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RED OCTOBER! FaceBook & Pee Wee Nesbit go down?
RED OCTOBER! FaceBook & Pee Wee Nesbit go down?

RED OCTOBER! FaceBook & Pee Wee Nesbit go down?

So a routine update on a Facebook server shut down and caused outages on a global scale to multiple platforms and internet providers? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

Big Tech outages into 4TH HOUR…and counting

It has been FOUR HOURS since the world’s IT giants went into paralysis:

▪️ Zuckerberg’s wealth is now down $7bn

▪️Big Tech stocks go DOWN as well

▪️ Facebook’s employees are reportedly unable even to enter the building!

▪️The NYT reports Facebook says the hack is unlikely.

I have another story I am working on but could not resist this Facebook boondoggle, so I had to post this story.

Red October is real and here, and it will get dicey; if you are not prepared get prepared!

What is Pee Wee Nesbit going to do? His precious bloodstream called Facebook has lost all of its border gateway protocols.

Independent investigative journalist Brian Krebs wrote on Twitter that the outage occurred because “DNS records…got withdrawn this morning.”

Brian Krebs

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced global outages Monday afternoon, crashing and remaining down for users worldwide. Though no official reason has been provided, some have suspected it was caused by intentionally changed Domain Name System (DNS) records that only Facebook is in control of.

Speaking of Facebook being down – Chad Nesbitt went down three days ago on Facebook Live. He should be grateful FB is down today to hide this embarrassment.

Pee Wee was trolling a Ramada Inn in search of vagrants, whoo-whoo he was doing it live. The public criticized this dork live on Facebook.

Let me tell you what he did – He waited till dark to sneak up camera and ignorance in hand to catch evil vagrants at the Ramada Inn in River Ridge. He was reporting this live and stated, “let’s check if the motor is warm.” Just like Barney Fife, in action suspense was building.

But the dope checked the front of the bus – Busses have their motors in the back. There were no vagrants to be had for Pee Wee.

Insightful viewers relayed their comments of this obvious goober on Facebook; they shamed him so vehemently he was forced to end the live broadcast.

Folks, what do you think? I think Nesbitt must have his motor in the rear also. CH