There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Don’t send sheep to kill lions…
Don’t send sheep to kill lions…

Don’t send sheep to kill lions…

At this moment, the enemy is facing the final move in chess; they are in Checkmate and have reacted as we all knew they would.

The Deep State reacted by throwing the chess board up in the air.
They have lost, and this attempt at destroying the board will not work. It never does.
Gas prices are going through the roof, and hyperinflation is set to explode. Criminal activity in our area is on an escalated rise.
The left’s woke mob of society can only scream Russia Russia Russia. They know they have failed.
We would not let them mask us, we would not let them vax us, and we will not let them destroy our faith in Jesus Christ.
The mentally ill leftist movement is why the mob who controls all the media want us silenced. These enemies of America and freedom are acting out in the play they created, which will end with their overdue demise.

Marxist Carpet Baggers are targeting Madison county. These funded groups hide behind the veil of helping feed the community and care for the poor.

In Madison County, the commissioners and managers have allowed them to infiltrate our County Government. We have them on our economic Development board, have hired them, and placed them throughout our County in paid positions. This infiltration happened because of the three Democrat commissioners; and Republicans, Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison. Matt Wechtel wants Madison County turned into a Soil And Water HOA. For all of you in Marxist Hill and Marshall, HOA means homeowners association.
Garrison could not wait after being elected to put Kari Ledford in as the permanent Finance officer while raising her salary. Ask yourselves why? Who perpetuates the fraudulent use of money in Madison County? Why is Ross Young, former Cooperative extension agent director, controlling Covid spending?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what these goons have been up to; Wechtel and Garrison are opportunistic RINOs. A Rino- Republican in name only are much more dangerous than a Democrat.

We have evil all around us and we never knew it.

Our leaders in our County have done nothing about this.

Did you know we have witches in Madison County?

Why are the churches so quiet about this evil?

Did you know we have groups giving out crack kits and needles in Madison County?

While Buddy Harwood looks the other way? Why are they Harwood’s fans? Think!

Did you know that R.OA.R and Down Home Madison are Marxist groups whose inevitable plan is to con all of us in rural areas to believe in their Communist Marxist values?

They are actively trying to take over our schools. WAKE UP AND REPLACE THESE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS AND COMMISSIONERS. Know Your Enemies…

They call us white supremacists and racists to belittle us into thinking like them. They support Racist terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Their intent in this county is to take over County Government and destroy our election system. Patriots are a threat to them. These reprobates can’t be elected legally or fairly and lack the reason and logic to construct a rational discussion to get elected.
This greed for power and control is why these groups have appeared and why they cheat in elections and hide who they indeed are.

They call us RACISTS and white supremacists because we don’t accept their filthy lifestyles. These groups are involved in our elections.
They have conspired their way into Madison County election precincts, hiding their identities under the banner of Madison Indivisibles and others.
They are here to destroy Madison county. The Democrat Party and the Rinos in the Republican party of Madison County are involved.

These Marxists support the Carpet Bagger movement, haunting our county because the planning board and the commissioners are letting it happen.

Who invented the term RACIST? Lev Davidovich Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky, was a Ukrainian-Russian Marxist revolutionary, political theorist, and politician. Ideologically a communist, does this sound familiar?

The term “Racist” was used at last week’s planning board meeting by Joanna Cahill, whose noxious development was approved by Madison County’s planning board.

Cahill was approached after the meeting by Clint Parker, editor of the Weaverville Tribune. Before he could ask her a question, she blew up and called him a Racist and then brought my name up and called me a Racist. CH was not even there, folks.
I take offense to this carpet bagger calling me a racist. Below is a picture of her at this hearing, and for the record, Clint Parker taped this rant.

I swear this photo is not photoshopped but it is very telling.
It speaks volumes that Michael Obama’s book was on the shelf and a Freudian clear view of an exit sign in the background.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

During this hearing, Cahill made a point of saying she was working with the “Conscious Homesteaders,” who are a left-wing radical wacko group created by Pat Franklin and Elizabeth Gullum.

These two women, Franklin and Gullum, are Buddy Harwood gals and do everything they can to prop up this corrupt sheriff. Why? Because Harwood has pushed and paraded these radicals throughout our county.

Don’t be fooled by Harwood coming out against Airbnb. There are plenty of residents in Madison County who legally run rentals throughout our county and use Airbnb. Harwood is a lefty and your enemy; he plays you like he and Michael Garrison play the “Church Sheep.”

Buddy Harwood is desperate to be reelected, and Michael Garrison has as much on the line as Sheriff Buddy if someone else goes in as Madison County’s sheriff.

Don’t forget the Conscious Homesteaders Friends of Buddy were involved in trying to stop the Asphalt plant. Their efforts bombed, and the Asphalt plant is opening for business.

Below, a troll from this group attacked a young woman on Facebook because she posted my story. Does this sound familiar? You bet ya; it does; in 2020, these ghouls were doing the same thing. This last week, I have been threatened by Buddy Harwood’s brother and others through email -mail, you name it. These actions point to two things desperation and stupidity. This is what bullies do.

They like to bully when we expose them for who they indeed are. You have to be whipped into submission and obey them. They are nuts!
The attack on poor Clint of the Weaverville Tribune is comical.
Their reference below is even more evidence of their mental instability; they think he is me. They probably believe this because they believe women are men and men are women.

Below by her own admission at the hearing -Carpet Bagger Cahill’s business partners:

Below is for my new friend above called Kate, who thinks I am a middle-aged man and thinks the News-Record Sentinel- which is owned by the

Citizen-Times is such a great paper.

Katie called the Weaverville Tribune crappy; for the record, I think I should give all you Leftie trolls that hover over my website all day some education.

These are the circulation numbers from the News-Record Sentinel for 2019.

Now the recent 2022 numbers for the illustrious News- Record and Sentinel.

The analysis and for all of you in Marshall, this means an examination of the elements or structure of something.

2022- Circulation numbers

  • 1,200 mailed subscribers
  • Sentinel distributes 900 copies and in February only 475 copies were sold that means Kate that almost half of these spectacles of great Marxist words are drawing dust.
  • 2019 Circulation numbers show this Bastion of News has gone down 75% since 2019.
  • Less then five percent of the Madison County population reads this paper.
  • Hence why we Patriots of Madison County call this propaganda rag “The Weekly Wiper”.

Maybe this recent sign on the front door to the News-Record and Sentinel has something to do with it, Kate?

Or maybe this full-page 21 by 11 inches advertisement taken out by the infamous Paul Moon, former lead reporter of the News-Record, after the 2020 election. Remember Moon’s actual name is Egger; he changed it, claiming he was taking his wife’s name. She changed hers too; her real name is Krupa. Look below; why do they change their names and dress up in Pink- per their Facebook posts?

Below Marshall’s Marxist Manifesto directed at all of us who disagree with them; forty percent of the signers were not residents of Madison County. Tommy Justice, the pastor at Mars Hill Baptist Church, was the first to sign which speaks volumes. His church is unlike any Baptist church you have ever seen. They practice lent, for crying out loud.

All current school board members and the sitting superintendent go to this Golden Calf of Marxist Hill.

Three Democrat County Commissioners currently running for office, and Matt Wechtel signed this contemptible garbage. Notice the other names you shouldn’t be surprised they are involved with these Marxists throughout our county.

You either agree with their evil ideology, which goes against your Christian Faith, or they will sponsor this oppression against you

You either get in bed and drive their car or these enemies of America will target you for not kissing their Satanic ring.

Don’t be fooled by those who pretend to be on America’s side because actions speak volumes to who they indeed are…

The Democrat Party got in bed with this element who hate everything America and Jesus represent.

The sheer mentioning of the name Jesus sends ripples of hate through their woke minds. But it is in the name of Jesus Christ which is the only power that can slay this demon called “Woke.”

Why do you think our forefathers made the First Amendment

Freedom of Speech?

Because without freedom of speech, you cannot protect your other

God Given rights and freedoms.

At the Planning Board meeting this week, bureaucratic injustice happened to those who believe in the rule of law. The optics were arrogant and incompetent.
John Noor of Roberts and Stevens, who represents Madison County Planning Board, came off as a tyrant. His final open words to the board,

“if you don’t vote for this, you will get sued.” Noor was not wearing a mask that is until the propagandist News-Record and Sentinel showed up one hour after the scheduled meeting started. He excitedly and hastily put his mask on to appease the Weekly Wiper. Are you starting to smell the perfume folks? Does this not look like a setup from the get-go?
Why are we paying two law firms Roberts and Stevens and Donny Laws to do our legal work in this county? Why do we need so much legal work? What is so screwed up that we need two law firms?

This county has only 22,000 residents.
Below are the current planning Board members and their charter.

Picture of Planning Board on March 3, 2022.

Notice the smug look on Commissioner candidate Alan Wyatt- co-chair planning board

The acting co-chair was acting chair because the actual chair screwed up and had to recuse himself. So Alan Wyatt acted as chair.
Notice how many had to recuse themselves.
By the way, Alan Wyatt has thrown his hat into the ring to run for commissioner, even commented that “he and Ms. Rice redid the whole Land Use Plan all on their own.” Really, Alan, you did this without any community involvement or input or legal hearing notifications? One planning board member Mary Rice was not at the last hearing, so why was she even allowed to vote? Same Mary Rice, who, along with Alan Wyatt, redid the Land Use plan independently.
When asked if anyone spoke to anyone about the hearing, Wyatt commented, “Yeah, I talked to some guy named Hollifield who got belligerent.”

Ok, folks, here is what really happened Between James Hollifield & Wyatt. Hollifield contacted Alan Wyatt when he heard he was running for commissioner. Mr. Hollifield is also running for commissioner and is collecting signatures as an Independent Republican candidate. According to Mr. Hollifield, he never brought up the planning board. Alan Wyatt is the one that started the conversation about the planning board, so why didn’t Wyatt recuse himself? Oh, that is right, then there would be four voting out of 8, which would not be a quorum.

Terrey Dolan, who is probably the worst zoning director we have ever hired next to Jeff Hyder. Dolan even asked one of the female residents who had standing and was conducting a presentation what her doctrine was in? This misogynist statement was manipulated to intimidate and attack a resident and taxpayer of this county. What is your background Terrey Dolan of Florida? I bet he doesn’t have a doctrine. Oh, but folks, he has a background.

Why are we paying for two Zoning directors in Madison County?
Below are their salaries:
Terrey Dolan- $63,000
Brad Guth- $70,000

The total for this one position is; $133,000. This does not include Sara Nichol’s salary Economic development director remember she took Terry Bellamy’s position. I suspect her salary is being hidden under a grant. What has happened over the years in Madison County with grant-funded salaries when the grant runs out? The money goes but Matt Wechtel has pushed to keep these employees in place. Some conservative he is and don’t think he won’t do it here. He googles and falls all over himself over her. Below Nichol’s photo per her Facebook, I don’t know whose pig that is let’s just call him Arnold.

We don’t need an Economic Development Board. The successive commissioners going in should immediately disband the ED board, send Sarah back to the Leftist land of Sky, and fire Terrey Dolan because we don’t need two Economic Development directors.

We need one law firm representing our county and one attorney. The Madison County School Board needs only one attorney, not 4.

But folks, I am not done; we have some more issues which deal with wasteful jobs in our county.
Look at the mappers hired in Madison County – We have three doing the Mapping and GIS – WHY? These salaries come to $165,000 total counting the IT director who should be handling the IT department and not mapping.

Notice Jeff Hyder, who quit and went to Tennessee, has returned to full-time GIS Director. He stunk the last time he was here and couldn’t do his job because he was so lazy. This guy fits right in with the libtards; he likes to go on Facebook and attack President Trump and his supporters. He did this while on the job for Madison when he was the zoning director.

Why can’t Hyder do both mapping & GIS? We are a county of 22,000 people; we don’t need these people freeloading off the taxpayers. GIS and Mapping are connected and are not complicated unless you are inept, to begin with, like the Madison County Commissioners.

Look at these five men who have never balanced a business budget and have profited off the jobs given to them by the Good ole boys of Madison. Did you, dear commissioners raise our property taxes to pay these new yes men off our nickel?

It is our money, not yours you spend.

We don’t need to pay Norris Gentry, county commissioner and acting interim county manager, $71,269, which does not include his overzealous personal compensation in the thousands. Gentry is not qualified to be anything but a janitor in Madison County. Send this man whose family has sucked the teet of this county for years home in November.

Below is the Woke of Madison County and what they don’t want you to see. This is who the enemy is and who Madison County is bowing to by not protecting our property values and allowing carpet baggers into our county without any oversight in their land developments. Heck folks, there is more oversight when you apply for a darn septic permit from Jamie List than this bunch.

Look what these Libtards did to a beloved teacher in our county Dr. Robinson who died recently from a heart attack. Dr. Robinson’s family was voicing their outrage at CRT being taught in the schools and boy were they right – Notice how the left reacts when you catch them.

Why do you think so many Madison County residents are running for the school board and commissioner races?

These Marxists are our enemies and attacked Dr. Robinson because he was a Christian. They attack us for being Christians. They show who they are and their agenda.

Notice what these Elizabeth Gullum Conscious homesteaders said about the Asphalt plant and what they intended to do because they were mad it was approved. They hide and once caught they claim they are afraid of being attacked, Well folks it is they who are violent, not Christian Patriots.

They call us racists and white supremacists. Read below in their own words …Remember they are Buddy Harwood’s voters.

Yes, the “Woke” has awakened the sleeping Giant of America.
This awakening is scaring the heck out of Democrat candidates.

Notice entitled Red Face Goforth of Harwood’s regime doesn’t he look nervous to you folks?

Below the candidates for this upcoming primary- Two Independents running not included on this list

James Hollifield – Rand Gilford whose petitions locations & facebook links below:

  • James Hollifield – County commissioner –
  • Petitions – Bonnie’s appalachian Cuisine on the By Pass Marshall- Red Oak Crossings-High Ridge Adventures-Heritage Farm Supply-Red Dot on 213, Big Ivy Guns-Metco tire-North Main Automotive-Napa Auto parts, all these are Mars Hill,

  • Rand Gilford – Marshall District 2 School Board -Petitions Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine on the By Pass

Below submitted from Rand Gilford

Candidate filings for Madison County Voters

Whatever you do, search for the truth.

The last thing you need to be trusting for your news is the media. The Deep State is losing it now; you can see the real rats in the Republican Party. Anyone that stands up for Ukraine is no one you should ever vote for like Mitt Romney- Lindsey Graham- Michelle Woodhouse – Chuck Edwards; these rodents are desperate and are on a sinking ship.

The facts are that the U.S. had bioweapons in Ukraine to euthanize the Slovak race and, more than likely, America. I resent this American propaganda because I am a third-generation Slovak race.

SOROS has not been seen for months… His kids are publicly dividing his future assets.
He’s only an internet front now representing Rockefellers agenda -Davos and the Deep State in Ukraine.
The last speech Soros gave was supposed to be from Davos. But it was revealed the filmed video was from San Francisco, previously filmed last summer.

It has been told China and Taiwan reached a secret agreement to reunify Taiwan and China and work together.
But Taiwan will keep its armed forces, its democratic government, and handle its elections. Let’s pray this is true.
Japan will not get involved in a fake war designed to embellish the criminals of the Deep State.
The Deep State cabal family, Rothchilds, are self-destructing and now owe another 23 trillion to the Asian Cabal.
The truth is the Rothchilds are in a panic. Rothchilds were unable to repay their January 1 deadline, which is part of the reason for the pushed War in Ukraine. Currently, the Rothchilds family are selling off their holdings!

If you get your news from those who have shown they are your enemies in the past, you deserve what you get. Wear your masks -Take the deadly vaccines and drink the Marxist leftists Koolaid.

I believe in Jesus and am not afraid to say his name because there is no larger power than his name. You will not come out of this without him, and if you cannot stand up for Christ, you, my friends, are lost.

I will not try to wake the sheep anymore I am done with sheep. Only the Lions in this world will I help. And if you want to destroy me and the Patriots of this country you better bring bigger sheep -CH

Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire” EXPOSES the 2014 Ukraine coup funded in part by George Soros and the US government.

Actually, much more is exposed.

Aren’t you curious why they don’t want you to see this? One of the films the World Economic Forum, NWO, Big Tech, & America Deep State doesn’t want you to see.