There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
God Bless America
God Bless America

God Bless America

For decades, pro-lifers voted for Republicans on the promise that the grand ole party would overturn Roe. But that promise went unfulfilled as Republican presidents appointed a series of disappointments. But then came Donald J. Trump, who, for long last, made good on the promise.

Roe v Wade set precedence for bodily autonomy to the point one could murder another human being at their whim. We have a society that panders to the left’s mental illness and denies what God has made.

A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man.

Six brave justices chose to do what was right on Friday and overturned an unconstitutional law. These justices didn’t allow the woke mob of the Democrat party to intimidate them.
Yes, folks, it has been a good week for America. Our Supreme Court Justices did what was right; they overturned an evil law, and now the states will decide who can have an abortion inside their walls.

Our illegitimate governor of NC came out immediately and rubbed his immoral vomit onto the public, swearing before God that NC would openly continue the slaughter of children.

But one thing is sure if North Carolinians get out to vote on election day for good Republicans running in our state legislature, Roy, the baby slayer, will have no power to stop the implementation of banning abortion in NC.

The laws in NC can only be changed if the state General Assembly changes state statutes and the governor signs that legislation into law—or if a gubernatorial veto is overridden. If the GOP picks up two additional seats in the senate and three more seats in the House, they’ll gain the supermajority needed to override Cooper’s veto.

As Christian Americans, we should thank all those who believed in the sanctity of life and fought year after year to get Roe overturned. The fight is not over, and we must stay diligent with the defeat of this evil that walks amongst us, for it is the children their demon Baal thrists for in humanity.

Onto the Madison County’s trainwreck scheduled to roll in Tuesday evening…

Madison County commissioners and their sycophant attorney John Noor of Roberts and Stevens, are using the upcoming fourth of July holiday to ram through three ordinances a comprehensive land-use plan and a water line from Mars Hill which they claim is fully Grant funded but in reality, it is not. Add to this a disaster of a proposed County budget up by 2 million dollars or 20 percent and we have the makings of a perfect day …just kidding folks.

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Hanlon’s razor is an adage or rule of thumb that states never assume malicious intent behind actions when a lack of awareness or knowledge can adequately explain the actions.

Below is an email I sent to the county commissioners; after previewing this so-called budget ordinance posted by Norris Gentry online for public viewing.

My understanding via statements made at the last budget hearing is that your proposed budget for 2022-2023 was to be posted on your website on 6-15-2022.
This Budget proposal by County Manager and county commissioner Norris Gentry is not usable.
This presentation is feeble.
This budget summary is so simplistic that it is impossible to analyze the state of the county’s finances thoroughly.
This budget fails to provide any department allocations beyond title headings. Lacks comparative measurements like “budget to actuals” for past or current periods, the taxpayers of Madison County have a right to see a working budget.
I wonder if you, Einsteins, even understand the responsibility of creating, maintaining, and effectively evaluating the county budget.

My guess is this is the least you are required to provide to pass state scrutiny, and it is no surprise that this county’s leaders would strive for the lowest common denominator.
At this time, through Public record requests, I am requesting a comprehensive proposed budget for the 2022 and 2023 fiscal years.

When available, I also want to see “budget to actuals” for 2021 and 2022 for all budget line items.


Look, folks, maybe I am wrong. Perhaps the Madison County Commissioners aren’t committing actual malfeasance but are just so stupid that they allow a wannabe attorney and two inept Economic development lackeys to con them into thinking they know what they are doing.

Why do we have two attorney firms representing Madison County? Why do we have two Economic development coordinators in a county under 22000 people? We pay Brad Guth and blondie boy Nolan approximately 178,000 in annual salary. Boy, that is a lot of money collected when you don’t know what you are doing.

How do you Commissioners pay for all of this? Are you printing money in a back room just like the FED?

Just because Norris Gentry says in his message below that his budget is balanced doesn’t mean it is a responsible budget. Gentry couldn’t balance a school budget when he was in charge of it, much less a County governmental budget.

What do we get for our taxes?

What about out here in the rural areas like Spring Creek? Madison County commissioners and county managers have never done anything for us except raise our taxes.
French Broad EMC is who is getting the residents of Spring Creek high-speed Internet, not you feckless commissioners.

What about safety? The commissioners have a budget clause appropriated for 8,201,844.00 million dollars for public safety.

We are paying more for these bloated fire departments, which have never been audited, just like the “Sheriff’s Sex Castle.”

How many of you call the Fire department regularly? Do you realize these entities have the most to hide when it comes to management and bookkeeping?

Why are these firemen engaging in politics to get Buddy Harwood elected?

What is being funneled to them?

Harwood’s regime couldn’t even put together a case against Luther Aiken, who robbed the 209 corridors here in Hot Springs and Haywood County. He pulled Buddy and Coy out of their vehicles during a car chase. Aiken is living just over the state line in TN.

Don’t you feel safe?

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?

Buddy Harwood’s drug cartels run rampant through Hot Springs; he doesn’t even have deputies in the area.


Hot Springs is a portal to Hell for drug, sexual trafficking, and other crimes.

Folks, the Shelton Laurel fishing area on the Laurel Bridge off 25-70 is known for rampant crime. Vehicles have been looted to such a degree that most avid fishermen don’t even bother coming into the area.
Remember, Buddy’s big donors and commissioner Bubba Snelson (who shared a wife) are in Hot Springs.

Two of the big Buddy donors run a trucking company; why would you not want law enforcement in the area if you run a large business?

Think about it…

What safety and services are we receiving and paying for in Hot springs?

What if all of us decide to stop paying taxes? Oink Oink let’s see how you hogs feed yourselves then.

If these commissioners are not trying to hide something, then break it comprehensively down by departments; we as taxpayers are not even privy to know how well you did last year compared to this year.

What about these Blood Sucking Non- Profits we have in our county? None are listed for the public to see.

Is Willa Wyatt and her school on this list?

She and Norris Gentry are big buddies. I want to know how much this shrew may be getting since she is not required to pay a dump fee for her and her nephew John Gosnell’s residential property in Madison County?

The same John Gosnell who chairs the Democrat Party here in Madison county. Why are these two not paying? Craig Goforth – candidate for commissioner and Willa’s friend was just giddy when he barked at a commissioner’s meeting that all the churches will be finally paying for trash fees.

Don’t forget Goforth’s church is the Golden Calf of Mars Hill.

Folks, churches have virtually no trash but boy that Tax exempt Mars Hill College does where red face Goforth works…

What arrogance and ineptness that these commissioners show us by not providing a comprehensive budget ordinance?

As much as we are paying to these salaried administrative employees and don’t forget the bookkeepers with no education, don’t we as the purse provider of these salaries deserve more?

Below is the best breakdown the public can ascertain from this poor, shoddy attempt at a proposed budget. The only way to analyze by comparing the mess from last year to this year.

  • General Government -up by 20 percent
  • Public safety – Buddy and the Cabal up by 6.1 percent
  • Transportation -up by 12 percent
  • Health and Human Services – up by 24 percent- Is this going for the needles and the Methadone clinics?
  • Community services- up by 16.5 percent
  • Social services up 7.9 
  • Culture and Recreation- Up over 12.7 percent

A quick mention of Culture and recreation I want to know where this money is going because they have purposefully left that out but is it, Chris Maney? Or are our tax dollars going again to Madison’s Marxist slime?

Maney is the director of parks and Rec and another Willa Wyatt, nephew. Maney is one of Madison’s laziest self-serving employees and doesn’t show up to work half the time.

Norris’s letter is so troublesome because he is quick to pat himself on the back for a balanced budget when the only dollars they have are tax dollars that we, as residents of Madison County, work so hard to provide.

Instead of bemoaning how complex the coming environment will be, Gentry should remember the real impact is on those who create the original revenue; to start with. It is the Democrat Party their incompetence and their policies which have brought down this Economy.

Here is a novel idea instead of just a balanced budget, how about a more reduced budget providing a tax credit back to the people of Madison County.

Below is the Democrat Norris Gentry 2022-2023 budget ordinance and budget message.

What is comical in Gentry’s message above is how Gentry wants to use the school board to allocate spending? Are you kidding me?? That is like allowing Larry Leake and Buddy Harwood to oversee sex education at the high school.

These County Commissioners are breaking the Golden Rule of honest budgets by basing future expenditures on revenues they don’t and may never get, like sales tax and tax revenue.

We are going into recession and have high rates of inflation, and we have an incompetent interim County manager who is as old unqualified, and feeble as Joe Biden. If we don’t vote these people out we are screwed…

Norris and Commissioners, do you think people in Madison are cutting back and staying within their budgets to compensate for inflation?
You bet ya they are, so why aren’t you?

Now for the hidden ordinances and they should scare the heck out of you..

Let’s start with item four of the above agenda – A limited moratorium on commercial assembly-related development.

I have a question for you, Einstein Commissioners. Why have you five commissioners just now decided to do something about this obvious problem when many of us have been beating the drum for years?

Look, folks, I got in heated arguments with Forest Gilliam over this and wrote in length about how these carpet baggers who use the fact and call themselves Bonfide Farms skirt around zoning compliance.

I asked Gillum to contact Henderson County and talk to them about how they kept these developers from destroying their Zoning laws.

Of course, Gillum didn’t call; he does what Larry Leake tells him. Gillum may be able to produce a budget, but he knows nothing about Economic development -Zoning or NC law.

Let me tell you what the planners of Henderson did they shut these developers down and let them litigate in court, which the courts found in favor of Henderson County.
Remember, it was Noor who bullied the planning board into submission over the Howell Road property in Marshall back in February. Noor actually stated in this hearing that the planning board would be sued if they didn’t approve the permit for this farce.

The only other attorney for the homeowners in the zoned Agriculture residential area was Jamie Stokes of Leake and Stokes. Are you catching on?
These developments are COMMERCIAL and should be taxed and only allowed in Commercial districts, not residential and agricultural.

I realize you Planning Board members think that just because a guy is an attorney, he knows what he is doing, but Noor is a snake and was hired by the Madison County Commissioners to bully the public and these boards. Remember, 87 percent of Politicians are attorneys.

Do you trust politicians?

By guiding this county into a moratorium that is more apt to receive litigation, Noor and his firm are only padding their pockets. Noor wants to go up the ladder at this firm and the only way you do that is to bring in the bucks for the big daddies.

There are only a few Atticus Fitch’s left in our world and John Noor is not one of them.

During the planning Board hearing on accepting the Land Use plan, again John Noor used the bully tactic and told the planning board that the state could come in and relieve them of their Zoning duties if they did not approve the Land Use Plan.

Case in Point- The state does not have the money to bring in employees to take over a county’s zoning board. The precedence this would set is not something they want to test. The state only interferes when it is about revenue, and that is because of their self monetary interests.

Good to see the Planning Board has caught onto Noor because they voted down this incompetent, poorly written Land Use plan.

Let’s see if, on Tuesday night, commissioners meeting these lazy loggerheads vote for this mess. When you hire idiots that have no idea what they are doing, you end up in situations like this.

Now the water-sewer infrastructure expansion presented by Ross Young to help Marshall with its pathetic water situation.
This con is being rammed through by Forest Gillium, who works as the town of Marshall’s administrator.

Gillium doesn’t just work for them; he works for other interests. Gillium has been coaching Matt Wechtel for years through the County budgets. I told you Gillium understands this, but Wechtel is dumb as a box of rocks.

Do you honestly think Matt Wechtel understands a budget? The only thing he understands is Fried Chicken.

I suspect this is why Wechtel has stated he was for this massive waterline expansion. He has to pay back Forrest for all of his coaching through the commissioner meetings.

This supposed grant is like the Emperor’s new clothes; it is no different than any other grant; once it runs out, it is over, and the taxpayers are on the hook from that point forward.

Why do you think Madison County has so many problems? Why do you think we have to keep spending more money for this bloated bureacracy in our county?

Folks, it is these grants and the mismanagement of them.

Do you think it is fair that Madison County citizens who have paid for their own wells and maintenance should have to pay for the Town of Marshall’s mismanagement over the years?

Remember who the mayor is in Marshall?

Norris Gentry’s sister- Nancy Allen.


Let’s talk about the donkey in the room, Forest Gillium’s big push for low-income housing in Madison county.

Your radar should be at a total level when you hear anyone pushing low-income housing. Where do they put low-income housing?

Usually where there is water and sewer. This is a Democrat Party mindset put these noxious entities right next to well-kept nice homes and areas.

Do you want this junk next to you? It will lower your property values and draw this element into the county.

Don’t we have enough freeloaders in our county already? Do we need all the Low-Income housing (Homeless) in our county?

Oh but that’s right these are potential Democrat voters…

Why do we need low-income housing in Madison County?

Does Gillium profit if this is in our County?

In final, this county is in free fall because of poor leadership. How many grant-funded jobs do we have in this county ,which have run out of revenue to support them?

Grant funding always has a price on the backend…

These Democrats are destroying this county and paying off the rats while they do it. See below how much Walnut service Center has received over the years.

Walnut Service Center are the same people who prop up Buddy Harwood using the Second amendment to get you to vote for him.

Now you know why they do it! You sugar my palm I sugar yours…

I have more coming, folks; you won’t believe it. It is not just Democrats.

Wait until you see how the Covid Care Money was divided between Madison County swells.

Who allocated all those mortgages and credit card payouts to be paid?

Now Ross Young is the handler – you can’t make this up please review this yourself and look at the money these folks and Madison County departments have gotten.

If these Madison County departments were allocated this revenue then why are we funding these same departments with Madison County taxpayer money?

Link below for PDF

Tonight there is also a School Board meeting glad to know they are not taking off for a ball game.

Have a wonderful fourth of July we have so much to be thankful for, we live in the greatest country on the planet don’t ever forget this -CH