There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Can’t see the forest for the trees…
Can’t see the forest for the trees…

Can’t see the forest for the trees…

What does missing the forest for the trees mean?

Truth = Forest

Trees = Illusion

Know the danger and your enemy!

You-can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees means that we sometimes cannot see situations as they really are while we are in the midst of them.

You have to discern for yourselves. Think- Use your intuition. I find the most intelligent people I have ever met in my life have been those not tainted by the upper education system. They have the unique ability to use common sense to sort facts. Sort through the trees and notice what is right in front of you.

A lot of news this week; Johnny Casey at the News Record on Wednesday manipulated dimwitted Madison County Liberals into a hate crime.

First up the commissioners sham of a meeting on Tuesday night…

At this meeting, the Madison County commissioners blatantly lied about bringing Methadone clinics into our area. Two Republican (RINO) Commissioners fell in line with this hoax on the public -Michael Garrison and Matt Wechtel.

Mark Snelson, who sits as chairman of the county commissioners, showed a belligerent side that was a spectacle for all to see at this meeting.
He was rude to those who chose to comment. These guys tend to text and ruffle their papers during these meetings when area citizens are before them to speak. Folks, it is not easy to stand up in these meetings and express what you tend to say in words.

Are they doing this to bully those who may not agree with them or their agenda?

What does this indeed say about them?

below the video of the meeting

Snelson actually stated in this meeting that there were no methadone clinics in Madison.

Really what is this below right in the heart of Mars Hill?

Google maps for location below:

You have to see the forest for the trees -Mark Snelson and these four commissioners are dying pulp wood in this forest.

They have lied for so long they assume you are gullible enough to swallow more.
Five phony men are trying to hang onto power, all in bed to profit themselves and those they know.

Look below this County Health Department was involved in “MAT”- Medication-assisted treatment, in 2020, which is just one thing replacing one drug addiction with another. METHADONE-You may fool the folks once, but you won’t get away with it forever.

These commissioners tried to pull a fast one at Tuesday night’s commissioner’s meeting. It didn’t work no one was buying their snake oil.

I commend all those residents who spoke against the proposed waterline – the so-called Economic development- Methadone drug treatment centers and didn’t fall for the Madison County commissioners’ narrative of lies.
These commissioners even contradicted their own statements in the same meeting after saying there were no methadone clinics in Madison which I have proven to you above.

At this meeting, after stating there were no new grants for methadone clinics, these commissioners admitted Mark Pless had a new bill.

(another Grant) pending for Madison County on the floor of the NC house for 1.5 million for drug treatment.

Now that is just priceless.

You can’t make this stuff up; it is like watching the Bowery Boys in action. 

The Bowery Boys were a nativist, anti-Catholic, and anti-Irish criminal gang based in the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, in the early-mid-19th century. In contrast with the Irish immigrant tenement of the Five Points, one of the worst city slums in the United States, the Bowery was a more prosperous working-class community. Despite its reputation as one of the most notorious street gangs in New York City at the time, the majority of them were volunteer firefighters. Sound familiar?

Have these five Einsteins even taken the time to read the 618 pages of Session Law 2021-180 Senate Bill 105?

This Community block grant is Ralph Hise’s donation to those leaders in Mars Hill and Marshall who incompetently mismanaged their growth and water-sewer lines.

I know Forrest Gilliam has read it; he likes to read and gets paid to read, and he also wants plenty of low-income housing.

I have a question: Can we build something in this county that would bring something other than this leftist vermin we are attracting now?

What is the potential for this road where these lines are to be located?

Let me tell you what some of these Republican and Democrat candidates are mulling; they are talking about bringing in restaurants and low-income apartment complexes.

Boy, this is brilliant coming from these beauties, huh? You can’t even get people to work as it is, but here we go; let’s just throw this at it and junk up that corridor. What about the folks with the big houses on the hill in this area you think they want that sprawl destroying their investments and their way of life?

Don’t forget it is only two lanes; This type of development needs to be planned, not thrown together like road kill soup!

I have burr to pick with candidates running for School board- County Commissioner and Sheriff. If you want to be taken seriously, show up at these meetings.

Only two candidates showed up, Jeremy Hensley and Monica Olnhausen. Vickie Hollifield was at training, so she was absent but attended most of these meetings. If you want to be elected, you owe this county’s people the gratitude of asking for their vote. Thinking you can hide and arrogantly win an election with an “R” next to your name just because Biden and the Democrats suck so bad is hubris and not too bright.

We can’t get by without discussing what the unhinged Left – BLM Barnard Casey of the Weekly Wiper did to a church group Wednesday evening in Marshall in order to get a story.

Casey’s actions border on a hate crime- These unstable gullible lemmings were so easily manipulated that all jumped to attention at the slightest hint of Casey’s dog whistle.


By the way, folks, this church has had the same monthly devotion at the Courthouse for a while. Casey thinks he can run these Madison residents off by bullying.

Don’t they have the same rights as others to use the Courthouse?

Casey, who works for the Asheville Citizen-Times, lied about this church service. See below; the only people screaming about Abortion were Casey’s Fascists from Marshall.



Beauties above “My Body My Right” Honestly, ladies, I don’t think you have anything to worry about…

I want you to look very closely at this French Broad Mobile Vet reprobate below:

Her name is Suzanne Sheldon of French Broad Mobile Vet. She pulled up, parked in a no-parking zone, and laid on her horn for approximately 3 minutes. WHY? Because folks, she is an idiot and common white trash that is so predominant in the town of Marshall.

Unbeknownst to Suzanne, the person who photographed the picture was able to identify her as the woman in the vehicle because this was her vet – Oh, I take that back, “Her Former Vet.”

I sent Suzanne this email last night to get a comment:

Casey the propagandist reporter for the Asheville Citizen Times removed the video of her from his feed.

You were photographed this evening trying to interfere with a prayer vigil in Marshall. I also have a video of the incident -Any comments?

Her Response:

French Broad Mobile Vet10:34 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Hi C,

Wouldn’t it be upsetting if it was not noted for prosperity. I did flash the photographer my best smile just prior to leaving. Have a great day.  -Suzanne

Suzanne Sheldon, DVM   —

French Broad Mobile Veterinary Services, PA

PO Box 1133

Weaverville, NC 28787

These people have no shame; they actually think they own Madison County. They obviously own the Marshall Police department because they were nowhere to be found. Just so you know there were children at this church function.

These are unstable people and they are coming after our churches.

Know your Enemies!

Don’t forget this is not the first rodeo for Casey’s “Jerry Springer antics.”

Casey, below pimping children for an abortion rally in May of this year.


See below the same common banter on cue from the propagandist dregs of Marshall.

May’s story of how Casey and Madison Early College of Marxists pimped children for their evil bidding…

More banter from the Sustainable Madison group and NY proud boy Luke Olezak below:

Separation of Church and State Luke?

You idiot our constitution’s bedrock is the church- Go back to school and oh by the way take a bath while you are at it!

What is comical is these Fascists had no problem using the courthouse below while blocking streets for their Black Lives Matter prayer parade for scummy felon George Floyd.

Marxist Paul Moon was the parade leader, another genius at the News-Record Sentinel Asheville- Citizen times.

Did anyone bother them? Did anyone pull up and threaten them with horns blaring?

Note-The Marshall Police protected the scum above but will not protect a church- what does that say?

Below is a woman’s statement on Facebook directed toward Casey, which sums this whole thing up perfectly :

Below is Casey’s response which speaks volumes as to who and what he indeed serves.

Where does the Asheville- Citizen-Times find these losers?

Casey calling himself a journalist?

We Patriots have our own stylebook here in Madison County never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

A Style-Book to lie and target Christians what does that say?

Folks, we must send a clear message to these Fascist progressive nuts.

Don’t do business with them on any level.

We could start by having our own rally and burn copies of the Sentinel newspapers like they burn our National flag. Oops, that won’t work; there are not enough subscriptions to even start a good fire.
I think the best thing to do is to stay committed to what is right and loyal to your brethren in Madison County. Don’t end up like the Reeds of French Broad Paving.

Money rules some people’s lives and is the root of all evil.

We all stood for them in their endeavor to get their Asphalt Permit, and now where did they disappear to?

Are the Reed’s showing up at meetings? Have they stayed in the game as they promised all of us who stood for them?

Have the Lefties been complaining about the Asphalt plant lately?

Why no, because the Reed’s sold their Mexican restaurant to the

Community Housing Coalition (Reclaim Madison)for $750,000 see below:

There is that name again, Dogwood Trust, the same Dogwood Trust that has been putting Methadone addicts in our area and is targeting Madison County as we speak. Did you know our County commissioners agreed unanimously to give this Nonprofit 10,000 dollars this year? If they can afford a property of $750,000, then why are we, the taxpayers giving them anything? Chris Watson- (Reclaim Madison) is Paul Moon’s best friend. Are you catching on?

But what is truly priceless is the Reeds didn’t just sell Reclaim Madison and the Housing Coalition their property but are advertising for these Marxists on their French Broad Paving property. You can’t make this up!

Maybe they should fly this flag instead of “Old Glory.”

These lefties who they admire now are the same people who went after them and tried to stop their Asphalt Plant from going in.

The Marxists of Marshall were vehemently against the asphalt plant and even posted death threats about the Reed’s only son.

Now they play in their litter box.

Money and greed are destroying our country, world, Madison county and even our churches.

It is time to see the forest without the trees and open your eyes.

Stop walking while holding the Devil’s hand-CH