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The Crack Widens…
The Crack Widens…

The Crack Widens…

French Broad EMC Part Two…

Proxy Wars

Most of you have already received your proxies in the mail, and Jeff Loven has been maneuvering to get his hands on them.

Why is he so afraid?

According to FBEMC bylaws, any member can attend this meeting on May 6, 2023, at Madison High School, Marshall, NC, and vote his vote and also FIVE proxies for a total of six votes.

This meeting starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday May 6.
The registration and voting go from 9:00 -11:00
Below is the bylaw section.

Proxy wars are real, and Loven and his band of Corrupt goons are using any form of intimidation and scheme to collect these proxies.

Remember Mark Snelson is not even eligible to be nominated by FBEMC’s committee

This speaks volumes about FBEMC Board of Directors, Jeff Loven, and Jamie Stokes’s tactics. Loven and Stokes deny one individual eligibility while scheming and violating their own ruling by-laws for French Broad EMC to ensure another is placed up for a vote.

Scott Haynie is the only candidate eligible under the legal bylaws of FBEMC to be voted for in District One.

Mark Snelson is not a legal contender and should never be considered. Snelson is a Larry Leake- Buddy Harwood, good ole boy, and is only on this ballot to cover up the corruption at French Broad EMC and enlarge his greedy coffer.

Do you think it is fair that all of you continue to suffer while these good ole boys increasingly scheme to pad their pockets off your county?
What has any one of them ever done but suck the Madison Teet?

Last week’s article which goes over the Board of Directors “Eight Violations” of French Broad by-laws.

For all of you in Marshall the bylaws are the regulations of a corporation.

They contain the basic rules for the conduct of the corporation’s business and affairs. The bylaws may contain any provision for managing the business and regulating the corporation’s affairs that is not inconsistent with statutory law or the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation.

French Broad EMC Board has violated eight of its own bylaws.

They have operated illegally for the last four years because of two powers of attorney in place for two members, one being the president of this clown show. This is an embarrassment to this county; everything that has been done for four years CAN BE UNDONE.

Jamie Stokes, Jeff Loven, Phyllis Holt, and all of these board members are complicit in what has happened here.

You have an opportunity on May 6 to send French Broad EMC a message, forgo their chosen goon, and elect a self-made man who is right for this job.

Vote Scott Haynie for District One

Scott Haynie is one of you; he is not part of this fake Country Club. He is smart, self-made, and has run a successful business, unlike Snelson, who showed no respect and intelligence as a commissioner.

Remember how disrespectful Snelson was to the public when he showed up in shorts to commissioner meetings? Who wants to look at that idiot’s knobby hairy knees at a commissioner’s meeting?

Arrogance or ignorance or both, maybe this is why Jeff Loven wants this idiot. He is dumb and will sign anything put in front of him, just like all the other opportunists who sit on this board and have been overpaid over the years.

See the board of director’s salaries for 2021 below:

Scott Haynie is not one of Leake’s stooges. Haynie is not owned by the Hillbilly Deep State; he thinks for himself and wants what is best for the members and employees of French Broad, not the overpaid “Fat Cats” at the top…

Public Record Request, the 2021 French Broad EMC IRS 990 Federal tax return salaries of the BIG TEN…

more coming on these 990’s they have a story to tell

Look at these retirement Golden Parachutes the ” Big Ten” are getting…

Observe above the extras Jeff Loven – Greg Fowler- Tracey Evans, and Phyllis Holt, who happens to be the bookkeeper of this cabal, are receiving in yearly retirement per year.

These types of compensation may not be market exposed. Think about it, folks; Aren’t your retirement investments market exposed?
Look how much more special they are than you.

Most of you probably invest in your retirement, right? One option you may have is that the money you invest comes out of your income; sometimes, it is partially matched by your employer; there is a limit, typically two to five percent, but certainly, not 100 percent.

This compensation amount is not coming out of their income.

Look above at the amounts they get in salary, and then another amount is given to them in compensation, almost as much as their base salary. This is in retirement, and more than likely, it is NOT TAXED.

No wonder Greg Fowler is excited to retire in four years. According to these numbers, he will have another million dollars in retirement in four years. Wouldn’t you like this sweet deal as French Broad EMC members?

What about the rest of the FBEMC employees? I bet they are not getting this Jeff Loven – Greg Fowler – Tracy Evans – Phyllis Holt Fat Cat special.

Interestingly though, Jeff Loven has been bringing in the employees for a benefit meeting one by one this past week. He hasn’t done this in eight years; why now?

Is he bribing the French Broad employees for their proxy votes? The one thing that has been relayed to some employees is that Loven is stating to these employees that Scott Haynie will be taking away their benefits.

This is a lie. Scott Haynie does not intend to take away employee benefits; he wants to ensure French Broad employees have better benefits and compensation.

Heck, all you have to do is ax “The Big Ten,” starting with Lying Loven, and you could compensate many employees.

Scott Haynie wants to build back the public trust of French Broad EMC.

Jeff Loven has destroyed the public trust of French Broad EMC by doing business with and bringing in the likes of Brooke Lunsford into French Broad EMC.

Don’t you find it ironic that Brooke Lunsford killed Martha Collins and seriously injured another woman Ms. Lewis right in front of French Broad EMC?

Notice this legal document below, which goes over this heinous crime, and notice Larry Leake’s statements. He didn’t take up for Lunsford; he defended him in court but would not fall on his sword when deposed under oath.

Remember, folks, that Larry Leake asked me years ago, ” Why do you help these Minions of Madison County.” Sad, but speaks volumes to what these self-professed good ole boy elitists actually think of the citizens of this area.

Why would Jeff Loven manipulate bids with Federal Grant money to get one of Lunsford’s LLCs that has musical chair registered agents the job of Fiber Optic installation?

Why didn’t Jeff Loven just hand the keys off to Lunsford – ( his good friend)?

Why the semantics?

Notice these LLCs have a common hemorrhoid that keeps popping up-Cameron Gunter, who is a relative of Greg Fowler.

Also, the names Cliff Churchill and Amanda Beaulieu, among others, notice the address is the same- 14 Old Charlotte Highway – Asheville, NC.

Why are so many of these LLCs dubiously affiliated with one another?
Notice Amanda Beaulieu is stuck to Brooke Lunsford like ugly on Ape.

Cameron Gunter is Greg Fowler’s wife’s first cousin. Melissa’s (Greg’s wife) mother and Cameron’s mother are sisters. Cameron’s mother was at one time married to Eddie Fox, former commissioner.

Why does Jeff Loven’s wife – Kelly write the checks for Southern Tree Service?
Remember she was in the secret meeting at French Broad
with her husband Loven – Rocky Fleming – Greg Fowler- Cameron Gunter- Brooke Lunsford and Walter Naillon when they finalized this tree service deal…

I have been told Kelly Loven does; why, if so, is she working with Lunsford?

Isn’t this a conflict of interest?
This is the same new French Broad tree service-cutting contract business that 25 employees recently left.

Who, if any, has filled these spots? You, as members, have every right to demand to know who is on your property regarding these utility contractors, including verification that no illegals are on your property.

Folks, do you want your French Broad Member Owned Coop doing business with Brooke Lunsford?
Heck, do you want to be driving on the same road as Lunsford in this county?
Below are these Bad Boys’ rap sheets…

Buncombe County

Jeff Loven has lied about Scott Haynie’s character to get proxy votes; it is what happens in proxy wars.
Everything is fair in a proxy fight. It’s really like a political campaign unfortunately…

So why is Loven so unhinged about Scott Haynie?

Because Scott Haynie is real and honest, and Jeff Loven is as honest as a troll under a bridge.

Scott Haynie has some great ideas that only a businessman can provide.

Scott wants more care taken when using chemical sprays on members’ properties. He wants the power company to go back to using manual clearing methods around springs and waterways. Haynie wants this manual method used, especially around members’ gardens and drinking water.

Scott Haynie wants the members and employees of French Broad EMC to be proud of their coop, not embarrassed by it.

Haynie wants fairness in FBEMC management with promotions and benefits. He wants the Board of Directors to reflect the members, not the opportunists in our midst.

French Broad EMC has for years encouraged, employees to bring in five extra proxies to vote at the yearly regular meeting.

Encourage is a nice word for this despicable act, folks. This year though, Jeff Loven wants the employees to bring in ten. Talk about ballot harvesting.

Proxy wars really represent management failure; a proxy fight represents the failure of management to respond to member concerns. Legitimate competent Boards should have been responsive and listened to members’ worries, not arrogantly manipulating who gets into the club.

You own this company, not them!

Don’t be fooled by French Broad’s fuzzy math, and don’t be fooled by who their profits really benefit.
Lovens blather below in this notice uses the Board president Joe Justice for this farce, who has been mentally incapable of performing his duties since 2020 (because of a filed Power Off Attorney) as required and mandated by French Broad by-laws…

Don’t be fooled by Jeff Loven and his cohort’s promise of credits to your monthly bill either.
Excess profits should be paid to the members of French Broad EMC, not hidden as bill usage credits.
Who cares about credits?
Credit doesn’t put food on the table. Credits, by their nature, are fuzzy math, easy to manipulate, and more prone to subterfuge than an honest accounting…

If Jeff Loven and French Broad EMC give us so much back, then how come our rates are still some of the highest on the East Coast, as Bloomberg Finance reported years ago?

This brings me to the two fiduciaries the French Broad members pay for – Jamie Stokes, lead counsel “Leakes and Stokes” and Phyllis Holt – licensed CPA and bookkeeper for French Broad EMC.

These two licensed professionals have a “Duty of Care” afforded them in their licenses. They are supposed to act legally and ethically under their obligation as a licensed professional.

Is this happening with these two professionals?

French Broad EMC is a Member- Driven Organization; it is you, the “Members” who own this organization and who have the power to change it!

This French Broad EMC board has failed miserably and has been arrogantly gaslighting the county for years through its malfeasance.

They think you are stupid…

The French Broad Members can take back their Coop from these reprobates. The members can gut it and change what they don’t like.

You, the members, have always had the power, just like Dorothy had in Kansas, to go home.
I will be showing you how to do this in the next few weeks…

You OWN FRENCH BROAD EMC, not the BIG TEN- Do what is right, not what you are told to do by those that think of you as only Minions…

Proxy War works both ways. I encourage you who want change to drop off your signed proxies to Scott Haynie, trucking map below.

Phone: (828) 649-3429 Address: 27 Mclean Rd, MarshallNC

If Jeff Loven can order employees to bring in signed proxies. He can order the schools also. Remember, Kelby Cody – School Board Member- is one of the “Big Ten of French Broad,” and also, unfortunately, Loven has control over your churches. Loven’s personal secretary is Paula SEAY, who is married to Ricky Seay, who owns the Christian Radio station out of Marshall. See below…

WHBK is a Southern Gospel formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Marshall, North Carolina, serving Madison County, North Carolina, and Northern Buncombe County, North Carolina. WHBK 1460
Seay Broadcasting Company

Ricky Seay – Paula Seay’s husband- Buddy Harwood friends

Years ago, in 1960, when French Broad EMC was called REA, a guy named Doug Robinson stated after being hired as general manager for REA – ” I am riding on the REA gravy train with biscuit wheels.”

Folks, has anything changed over the years? Those good ole boys have only changed their wheels from biscuit to gold-rimmed- CH

The good influence of godly citizens causes a city to prosper, but the moral decay of the wicked drives it downhill. (Proverbs 11:11)

Scott Haynie Trucking map below…

Open M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -Phone: 828-649-3429

More is coming on French Broad this week and other County News; a lot is happening; stay tuned.