Save Madison County NC From The Left
All great change in America begins at the dinner table…..
All great change in America begins at the dinner table…..

All great change in America begins at the dinner table…..

We the people tell the government what to do and an informed patriot is what government fears….We the people are the driver the government is the car- President Ronald Reagan

What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
What happens when people WAKE UP?
They will not be able to walk down the street.

Below a great video from President Ronald Reagan on his last day in office please take the time to watch.


Folks, it is happening; the people of this country are waking up to what these monsters have done.
Look what they (Deep State) did; they released a virus onto the public, and the guy the left harrowed as their liberal God Fauci, is getting his Devils Due.
Many of us warned you about this hoax; now the truth comes out. Why do you think Social Media companies suppressed our speech? Why do you think anyone suppresses speech? Look, you can’t hide from the truth; it will somehow find a way to surface.

I have a great deal to report on in the next few weeks. I tickled you last week, but I do have some additional laughter to add. It looks like the town of Marshall alderman has voted to allow Amazon Prime to do a B-rated SkyFy movie in the town.

Can you imagine how much fun CH will have with this?

Comical because this is the same fruitloops that voted a resolution of “NO ASPHALT Plant.”

Did these genius’s bother to ask the Madison County Court system if this could cause some issues for them?

No, they didn’t. I bet Eileen Payne, Jim Thorsen, and Laura Ponder are having wet dreams of the grandeur of Hollywood stardom.

Folks, honestly, if these Marxist Lizards of Marshall can go around with their signs of “No Asphalt,” then we can play turn about is fair play and parade our signs of “No, Amazon.”

The Sustainable’s can try out for the “Walking Dead” parts because they just lost their attempt to stop the Air quality permit for French Broad Asphalt.

I will have more on this story later- Amazon, a conglomerate of globalists that have been instrumental in destroying small businesses, is ok, but a hometown Asphalt Plant is not…That is Priceless
On another Marshall note, has the Town of Marshall caught the reprobates that stole the Confederate monument in front of the courthouse? Nope, why? Last week the Vance Monument was removed from Asheville.

This is pathetic and sad but this is what happens when you allow Marxists Scum to take over your area.

Did you know the Island of Marshall has Confederate roots also? Why isn’t it being removed, harassed, denigrated? Think about it… More later, below is a great video and links to bring you up to date on the Mad scientist Fauci and his good buddy Bill Gates.

Remember what Q posted:

What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
What happens when people WAKE UP?
They will not be able to walk down the street.

Who else is connected to these two evil murderers? Why none other than Barack Hussein Obama and his transgender wife, Michelle
( Michael Obama)….

Big Mike rows while Barry rides.

Wake Up, folks; they are all connected; what is the one thing that ties the bond? Think…

Now, do you understand why you need to be involved in your communities, your state, and your country? This your Country now fight for it – Wake up before it is too late! CH

In closing some good news from CJ TRUTH:

Many of you are discouraged by the fake news media. We want to show you we are WINNING on many fronts.

Good News of the Week, June 2, 2021: From CJ TRUTH

  1. The effort to recall Michigan’s Governor Whitmer is moving forward. She tried to stop it in court, but the judge ruled it can proceed.
  2. Pennsylvania legislators are currently in Arizona meeting with their counterparts, discussing election integrity and how to replicate the audit, touring the audit facility and getting a brief from the AZ forensic audit team.
  3. A New Jersey postal worker plead guilty to dumping 2020 General Election ballots into the garbage.
  4. Footage from inside the Capitol 1/6 is still coming out. Evidence continues to show that Capitol Police welcomed people into the building and stood aside as peaceful MAGA wandered around inside.
  5. According to a Rasmussen report, 68% of voters now think it is likely that Covid-19 originated in the Wuhan lab and the majority support a federal investigation.
  6. Covid deaths and hospitalizations plunged in Mexico City after a citywide initiative to prescribe Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients.
  7. MLB is being sued in Federal court for yanking its 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta because Georgia passed a law to increase election integrity. The business advocacy organization filing suit is seeking $100M in damages and $1.1B in punitive damages.
  8. One hundred seventeen (117) staff members have filed suit against Houston Methodist Hospital for mandating them to be “vaccinated” against Covid-19 in order to keep their jobs. Their lawsuit claims that the hospital’s policy violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947.
  9. More than 10,000 women have joined together in a class-action lawsuit against Google. They claim Google is paying female employees almost $17k less per year than their male employees for the same work.
  10. Lubbock, TX, is now a sanctuary city for the unborn. No more abortions are being performed there. Planned Parenthood sued to block the ordinance, but a federal judge dismissed the case. Now the Planned Parenthood in Lubbock, who once performed abortions, only remains open for other services.
  11. Multiple polls have found that more than 60% of Americans agree that biological males should not be participating in women’s sports. Gov. DeSantis signed a bill making this the law in Florida for high school and college sports.
  12. Texas Democrats walked off the House floor in order to block the passage of a bill that would strengthen voter integrity. Governor Greg Abbott responded by vetoing Article 10 of the budget which funds the legislative branch and stated, “No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities.”
  13. Veterans and patriots across America ripped Kamala Harris for her cruel and tone deaf tweet about Memorial Day weekend. In contrast, President Trump, Dan Scavino, Mike Pompeo and others posted touching tributes to our Nation’s fallen.
  14. The governor of Oklahoma signed a bill renaming a 20-mile stretch of road “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”
  15. The BEST NEWS is that God loves you and sent His Son to die for your sins and rise again so that you could spend eternity with Him. “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name.” John 1:12

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More Good News below great video

Below video on FAUCI- GATE

Solid rundown with hyperlinks of the latest on the election integrity front.