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It could happen here…Every American’s worst nightmare
It could happen here…Every American’s worst nightmare

It could happen here…Every American’s worst nightmare

Cops shoot an unarmed disabled man wrongly suspected of holding a hostage.

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WATCH: SWAT Team Wakes Up Couple, Shoots Unarmed Disabled Husband, Attempts to Cover It Up

A SWAT team wakes up an innocent sleeping couple and attempts to execute the unarmed husband as he opens his front door.

Cherokee County, NC — If you read the original headlines in December 2022 after police filled Jason Harley Kloepfer, 41, with bullet holes, you would have thought that police acted heroically and saved the day. Headlines, however, especially when they involve “official” statements from police, are often very wrong…

“Kloepfer confronted officers, forcing them to shoot the suspect,” the police initially told reporters, who unquestioningly printed it. The official statement from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office read as follows:

The initial press release alleged that Kloepfer “engaged in a verbal altercation with officers,” then emerged from his trailer and “confronted” cops, prompting them to open fire on him.

Here’s the press release after the video; this was published online (of course, the Sheriff shifts blame but also is using this as an excuse to ask for more money)…

Just another example of why some people don’t like cops… Below the video warning very graphic…

WATCH: SWAT Team Wakes Up Couple, Shoots Unarmed Disabled Husband, Attempts to Cover It Up

In the video, responding officers are seen tossing into the home a robotic device equipped with a light source and cameras, which apparently woke Kloepfer and his wife, Alison Mahler, who were asleep in a back room.

However, video footage was released over the weekend, showing this description was a lie.

Kloepfer never “confronted” anyone, complied with officers’ orders, was unarmed, and had his hands up when officers filled him with bullet holes, sending him to the hospital fighting for his life.

According to police, they arrived at the scene that night over reports of shots fired. They wrongly accused Kloepfer of holding a hostage inside his home.

As the video above shows, the robot camera wakes the sleeping couple, who then gets up to see what is happening. As Kloepfer and his wife walk out the front door unarmed, they put their hands in the air before officers open fire.

Kloepfer collapses. “What the hell!” his wife screamed at the officers while helping Kloepfer. “He’s shot – what the hell did you do!”

Despite shooting an unarmed man and knowing that he is bleeding out inside, officers yell for Kloepfer to come outside. You can’t make this up, folks!

As cops finally enter the trailer, Kloepfer is faintly heard telling them, “I don’t have a gun. I didn’t have a gun.”

After the SWAT officer drags Koepfer’s body from the trailer, they realize they are on camera and quickly acknowledge it.

“F**k, cameras,” an officer says after seeing the video recording device. Police then turn the lights back on as they appear to put on night vision in a futile attempt to cover their actions — apparently unaware that the camera also had night vision.

Kloepfer, who was disabled before the shooting, has been in recovery ever since, having undergone multiple surgeries.
He has been sharing his recovery on Facebook and says he and his wife are staying out of state, claiming they fear for their lives with the Cherokee county SWAT team and the Sheriff’s department giving them ample reason to do so.

On the Prosecutorial end:

In a seeming attempt to cover for their gross negligence, police have charged Koepfer with “communicating threats” and “resist, obstruct, delay.” Koepfer says he is innocent of all charges, and if the video is any indication, he’s telling the truth.

Could this happen here in Madison County?
You bet ya it could!
Why wasn’t the Cherokee County Sheriff and the Chief Deputy at this raid?
He ordered it? Who issued the warrant?

Look what we have as Sheriff and Chief Deputy.
The only difference with here is Coy & Buddy would have snatched the camera…

More reason to get plenty of surveillance cameras on your properties and put up gates. Lock them and post the premises. No one can enter your property without a proper warrant, that is, unless a dirty cop decides to swat you falsely!

Mr. Koepher will be a wealthy man after this incident; he was smart and had a camera in his home. Be smart and protect yourself and your family.

Remember, the Madison County sheriff’s department likes to plant drugs on individuals in this county.

We don’t have good honest cops in our area, and until Buddy and his bandits are gone, this could happen to anyone it could happen to you