Save Madison County NC From The Left
His judgment cometh and that right soon…
His judgment cometh and that right soon…

His judgment cometh and that right soon…

There are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone. That there’s something inside… that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch. That’s yours. Andy Dufresne

Shawshank Redemption Movie

In the movie, Shawshank Redemption, Andy tells his friends that while he was in solitary confinement, he listened to music to keep his sanity.

Andy teaches the other inmates the importance of holding on to one’s inner light to make it through hard times and prevent the prison from taking everything away from its prisoners.

His ability to connect with his inner life and maintain a sense of that which the authorities “can’t touch” is his lifeline, and what drives him to escape the prison and pursue his dream life.

Andy Dufresne’s Bible is the Bible that Andy Dufresne used to hide his rock hammer during his time at Shawshank Prison.

Remember, Warden Norton proclaims himself as a religious Godly man, and no one should question those who preach and sing in churches.

Why Warden Norton’s wife cross-stitched a bible verse, he placed on the wall to hide the safe that held all his evil.
See any similarities folks to Madison County Sheriff’s department and those in power who have kissed his evil ring?

It is hollowed out so the rock hammer would fit inside it. Andy presumably hid the rock hammer in the Bible. The last place Warden Norton would look.

The rock hammer represents salvation. The film uses the line “salvation lies within” twice. At the beginning of the movie, the Warden uses it in reference to Andy’s Bible, espousing his alleged view of rehabilitation.

Late in the film, Andy uses it ironically as a boomerang back at the Warden.

Hang with me, folks, the short 5-minute video below will explain the meaning I intend to convey to you in this story.

I believe in God’s omnipotence and know Jesus Christ is the only way to God and his kingdom. I think people are in our midst using Jesus for their own profit.

Below Warden Harwood at Freedom Baptist Church singing- the Devil doesn’t waste his time on souls he already owns. He looks for them in God’s house. Notice Darlyne Rhinehart in the comments same scum that follows Coy throughout Facebook…

Whether this profit is monetary or for power, its foundation is based on selfish goals.

Remember, as Churchill said: Courage is the most important of all the virtues because it’s upon courage that all the other virtues rest.

And now, we’ve come to it.

It is time we deal with the elephants in the room Buddy Harwood, Coy Phillips, his deputies, the Madison County commissioners, some Madison County employees, and the school board.

They all hide behind one thing “The Church”.

Buddy Harwood has been around a long time and has built a political cabal in this county that encompasses many.

I have been told, “what Sheriff Buddy wants he gets”. What does this mean?

It means if you don’t kiss his ring and pay off those in his political club, he will go out in the church community and elsewhere and tell those stupid enough to take his orders not to vote for you.

Harwood will use his position and deputies to attack anyone who crosses him.

Hence the reason we have such feckless leadership which does nothing but pad their pockets and their friend’s pockets while you are treated unfairly and illegally.

In a pathetic nutshell, this is what Madison is.

Look what Harwood did to Clayton Rice and Wayne Brigman?

These two good commissioners tried to do what was right for the whole county, not just Buddy Harwood’s cabal.

Just because these two men would not agree to write off Orville English’s outstanding chronic tax debt, remember I wrote about this recently in October.

After English getting this County goody plate, good ole Orville was delinquent again in 2020.

He didn’t pay his 2020 taxes until December of this last year. What if I had not written about this, do you think they would be paid currently?

Why does Orville English get tax perks? Look up some of English’s lots he owns; he pays a minimum of the same property size that the rest of us are charged.

I have a lot on my property, which is under an acre. I want to get the Orville English special. Don’t you?

The big question is, why did Orville go to Buddy?

Isn’t the Sheriff supposed to uphold the law? The law is you pay your taxes.

Do the rest of us taxpayers get to negotiate our taxes? Why is Buddy helping his friends stiff the taxpayers of this county?

Are these in the Cabal going out to their churches garnering through their parishioner’s votes for Harwood?

Does the offering plate in these churches receive money for votes? Do these fine people even realize if this is happening; it could possibly be illegal?

I asked this question years ago when a fellow in our county was on disability; he was inspecting the jail for Buddy Harwood and Ledford.

He told me he couldn’t get paid because of his disability, so what happened?

He told me Larry Leake arranged for his taxes to be written off the books.

I was furious, not because it was wrong but illegal, so I went to Eddie Fox, a commissioner and close friend of Larry’s.

Eddie comes back to me with an answer of well, Larry said it didn’t happen, so it was over as far as he was concerned.

At that moment, I knew who and what Eddie Fox was, not to mention that he admitted to me he was found guilty under the Hatch Act.

Fox and Hall Moore were turned in by, as they said, the Republican Party.

Hall Moore was exonerated. I wasn’t surprised the Republican Party did this; they are jerks, but I was surprised when Eddie said they found him guilty.

Most of us in this county just want fairness and to be left alone.

We don’t want oligarchs and megalomaniacs locking us down, mandating us to wear masks. We don’t want our taxes to increase because the county commissioners can’t stop spending our money on special interest ventures.

Remember, these commissioners want to tax us a mandatory county-wide Fire Tax in addition to our already fire tax to which we pay.

Before you speak of a County-wide fire tax, you should do audits on all Fire departments first.

By the way, folks, we are 22,000 in population; why do we need this?

Is it to pay off Buddy Harwood’s cabal of fire departments? These fire departments go out in your communities and ask you to vote for Harwood. Does this seem ethical to you?

Please think this is all I ask you to do. You are wise; you are not sheep.

You have had the countie’s boot on your neck and have been asleep way too long.

Don’t forget that Buddy Harwood and Tammy Cody (Health Director) took our freedoms away over this hoax called Covid and ate steak on our nickel while many had their businesses shut down.

Speaking of businesses, remember what Tammy Cody and her gang of leftist Marxist goons did to Bonnie’s Appalachian Cusine.

After Cody instructed her employees to remain in N.C., she took off to T.N. for a baby shower.

Upon returning and after a barrage of “Karens,” some of her friends on FaceBook complained that Bonnie Appalachian Cuisine had cars in the parking lot; Cody contacted Marshall Police to investigate.

The Marshall Police found nothing worthy of any investigation. Tammy Cody used her position to target a business and many others out of nothing but political spite.

Tammy Cody and Buddy Harwood shut down your businesses, your churches; these actions affected everyone.

People couldn’t have a funeral for their loved ones. Grandparents died in nursing homes alone because those that loved them the most and wanted to say goodbye were prevented from entering.

Students, parents, and businesses were ostracized and attacked by Madison’s Marxists of Mars Hill and Marshall if they dared to stand up for freedom and the apparent reason for this fraud.

Coy Phillips cried on Facebook that the evil Covid would kill you and thumped the Jesus fish in the same breath.

All this they did while they yucked it up and ate steak and had their freedoms and got paid on your nickel.

Don’t forget who they are and what they did to you because it will happen again unless you vote them out of office.

The Sheriff, the County Commissioners, Tammy Cody, and the schools never stood up for you and your rights. Do you honestly think Buddy Harwood would not trespass onto your property and take your guns?

Absolutely, he would and then store them in his basement with the others.

On January 11th, Mark Cody, clerk of court, announced at the commissioner’s meeting that the Madison County Courthouse would receive state funds EARMARKED for Courthouse renovation in the amount of 3.8 million dollars.

Mr. Cody offered up a great idea of forming a committee to oversee the allocation of these funds. This committee will ensure the money is allocated correctly and not squandered in areas like the Sheriff’s department.

If this money stays in the General Fund, Buddy Harwood, Norris Gentry, the Madison County Commissioners, and others raping our county coffer will lay claims to it, and the Court House will never get the funds.

The Courthouse renovations were promised for years. Each time, Buddy Harwood – Kary Ledford – Darlyne Rhinehart manipulated the General fund to drive money to Harwood and others who did not deserve it.

Remember, Buddy gets what Buddy wants.

There are still people in this county who are ethical, honest, and able to assure that these sums of money will be used in the best interest.

The courthouse is a toxic entity; it is dangerous and has been neglected for years by many in charge, but the schools and Sheriff’s department sure have lovely buildings by golly.

A committee formed with those that work in the courthouse will be the best conclusion.

Demand from the commissioners this money stays designated for the courthouse or vote them out.

Now onto the school’s folks; I am so proud of a young lady who has thrown her hat into the ring to run for school board for Barbara Wyatt’s seat.

I can’t take credit for this next story because I did not catch this. Vickie Hollifield, who uncovered this, did the work.

This topic has to do with closed sessions; according to N.C. law, GS 143-318.11 a public body can discuss very little in a closed session.

Now I want you to understand I allowed Will Hoffman (superintendent of Madison County Schools) to respond he chose not to. But he did state the School Board had an attorney present; I replied to him that I had caught Wilcox on many occasions violating closed sessions with an attorney present.

As for this attorney out of Charlotte, he has maneuvered with the school board and superintendent to prevent parents and citizens from speaking at these meetings.
The school board has not provided the agenda of their own code 2330.

This agenda is to be provided to the public four days before a meeting.

Madison County NC School Policy Code

On November 15th, 2021, Vickie Hollifield made the statements below to the school board after these statements were made and after the meeting, Vickie was attacked by Karen Blevins chair of the school board, and up for election this year :

I want to start off my comments tonight by reminding you of the oath you took.“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the State of North Carolina and that I will honestly, faithfully, and impartially discharge my duties as a member of the Madison County Board of Education to the best of my ability.”The Constitution of the state of North Carolina and Board Policy number 2321 section D states the following regarding closed sessions:

The board of education will meet in closed session only upon a motion duly made and adopted in public pursuant to G.S. 143-318.11(c).  Every motion will cite one or more of the permissible purposes as provided in G.S. 143-318.11(a) and in this board policy.  A motion based on the need to prevent the disclosure of information that is confidential or privileged will also cite or name the law that renders the information confidential or privileged. 

A motion based on the need to consider with an attorney employed by the board the handling or settlement of a lawsuit will identify the parties in the lawsuit.You were reminded of this last month and chose to violate it and you have chosen to violate it again this month.The Board of Education policies also has requirements listed for the Board Meeting Agenda.  This is Policy Code 2330 which states “Each board member will receive a copy of the proposed agenda four days prior to the meeting, and the proposed agenda will be available for public inspection and/or distribution when it is distributed to the board members. 

At the meeting, the board may, by a majority vote, add an item that is not on the proposed agenda before the agenda is adopted.”  This has not been done for any of the meetings I have attended so I suspect it has not been adhered to in the past either.I have also had parents approach me about issues getting responses from teachers.  Many of them have been waiting for multiple weeks to hear from a teacher just to schedule a parent-teacher conference.  This is disturbing for a school that says it wants parental involvement.These items raise the questions of can you be trusted and why is there a lack of transparency.

Vickie Hollifield

Vickie Hollifield did not stop with these statements; she went on to request under Pubic Records Request laws closed session minutes.

My note -Hoffman has been very good at providing public record requests to me.

Below are the closed session minutes that the School Board attorney from Charlotte Dean Shatley attended.

Please take note of item #2 – Student Matters; the board reviewed student field trips for the consent agenda.
Vickie noticed this is not permitted under G.S. 143-318-11.

She didn’t stop with a got-ya; Vickie contacted the Institute of Government and spoke to Frayda Bluestein, who is well noted in her expertise.

Bluestein stated, to Vickie that the only reason a school board could discuss this was if there was an issue with a particular student or students that needed to be addressed.

Look at the document. I don’t see any big black redacted piece before or after this; that is right, no discussion of students, and the Institute of Government agreed. So the School board, under the direction of Karen Blevins, is in violation of G.S. statute 143-318-11.

Karen Blevins why did you attack and bully Vickie Hollifield candidate for School board after the meeting on November 15 2021?

Maybe instead of eating Barbara Wyatt’s food during the closed session, you good school board members might take the time and read the General Statutes for open meeting laws – and closed session rules.

Below is Vickie Hollifield’s resume; please take the time to compare her to Barbara Wyatt.

Barbara needs to retire and graze with her horses and leave the school board and the schools to those that actually give a damn.

Remember Buddy Harwood tells his Church Sheep to vote for Barbara.

Byron Hadley and Warden Norton

Coy Phillips and Sheriff Buddy Harwood

How similar this evil is…

Part two Mrs.T and what these two did to this beloved teacher.

Warden Norton is the devout Christian warden of the prison. Although he presents himself as pious and ethical, he is actually cruel, corrupt, and remorseless.

His religiosity veils a cold-blooded ruthlessness that he uses to run a Machiavellian operation at Shawshank.

Warden is extremely fraudulent and underhanded, working alongside top prison guard Captain Byron Hadley.

Hadley is the sadistic chief of guards at Shawshank.

Warden’s primary goal is to ensure that word of his and Hadley’s corruption and crimes does not get out of prison. He cruelly manipulates prison inmates to do his dirty work. 

Mrs T

Kelley Rickey Temofonte is one of the latest victims of Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips; her court date is coming up on January 27, 2022. This Thursday in Marshall.

Mrs. T, as she is lovingly called by many, is accused of abusing a child.

I wrote about this last year on September 3, and after I published the story, the parents of this child called me.

They said I had the story wrong; two instances happened. I know these two parents, and I did not realize this was their child.

I wrote the parents were against the prosecution, but they informed me they were.

They didn’t want me to change the story, but I did.

Angela Davis and Billy Davis are the parents. Angela is the animal control director for Madison County, and Billy Davis used to work for animal control and Sheriff Buddy.

I asked Billy why he was fired; he said he tasered a fellow deputy in the jail.

I wanted to know what happened, and they spoke to me for quite some time.

There was an incident where their child became volatile, and Mrs.T restrained him. Angela and Billy were adamant that they were not upset because the kid was autistic, which happens with these children.

Mrs.T communicated immediately with them about this, and they had no problem until Coy Phillips entered the fray.

You see, folks, Coy Phillips told these parents that there was another incident. These parents knew nothing of this new allegation by a teacher’s aide. A teacher’s aide who knows Coy Phillips.

The parents told me he told them there were two instances. Were Mrs. T and her attorney ever informed?

Angela even stated that she went to Brush Creek School and confronted the aide in front of the school. Coy Phillips gave Angela Davis the name of the teacher’s aide- REALLY…

The Brush Creek principal Kristin Dillon took pictures of Angela speaking to this aide.
Angela is a trained animal control officer; she knows better than to go and confront a witness to an alleged crime she is involved with as the plaintiff.

I questioned these parents further because the story made no sense.

They stated that Mrs.T walked their son to the school bus, turned on him while holding his hand, and kicked him in the chest.

The problem I had with this is I have never heard of teachers walking children to the busses, and I couldn’t understand how a person could turn and kick a kid in this described manner and not cause significant harm.

I have heard of teacher’s aides walking the children but not teachers. After speaking with them, I checked and found out the teacher’s aides at Brush Creek walk the special ed children to the busses.

The father told me he questioned his son, and he told me what he said to him, and it sounded coerced.

If this child was struck as they said, why didn’t they notice this immediately?

Why did they have to wait and hear the story from Coy Phillips? Coy Phillips the Byron Hadley of Madison County.

These parents have a lot of kids. Why didn’t the other children notice anything?

I have been around their kids; they have been on my property on field trips.

Their kids are great, very polite, lovely children. I never met this child; though I asked them if I had met him, they said they never brought him. Why?

I specifically asked Angela and Billy if they had heard any of these accusations outside Coy Phillips. They answered no. The other thing which throws up flags is Mrs. T texted Angela the first time; why would she not text her again if something happened?

Look, folks, everyone in law enforcement and the court system know about how Coy Phillips has planted drugs, etc., on people throughout the years in this county.

Heck, Warden Norton Buddy even had Byron Bronis Hadley place drugs on his daughter’s boyfriend to get rid of him because Warden Buddy didn’t like the fact the boyfriend was Hispanic.

On the last date when this hearing was to take place, at least 30 individuals showed up to support Mrs. T.

It was announced at this hearing the so-called witness teacher’s aide is not testifying, and the School Resource officer would be taking her place.

This SRO officer had Covid, so the hearing had to be continued.

Does this sound fair?

Are you kidding me! Everyone has a right to question their accuser.

I could not find one person who disliked Mrs. T. Everyone spoke highly of her. The people I spoke to were anxious to talk about how good a teacher she is.

The only people I heard that didn’t like Mrs.T were Daphne Harwood and Jennifer Carswell. It sounds like jealousy; look at these two women and then at Kelley.
Remember, princess Harwood works at Brush Creek also.

Kelley Temofonte’s whole life has been shattered by this bacteria called Coy Phillips and Buddy Harwood. They stripped searched her for what?

So Coy and Buddy could watch later?

This woman has given everything she has to help the kids of this county. She has even given her paycheck at times to help your kids. I think the Davis’s were conned into this by Coy Phillips.

I think Kelley Temofonte deserves better. I think the parents of this child deserve better.

Mrs. T is a Christian a Conservative, and she loves God.

Scum like Phillips and Harwood use God for their own game, and in the end, we in this county lose another excellent teacher because of this evil corruption running the Madison County Sheriff’s department.

Please show your support for Mrs.T on Thursday; no one deserves this; make it right! Give Buddy Harwood what he deserves; send him and his Coy Boy home in November.

If you can believe it, there is more

You know Coy Phillips took down his Boss Hogg FaceBook site, which he directed at my husband and me for over a year.

I am not on Facebook, but I did acquire all of the postings by Coy Phillips and various crackheads in the county.

Coy even posted George Erwin’s FB post (former sheriff of Henderson County) in his rant.

Erwin claims Buddy is a man of character and says we should believe him because he is a Republican.

Erwin chimes in that Harwood and Leake didn’t order the taking down of President Trump signs and Clayton Rice signs off of Highway 213.

Erwin says we should believe him because he is a Republican but is he see the story below?

Have you noticed how shaken Buddy and his bandits are by my reporting of these political signs being taken down by them?

Even Buddy’s good brother stuck his toe into this litter box see below Hoss Harwood.

They always show us the truth by their actions…

Really how would you know George besides aren’t you a Carly Fiorina good ole boy?

So in essense folks George Erwin is a Deep State Globalist.

No wonder he likes Ted Cruz now remember what Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did to President Trump…

Who is George Erwin indeed aligned with?

Read Below from WHKP in Hendersonville


After former Henderson County Sheriff George H. Erwin announced in the Hendersonville Lightnng revently that he was “divorcing” himself from the Republican Party, the popular local political leader explained for WHKP News, and for our listeners, what some of his issues wih the “grand old party” are…and you’ll hear that in detail on WHKP’s news Monday at 7:55am, 11:55am, and 5:05pm on both WHKP AM 1450 and FM 107.7.

A former Carly Fiorina supporter for the Republican presidential nomination, Erwin said he joined his wife and became a Ted Cruz supporter once it became clear that Fiorina would not have a chance.

 And through the debate pocess, Erwin says he was embarrassed for the party.  

Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, Govenor John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Senator Lindsay Graham and others were largely ignored.  And he said the “name calling:” that came from Donald Trump and others was “like children on the playground”.  

Still, it’s obvious now that Trump will be the party’s nominee…and Erwin vowed to “hold his nose” and support the nominee.  

And he’s encouraging all Republicans to stick together and support the party’s nominee, citing a famous line from President Dwight D. Eisenhower about pushing and pulling a string, “Pull the string, and it will follow wherever you wish, Push it, and it will go nowhere at all”

Erwin believes the next president could appoint as many as three Supreme Court justices, which is why, he says, Hillary Clinton should NOT be the one to make those appointments.

The state Republican Party, says Erwin, has always had problems and the only time you hear from them, he says, is when they swamp you with “robo” calls wanting your money. 

As for the local GOP, Erwin says they do the best they can…but again, it’s all a matter of standing for something and pulling together, he says.

Even though he gave up the job as sheriff after twelve successful years that started with his upset victory over another popular sheriff, the late Albert “Ab” Jackson in 1994, Erwin has remained active in local and state GOP politics.  

He was a state-wide leader in State Senator Fred Smith’s unsuccessful bit for the Republican gubernatorial nomimnation a few years ago.  

And he continues in leadership positions with various law enforcement organizations in North Carolina.Erwin also remains active in his church and various out-reach and ministry causes, such as the “Summer Backpack Program” that provides food for children during the summer break from school.


Years ago I had a blog site and I investigated a great deal.

I have been attacked and struck at a County Commissioners meeting by Barbara Wyatt’s daughter and, Barbara at the time was married to a sitting County Commissioner Elsberry Wyatt.

I had her daughter arrested and it was only because of me that she does not have this on her record today.

I have been attacked by Republicans and Democrats and every one of them has either been arrested -convicted- fired – lost their political races or sent off to federal prison.

During this time I collected through a public record request storage units rented by Madison County Sheriff’s department. John Ledford was Sheriff of Madison County and Buddy Harwood was his henchman. These storage units were throughout NC in various counties even in TN.

WHY did our Sheriff’s Department have storage units in all these various places? Darlyne Rhinehart and Kary Ledford were handling the books are you catching on folks?

George Erwin was sheriff at this time in Henderson County. One of the storage units for Madison County was located in Henderson county.

Is there a connection? You decide but one thing is very certain George Erwin is no President Trump supporter and neither is Buddy Harwood!

I also secured all of the comments by Madison County Board members and the likes and kudos by the Chair to the Madison County Democrat executive committee, John Gosnell.

Along with two Democrat commissioners and Elizabeth Gullum, who sits on a board at the school. 

I remember a gal who worked as I.T. director for Madison County several years ago. She did the same thing as Coy Phillips, which didn’t work out too well for her and others.

Maybe, Coy, you should use your time more wisely and learn how to read case law from U.S. Federal Court; this was entered today: Jury hit the county for damages for employee actions…The Courts allowed the amount to stand.

  • A Nassau County, NY detective, rolls his eyes displays a distinct lack of interest in the evidence presented to him that shows the man he is arresting for domestic violence is, in fact, wrongfully accused. (The man misses his father’s funeral while he’s sitting in jail.) Jury: The detective is personally on the hook for $35k. Second Circuit: Nope, qualified immunity. The detective may not have had probable cause to arrest, but he had arguable probable cause. That said, the jury’s $150k award against the county still stands.

MORE… you can’t fix stupid folks…

I received this email below from Colton Fore on Friday last week he titled it No Clue. Colton Fore is still showing up as a detective for Buddy Harwood. See Below

Does this email below look like a threat to you? 

Colton Fore and Coy Philips are hooked together like dung on a beetle,

Remember, these two were involved in the 2019 Wolf Laurel Hooker Hoax.

31 people arrested during drug, prostitution bust in Madison Co. (

Coy lured in Hookers from Charlotte to make it look like Buddy was busting a hooker drug ring in Wolf Laurel so he could look good in the eyes of his “Church Sheep”.

What happened is these hookers complained that they were sexually attacked after being arrested. What happened to the drugs?

Colton Fore is now a stay-at-home dad but still certified under Warden Harwood’s Shawshank Regime.

The address traced to this email is also showing up in criminal court records.

Let me tell you about emails, folks; they can be traced. Every lie will be revealed.

You boys think you are playing “Yellowstone” you don’t have what it takes.

Maybe you should watch the ending of the Shawshank Redemption. His Judgement Cometh and that right soon or better yet a boomerang…CH

God Judges Justly The scriptures clearly represent God as a righteous judge who is always just and fair. “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of thy throne” (Psalms 89:14). Jesus claims, “My judgment is just because I seek not my own will, but the will of him who sent me” (John 5:30).

NEW STORY for Monday, January 24, 2022.

I will not be silenced Patriots nor should you. Stand up and fight like those who fought for you!

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