There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Smoke and Mirrors Debt ceiling bill is one big lie…
Smoke and Mirrors Debt ceiling bill is one big lie…

Smoke and Mirrors Debt ceiling bill is one big lie…



149 Rs, 165 Dems


71 Rs, 66 Dems

The days are numbered for all the Republicans who voted for this. CHUCK EDWARDS, our congressman, A RINO needs to be primaried.

Marjorie Taylor Green and Jim Jordan made this happen these two are “Chuck the Cuck’s friends.”

For all of you in Marshall, the definition of “Cuck” is as follows:

A weak or servile man (often used as a contemptuous term for a man with moderate or progressive political views):
“We act like a bunch of cucks who let them take what they want”

How McCarthy landed a debt deal despite conservative opposition – POLITICO

The Patriots of the Republican Party:

For all of you that think MTG is so glorious, look below; she is nothing more than a cheap whore…

The votes from last night, we have only 71 Republicans in the house who give a damn about you; the rest are Rinos.
Conservatives have no majority. Don’t give the GOP a dime …

Yea’s: 149 Rs, 165 Dems

Nay’s: 71 Rs, 66 Dems

The American People are not stupid.
This is about Money and Power, and Biden and his regime are gloating…

TODAY- McCarthy has to rely on Democrats to get this rubbish passed – Speaks Volumes

52 Dems had to bail McCarthy out today and vote for the debt limit bill rule limiting House floor debate to 1 hr between both parties.

House GOP did not have the votes to do it. Debate and a vote on the bill are expected to begin at 8:30 pm tonight

This is the defining moment for the Republican Party – Read Nancy Mace’s full analysis of this bill…Is McCarthy stupid, or is he doing this on purpose?

The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend…

So here we are again, with policymakers essentially discussing how long it will take for the national debt and federal budget to double again. As far as Washington is concerned, that’s all fine.

The debt ceiling will rise sizably. We know this because what really matters—as far as DC policymakers are concerned—is that the taxpayer gravy train never stops. Any talk of default is sure to bring predictions of economic devastation. Those who have lived through a financial crisis or two will know how this works.

As soon as signs of trouble in the economy appear, the regime lines up “experts” to tell us that unless the government is empowered to spend endlessly on bailouts and “stimulus,” then the economy will collapse, unemployment will surge, and hell on earth will ensue.

The taxpayers certainly heard this repeatedly in 2008 and 2009 as the regime insisted it be free to hand over trillions of dollars in bailout funds to wealthy bankers, automakers, and financiers. We were told that the central bank must be able to print up trillions of dollars to buy up government bonds and mortgage-backed securities to pad the balance sheets of the investor class.

We were told this would “fix” the economy. Naturally, when the recession turned out to be the worst since 1982, the “experts” then said—without any evidence whatsoever—things “would have been worse” without all their bailouts.

Ryan McMaken

Why would anyone believe McCarthy and his leadership committee, including Patrick McHenry from NC?

See below the “Bow Tie Boy” – Remember the fight over McCarthy becoming the speaker – McHenry is a bought and paid-for Swamp Creature butt boy for the Republican donors.
Now do you understand why some of us don’t trust Marjorie Taylor Green and fought to keep McCarthy from being speaker?

Look how they act when these blessed elitists don’t get their way…

McCarthy lied; how much more will you take from these lying jackals?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy told us…

  • He would give us all January 6 videos… HE LIED
  • He would defund the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents on day ONE… HE LIED
  • He said his debt ceiling bill would reduce the deficit… HE LIED

Dr. Peter Navarro: “Kevin McCarthy had a chance to make history, instead he’s a footnote to history”

The Uni Party does not want the people of this country to have power over their lives.

The Uni-Party is a mixture of Democrats and Rinos who hate the people but love the Elite Donors and the progressive left.

This bill will cement the agenda of the progressive left and ensure a continued goodie bag for some of the evilest and most outrageous expenditures. While bringing forth more destruction to our economy and Stagflation.

This bill is bad for America, and every Republican that votes for this bill needs to be primaried. We have to eliminate the RINOs before we can defeat the Democrats.

This is spending to infinity for two years with NO CAP!
Below from Andy Biggs explaining the cap and the no-spending requirements…

Is this Conservative?

The Republican Party should be ashamed of this, not flaunting it! Politicians are gaslighting the public because they think you are too stupid to understand.

This Debt Ceiling Bill maintains the status quo of unlimited spending.
It is madness and they are trying to shove it through with no ability to amend it tonight!

It’s very simple —if the McCarthy deal had any of the $2.1 Trillion of cuts/savings they are bragging about as ‘historical,

Leadership would have kept in the Spending CAP and even raised the CAP from $1.5 Trillion.

Why did these snakes lie and leave out a Cap on Spending?

These guys think the American People are stupid —they know their ‘cuts’ are ALL optics, and the TELL-ALL is there is no spending cap on the DEBT CEILING for two years.

The Imperial Capital wants the unlimited ability to spend money and have a printing press down the street at the federal reserve that keeps printing it.

Congress has two revolts; one is the American People who pay the price for this. The other is the common sense of the world, which says we can’t do this anymore. This ruling class, this global elite, are out of control in their spending of money and running up of deficits to the point of destroying the US Dollar…

Steve Bannon

The Republican Party is handing this to the Swamp to continue to spend like a pack of reckless drunks to profit themselves and their Donors!

Congress is saddling the American people and their children with this debt. There is no coming back on this. The country will experience a lost decade of progress if this bill goes through.

Is this why we voted for Republicans?
We sent these congressmen and women to DC to be our Sentinels, not to betray us…

Every Republican who votes tonight for this bill must be primaried, including Chuck Edwards. It is time to stand up for what is right and stop standing for what is morally wrong- CH

Call your representatives – Tell them to vote no on this Debt Ceiling Bill!

Chuck Edwards direct line:

Hendersonville Office
337 N. Main Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 214-5759 phone

House Number- tel:(202) 225-6401

Patrick McHenry- ( The NC congressman that made a deal with the Devil- Biden Regime) for McCarthy

Washington, D.C. Office:




HOUSE – 202- 225-3121
SENATE- 202-224-3121

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