Sheriff Buddy Harwood covers up juvenile rape and beating at Madison County Jail…
Sheriff Buddy Harwood covers up juvenile rape and beating at Madison County Jail…

Sheriff Buddy Harwood covers up juvenile rape and beating at Madison County Jail…

It is always the cover-up that gets you in the end.

According to law enforcement:
Over a month ago, the rape of a minor occurred at Madison County Sheriff’s Detention facility. One of Buddy Harwood’s jail detention employees placed a female minor in with male juveniles.
They beat her and raped her. Sheriff Buddy Harwood released the minor into her mother’s custody with a caveat.

” You better keep your mouth shut or else.”

After this incident was alerted to the FBI, the jail caught on fire. How convenient that Lauren Brigman of WLOS Fake News was brought in to cover this.
Harwood fires two deputies because of the incident but allows the female detention officer deputy to stay employed. The same incompetent, reckless woman who put this young girl in harm’s way.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood also threatened the two deputies who were fired, telling them they better keep their mouths shut.

Look folks this is a coverup to a major crime perpetuated by the Sheriff of Madison County- Buddy Harwood.

This female detention officer is related to two other high-ranking deputies who work for Harwood.

Why was she not fired?

Below are their salaries and the names of Sheriff Harwood’s department.

Take a wild guess who this gal is? This is why you should have a nepotism policy in place; notice the Coy Phillips family; they sure are taking up space at this sheriff’s department.

Where was Michelle Quintero when this was going on?

Buddy Harwood and his regime are endangering this county and its children.

This child rape is not the first time; remember when Buddy left a little girl named Riley who ran away from home because of family abuse? Buddy Harwood didn’t care that she was under a bridge while he went home and slept it off in his warm bed?

Don’t ever forget who this man is.

Look below Buddy Harwood is too busy running around with Tommy Justice, pastor of the Golden Calf in Mars Hill.
Buddy drives a school bus while kids get raped at his jail.

Priceless and pathetic.

Maybe that is what we should all call these two Jackals

Priceless and Pathetic.

Buddy Harwood must be charged and indicted for criminal acts and child endangerment. This is what happens when you select the wrong people for office.

Another lawsuit because of this corrupt sheriff.

Do we in Madison county need a juvenile detention facility? Wayne Brigman was the only commissioner who voted against this when Harwood proposed this scheme to the taxpayers of Madison County.

Only two counties in NC out of 100 want anything to do with Juvenile detention centers. Now you know why.

Now you know why Buddy Harwood and his bookkeeper voted against Wayne Brigman during an unlawful Democrat executive committee vote in 2020. Oh, would this Democrat Party be in better shape this year if they had only chosen the more competent candidate instead of choosing a poor candidate? Your choices come back to haunt you always…

Where are those five commissioners?

Oh, that is right, they have kissed and sucked the ring of the Harwoods.

You own it. Matt Wechtel – Michael Garrison-Mark Snelson -Norris Gentry and Craig Goforth.

What else are Buddy and his regime covering up at this Sex Castle of Madison County?

What else are these Buddy Boy commissioners covering up?
More coming …. Remember our county’s slogan.

“Anyone but Buddy”

Now add “Anyone but Norris Gentry – Craig Goforth and Mark Snelson.”

These three men cover up rape to protect their leader.

How do you Church Sheep who embrace Buddy Harwood, including you, Tommy Justice, stomach this? What are you going to say, Tommy and others, when this fake church clown comes wandering in on Sundays during his Church bounce through the communities and you tell your partitioners to vote for him?

Do you pretend this beating and rape never happened?

What else do you pretend in Jesus’s name?

Buddy Harwood is not a good Christian man; he is part of the “Woke Left” and holds their morals to his heart as he lies and turns his back on the people of this county.

These leftists are who vote for him.
Rape beatings and molestation of children are part of Harwood’s embodiment. It is part of the “Woke Society’s” embodiment.

Looking the other way and covering up a scandalous crime to protect a good ole boy or a law enforcement brother in the field is who these people are.

This nauseating pillar of your community is your Madison County Sheriff. Are you proud?-CH