There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.

The Devil dies, Poison Ivys exposed and Garrison’s ED…

Karma is in full force this week, folks…

The Devil of the Illuminati Deep State has died. Why do you think the “Simpsons” coined their Character “Mr. Burns” off this snake?

It wasn’t just the money; it was how they got it…

I love independent female writers who have a brain and do the research to expose the evil of these nugatory, incompetent Marxist Attorneys in the Democrat Party.

The Poison Ivys of the Democrat Party. All the Democrat Agenda to win, is all in the courts and this week they have failed…

New polling today: Bloomberg

Across all seven states, 48 percent of voters said they would back Trump, and 43 percent would back Biden.

Trump’s lead appeared to be the strongest in North Carolina, where he is 9 points ahead of Biden — bringing in 50 percent support compared to Biden’s 41 percent.
The Tar Heel State, which Trump won in the 2020 election, was the only state the former president garnered at least 50 percent of support in the new survey. Neither candidate clinched a majority show of support in any of the other swing states.
In the recent poll, Trump maintained a 6-point lead over Biden in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania — four states Biden carried in 2020.

Let’s start with Letitia James of New York, who now wants to put BIG BEEF out of business, and the pervert Judge Erdogan, who was exposed by James Okeefe this week…

From Mel Witte exposing Letitia James in Campaign Finance fraud and more… KARMA


New York AG Letitia James Files Lawsuit Against Worlds Largest Beef Producer for ‘Misleading Public’ About its Impact on Climate | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

More from James Okeefe

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group Confronts Total Creep New York Judge Arthur Engoron After Sources Tell Him Engoron Frequently Goes to Gym and is “Creeping Girls Out” – Engoron Wears Revealing Sweatpants and No Underwear? (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson


This shyster below is in big trouble. Big Buffoon Fani Willis should be removed from office and lose her bar license at a minimum.

Big Fanni should be disqualified from the phony Trump Case in GA and face state sanctions and retribution for her actions. Maybe she and Letitia can share the same cell in federal prison…

The lawyers for President Trump have Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone records. And it’s terrible for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The official story from the Fulton County DA and her former lover Nathan Wade, made through sworn filings and sworn testimony, was that their “personal relationship” started in 2022.

In a February 2, 2022 filing, DA Willis submitted Wade’s affidavit to the Court: “In 2022, District Attorney Willis and I developed a personal relationship.” DA Willis and Wade testified that the relationship started sometime in early 2022.

But Wade’s cell phone records disprove their official story. In a filing from President Trump’s attorneys, records indicate that the “relationship” between DA Willis and Wade was romantic well-before Wade’s November 1, 2021 appointment by Willis as Special Prosecutor.

Today in court, does this woman look confident? Not on your life …

Trump attorneys schlonged Big Fannie and her lover’s attorneys!


Julie Kelly excellent reporting on Jack Smith

Does he look like he is having a good day? You know he and John Noor favor, don’t they?

Take a moment to consider the last five days.

  • SCOTUS delayed J6 Jack Smith’s fever dream until after the election.
  • Judge Cannon in process of delaying Documents case.
  • Fani Willis and Nathan Wade likely to be removed from case, delaying and perhaps ending RICO persecution of Trump.
  • A blowout Bloomberg poll today shows Trump leading in all seven swing states.

This is a week to celebrate for America’s future. The Enemy is failing in their lawfare…

Shut the border down…

A new analysis finds that the number of illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. on Biden’s watch is greater than the population of 36 states. The numbers are staggering, and there are still months before Joe Biden leaves office.

Steve Bannon unleashed on the speaker of the house, Mike Johnson. He is right; we need strength and truth right now, not weak political pander…

It is up to us to clean out these RINOS and take back our party…

Speaking of pander and weakness County News and Michael Garrison’s ED…

Madison County Commissioners are building bigger government and giving goodies to those on the latest gravy train, which has been exposed as the Agriculture Welfare.

See below all these individuals. We have over a half a billion dollars on this program and this county has violated NC law by not auditing every year.

Jeremy Hensley county commissioner and his wife are Agriculture Welfare recipients and are riding the wagon as the rest of us pull them in it.

Hensley and his sidekick Alan Wyatt have allocated our tax dollars to help their friends.

Why do you think we have so much tax money going to recreation?

In this Tuesday’s special secret meeting, these commissioners schemed to hand over to Ross Young, Former County Extension Director, 1.2 million to build a barn at the fairgrounds.

The last commissioners, including Wechtel and Garrison, asked poor old Ross to take over the management of the COVID money because Kary Ledford and the commissioners misappropriated these funds.

Was this the payoff? How many of these Fairground Board Members and others who may profit show up on the Agricultural Gravy Train below?


Madison County Commissioners, Attorneys John Noor, Donnie Laws, Brad Guth, and Rod NATO Honeycutt have been involved in violating NC General Statutes.

Madison County NC planning board has not been keeping planning board minutes, which is required by NC law.
Even better, the great clerk Mandy Bradley is legally required to publish all the rules on Madison’s Website but Bradley didn’t!

§ 160D-3-8. Rules of procedure.  Rules of procedure that are consistent with the provisions of this Chapter may be adopted by the governing board for any or all boards created under this Article.[185] In the absence of action by the governing board, each board created under this Article is authorized to adopt its own rules of procedure that are consistent with the provisions of this Chapter. A copy of any adopted rules of procedure shall be maintained by the local government clerk or such other official as designated by ordinance and posted on the local government website if one exists.[186] Each board shall keep minutes of its proceedings.

NC Institute of Government

Below are the statutes for conflicts of interest. All of these planning board members have violated this statute, meaning anything they have voted on or prepared to be voted on can now be litigated.

§ 160D-1-9. Conflicts of interest. [105]

(a) Governing board. A city council governing board[106] member shall not vote on any zoning map or text amendment legislative decision regarding a development regulation adopted pursuant to this Chapter[107] where the outcome of the matter being considered is reasonably likely to have a direct, substantial, and readily identifiable financial impact on the member.  A governing board member shall not vote on any zoning amendment if the landowner of the property subject to a rezoning petition or the applicant for a text amendment is a person with whom the member has a close familial, business, or other associational relationship.[108]

(b) Appointed boards.[109] Members of appointed boards providing advice to the city council governing board shall not vote on recommendations regarding any zoning map or text amendment advisory or[110] legislative decision regarding a development regulation adopted pursuant to this Chapter where the outcome of the matter being considered is reasonably likely to have a direct, substantial, and readily identifiable financial impact on the member.  An appointed board member shall not vote on any zoning amendment if the landowner of the property subject to a rezoning petition or the applicant for a text amendment is a person with whom the member has a close familial, business, or other associational relationship.[111]

(c) Administrative staff.[112]  No staff member shall make a final decision on an administrative decision required by this Chapter if the outcome of that decision would have a direct, substantial, and readily identifiable financial impact on the staff member or if the applicant or other person subject to that decision is a person with whom the staff member has a close familial, business, or other associational relationship.[113] If a staff member has a conflict of interest under this section, the decision shall be assigned to the supervisor of the staff person or such other staff person as may be designated by the development regulation or other ordinance.

No staff member shall be financially interested or employed by a business that is financially interested in a development subject to regulation under this Article Chapter unless the staff member is the owner of the land or building involved. No staff member or other individual or employee of a company contracting with a city local government to provide staff support shall engage in any work that is inconsistent with his or her duties or with the interest of the city local government, as determined by the city local government. 

(d)  Quasi-judicial decisions.[114] A member of any board exercising quasi-judicial functions pursuant to this Article Chapter shall not participate in or vote on any quasi-judicial matter in a manner that would violate affected persons’ constitutional rights to an impartial decision maker. Impermissible violations of due process include, but are not limited to, a member having a fixed opinion prior to hearing the matter that is not susceptible to change, undisclosed ex parte communications, a close familial, business, or other associational relationship with an affected person, or a financial interest in the outcome of the matter.

(e)  Resolution of Objection.[115] If an objection is raised to a board member’s participation at or prior to the hearing or vote on that matter[116] and that member does not recuse himself or herself, the remaining members of the board shall by majority vote rule on the objection.

(f) Familial relationship. For purposes of this section, a close familial relationship means a spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild. The term includes the step, half, and in-law relationships.[117]

We in this county have five of the dumbest commissioners in history, even dumber than the last five, an unqualified County manager who is a chronic liar and a Zoning Director phony who should never have been hired in the first place because of his last antics in an NC county.

We have a feckless planning board of individuals who look like they haven’t bothered to bathe in a month and are competing to see who can grow their mangy beards out to be the longest. They represent us. Are you proud or embarrassed?

But alas, here comes Elmer Gantry Garrison – Michael Garrison gaslighting and lying about this mess he and Wechtel actually think is robust Economic Development.

Garrison and Wechtel preached about their accomplishments at the unattended February 19th “Madison County Republican Party Meet The Candidates.”

Wechtel took a bow on that hideous unplanned debacle called the 213 water and sewer line. You know, the one without a feasibility study and no updated roads. It is a dangerous road and just recently a young girl was killed coming out of her driveway to go to school. She was struck by a French Broad truck.

Why would Fried Chicken care about anyone’s safety? His sidekick commissioner buddy Michael Garrison will profit off this water sewer line. Wechtel is just after your vote and a prime example of a lazy, self-serving politician.

The taxpayers of Madison County will have to pay for this grant once it runs out, and yes, the money will run out.

On the other hand, Michael Garrison seems to think he is a Bastion of greatness and knowledge on Economic Development.

He bloviated and pushed to get his story out about all the grant money Brad Guth received for his Economic endeavor. Remember, Brad Guth is Wechtels and Garrison’s Planner. This proves my point: they don’t know what they are doing, or they would have done a background check on Guth and hired a qualified person.

There is more to this story than you know; see below:

New Madison County Industrial Park (to) create 140 jobs with wages at or above $44 200.

The definitive word in this story above is “TO Create,” not “Will Create.”

Ever since the first carpetbaggers rushed to cross the Mason-Dixon Line, the cry for Economic Development has been heard throughout small towns, mountain counties, and rural communities nationwide.

The promise of prosperity for all, sweetened with catchphrases like infrastructure improvements, labor market expansion, and new revenue stream opportunities, don’t get me wrong, on its face, economic development is critical for the survival of rural communities as urban centers continue to drain state tax revenue and resources for ever-expanding social programs and entitlement spending.

The problem is that most of the self-proclaimed economic development champions, at least in rural areas, are more concerned with adding layers to the already stifling bureaucratic inefficiencies of local government.

The same small-town cabals that work tirelessly to advance their agendas and nepotistic fiefdoms hide behind the promise of new economic opportunities to distract their constituents from decades of incompetent management, failed leadership, poor planning, and policy.

They may say economic development, but what they genuinely think is, let us re-educate the minions. Because folks, these self-proclaimed elites believe you can’t possibly understand what their genius grasps.

Why are our county managers and commissioners suddenly self-appointed economic development experts?
Better yet what on the Economic Development Board is?

Could it be that in their minds, new promises of plentiful jobs, shiny new buildings, and new tax dollars will hypnotize us into believing they know what they are doing?

Are they afraid that we will rise against our patroons and demand an end to unjustified tax re-evaluations and unaccountable tax policies and procedures that continue to allow abuses to go unaudited and unresolved?

Let’s be clear. Lifetime county bureaucrats, small-town insurance agents, and backwoods municipal leaders and bankers do not automatically qualify as authorities on economic development.

They are quick to paint pictures of rainbows and unicorns and neglect to reveal how feeble their understanding of fundamental development concepts is.
We listen as they espouse the virtue of some new grant that will lead to a few new buildings where some new employees will work with the obligatory promise of some obscure benefit for us all.

A case in point is Matt Wechtel’s crush, Sara Nichols.

In reality, it creates more opportunities for a select few to direct tax dollars to support projects and people we, as taxpayers, have no say or control over.

You want actual economic development.

Clean up your county budget, cut out the dead wood and duplication on the payrolls, quit letting tax cheats flourish because of staffing incompetencies, and “develop “an efficient, streamlined, and accountable county government.

Then, you can fire the master hypnotists and genuinely work toward bettering the lives of your constituents.

Remember, folks, curing those Michael Garrison ED problems can be very expensive- CH

This Tuesday is the NC Primary, and we can remove one of these commissioners. Vote for just one Tony Ponder; he is not one of the club and is not in this election to profit himself or his family and friends while jeopardizing everyone else’s quality of life.