There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Heil Hoffman- SS Buddy- Tammy Cody-Craig Goforth “County Commissioner” wife go full Brown Shirts to harass and threaten Madison Parents and their children…
Heil Hoffman- SS Buddy- Tammy Cody-Craig Goforth “County Commissioner” wife go full Brown Shirts to harass and threaten Madison Parents and their children…

Heil Hoffman- SS Buddy- Tammy Cody-Craig Goforth “County Commissioner” wife go full Brown Shirts to harass and threaten Madison Parents and their children…

Can you say, Marxist anyone?

Heil Hoffman, superintendent of Madison Schools, Tammy Cody, Health Director of Madison County, Craig Goforth County commissioner’s wife, Mary Alice Goforth Math teacher at Madison County Schools

and Sheriff Buddy Harwood are using “Brownshirt Marxism” to harass and quell dissent of Madison County taxpayers, parents, and yes, folks also children.

I will start with Mary Alice Goforth, a math teacher at Madison County School system and wife of Craig Goforth, co-chair of Madison county commissioners.

When her husband sat as a school board member, Ms. Goforth received her position as a teacher at Madison schools. Convenient, huh, but don’t forget the Goforth’s have padded their family pockets by over half a million dollars in school positions since Goforth landed on the school board. What is concerning tonight is Mary Alice Goforth is harassing a student whose parent is garnering signatures for a petition against Mask Mandates – Critical Race Theory – Vaccinations at Madison County School systems.

Mary Alice Goforth Math Teacher Madison Middle School.

The student has reported that Mary Alice Goforth harassed him twice while eating breakfast and drinking from his water bottle. The student was sitting at his desk eating his breakfast, and Goforth attacked him and forced him to put on his mask. Another incident was when he was drinking from his water bottle, and Goforth hounded him to immediately put his mask back upon his face while he was drinking.

Below is Madison County schools Face Covering guidance mandate:

Now, folks, I will tell you something about Mary Alice and her red face communist husband Craig Goforth; they like to collect dying cats and bury them in their backyard. Too bad this idiot cares more for half-dead cats than the children in her care at the Madison County School system.

Notice the pictures below: The “Gahagan Tart” of the Madison School system- Craig Goforth -Mark Snelson-SS Buddy Harwood and others – KNOW YOUR ENEMIES – These are the Monsters that are pushing vaccines critical race theory – masks and their high morals on you and your children.

Below is the edict from Hoffman to a Parent. Hoffman used SS Buddy and the sheriff’s department to hand-deliver this threat.

Long story but stick with me on this because I will expose them for the monsters they indeed are…

I interviewed several people who attended the school board meeting on July 26; no one describes the incident above.

This is what actually happened after the school board meeting: numerous parents and WLOS attended this school board meeting; during the meeting, Tammy Cody got up and stated that all children needed to be masked and vaccinated to attend school.

It was a heated exchange of comments as it should be these parents are frightened of having their children masked up and jabbed with poison, not to mention the indoctrination of critical race theory.

This is just a note to show you how Madison County's school board operates; this arrogant school board and administration turned their noses up with disdain and lied to these parents about masking their children. Telling them, they would not mandate masks. Less than a week later, Will Hoffman and this corrupt school board in private session rescinded this mandate and made masks a requirement.

After this volatile meeting, Tammy Cody, Madison County Health Director, left and went out the door and huddled with her Marxist friends- Lizzie Gullum – “Marshall Christian hater ” and WLOS.

The Parent in question followed out with his two children and others that witnessed these comments.

As he passed by Cody and was walking away, he said,

” You should be ashamed of yourself; this is child abuse, and you should be fired .”

After this comment, the Parent and his two children went to their vehicle. This vehicle was backed into a parking space. As the Parent and his children were waiting, which was approximately five minutes, for an opportunity to leave, Tammy Cody drove up in a black SUV four-door and blocked them in so they couldn’t move.

Witnesses stated that she was yelling and said: “you don’t know what you are talking about.”
The Parent responded, “your false science is harming the children, and you won’t mask my children; you need to move and get out of our way.”

Cody remained until he held his cellphone out the window and said he would call the law if she did not move; this is when Cody responded by pulling her cell phone out of the console and stating, “I have one of those too.”

Cody then moved and drove up and parked beside Keith Ray- School Board Member, and both stared down the family as they went by.

Unstable, Tammy Cody did not stop here; she called her uncle, Clerk Of Court, to get criminal charges filed and told him the Parent chased her around the parking lot in his vehicle and that she had a video of it.

I contacted Mark Cody when I heard about this incident. Mark does not use his office unethically. There was no criminal act, period. Mark Cody told her to contact the sheriff if she felt a criminal act had happened.

Needless to say, SS Buddy didn’t want to have another situation like what he did to the Cruzan’s on his plate, especially since Jim Cruzan has announced he is running against him next year. So Harwood never brought charges. He would have if he thought he could get away with it.

Folks, if this indeed happened, then why didn’t WLOS report this? If there was a vehicle chasing someone in that small parking lot, would not everyone witness this?

If this happened, then why has the school not pressed charges?

You want to know why because Tammy Cody and Will Hoffman are nothing more than petty liars.

Here are the facts -This Parent is in a custody battle with his former wife over these children; he unenrolled them from the Madison County School system.

Heil Hoffman thinks he owns your children; how dare you remove his “Hoffman Youth” from his control.

This Parent teaches Christian homeschooling to his children. His X wife, who claims she has a PA medical health designation ( which she doesn’t), wants their children in public schools and taught critical race theory. She wants to force vaccines and masks on them.

Tammy Cody, along with the Parent’s former wife, and another little jewel named Jennifer Caldwell, who runs Heil Hoffman’s disaster of Liberal garbage called Madison County Early College, is tight good girlie buddies.

So folks, are you putting this picture together. It smells and speaking of smell in comes Buddy Harwood to hand-deliver Hoffman’s illegal decree.

Yes, folks – what basis of facts or due process was this Parent and taxpayer of Madison County given?

I didn’t see the Madison County School system attorney’s signature on this document.

What right does Heil Hoffman have to ban any parent or taxpayer off the school premises without disclosing proof of an act they are accused of committing?

What evidence did Hoffman produce NONE – Tammy Cody is a nut and an incompetent County employee. How did she even get this job?

No training or medical degree in any capacity: she got this job because she is a Cody and is a double Cody because she married a Cody.

Now, folks, I have been told by numerous sources that she married her cousin. If this is true, then this is rich even for Madison County standards.

Below is a tape of the Madison County commissioner meeting from February 11, 2020 – Go to 43.45 minutes; please watch this beauty.

Tammy Cody is giving a eulogy for Dr. Mariana Daly. But oops, the lady wasn’t dead. Folks, this was one of the most pathetic and painful to watch things I have ever witnessed at a commissioner meeting.

Cody had three idiot minions from her department behind her handing her kleenex to dry her eyes. It was creepy as all get out and extremely telling. Cody is mentally unbalanced, unstable, and dangerous.

What is even more telling of this instance in 2020 is obviously Marianna Daly was retiring because she is old and has since died of cancer. So why is Cody still using her credentials on this header currently in her Health Department?

Below is the current Health Department employees- Who is the Medical advisor?

Is this the medical shill below that gives Cody all her medical science advice?

Listen folks, the state is telling you how your kids can breathe. The state is telling you what kind of untested product should be injected into your body and into your childrens bodies.

If you don’t comply you and your children will be marginalized sanctioned ridiculed harassed.

These unconstitutional acts are no different than the former “Jim Crow” laws.

A Brown University study has rightly pointed out that “Masking children in schools” has dropped their IQ by 21 percent.

Folks this is a massive finding why are these monsters pushing this?

Read article

They are pushing this because they could care less about you or your kids, remember you have to know who your enemy truly is to protect yourself against them….

Look what Tammy Cody posted a few days ago: is she getting desperate and nervous because people are wising up to this evil vaccine?

I think it is more sinister “Misery loves Company” and Tammy Cody and these wackos have taken the jab. Now that they have taken it they want you and your children in the same deadly Marxist place!

Let me tell you about Coverdale folks – She and I are from the same town in Kentucky.

Her father was one of my pediatricians at Blackerby and Coverdale.

Her father would be embarrassed by his daughter if he were alive today. Remember she is the doctor that was crying about Asphalt killing you at the hippie clown show in Marshall.

What kind of a monster would push this evil vaccine on children- Coverdale is sick!

She grew up around Asphalt-rollerskated on Asphalt in her plush Ironwood Subdivision lived and was surrounded by 2 Interstates – Gravel and oh yes her daddy was a member of the Indian Hills country club in Bowling Green. So don’t listen to this inferior air head. If you want to know about this vaccine watch this video. This is a REAL DOCTOR not some leftist nut that runs with the freaks in Marshall.

Zelenko is the Doctor who recommended that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine

Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients

Nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Nominated for the Nobel Prize

Published in top peer reviewed journals with world renowned physicians

Provided counsel to White House personnel, multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, public figures

Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience

For those of you that have taken this poison he has hope on what you can do to protect yourself.

Another Video – another conglomeration of truth from REAL DOCTORS -REAL IMMUNOLOGISTS and REAL SCIENTISTS!

The Health directors and Government organizations are falsifying the numbers and censuring those who speak out including the victims that they have victimized. These people that are pushing these vaccines and masks are MONSTERS pure and simple..

Folks, Tammy Cody, does not have a medical license. She knows nothing about medical science or the administering of it.

She fraudulently expanded the Covid Deaths in Madison County.

The above video shows how this is being done throughout our country by these compliant State and Federal lemmings.

What is Tammy Cody after a job? Prestige from the Marxists she runs with?

It is people like her and this retired idiot Coverdale who are responsible for the victims of this health tragedy. The Victims are you and your children your businesses your hopes and dreams.

Because of her fraudulent actions, she has placed Madison County in a very precarious situation. Madison County is now the second-highest Covid death county per capita in NC.

Because of her, we as a County could be targeted by Cooper and the crazy feds.

Tammy Cody used her position as Health Director to target a parent and citizen of Madison County.

Cody used malicious intent and childish behavior to seek vengeance on someone whose only mistake was that he spoke the truth and exerted his basic first amendment right of Freedom of Speech.

Tammy Cody is a liar, and yes, her actions are child abuse.

She should be fired immediately; if she held a license, I would already be filing an ethics complaint against her.

Tammy Cody has received special privileges under Madison County tax laws, and I will have this later.

Tammy Cody is obviously mentally challenged and is a danger to our county. She needs to be removed from her position, and Madison County needs to hire a real qualified Health Director.

Will Hoffman and all of the School Board members need to resign. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to decent people.

Buddy Harwood and his employee Craig Goforth need removing from office in 2022. Goforth’s wife needs a mental evaluation and removal from being in the presence of any child and even cats, for that matter…

Now for all you parents in the school system of Madison County, it is time you stood up and started to help pull this wagon. There is a school board meeting on Monday at 6 PM.

Would you please try to be there and support those that Heil Hoffman and others are harassing? If you truly care about your children, you should be worried about his administration’s actions.

If you can’t show up, please sign the petition “Against Mask Mandates in Madison County schools.”

This petition can be found at Bonnie & Clydes Appalachian Cuisine Marshall NC on the bypass.

Clint Parker of the Weaverville Tribune is doing a great job addressing these issues – He has written some great opinion pieces with wonderful documentation for backup. If you want real news, then subscribe to Weaverville Tribune; it is an authentic newspaper.

Below for all the readers that I have outside Madison and for those of you that want the scoop of what is going on in our wacky world….

Fake News can’t even protect this guy anymore; Just remember, Biden wasn’t elected; he was installed like a toilet.

You know it, and they know it.

Tomorrow Arizona releases the Audit findings so get ready for plenty of false flags by the Deep State.

President Trump told you what would happen in the speech below don’t lose your faith it had to be this way; it is you that has the power to take back your county, your country, and your world.

The only force that can save our country from these monsters is us.

It reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she finally figured out she always had the power but never knew how to use it. It was so simple and right in front of her the whole time all you have to do is click your shoes and believe you can.

You can do this Patriots you have the power not the corrupt school boards, mentally ill Health Directors ,SS Buddy or even Heil Hoffman.

Folks, it will be a “Red October” Remember who you are and never let anyone tell you any different. God has already won-CH

There is a reason why we continue to highlight this speech.

Listen carefully. TRUTH & HONESTY.

Part (2) – Rally [RED October] Mouthpieces do not think or speak for themselves.


Below is a great video; please take the time to watch it explains very well what has gone on in the last week.

Know your enemy every battle is won before it is fought Knowledge is Power….


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