There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
New story THIS WEEKEND … HOLD THE LINE… Do Not Comply- NO ONE Can Force you to take the vaccine…
New story THIS WEEKEND … HOLD THE LINE… Do Not Comply- NO ONE Can Force you to take the vaccine…

New story THIS WEEKEND … HOLD THE LINE… Do Not Comply- NO ONE Can Force you to take the vaccine…

Many of us had told you the Deep State would make a move right before the forensic audit was released; well, here we are.

We told you what Joe Biden was.

Many of us also said it would be a near-death experience. If you permit anyone to force a vaccine upon you then yes it will be a death experience, not near death but total painful demise.

The hourglass is almost empty for Biden and the Evil Deep State controlling his every action.

Today BREAKING: The Biden Regime will mandate all businesses with over 100 workers require COVID vaccinations for their employees or be subject to weekly testing standards This is blatantly unconstitutional and outside the purview of the White House

Do NOT comply.

Look folks this guy wasn’t even legitimately elected nor was Roy Cooper and several others. They the Deep State are more afraid of you because you are waking up to these monsters. Don’t take their death Jab because that is what they want.

Biden is not a king and cannot make law- Congress makes law and that doesn’t mean Nancy Pelosi can just arbitrarily enforce this.

Biden CANNOT force you to vaccinate nor can your EMPLOYER if your employer gives you an ultimatum to take a vaccine that you do not want to take they will be held accountable.

It is unconstitutional and is currently being challenged as we speak.

HOLD THE LINE I will have a story this weekend.

They are desperate this is why their pawn Joe Biden did this today. Yesterday information came out about the forensic audits in Maricopa County Arizona. Ghost ballots were found over 78,000 fake ballots and this is just the beginning.

What the idiot Biden Regime did today is what “scared to death” looks like they are in panic mode. You should feel comfortable because you are winning, the Evil is losing.

Justice is coming don’t fret and don’t become angry.

The Deep State and the Democrats want you angry. Peacefully stand up for your constitutional rights and remember this was foretold don’t panic.

Any employer that tries to enforce this vaccine upon its people will lose.The constitution is very specific – We have a constitution in this country you are born with rights under it.

Do Not Comply let them fire you. Don’t quit you will own the company and the employer that does this to you at the end.

The Courts will rip Biden and his feckless regime apart and those who are harmed will have damages and employers if they were smart would fight Biden not you….

Also, remember God has already won and Joe Biden didn’t win and IS NOT PRESIDENT!

The Diamonds will be returned soon CH

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