There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
You are going to need a bigger boat…
You are going to need a bigger boat…

You are going to need a bigger boat…

Do you honestly think Trudeau will get away with these heinous acts against the Canadian people?

Well, Heck folks, he had watched America and took his cue from our Communists in DC – What makes this any different from what happened on January 6th when the DC Cops murdered Americans and Nancy Pelosi, and her goons called them insurrectionists? We have political prisoners still being held in DC while dirty cops who murdered protestors are allowed to run free.

This is who they are; this is who the Left is…

Justen Trudeau abused his powers in a nonemergency act, which violates the rule of law even by Canadian standards. Trudeau crossed a Canadian Democrat line which brought back memories of the massacre in Tiananmen Square.
For all of you Marxists in Marshall and Mars Hill, read below.
The Tiananmen Square protests were student-led demonstrations calling for democracy, free speech, and a free press in China. In a bloody crackdown, known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Chinese government halted the protests on June 4 and 5, 1989.
Pro-democracy protesters, primarily students, initially marched through Beijing to Tiananmen Square following the death of Hu Yaobang. Hu, a former Communist Party leader, had worked to introduce democratic reform in China. In mourning Hu, the students called for a more open, democratic government. Eventually, thousands of people joined the students in Tiananmen Square, with the protest’s numbers increasing to the tens of thousands by mid-May.

The death toll from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was at least 10,000 people, killed by a Chinese army unit whose troops were likened to “primitives”, a secret British diplomatic cable alleged. The newly declassified document, written little more than 24 hours after the massacre, gives a much higher death toll than the most commonly used estimates which only go up to about 3,000.

It also provides horrific detail of the massacre, alleging that wounded female students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives, human remains were “hosed down the drains”, and a mother was shot as she tried to go to the aid of her injured three-year-old daughter.

The Independant

There is no difference between Canada’s government raging and what happened in China 33 years ago. Trudeau gets it honest either way; the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Trudeau is a communist bastard of Fidel Castro who even went after the protestor’s pets. You can’t make this up!

Trudeau doesn’t care he has demons’ blood running through him.

Tiananmen Trudeau use to love the truckers before they took the red pill and decided they would no longer have their rights taken from them….

This is Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square this Marxism is who the radical left worships…

The Cops of Canada have turned against the people. Trudeau used a non-emergency act to do his bidding. Do you honestly think they won’t try it here?

Let’s see what happens; the Truckers of America have their chance now. Let’s hope the dirty cops of DC don’t dare try this on these patriotic Americans.

Remember the line from Chief Brody in the movie Jaws ” Come on down and chum some of this shit.”

You on the Left in America need a bigger boat if you think you can stop this Freedom Convoy. Never Bow to the Woke Mob and never give up your God-given rights of freedom.

Now below, a tragedy happened in our court system here in Madison on Wednesday to a beloved teacher because of dirty cops Coy Phillips and Buddy Harwood of the Madison County sheriff’s department.

Kelley Temofonte, a former special education teacher at Brush Creek school, was found guilty of assault against a child. In this trial, Angela Davis – director of Madison County Animal Control and the child’s (foster parent-guardian), gave testimony on behalf of her son.

In her testimony, when the defendant’s attorney asked if she had ever spoken to anyone about this case, she answered: ” no, only to Coy Phillips.”

Folks, this testimony by Angela Davis is a blatant lie. Angela Davis and Billy Davis called me on September 3, 2021. I spoke to them for about an hour; they placed the call on speaker and were outside at their home. They told me I had the story wrong, and there were two incidents; one that I initially reported happened inside the classroom, where Mrs. T was carrying something in her hands, and their child charged her, and she stuck her foot out to prevent the blow. These two claimed a second incident happened outside, on the way to a bus, saying Mrs. T kicked their little boy in the chest. They stated a witness (teacher assistant) said this.

I asked them who told you this they said Coy Phillips called them. When I responded, ” Are you kidding me, ” Angela Davis became agitated and stated, ” I went to Brush Creek School and spoke to the assistant; she said the assistant said it happened, and that bitch came out and took pictures of me.” 

I asked her, ” What Bitch?” Davis responded, ” Mrs. Dillon, the principal, she then said I think they fired her; she is not there anymore.” 

Then Billy chimed in and said he spoke to his son. He said, “I told him he would not be in trouble, but he needed to tell me if Mrs. T hit him in the chest with her foot.”

Billy Davis went on to say his son was afraid if he told him the truth, he would not get to go back to school. I asked Angela if she also spoke to her son, she said no.

Ok, folks in court, Billy Davis never testified it was all Angela Davis, and she swore it was she who spoke to the child. Angela Davis swore under oath that she never talked to anyone other than Coy Phillips.  

While speaking to Davis she was furious at those of you who were speaking out in defense on Facebook of Mrs. T after Sheriff Buddy Posted it up for review.

She stated she wanted Mrs. T prosecuted for what she felt like she did.

Even though (Davis’s claim to me on this day) never happened.

I drilled these two over and over because their story made no sense. I have been around their other kids. I never met this kid. I asked them how long they had custody and why they did not adopt him? She said several years, and they didn’t have the money to adopt him.  

Are the other kids foster kids? Are they adopted? Does the check stop after the kid is adopted? These are pertinent questions of these parents who contacted me then lied about talking to anyone. Why did they not want me to change my story if it was inaccurate?

Below are two emails sent to them that night and the next day after they called me.

Below are two articles on adopting foster care kids and what the County DSS responsibilities are:

Adoption from foster care costs little to nothing “I cannot afford to adopt” is something we hear from families almost every day. But most adoptions from foster care are free.

According to the NC Courts if a child has been in foster care for 12 months with the parents not making progress on their case plans then the move to terminate rights should have been initiated by DSS.

Termination of Parental Rights (

Kelley Temofonte had no malice when she prevented this 50 lb combative and mentally disabled child from charging her in a classroom in front of other children.

She was carrying things in her arms. Is she supposed to allow a kid to hurt her or others?
Who in their right mind would want this teaching job after seeing this spectacle?

Who would like to work with passive-aggressive assistants? Heck, I think the Madison County School system needs to require these teachers to wear body Armour to protect themselves from these children.

Angela Davis, Madison County, Animal Control director, committed perjury when she stated she never spoke to anyone regarding this arrest.

Angela Davis should be investigated and charged with perjury not by Buddy Harwood’s band of jackals but the SBI.

If Angela Davis can lie under oath with malice, what could she do to the residents of Madison County if she chooses? 

Can she be trusted to perform her job legally? I say no and as a taxpayer I want her removed from her position.

What happens if she decides to target all of the folks who stood up for Mrs. T? Remember, she was angry because you liked Mrs. T and the job she was doing.

This court proceeding does not stop with Billy and Angela Davis.

An incident happened with the Court bailiff – Chris Potter, a Buddy Harwood sheriff’s department employee. 

  • One of the character witnesses who on the first day of this trial was asked by the defendant’s attorney to hold up their hands if they believed Mrs. TemoFonte had good character. This potential witness was approached by Chris Potter Bailiff on the second day of the trial, February 16 
  • She was coming up the stairs to the courthouse on Wednesday February 16 2022, and Potter stopped her and asked, Are you one of the character witnesses for this defendant?
  • She stated if they needed me to testify. Potter then said directly to her, ” Well, the judge is not going to let that happen again.” 

What did bailiff Chris Potter mean by that? Did Judge Harrison discuss this case with this bailiff?
Was this bailiff and employee of Sheriff Buddy trying to intimidate a potential witness before a possible testimony?

I don’t want to believe this judge from Mitchell County would ever be involved in impropriety, but this needs to be investigated by the courts.

Where are the Madison County schools and why did they not stand up for this teacher? Look folks the last teacher prior to Mrs. T of this Special education classroom was complained about by these passive-aggressive teachers aides no one did anything. Where was Christiaan Ramsey EC Director at Madison County Schools? I was told he didn’t like Mrs. T and that is why he hid in a hole somewhere.

Either way, it is pathetic and it speaks volumes about how this school is run.

Below is Clint Parker’s story this week from the Weaverville Tribune regarding violations of open meeting laws and procedures at the Madison County NC School Board.

You want a real newspaper to subscribe to then it is the Weaverville Tribune if you want the Leftist’s propaganda by all means subscribe to the low circulation rag in Marshall. Remember the guy that reports for the Sentinel is a Black Lives Matter fan.

Even Amazon has removed BLM from its charity platform.

Amazon Kicks Black Lives Matter Off Its Charity Platform, AmazonSmile | The Daily Wire

Coy Phillips is the Byron Hadley (Shawshank Redemption) of Madison County Sheriff Department.

He has earned this title along with Buddy Harwood

being Warden Samuel Norton.

This recent act below shows Coy’s true character.
While driving a Madson County Sheriff’s vehicle with a rookie beside him, Coy Phillips stops on the side of the road because he sees a buck deer grazing in a field.
Phillips reaches into the vehicle, pulls out a Madison County Sherriff department gun, and kills the buck.
The Rookie turns these gruesome acts into NC wildlife resources. Coy Phillips is questioned, and of course, Byron Hadley lies, and they let it go.

Are you kidding me? What does this say if you are Corrupt Coy Phillips you can go around and kill at your leisure?
The Irony in this is Kelley Temofonte did nothing wrong except protect herself; she is persecuted unfairly, and this low-class vermin butt boy of Buddy Harwood’s regime gets away with killing an innocent animal out of season in a County vehicle – Now that is Priceless.

Is this the typical training done by Madison County Sheriff’s department?

Buddy Harwood is nothing more than pathetic white trash from Barnardsville.

When are you people in this county going to get sick of this? You deserve so much better.

Folks, you better wake up if Buddy Harwood were so beloved as he would like you to think, then why are so many running against him?
That is because he is corrupt, and these candidates know it.

Our slogan should be in this sheriff’s election

“Anyone but Buddy.”

If you are not embarrassed by this asinine sheriff’s department by now, then see below the crude contemptible illiterate Valentine’s ads he did on his Facebook page.

Notice the Craig Goforth and Mary Alice Goforth Comments.

Craig is a county commissioner running for reelection and employee of Harwoods – Mary Alice is a wacko teacher for Madison County schools who attacks students for not wearing masks when they eat or drink. The Goforth’s seem to be making fun of Madison County Citizens in their commentary as they puff Harwood up.

The Goforth’s take in dying cats wonder how they would feel if Coy Boy showed up at their house and started shooting their cats?

Buddy Harwood and his regime are an embarrassment to Madison County.

He and Coy Phillips belong behind bars, not outside of them-CH

The next story will be in two weeks – CH has some fish to fry…