Save Madison County NC From The Left
The Immigrants are coming to destroy you …
The Immigrants are coming to destroy you …

The Immigrants are coming to destroy you …

And your own government is helping – We are at war “Evil” always tells you what they will do…

Nato wants to replace all of us with Illegal Aliens coming across the border.

Know your enemies… they are those who are harboring and promoting this Insurrection of our Country!
The Attorneys that are helping these Criminal Freeloaders are from the Democrat Party and funded by George Soros and also the RINOS who want cheap labor.
Time for all of us to get into the game and fight for our Country…

On a lighter note – The Madison County Republican Party meets next Saturday for their convention…

Guest Commentary from Tony Ponder

The Republican Party will hold a precinct and county convention this Saturday.

That is March 4 at 2:00 p.m. at the Madison County extension office.

It is located at 258 Carolina Lane in Marshall. As we gear up for another election cycle, I believe that improvements to the party organization are in order.

Let us face it; our local candidates did not perform as well as those on the ballot from outside the county. By outside the county candidates, those are senate, representative, and judges.

We had no forums, local paper advertising, or local radio interviews. Outside of the Mars
Hill precinct, few republican precincts are organized.

In my opinion, that needs to change. We need new forward thinking Republican leadership that will work to organize
all county precincts.

We can build a strong party base. I believe that with farsighted
leadership, our party can do better.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Tony Ponder