Save Madison County NC From The Left
He Is Back
He Is Back

He Is Back

One of the most challenging things in life is to live by a moral compass.

Former U.S. President Trump holds his first post-presidency campaign rally at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio, U.S., June 26, 2021. REUTERS/Gaelen Morse

President Trump holds these ideals, and Patriots have these ideals; those on the left and the deep state do not. Do you hold these ideals, or do you play the dishonorable game to get what you want out of life? Remember what Thomas Jefferson once said…

“The government will one day be corrupt and filled with liars, and the people will flock to the one that tells the truth.”


FOR THE COMING DAYS AHEAD. Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, etc. want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS?

Why would he want to target himself and those he cares about? Does he need money? Does he need fame? What does he get out of this?

Does he want to make the US/world a better place for his family and for those good and decent people who have long been taken advantage of? Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch?

Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye.

Perhaps he was tired of seeing how certain races/countries were being constantly abused and kept in need/poor/and suffering all for a specific purpose. Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting? Why didn’t HRC give a concession speech?

When was the last time a presidential candidate didn’t personally give a concession speech? What happens if the border remained open and the MSM continued to brainwash? At what point do Patriots, and hard working men and woman, become the minority?

What about voting machines? Who owns the voting machines? What about voter ID laws? Photo ID? When is it necessary and must be presented? Make a list. Laugh. Reconcile. Would the chances of defeating evil grow less and less with each passing year? What does ‘red line’ mean? Why, again, were the arrests made in SA so very important? What strings were immediately cut? Follow the money. When does a bird sing?- Q

For those of you in Marshall SA means Saudi Arabia and HRC means Hillary Rodham Clinton or Hildabeast whichever you prefer.-CH

Below is what President Trump said at the Kick start of his rallies last night.

You can’t vote in 2022 until you see what happened in 2020. There is no time to wait until 2024 or who knows if we will even have a country left!” 

 “I am not the one trying to undermine Democracy, I’m the one trying to save Democracy!” PRESIDENT TRUMP

Folks, the Red Line has been crossed.

ELECTION FRAUD is now undeniable. Twitter is being sued for deplatforming millions at the behest of the DNC. This coordination is defacto state action, meaning massive first amendment violations occurred at the direction of elected officials.

China just had the most significant defection in its history.

DONG – ( who defected) was high-level military intelligence and can close gaps on both Covid-19 origins and election hacking. Merrick Garland didn’t even know we had him. This guy turned himself into Military intelligence, not the FBI or CIA, which speaks volumes. He knows where all the bodies are buried…

BIDEN is so panicked that he is now openly talking about “We the People” needing fighter jets and nuclear weapons to take on the government.

All while he is mocked and poked by the international community.

CONGRESS is so neutered they can’t pass their election theft legislation even though they control the legislature and executive branches.

This is so sweet what justice -SCHIFF, SWALWELL, and others like Nancy Pelosi have been under surveillance for years and didn’t even know it.

Enter DURHAM. Actually, DURHAM entered the equation years before the public at large knew he did.

You can’t subpoena records without a federal grand jury. And SCHIFF and SWALWELL, ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee, had no clue they were under investigation.

MEDIA is getting exposed by the VERITAS Project, with journalist whistleblowers coming out by the day.

MCAFEE… Dominion used his software. When he was “suicided,” what information did he have on the ready to be released…. More to come.

COVID has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a bioweapon deployed by the CCP, facilitated by FAUCI and other corrupt US elites.

The pseudo VACCINES are not being taken at the rates expected, and the MSM narrative is failing.

HUNTER laptop leaks are emerging every day in international media circles. US media is in a crisis.

FBI has been schlong and exposed for creating the fake narrative of the January 6 insurrection.

From Brian Cates:
Darren Beattie at Revolver News exposes the events that transpired at the Capitol Building on 1/6, which may have to be renamed as “The FBI’s Insurrection” in this vital piece that weaves the similarities between the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping” plot and the “siege” at the Capitol.

Remember, of the 14 individuals who allegedly plotted the “kidnapping” of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, at least 5 were undercover agents and federal informants.

How many of these “unindicted co-conspirators” were federal undercover agents or confidential informants and what roles did they play (merely passive informants or active instigators)?

The only person killed on January 6th was an unarmed female Air Force veteran. Her name is Ashli Babbitt. The ugly truth is being exposed and all roads lead back to the Deep State- FBI-, Nancy Pelosi- Mitch McConnell his band of Rinos and the progressive left. A giant entrapment scheme by the Federal Government. Please watch the short video below…

Of course, the FBI staged January 6th to blame Trumpers. No one does an actual insurrection in such a half-assed way or deliberately in front of cameras. An actual insurrection you do quietly, at four am, in the guise of something legal, like an election.

All of this above is converging at the same time. Do you think the Deep State and the Progressive Left is panicked? You bet ya they are nothing can stop what is coming, and they know it.

As General Flynn stated, be prepared for a false flag coming out of the Deep State and the feckless Biden administration. The Election audits in Arizona are finished. Start watching for a trickle of leaks of info to come out. The Deep state does not want this information out about how they cheated throughout the Country, including our state folks. These acts were treason.
The Deep State – Obama – Clintons -Bidens are desperate to keep the truth hidden; this is Casino Royale, and they are losing, so be prepared and remember God always wins, and these monsters are in God’s crosshair.

Speaking of being in a crosshair County News below…

Folks, the deceptive corruption of these people in our county has no bounds. I really honestly would love to report other things.
But, I am determined to bring you the truth wherever it takes me. That doesn’t always mean you will like it, but it has to be this way.
Don’t be fooled by these players just because they go to church every week. Many of the churches in this county have chosen to eat the forbidden fruit. They are using your tithed money to pay Sheriff Harwood. Freedom Church and Calvary Baptist spend church funds to pay corrupt Buddy Harwood. These ruling bodies even tell their parishioners who to vote for via Harwood’s political list. Is this a violation of Federal 501-C3 rules? Well, we will find out soon.

Below another secret meeting by the commissioners to be held this Tuesday at 3:00.
This meeting is conveniently scheduled well before most people are home from work and three days before a major holiday weekend. Are you surprised? These five men are not leaders they are profiteers that lie to us.

Notice what is on the agenda—one hearing for public input of changes to four ordinances. A public hearing not advertised in a special meeting is that legal? Nope – But hey they don’t care.
The other is a public hearing for the budget; these imbeciles never held any public hearings for the budget- Why? Last year they cried Covid as their reasoning.
Mandy Bradley and Doodad Norris Gentry have not even made public the changes to the ordinances, nor have they made them available when asked. Who is advising these fools that this is legal? Donny Laws, or maybe handy Mandy, is channeling her underdog over at the town of Marshall.
Remember to all you (lefties that hate Asphalt) -Forrest Gilliam and Donny Laws actions are why you lost the denial of the permit.
Gilliam and Laws were there every night, micromanaging this debacle.
They instructed the stooges on this board to openly deliberate, which is one of the main reasons for awarding the permit. Donny Laws – Forrest Gilliam- Mandy Bradley or any of these feckless commissioners do not know the first thing about Zoning or legally running their meetings.

Not to mention providing transparency or public record requests in county or city government.
But what do you expect? There is no leadership in Madison County. These people are not working for the county’s best interests; they are working for their own interests.
The county hires the ragweed of our area to work in county government.
Below are some examples – first, Mandy Bradley Fish, an incompetent troublemaker hired by Forrest Gilliam. What kind of a person, along with Kary Ledford would bully and make fun of a female coworker just because she dresses better than you two junkyard gals?
These acts are getting Madison County a nice little lawsuit through the EEOC. Yep, that is right, another suit that we will have to pay because of these five stupid men and add the Sheriff he called her colored.
Here is how inept Norris Gentry was when he found out about it – he put the complainant in the Tax office instead of firing these two. But there is more, and it is coming…
If Madison County hired competent people, this would not have happened.
Brooke Ledford -current HR director, needs to go back to where she started; she cannot handle this job. She will cost the county in the long run.
Gilliam had a very competitive applicant for HR who had worked for the town of Wilmington; he was much more qualified than Democrat Brooke Smith and should have been hired. But Gilliam purposefully never submitted his application to the commissioners- why? I think Gilliam wants to be a big shot and has his own interests and plan for our county, as I mentioned above.
Another is Jamie Lunsford – IT director who is not qualified; his daddy is Sam Lunsford, director of the Land Fill. His mother also works for the Tammy Cody Health Department. They are all good Democrats.
Forrest Gilliam was behind, placing them in positions while forgoing better employees.

Again Gilliam purposefully failed to present another better applicant to the commissioners for the IT director job.
Applicant Roger Ball, a Mars Hill college graduate, was much more qualified than Jamie Lunsford. His application NEVER reached the commissioners because Forrest Gilliam and Mandy Bradley hid the application.

Another thing that bothers me about Jamie Lunsford folks was that he was involved with the computers during the election. Handpicked by a Democrat invested in making sure Roy Cooper was elected. Same Democrat along with Donny Laws that installed ES&S- Dominion voting machines into Madison County. I have much more coming on this.

Same voting machines that flipped votes illegally throughout our country.
Gilliam has complained about how wrong Buddy Harwood is, but he is no different.

Sam Lunsford – the Dump Director, got called out by two former commissioners because Lunsford was taking his trucks over to, you guessed it, folks – Walnut Service Center, as they were jacking the prices up on bills to the county. Where was Gilliam and the finance director Darlyne Rhinehart who is currently Buddy’s book keeper.

Remember Austin Edwards is Buddy Harwood’s toadie second amendment fraudster. Madison Deputy Robin Lyles has stated that Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips were getting kickbacks from Walnut Service Center. This is illegal, and it was reported to John Ledford.
But the best part about this is RINO Matt Wechtel ran over to Walnut Service Center to play comrade in arms with these Kick Back Kings.

Folks, Matt Wechtel is a liar and disgrace; he covered up this fraud so he could be in good graces with Buddy Harwood, who is corrupt as hell.
But what do you expect Wechtel and Michael Garrison are both Rinos and good friends. Wechtel is a Mason – he enjoys secrecy and fraud.
What are these two hiding? We know by Buddy’s own words that Matt gets on his knees for him. Why? Was this to get election support for payoffs?
Speaking of county Payoffs…
Here is a payoff to good ole Emerson Franklin, a Republican freeloader Fireman from Laurel who has Orville English and Buddy Harwood’s smell all over him.
The Good Democrats, through Sheriff Buddy of Madison, have rewarded Republican Emerson Franklin’s family.

Mary Jane Wallin – Register of deeds has hired Emerson’s daughter.

Remember Mary Jane Wallin has two pieces of property that never hit the tax roles until recently because she had to refinance these properties. She has not paid her back taxes on these properties.
This act was done while Susan Rector, former Register of Deeds, and Mary Jane Wallin worked in the Register of deeds office and Lori Ray worked as the tax administrator.

Is this illegal, and should this be investigated? All three of these women are implicated in this.
All serve or served in fiduciary status for the County of Madison and State of NC.

Wallin also has a property in Rollins that the tax office has not picked up for a dump fee. Why does Mary Jane Wallin not come clean?
Susan Rectors’ family of “give me the goodies” goes back a long way. Her husband retired from French Broad; he was awarded a position to collect easements through Larry Leake, who was French Broads attorney. Are you catching on, folks? The Stain of Sodom permeates through the county?
Rector’s son Ryan currently is a contractor for electrical contracts with French Broad. Are other electricians that are members given this opportunity by French Broad? Not hardly folks…

Back to another family member of Emerson Franklin, his grandson just acquired a job with the state to run a DOT Light Truck with a State Farm Insurance logo on the vehicle. Many other qualified people would have been better for this job. So how does Emerson Franklin, who is the fire chief of Laurel, get so many goodies from Democrats?

Doesn’t Laurel Fire Department butt up to Unicoi County TN – Home of Buddy’s friendly sheriff? Is this the same area where Madison County Sheriff Department vehicles and guns are ending up?
I think the county needs to audit the Laurel Fire department, and I think the Feds need to look into Unicoi and ask Coy why it is mentioned in his book because this excerpt goes back pre-Sheriff Buddy and current Buddy.
Folks, you can’t make this up; it is like watching baboons picking ticks off each other. You scratch my back I will scratch yours….

I warned you about the so called Republican Party of Marxist Hill – Ask yourselves why are the Briggs Boys so loyal to Larry Leake?

Because they are self serving frauds. Where is the Republican Party? Notice they are like cicadas you don’t see them until they want something.
The County Commissioners have not hired a county manager, and Norris Gentry is thieving the County coffer for his gain.
Connie Harris, Madison County DSS director, wants the job.
Seriously do we need another County Manager from here? She can’t even handle her department, so how will she run the county?

Below are pictures that are disturbing – I wish I did not have to show you these

See the pictures below; it is disgusting, but my point is Madison County DSS social workers and the Madison County Sheriff are allowing these kids into harm’s way.

These are marks on this child where the parent slapped them and this is a diaper with 2 inches of feces in it – Sheriff department called because children were roaming outside near a road they were very dirty with soiled diapers and marks on their bodies. I do not understand why Sheriff Buddy does not arrest these parents for child endangerment and bigger question why does Connie Harris’s social workers keep putting the kids back into this situation?

In fact, Madison County DSS is a laughing stock throughout the state, this begins and ends with Connie Harris.

Look below folks your kids are just not safe with these people in charge ….

Below-These beauties were arrested in Unicoi County TN – Where Buddy has friends – How long have these jewels been on the lose – Wake up folks SEX trafficking is real and Buddy Harwood doesn’t care about your kids.

Three western North Carolina men arrested in Tennessee human trafficking investigation
Western North Carolina men were arrested as part of a sting operation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations….


I have some questions about SOWE the new yoga ???? entity going in Madison County- How come one of the founders who is associated with a hedge fund is also associated with Jeffrey Epstein? Why were the County residents told this was Yoga facility when it is much more? Since when do yoga facilities have children’s schools on premise? More coming folks I am just getting started on this one….

You wonder why these organizations of evil come into our communities to set up. Look at what we hire and vote for as leaders. If you don’t wake up soon it will be at your back door for some in our county the horror is already here.

We elect people like this below that do not have the best interests of our county and who lack leadership. We let church leaders tell us who to vote for. We never take the time to look for the truth.

From the Democrat Party of Madison-Look at Goforth has he aged or what – Does he look like he wants to be there- Does he look happy? Speaks Volumes….

How embarrassing is this below – This is what greets you as you come through the front door to Madison County Administration Building – For all you in Marshall the word should be “ENTRANCE” Not “ENTERANCE” – PRICELESS

I have a great story next week – just before Independence Day – Don’t ever forget you are living in a great time stand up and be a part of it -CH