There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
It ends when the AMERICAN PEOPLE stand up and stop the Tyranny …
It ends when the AMERICAN PEOPLE stand up and stop the Tyranny …

It ends when the AMERICAN PEOPLE stand up and stop the Tyranny …

The Police State is here are you next?

September 14 – Bombshell Report!

Police State Lawfare

This can’t go on…

These are not actions by individuals who are winning but of those who have lost!
The Wheels have fallen off the clown car…
They are so desperate and when you are desperate you make many mistakes.

Look at this EVIL below. President Trump has to deal with this daily out of the Republican Establishment.

Now tell me, does he look unhinged and constipated?

County News- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

Let’s start with the Good; there isn’t much. However, the County commissioners did implement a Noise Ordinance, which should curtail the abuses from these event centers in Madison.

These proprietors boohooed and claimed they were Agri-tourism and exempt from Zoning and Land Use laws. The planning department stood firm, and we all should be appreciative.

I wrote about and warned Forrest Gilliam about these freeloaders years ago, and he just ignored my requests to call Henderson County (a county that is on the ball in many respects).

Henderson County forced these Carpet baggers into complying with their land use and zoning laws.

Gilliam knew nothing about planning, and his actions have caused irrefutable harm to private property owners throughout Madison.

The County Commissioners paid Gilliam $20,000 to oversee the Land Use plan revisions after he quit as Madison’s County Manager. Interestingly, the county had to have it all redone properly by an attorney.

I sure hope the Town of Marshall and its oh-so-good aldermen didn’t project any revenues in their budget for that horrible movie-

“The Peripheral.” Because it has been canceled


The Peripheral cost north of $140 million for an eight-episode first season. The season two renewal was for a shorter run, with sources noting the streamer only picked up six installments after what sources described as lukewarm audience engagement.

Hollywood Reporter

‘The Peripheral’ Canceled at Amazon Despite Season 2 Pickup – The Hollywood Reporter

Boo, Hoo – What new debacle will Connie Molland and Lizzie Gullum- (Queens of WART radio in Marshall) parade out next? This certainly will negate any incoming tourism revenue.

Good, now the public won’t be victimized by this tourist trap called Marshall.

Speaking of Marshall, Jennifer Gregory has voluntarily withdrawn her pending lawsuit against the town of Mashall and Register of Deeds Mary Jane Wallin without prejudice. This means if these collaborators harass her and her family again, she can refile. I commend her on taking on the Madison Hillbilly Deepstate. By the way, I witnessed this harassment of Mary Jane Wallin’s husband, Jack Wallin, against Jennifer and her husband.

I know that County resources were used to harass this family.

This is typical behavior by some of the Madison County local proletariat, especially the scourge of Rollins and the Democrat Party.

All the Gregorys wanted to do was improve their property, yet you jealous reprobates couldn’t get past your green-eyed envy of someone who had more than you and was more upscale in their breeding.

What does this say about those that live in the hood of Marshall? Why are they constantly harassing the best people who have moved in here? Is it because they are not from Madison and are not pathetic drunken misfits like them?

Why do the Marshall- Mars Hill-Hot Springs towns only encourage Marxists and deadbeats into our county?

I hope the county and city employees learned a lesson that there are some out here in Madison County who will not accept your abuse of their rights.

Jennifer Gregory deserves accolades for doing what should have been done years ago in Madison. Amazingly, it was done by someone outside Madison County, which speaks volumes.

Please, someone, run for the Register of Deeds seat and send the old sow home.

More Good!

We need to help our Vets!

This young man, whose name is Brandon Quinn, reached out to me for this great endeavor – Please support him; his organization is QB1 Enterprises, which is a new non-profit with a focus on affordable housing, and his first campaign is a launching called where they will hand the keys over to a veteran this Veterans Day. The hardest part is letting people know it’s happening, but we are still seeking as many applicants or spouses of veterans, so please apply. We hope this can become an annual event in our community and surrounding areas.

Join Hands And Help A Veteran

Participate in our Veterans Home Giveaway and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for our Veterans.

Home – Veterans Home Giveaway

We still have good, fair courts

Justice comes to Madison from the Federal Courts again -The Madison County courts were vilified!

Rupa Russe, a former county commissioner candidate, sued the Sheriff, the County, Deputy Joyner, Jane Doe-Dosey Doe, and the man on the moon for various reasons not covered by real existing law.

Didn’t she call herself a Mountain Mama in the 2020 election for County commissioner?
So much for Mountain Mamas…
I encourage all to read this: would you, mothers of Madison, publish excerpts of your daughter’s diary and cell phone texts to validate a lawsuit?

Affirmed by Chief Judge Reidinger last week – Dismissed with prejudice

I want to give recognition and thanks to Olaf Goddard, who has retired this year from the Madison County magistrate’s office; he was one of the best Madison Magistrates and served this county well; the courts vindicated him above in his probable cause arrest of Rupa Russe for assaulting her daughter.

Good luck to Olaf in his next adventure; he will be greatly missed.

Two dismissals with prejudice. Poor Rupe, she is not batting a thousand.

But add yet another dismissal and judgment below Rupe and her- (law-school classmate lead attorney- Brooke Scott) sued the wrong people in the Eastern District.

It was also tossed, but not after costing thousands of dollars for the defendants. You can’t make this up, folks!

This type of lawfare in civil and criminal courts is a black stain on the moral and ethical standards the State law boards demand of their members. Folks, our country has good attorneys and judges who actually understand and practice the rule of law.

In Madison County, tax-payer dollars are used to defend these frivolous lawsuits. Don’t you think our local officials have a duty to recover our attorney fees from these serial litigants?


The Bad

Did French Broad EMC put employees at risk and cause death by neglegence or more on August 8, 2023?

I requested information from Greg Fowler concerning the electrocution death of Bryan Blakenship on August 8, 2023.

Blakenship was a veteran lineman; as I was told, he was working a 30-hour shift.

French Broad-line men are regularly required to work overtime some to the tune of 70-hour shifts.

FRENCH Broad EMC is the only Electric Company in the state that does NOT cut the electricity when they work on these district hotlines.

It is required by OSHA to cut the power. How many of you as members would care if your power was cut to save a life?

Rocky Fleming is the safety supervisor for French Broad Electric.

He is big buddies with Jeff Loven; they even swap real estate. see below:

Below is the email sent to Greg Fowler:

August 12, 2023, 11:54


It has been brought to my attention that FBEMC is not complying with 

OSHA : 1926.960(a)Application. 

This section applies to work on exposed live parts or near enough to them to expose the employee to any hazard they present.

  • Are your Electric Linemen required to wear rubber gloves and rubber sleeves when working on hot live wires?
  • Why is FBEMC the only electric company in NC that does not explicitly use protected buckets to repair live hot wires in repairs?
  • Who was the system operator in charge when Bryan Blakenship was electrocuted on August 8, 2023, in Yancey County?

Thank you for your assistance

Needless to say, Greg never responded, but you can save a life and notify OSHA at the number below before someone else dies.
It is on your shoulders if you don’t contact the people who can fix this and make these greedy elites culpable for their actions, then more can die…

OSHA – 800-321-6742 (OSHA)

File a Complaint | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (

Notice that French Broad EMC has installed yet another fiend to their board, violating their by-laws. His name is Chad Bradley, a Contractor for French Broad EMC. Under these Bylaws, Contractors cannot be on the board of directors and remember what they did to Walter Naillon.

Bradley also sold Jeff Loven a property; see below:

Chad Bradley is the brother of Madison County Government clerk – Mandy Bradley. Are you catching on, folks?
This is just another Jeff Loven butt boy installed to do his bidding on the FBEMC board.

Duke Energy shuts down and sends their workers to class; if electrocution or injury happens, it is their policy and a requirement under the state utility commission.

FBEMC did not do this; they are in full coverup because OSHA is investigating them. Would we not be better if we had Duke Energy as our provider instead of this Gravy Train with biscuit wheels serving Jeff Loven’s interests and his buddy’s interests?

Our electric bills are going up anyway. See in Loven’s words below; he conveniently forgets to tell you that you have no right to a hearing as Duke Energy customers have because they are a PUBLIC UTILITY and not a Coop profiting the big ten at FBEMC.

Public utilities have more oversight and are monitored by the NC Public Utility Commission.

Ask anyone who is an electrician taking continuing education; the examiners are sounding the alarm. Electricity is going up, and it could reach a 27% increase in the near future.

See below what is happening in Wyoming, a 21% increase in a rural area.

Speak Out Against Rocky Mountain Power’s Rate Hikes AARP

Don’t expect your Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels to give up their large salaries and golden parachute retirement plans to help keep your electric rates down.

They will continue to run roughshod over the citizens of Madison as they have done throughout their existence until the people decide to end this self-serving CABAL, which has run amok by bad employees and directors.

More of the Bad

Folks, do you remember I mentioned those High electric bills at the Sheriff’s Department? Well, here is the billing from none other than FBEMC.

No wonder FBEMC likes Buddy Harwood so well. Notice we pay FBEMC over $151,000 a year in utility bills. WHY?

That gravy train of a Jail is sure soaking the tax payers in electric bills…

Salaries for all Madison County Employees are below:

Notice how much increase came into the Mandy Bradley pocketbook and the Kary Ledford Bookkeeper salaries

I think the biggest thing is how all these departments hide their spending through professional services in the bookkeeping.

Kary Ledford is NOT a CPA. The last real audit that the finance department had was years ago; it was recommended that the county finance director be a CPA. Don’t listen to these lying RINO commissioners and their gaslighting because they couldn’t count themselves out of a wet paper sack if their life depended on it.

You folks can count; they can’t. They are building government through Grants. There is always a back door to every grant, and this county doesn’t even discuss the performance grants and others they are sliding in as revenue items. Are all these grants being spent legally under the agreements?

The new grant writer for Madison County came in on a grant. Which is just Priceless…

Here are the other Grant Employees for this year: Fried Chicken and Elmer Gantry Garrison have been hiding these employees from the public- (whose grant revenue ran out). They hired them off our County taxpayer nickel; their jobs should have been terminated. But hey, this is Free Fried Chicken for all, even if we can’t afford it. Doesn’t this sound like the Biden Administration?

  • H Sharp $54,953.60
  • K Coates $35,100
  • B Clark $46,800

Look into the amount of money in this year’s budget allocated to the Planning- Economic Development and Soil and Water; all have expanded under the Madison County Rino Regime…

What about the professional Services running amok in this county? This is how the County departments hide expenditures when they don’t want them investigated by a real audit.

Remember, Mutt and Jeff ended the audit in Madison after discussing doing it during the election period -Rino Express!

We will start with a few, but you will see them all over the next few weeks.

Buddy Harwood Professional Services looks like Buddy ate his way through our tax dollars.

Was that Twisted Laurel dinner with his new sidekick, John Ledford?

Now the new County Manager, Rod Honeycutt, shows up as a professional service- Gee, I didn’t know that was a professional service. Aren’t we paying him over $90,000 a year? These additions were added in February after he was hired.

I would like to know how BBQ and Pizza show up as a line item in professional services at Emergency management!

Notice above in the Sheriff and Emergency management departments, these transactions are called PC CARDS.

Are these personal credit card reimbursements or cash withdrawals? The Madison County Finance Department’s whole reporting lacks the simple transparency needed to evaluate its expenditures effectively.

The Best for last is ” The Ugly.”

I think many of you who have followed me over the years know I have disdain for political grafting.

Through every bureaucracy contained in its walls, this county is rotting from within, yet these same individuals who practice and profit off this county crawl into their churches every Sunday and pretend they are honest individuals and Godly subjects.

The Waterline from Mars Hill to Marshall- Fried Chicken and Elmer Gantry’s Graft!

During the primary in 2020, Michael Garrison stated that he wanted to get a water and sewer line between Mars Hill and Marshall.

This was when he and the good wife purchased property on Highway 213 for a high price of $10,000 an acre. This property sale was hidden from the public during the election in Madison County tax records. I reported on this in 2020.

Garrison’s point was that Marshall had the sewage treatment facilities, and Mars Hill had the water supply. He coined it as Economic development, but for whom? Remember how everyone was raising hell about this monstrosity and that there was no planning, and why were they shoving it through so quickly? Garrison and Fried Chicken got with Ralph Hise and Mark Pless to push this through; they even confirmed this at commissioner meetings.

During this time, Pless also pushed bills in Raleigh to bring a mental institution into Western NC. Mark Snelson was belligerent and teed off that the citizens of Madison County would question a Methadone clinic in the area. Well, folks, slimy Snelson and Garrison lied, and yes, it is coming. It will be a payoff to Dogwood Trust. Our Health Department is already doing this. Is this Michael Garrison’s idea of Economic Development?

Somewhere around October of 2022, the legislature approved the $11 million request for water and sewer. After that, Fried Chicken said it wasn’t enough for the sewer. They sought and later got an additional $13 million for the sewer.

In July 2020, Michael Garrison and the Good Wife purchased property on Highway 213 adjacent to his church, the same church where the toothless Eddie Fox family sings to its masses. Same Eddie Fox, while sitting as County commissioner, was brought up on Hatch Act violations along with Hal Moore. Moore’s charges were dismissed, but Eddie was charged. I know this because Eddie confirmed this to me. Eddie Fox now facilitates Buddy Harwood’s funeral service scam to help Buddy garner votes from the churchy sheep to get elected. Look at the Monument company attached to this…

You can’t make this up, folks; it is what Madison County is, and it is not pretty!

Michael Garrison and the Good Wife paid $200,000; it looks like in cash for this property from Bernard Coates. In this deed, there is no mortgage lien. That would be $10,000 an acre on a projected highway that he and Matt Wechtel – Ralph Hise, and Mark Pless connived to get water and sewer lines on.

Notice who the attorney is who assembled this agreement general Warranty Deed, is none other than Bill Briggs’s brother, Bruce Briggs

Now, see how conveniently this property is located to the crown jewel waterline and sewer coming down highway 213.

You know this cash purchase was at a time of uncertainty in our country by a cop who obviously felt doubtful about his future as a police officer because he published this moronic manifesto in the weekly Wiper during his campaign.

I will note he mentions “I” 29 times.

It doesn’t stop with Elmer Gantry. In 2021, while sitting as commissioner, Mark Snelson received a gift in real estate. Gifts have to be disclosed to the public. Mark Snelson’s gift was also hid on Madison County’s Tax system.
County attorney Donny Laws drew this deed up. Why didn’t Snelson use Larry Leake instead of the county attorney? Larry Leake and Snelson are connected like cemented turds in all the shady going ons in Madison.
If one name in this Grantors list is not an immediate relative, you, sir, and Laws are in deep doo doo…

I think it is time for the NC Auditor office to take a good long look into Madison County and this Sheriff’s office.
There is a reason Michael Garrison has been manipulating and quashing the ability to audit Sheriff Buddy and that Evidence room.
It is all connected to political and municipal grafting.

This was sent to me by a concerned citizen in Haywood County. These citizens have diligently stood up for their homes and their way of life and have been very successful against these Marxist wackos trying to infiltrate the Haywood-Waynesville government.

These Marxists are here in Madison County, also. They hide under Non-Profit Statutus – Down Home Madison- ROAR- Reclaim Madison- Madison Housing Authority- Pisgah Legal Services- Madison County Arts Council.

Our County Commissioners, under the guidance of Ron Honeycutt, shelled out our tax dollars this year to – Madison County Housing Authority, which slimes around with the Marxists of “Reclaim Madison- Pisgah Legal Services and Madison County Arts Council – more coming on these Non-Profits in the next article.

On August 24th, the “Concerned Citizens” of Haywood County held a weekly meeting at the Buttered Biscuit in Maggie Valley.

During that meeting, several black hooded versions of the Klu Klux Klan assailed the parking lot of the Buttered Biscuit and took pictures of attendees and the licenses of their vehicles.  I have received confirmed information from several individuals identifying this agitator’s coordinator as Tera McIntosh, who resides in Clyde and is an extremist Democrat-Liberal activist.

McIntosh’s dubious attempt at a website is below, which she created and manages. She discusses her and her group’s activities in harassing a Concerned Citizen’s meeting.

WOKE WAYNESVILLE and the MARXIST SUNRISE MOVEMENT Running the Democrat Party in Haywood County

 by Forum Member » Mon Aug 28, 2023 11:58 am

Exposing the pure evil that has taken over the Haywood County Democrat Party is necessary to warn people to run from this far left radical bunch of Marxist terrorist. They used to be a party that included Moderate Blue Dog Democrats and Christian people, but the Marxist Sunrise Movement, who is made up of 105 members of the Progressive Caucus in the Democrat Congress, is running the show in Haywood County. They claim on their website they are NOT Christian people with any kind of moral or decent compass. They call themselves WOKE Waynesville and radicals Tera McIntosh and Chelsea White along with Waynesville Town Council Chuck Dickson’s wife, Sybil Mann are running the show.
viewtopic.php?t=436&sid=687cf0f4b9cb7ad … ca002db832

These terrorist came to the Buttered Biscuit, where decent Christian people, who care about the safety of Haywood County Citizens, and STAND AGAINST increasing crime, needle litter, drinking on the streets, low barrier no rules shelters fueled with crack kits and needles, pre-trial release, no bail, making all drugs legal, young students being taught about sex change options, biological males in female changing rooms, and biological males in female sports, expose what these radical left people plan to do to your county and towns.

WOKE Waynesville and the Marxist Sunrise Movement is actually for all of these far left agendas in your county and town. They are running your Haywood County Democrat Party, and the current Town of Waynesville Council tried to implement every single one of these far left agendas listed in the Marxist Sunrise Movement play book.

Not only have the current Waynesville Town Council tried to push all of these radical left agendas, they added, the great Real Estate Reset, with plans to build over 1000 apartments and condos in the Town of Waynesville called infill so we will all be riding bikes and electric busses. This agenda will destroy Waynesville. They removed the Quasi-Judicial process of large scale development approval, where citizens had a voice, and implemented an Administrative process of approval, where they rubber stamp large scale development and silence citizens. They even tried to build a giant apartment complex above Waynesville’s historically Black Hillside neighborhood and recently tried to force unisex bathrooms in their Obama Park.

Fire the current town of Waynesville Mayor and Council and hire a new local group of moral Christian people, who love the Town of Waynesville and want to preserve the historic heritage of our town. The current Mayor and Town Council have tried every single leftist tactic in the book to destroy our town. They gave money to fund Haywood County Helping Hands who put transient drug addict vagrants in the Maggie Valley Our Place Inn “All Cops are Bastards Motel”, and they allowed a radical left Down Home member to write a grant in the name of the Town of Waynesville, listing the Political Super PAC Down Home as a stakeholder on the grant.

Vote for the new Dream Team for Town of Waynesville City Council
viewtopic.php?t=531&sid=c7814eb40e7da38 … 894feedbc2

The Democrat Party posted a statement against the three bills recently passed in North Carolina to protect children, on the Haywood County Democrat Party web site and quickly removed it when Haywood Happenings exposed it. It states, “To every trans or gender non-conforming youth: we see you, you belong, you belong on the sports field, in the classroom and we love you. To the NCGA Republicans attacking transgender rights, specifically targeting children: voters will hold you accountable at the ballot box.” The three common sense bills include, not addressing and labeling young children as Trans at an early age in school and letting parents know about private teacher/student conversations, not teaching about the Trans subject at an early age, not giving children younger than 18 sex change drugs or surgery, and no biological males in women’s sports.

They call themselves nice names, like WOKE Waynesville, the Sunrise Movement, Down Home, We Are WNC, Beloved Asheville, Holler Harm Reduction, Haywood County Helping Hands, Seek Healing, Misfit Mountain, among others listed on the chart below, but they are actually MARXIST Sunrise Movement, Torch ANTIFA, Firestorm Bookstore ANARCHIST OCCULT radicals planning a COMMUNIST takeover of America.

They are the same ANTIFA who carried manure in a casket to the door of the Asheville Police Department, defunded the police by over 100 police officers in Asheville, tripled the transient vagrant drug addicts, tripled the crime in Asheville, and brought in the government Continuum of Care to run the homeless crisis they created in Asheville. Buncombe County was the first county in the state of North Carolina to turn over their homeless crisis to the state of North Carolina Continuum of Care which is a HUD federally run program, so now the citizens have no voice in the number of low barrier no rules shelters fueled with crack kits and needles they plan to build everywhere in Buncombe County.

Their COMMUNIST plan is to create a crisis so the government can solve it. Piven and Cloward, and Rules for Radicals are their play books. Burning police cars, slashing tires, breaking out windows, setting fires, destroying personal property, and doxing citizens are their terrorist tactics. They will lie like dogs to terrorize and DOX people but these people DOX themselves.

All that marching and chanting while destroying towns all across America wasn’t because they wanted to help Black people, it was because they hate capitalism and free trade and plan for the government to own our corporations and businesses, banking system, and privately owned homes by the year 2030. They actually want communism in America.

It’s interesting they call decent people who just want to keep Haywood County safe“ fascist” because they are exploiting Black, Indigenous, Latino and poor people to divide races which will create a crisis to bring about communism. Since they are exploiting these races of people, they’re not only Marxist/Communist but they are also FASCIST. Do you want these people to run anything in our government? They are actually proud of the Our Place Inn, All Cops are Bastards Motel!

WOKE Waynesville is not a local group of citizens. They are from Asheville and are members of Asheville Solidarity and the Asheville Sunrise Movement. Firestorm Bookstore is the headquarters for ANTIFA and the Sunrise Movement in the entire eastern United States. They recently had a big celebration to open their new location in West Asheville by burning police cars and busting out a city council member’s car windows, and slashed her tires because she voted for a panhandling regulation and wanted to hire some police officers.

Haywood Happenings

Some of you have reported. Seeing chem trails in Mars Hill, I think this short video may be of interest;

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and no one was left to speak for me. 

Martin Niemoller

Think about it, folks, and ask yourselves when will I decide it is time to stand and speak- CH