Save Madison County NC From The Left
Lefties Burn Barns and Dreams in Leicester…
Lefties Burn Barns and Dreams in Leicester…

Lefties Burn Barns and Dreams in Leicester…

Know your Enemies is not just a catchphrase!

At approximately 6:00 AM this morning Leftist Scum ascended on Leicester Farming community in Buncombe County. Below are some of the pictures. Witnesses stated these arsonists were in a Black Charger.

It has been stated that this was an attack by anarchists who believe cows and livestock are producing methane gas and destroying the planet.

So in other words this is terrorism if true.

Could this be Antifa or Black Lives Matter freaks?

Will the Sheriff’s of Buncombe and Madison address this or will they be more concerned with Roy Cooper coming to town tomorrow?

I will have more at the end of the week. It is time for all of us to take a stand against this evil amongst us-CH

Below is a statement that is heartfelt by a local resident in this area.

Barns are farmers’ livelihoods. We store our most precious assets here…our animals and very expensive hay.

They are historical and sentimental built often by our forefathers.

Some of our greatest memories are made in these old barns.

Someone has heartlessly burnt many barns in the community causing great loss to local farmers.

We were blessed that we didn’t wake up to flaming barns this morning.

When I heard the news I immediately was reminded of my prayer yesterday, as I hung a heat lamp up for the new baby, that God would protect my barn from fire.

My heart goes out to the others that lost. I pray that they find the one responsible and justice is served.