There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.

The Rise of the Pig People …

In all of human history, has there ever been a society more gluttonous than our own?

We are addicted to sex, we are addicted to drugs, we are addicted to shopping, we are addicted to eating, we are addicted to entertainment, but our biggest addiction of all may be money.  Even though we were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine the world has ever seen, it was never enough for us.  We always had to have more, and so we have run up the largest single mountain of debt in the entire history of the planet.  If you can believe it, on Monday the size of the U.S. national debt crossed the 33 trillion dollar mark for the very first time

The U.S. national debt topped $33 trillion for the first time ever on Monday, crossing a critical milestone at a time when government spending is already under scrutiny.

The national debt – which measures what the U.S. owes its creditors — hit $33.04 trillion as of Monday afternoon, according to new data published by the Treasury Department. By comparison, just four decades ago, the national debt hovered around $907 billion.

I don’t know if I even have the words to describe how reckless our leaders have become.

It took from the founding of our nation all the way up to 1980 for the national debt to reach one trillion dollars.

But now we have added a trillion dollars to the national debt in just three months.

Michael Snyder
The Rise of the Pig People – Discern Report

Folks this country can’t take in Five trillion in revenue and then spend Seven trillion.
Why do you think interest rates and inflation are increasing?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this…

The illegals coming into our country are raping us daily, and our Congressional representative Chuck the Cuck Edwards is standing with the RINOs in Congress who want to send more money to the Nazi Regime of Zelensky.

We are paying for Ukraine’s pensions as they money launder this money into luxury homes and yachts in Monte Carlo and back into private accounts connected to Washington.
The illegals and refugees crossing our border into our country get $2200 per month. Every American who worked and paid into Social Security receives $1400 a month.

Chew on that…

James Wood was on fire yesterday and for good reason. What will it take to get the American People involved before the Uni Party destroys us?

Yesterday, thank God, a few congressional patriots stood up to Kevin McCarthy, speaker of the house, and shut down an attempt to extend negotiations for 30 days. You see, folks Kevin McCarthy and his Congress have been sitting on their butts for the last few months instead of working on Spending Appropriations.

These Rino Neocons and Democrats want more money for the Nazi regime of Zelinsky and his war which is over.

Russia has won, and the World knows it. Except for those who choose to believe the lying regime of Joe Biden…

See below; your tax dollars are underwriting this evil by the Ukrainian government, and this all goes back to the massive human trafficking, child trafficking, and organ trafficking; now we know what these monsters have been doing in Ukraine.

Where are the children? They are harvesting these children alive!
VIDEO LEAK: Arrested child trafficker admits to boarding school used as front for organ harvesting network in Ukraine | Human Events |

Remember when the Clintons, Obamas, Biden regime, Soro, Oprah, Bushes, Victoria Newland, the Neocon slob who works for Biden, came out and pushed for money and support for Ukraine? These warmongers even flew the Nazi Ukraine flag in the halls of Congress…

Right on cue, the evil Satanists Joe Biden and Zelensky have asked Marina Abramovic to be an ambassador for Ukraine and help rebuild schools. Yes, this Marina Abramovic. They’re flaunting their evil right in front of our faces.

The GOP for Ukraine put out this report card for Congress; this is one report card you want a bad grade in; see below…

I find it amusing and offensive that Chuck Edwards claims that there is a large population of Ukrainians in WNC when they make up only 0.7% of Buncombe County’s 269,000 residents.

These are refugee freeloaders whom we Taxpayers are supporting. But what do you expect from a War-Monger who is plotting to turn the WNC mountains into a military training center? He claims the military needs to be trained in the same terrain as China, and WNC has the same landscape. Why? Is he proposing a war with China? What do you expect from a man who made money from McDonald’s franchises?

He has no problem poisoning the public as long as it doesn’t happen in his golf course Kenmure community in Hendersonville.

The same military that just lost a stealth airplane off the coast of SC and had to ask the public to help them find it! Do you want your mountains turned into the desert of Nevada’s military bases?

Chuck Edwards and his staff are so incompetent that they published this below on Twitter-X the day the plane was lost.

Great Airforce my butt! It is Woke Disarray…

I emailed Chuck Edwards’s DC office, asking him to stand with America and vote “No” to the continuing resolution proposed by McCarthy. He responded below in his normal do-nothing condescending way.

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the congressional appropriations process and government spending. I always appreciate hearing from constituents about what is most important to them.

I understand and share the desire for our federal government to run as efficiently and capably as possible, and a necessary aspect to that goal is a thorough annual congressional appropriations process, in which billions of taxpayer dollars are divided up among a wide array of federal programs. I appreciate the approach of the House Republican leadership toward returning to regular order for the appropriations process, including allowing for amendments to appropriations bill for the first time in more than five years.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be focused on advancing annual appropriations bills that rein in federal spending while promoting conservative policies. As government funding expires on Sept. 30, I’ll do everything possible to support the passage of necessary spending legislation because a government shutdown benefits no one. That said, as echoed by House Republican leadership, we must also stand strong against attempts by the Senate and the Biden administration to push funding bills that put America on the same appropriations cycles as in the past, in which unsustainable spending levels continue.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to reach out to me with your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.

If you would like to stay updated on my work in Congress, please visit my congressional website and sign up for my e-newsletter. I also encourage you to “like” our Facebook page and “follow” us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch as I work to represent the people of NC-11.

With my warmest regards,

But at least Texas stands up!
The Grass Roots of TEXAS beat the Bush -Biden TEXAS CABAL!
Tucker Carlson Interview with Attorney General Ken Paxton see what these Demons did to this good man and his family…

County News and It’s a Family Affair

Don’t think the addiction to money and corruption is just in DC.
The Pig People are alive and well in Madison County…

It is right under your nose here in your quaint little Madison County.
The Pig People are circling Madison County, trying to graft their way into prosperity!

This week, the Madison County Planning Board met and tabled an application from none other than the tallest man in Madison County, Russell Blevins.

Blevins is the husband of Karen Blevins, the Madison County School Board chair. Big Russ also sits as the chair of Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The application from Russell Blevins was for a text amendment to the Mountain Ridge Protection Ordinance to amend the lot size, clearing, and setback restrictions. But guess what? Big Russ just thought he could come in and get what he wanted without applying for an application like everyone else is required to do.

How did he get on the agenda to start with when it requires an application?

This is why the planning board tabled this. Many people were there because they heard about this through social media, so why didn’t the planning board, out of courtesy, explain to the public why it was tabled?

Can Blevins not read? The ordinance is clear in the requirement of an application. Was Blevins trying to sneak this in?

Who on the Planning Board or the Board of Commissioners suggested to him that this could be done? What right does the planning board have in undoing a protective ordinance?

This has the odor of none other than Wood Pile Wyatt…

Below is the Madison County PROTECTION Ridge Ordinance:

Here is what Russell Blevins wanted changed.

Section 503 Regulation and Setbacks

  1. Lot size: All lots that fall with the boundaries of a protected ridge
    as on the Madison County Protected Ridges map shall be a
    minimum of 2 acres. (Lot size shall apply to new lots created after
    , 2010)
  2. Clearing: When located on a Protected Ridge no one shall disturb
    or clear more than 25% of the lot. If someone wishes to clear
    more that 25% of the total lot a variance may be sought from the
    Madison County Board of Adjustment.
  3. Setbacks: When located on a Protected Ridge all structures shall
    be setback 50′ from the center of said Ridge.
  4. Height: All buildings shall be a maximum of 35′ from the peak of
    the Protected Ridge shown on proposed application. This shall be
    lot specific to each building.

Russell Blevins claims Madison County is too stringent in its requirements and should be like everyone else. I guess he wants Madison Ridge Lines to look like Weaverville.

Why suddenly does this Elitist clown from Soil and Water wish to destroy the ridge lines of the mountains of Madison?

Isn’t their Motto “conserving the Jewel of the Blue Ridge?
This is what it says Right?
So why is Blevins trying to damage the Ridge Line?

Maybe it is because of this…
Meet Big Russ’s new LLC…

Notice the date on this incorporation above is April of this year. Now see the new partner of Russell & Robert Blevens and the date of March 2023 below…

More on their big daddy partner below…



EARTHCAST4D LLC :: Florida (US) :: OpenCorporates

A lot of LLC’s

After researching all the Big Russ properties in Madison, one thing is common: these vultures don’t pay taxes on their property as you and I -the peasants do; see below:

Link to GIS

Notice in the GIS link above that the property shows almost 80 acres, yet the tax bill is for 60 acres- almost a deficiency of 20 acres not included in the tax assessment.

This property is in Beech Glenn but not the Mother Lode; it is as follows…

A recent purchase by Russell Blevins and his newly formed LLC- Mountain Partners LLC from Sammie Powell
(Gabriel Creek Development) 512.85 acres in the heart of Mars Hill for 1.1 million dollars.
Are you catching on ,folks?

Below is the GIS of this area and the potential development moving forward

Map of the area

The first property located in Beech Glen. Does it look like it has been clearcut? Now, go back to the ordinance; the reason for the ordinance is to Protect The Ridgelines, Right?

Section 503 Regulation and Setbacks from Madison County Protective Ridge Ordinance

#3 Clearing: When located on a Protected Ridge, no one shall disturb
Or clear more than 25% of the lot. If someone wishes to clear
more than 25% of the total lot, a variance may be sought from the
Madison County Board of Adjustment.

Ok, folks, it has already been cleared according to these GIS maps; there is a reason clear-cutting is in the ordinance, and it is not because the Commissioners were Einsteins; they copied and pasted this from another county.

This section ensures that when you build on these ridgelines, you do it safely to prevent potential landslides, etc.. You would think that a guy from soil and water would care about this, right?

Our county has given us a gift to see what over-developed ridgelines look like in other areas.

See below what happens when greedy developers are allowed to forgo good planning. These problems have occurred throughout the Western NC Mountains. Russell Blevins has spent his whole career in Madison bullying local farmers about their cattle being allowed to drink from their private property waterways because it causes erosion and safety concerns.

Yet this Blevins Family wants to destroy the Mountain Ridgeline in Mars Hill and Beech Glen and make it potentially dangerous for area landowners because they think they are entitled.

This is the Madison County Hillbilly Deep State on parade…

Report: Cause of Haywood flooding from Tropical Storm Fred revealed (

Residents seek accountability, solutions as slow-moving landside condemns their homes | WLOS

Russell and Karen Blevins are freeloaders when it comes to paying property taxes. We have elderly in this county who are being foreclosed on because they cannot pay their tax burden, yet these two Pig People grunt their way into prosperity.

These two are good friends of Michael Garrison – (Elmer Gantry Garrison), Matt Wechtel-( Fried Chicken), and the other commissioners.

Don’t think this scheme to amend the Madison County Ridge protection ordinance will not help Michael Garrison and his graft purchase on Highway 213. Why do you think these commissioners rushed this without an environmental feasibility study? Look at that Ridgeline on this highway…

Below is a new NC law that deals with local government grafting. Why would a planning Board even entertain this idea? Is there grafting going on in our County Government?

Senate Bill 473: Enhancing local government transparency. Signed into law in November, SB 473 makes it a felony for elected officials to use their positions for their own financial benefit and blocks public officials who serve on nonprofit boards from voting to award contracts to those organizations. “There has to be some consequences for these local government, local elected officials who are abusing their positions,” said State Auditor Beth Wood, who championed the legislation, in a November committee hearing.

Read more at:

We all need to stand up and dig deeper into this. I am sure this is just the tip of what is really going on.

The question becomes do you want your county to look like Weaverville because the Hillbilly Deepstate- Pig People do!

Don’t let the Pig People rise in Madison; it is time to protect your property, your rights, and the beauty of your mountains.

Instead of our Tax money being spent on recreation, Economic Development, Soil and Water, and the Land of Sky Marxists, it needs to be allocated to the Tax department to hire more people who can help weld in and evaluate these Tax manipulators – CH

Your Tax bills arrive this weekend!

Contact your commissioners- planning board and let them know how you feel about them destroying your Mountain Ridgelines: