a majority of votes after making several critical concessions to House conservatives. House leadership’s violations of those concessions is what partially fueled the vote for McCarthy’s ouster.

William Upton “The National Pulse”

Matt Gaetz, a congressional hero, forced the hand of the cabal and ended the evil kingpin rein of Kevin McCarthy.

The Uni Party cannot stop what is coming
Now folks you can get out your popcorn…

Oh, what they want to hide …Why do you think they are after Trump?

Judge Imposes GAG ORDER After Trump Points Out His Staff’s Links to Schumer, Democrats.

This Judge below is an incompetent stooge of the Democratic Party. Look at him does he look fair?
I think he has done way too much skinny-dipping off the coast of Plum Island…


New York Judge Arthur Engoron issued a gag order on Tuesday after President Donald J. Trump shared a post on Truth Social pointing out his law clerk’s links with New York Senator Chuck Schumer and the wider Manhattan Democrats. 

I want you folks to notice the Court employee behind Trump to the left – She is coming unglued; she has that telltale Marxist Red so evident by these Mentally Ill women of the Left!
President Trump has every right to speak…

This order prohibits all parties from publicly speaking, posting, or emailing any information about the judge’s staff, despite the clear public interest in the revelation that Greenfield was recently endorsed by Manhattan Democrats, and posed for pictures with Senator Schumer. 

She claims to be fair, yeah, right, these Democrat women sure lie to hide who they really are and then cry foul when they are exposed!
What is the real realtionship with Chuckie?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will go down in history as the first House Speaker voted out of the role before his term was up.

Now the scoop on the Hill is some Republicans say that they will nominate former President Donald Trump for that role. 

Hannity: House Republicans “Have Been in Contact with President Trump” in Effort to Push Trump as Next Speaker (VIDEO) via

Hannity: House Republicans “Have Been in Contact with President Trump” in Effort to Push Trump…

We can only imagine Classic Trump…

Apparently, that can be done because one does not have to be a current sitting member of the House to be the speaker, even though every previous speaker has been.

It would be an extraordinary move, but ousting the speaker in the first place was historical.
Give me Trump for 100 days if you are serious about saving America.

President Trump could do this; I bet just the mention frightens the deep state.

But why was McCarthy ousted in the first place? Short story: Some Patriotic Republicans were disgusted that he allowed the debt ceiling to be raised without spending cuts, and Democrats piled on because chaos in the Republican party works in their favor.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz said that he wants leadership that will put single-issue bills on the floor without funding for Ukraine sneakily shoved in, more time for leaders to read the bills, and some spending cuts already!

Gingrich wrote in the Jeff Bezos Post, “Gaetz obviously hates House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — and that’s fine.

If Gaetz were simply a loudmouthed junior member who attacked McCarthy daily, that would be fine, too.

He would just be isolated with a small group of lawmakers who can’t figure out how to get things done. They’d huddle together seeking warmth and reassurance from their fellow incompetents.”I like Gingrich.

He could have been a successful speaker had he not impeached Bill Clinton, who turned his perjury into merely lying about sex.For Gingrich to write this in the Bezos Post is disturbingly unpatriotic and totally not conservative because he lent credence to the most virulently anti-American news outlet in America not named AP.He wrote, “But Gaetz has gone beyond regular drama.

He is destroying the House GOP’s ability to govern and draw a sharp contrast with the policy disasters of the Biden administration.” House Republicans’ ability to govern?

Does he mean the losers who wasted two years of power by not lifting a finger to Build The Wall? What is the sharp contrast with Biden’s open borders disaster?

House Republicans made Biden’s policy possible.

House Republicans’ ability to govern?

Does he mean the losers who wasted two months defending Liz Cheney when she gave Nancy Pelosi cover for that January 6 witch hunt?House Republicans’ ability to govern?

Does he mean the losers who sit on the sidelines while Democrats railroad President Trump with frivolous lawsuits and indictments meant to bankrupt him in legal fees?

I will care about House Republicans when they start caring about me.

“Interim Speaker Patrick McHenry aggressively slams the gavel as he and 200+ other Republicans fume over Kevin McCarthy’s ousting.

“Where was this anger as millions of migrants poured over the southern border?

“Where was this anger as US debt rises over $33T?

“Where was this anger when the FBI rounded up Trump supporters and threw them in prison?

“Where is this anger as the ‘justice’ system tries to take out Biden’s top opponent in 2024?“

They sit back and do nothing as our country burns but fume when their buddy loses his Speaker role.”

Stepin Fetchit showed more spine than these jellyfish.

To his credit, Gaetz is fighting back against his critics.

He said, “I take no lecture on asking patriotic Americans to weigh in and contribute to this fight from those who would grovel and bend knee for the lobbyists and special interests who own our leadership.”

But Gingrich wants to expel Gaetz from Congress because Newt sold out long ago and far away.

Gingrich would rather punish the man who called out McCarthy than deal with McCarthy’s ineffective leadership. The animus against Trump and Trump supporters has turned Reagan’s big tent party into a party run by clowns.

What exactly has Ronna done as RNC chairman besides raise a lot of money to keep her and her staff well paid while losing election after election after election.

Democrats are having a jolly good time, as well they should. McCarthy is a weakling who is a pale imitation of Paul Ryan who was a pale imitation of John Boehner who was a well-tanned imitation of Dennis Hastert who was a pale imitation of Gingrich who failed to fulfill that Contract With America he wrote.

Republicans are harder on Gaetz than they are on Jamaal Bowman, Hakeem Jeffries, Nancy Pelosi and Hunter Biden combined because crooks and communists pose no threat to the RINO cash flow. Gaetz does.

Don Surber- “You Lie GoodBye”

Nancy Mace and Matt Gaetz joined the War Room to give their side, not the McCarthy mainstream media side.

Moment of providence Leaders Emerge…

Do you folks in America understand that your grandchildren’s lives are on the line here?

Will you let these Neocons, Uniparty, and K Street bloodsuckers steal your children’s and grandchildren’s future?

We are at a precipice with this it is dyer that you get involved.

That is if you care. If you don’t care about your children, then care about your pocketbook.

Because even though you think you are isolated, they know where you are, and they are coming for you. Where do you think the money is coming from to pay the interest on this boondoggle budget?

Just the interest alone is One Trillion Dollars. Chew on that!

The money will come from your 401-K accounts, pensions, and savings.

These monsters are considering taxing those with pensions and 401-ks extra for what they worked to accumulate over the years.

It is not fair that you have accumulated wealth and a retirement. Not to mention, The corrupt Biden regime is considering bringing back the draft, and this time, it will include your daughters. The Biden War-Monger Regime needs a war, and your children are expendable. Just like Zelinskys grandma’s, he placed on the front lines in the war in Ukraine.

Look what this scum is doing to President Trump. They are trying to steal his wealth. They are showing you in real time what they will do to you.

Remember who they serve: Klaus Schwab. You will own nothing and be happy.

These elitist crooks hate MAGA because we are not stupid, and we chose to watch them, hold them accountable, and SPEAK!

How dare you call out your government and refuse to digest their gaslighting.

They hate you and President Trump. Don’t doubt that for one moment.

We have sorry representation here in Western NC. Chuck Edwards is a globalist in bed with his donors. Don’t forget his donors came through that sleazy snake Thom Tillis. Chuck the Cuck voted against you yesterday and your families and for the establishment.

Below is what Chuck has been up to in our district. Don’t let this idiot fool you; he is a RINO and is owned by his donors or who ever slides money under the table!

Chuck Edwards wants to destroy the mountains of Western NC with proposed military bases- why?

Chuck Edwards is working with Dogwood Trust to poison Canton. Dogwood Trust is a Marxist non-profit that has brought methadone and drug-invested vermin into Asheville and Madison County.

When Canton’s largest employer — Pactiv Evergreen Paper Mill — closed in June, Dogwood and other regional nonprofit and philanthropic organizations took immediate action to support the community. In addition to financial assistance to help those directly affected by this event, Dogwood supported the Southwestern Commission to conduct a study of the mill closure’s economic impact across the entire WNC region. The subsequent report examines the effect on employment, labor income, economic output and tax revenue and includes data by industry and by county. In this informational webinar, presenters shared their findings from the study and answered questions.

Dogwood Trust

GOP Rep. Chuck Edwards has requested $9.8M in federal aid for Canton and other parts of Haywood County as the town’s paper mill prepares to close. Remember, there is always a back door in grant and federal aid, and this aid is not going for the people of Canton.

Don’t forget that Chuck Edwards took out a 1 million PPP loan and then somehow had the loan forgiven. Why did Richie Rich apply for this money while running McDonald’s franchises?

Who made the most money during this time? It wasn’t just the medical establishments but the toxic fast food joints…

How does a freshman congressman, Chuck Edwards, get appointed to three prominent committees in Congress?

Because K Street wants him there because he will do their dirty bidding.

Are you catching on to who Chucky really is…

We all need to have the back of these patriots who are fighting for us and our families. They are getting attacked by these RINO monsters because they upended their goodie truck. How many of you called your congressman and senators?

I did relentlessly, but why should I care I don’t have kids?

Do you care about your kids?

Thirty-year Interest rate for new mortgages is 8 percent; wait till you see your credit card bills this month. Will that stir you? Does it bother you that every person under forty will be a slave to these oligarchs for the rest of their lives?

But remember, you will own nothing and be happy!

Does it bother you that your kids may never be able to own a home or live the American Dream?

Call your congressman- 202-225-3121

Call your Senator- 202-224-3121

Ask them who funds them. Ask them how they voted and explain why they voted. Ask them if they want to fund Ukraine continually.

Ask them if they support MAGA.

Ask them if they are getting PacMoney funding. Don’t let them lie and gaslight you.

It is all about these cocktail parties in Washington, DC; these newly elected Congressmen and Senators go to Washington and become corrupted and wealthy.

The Senate is a total functioning disaster; no one stands up for you and your families, But they do stand up for Ukraine…

Matt Gaetz does not take Pac Money, and that speaks volumes. Donate to these patriots. Directly, not through Winred; you don’t want your donations going to Rona McDaniels’ facelifts.

Below’s video is how it used to be. Do you miss that feeling?

It is time to clean house and end this Rino Revolving door of Special Interests. Yesterday was a Populace Revolt to save this country, a wonderful, great thing to destroy those who wish to enslave you!

Do you care?

Don’t you think you should be involved? What will you say to your children one day when they ask why you were not there when they needed you to protect them? -CH

Remember 2001 when you loved your country? Well you are about to get her back but it will take all of us participating…