There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Free Fried Chicken and Bigger Government coming to Madison County…
Free Fried Chicken and Bigger Government coming to Madison County…

Free Fried Chicken and Bigger Government coming to Madison County…

RINO Commissioners Growing Madison Government…Just because it is a Balanced Budget doesn’t mean it is a good one.
When you make the numbers up, it is easy to make them say whatever you want…

Enter Madison County NC 2023 balanced budget. This year’s budget has grown since 2020 by 6.1 million, which is overall by 24%.

Has your income and your ability to buy more increased?

So easy to spend what is not yours

The size of the Madison County General Government allocation has grown by 67% since 2020.

In 2020 Madison County’s general government allocation was 2.5 million dollars; it has swelled to nearly 4.2 million according to the 2023 – 2024 budget.
see below

Wasn’t it a Republican Campaign Promise to pursue a smaller, more efficient government? Did these dopes not get the memo?

Didn’t Bill Briggs boast through the last election that he had never raised taxes?

The Commissioners did not raise taxes in this budget but the five Einsteins plus their Military Toady have put together a scheme to increase and build a bigger government in Madison County.

Why this is right out of the Democratic Party’s playbook.

Next year is the revaluation of your property taxes. Get ready because regardless if the millage in your taxes stays the same or goes lower, you will still get hammered by this county’s reckless management.

See Below:

In April 2023, Madison County home prices were up 24.4% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $353K. On average, homes in Madison County sell after 91 days on the market compared to 104 days last year. There were 24 homes sold in April this year, up from 19 last year.

Madison CountyNC Housing Market: House Prices & Trends – Redfin

Some of the best of these County Government budget projections for revenue are money they have yet to receive.

But hey, this is how the Military budgets. Wonder how many $1000 hammers are hidden under “other” in Kary Ledford’s chicken scratch of an excuse for accounting.

Madison County is projecting 68% in sales tax revenue. This forecast is at a time when Asheville has seen a sudden drop of 11% in tourism.

Asheville tourism drops 11% amid ‘safety issues’ says TDA (

Buncombe’s drop is part of a national trend of “normalizing of leisure demand after the post pandemic surge,” said TDA President and CEO Vic Isley. But the local falloff is more severe than the 1.4% national reduction Isley said. “

Asheville Citizen Times

Face the facts Asheville is the draw for our area, and you can’t blame this entirely on the influx of crime. Sevierville, TN, has dropped by 43%.

Besides, Sheriff Buddy is hiding the actual crime stats for Madison County, unlike other honest Sheriffs in Western NC who report them.

Harwood does not arrest illegal aliens driving on our roads. Why? Because he doesn’t want to piss off the voters who are illegally using these people to work for them—the same voters who charge almost 60 dollars for two hamburgers – french fries and a drink.

So who else is not getting arrested by the Madison County Sheriff?

Madison County is a Tourist trap plain and simple…

Look at Marshall; it is a city of unhinged transgender freaks, along with Mars Hill and Hot Springs. Why would anyone want to go there?
Travelers who seek the best want to go to friendly, wholesome places with no homeless, drugs, or violent crime, and the last thing they want to encounter is the Woke Marxist Left.
All three local cities in Madison are consumed with the same element as Asheville. How did they become Asheville? They brought in alcohol. You build it, and they will come. The leaders in each of these cities who pushed for this were all the towns Ottis and still are.

But alas, our great commissioners are building more outlets by which this cancer can spread throughout Madison.

They are using grants to do this. Grant money always has a hidden back door, and if you get caught manipulating and using it improperly, it will come back to bite you.

Look at the new water line to hell. Who does this help? Not anyone on this road, no, it only lowers these property owners’ values – quality of life and gives the County the ability to bring in more freeloaders by implementing affordable housing.

Why else would these RINOS sneak this in without notifying the public? Why would they arrogantly move so quickly without considering an environmental impact or feasibility study? This was a payoff by Fried Chicken Wechtel to Forrest Gilliam, who cleaned his diaper for him during the budget hearings in 2020.

This water sewer line which helps Marshall, will increase traffic on this already curvy road. You don’t install water and sewer lines without planning for their impact. The reason Marshall has a water problem is because of the chronic corruption in the town administration.

Has Marshall been a better place since Forrest Gilliam arrived, or has it worsened?

Below from Tony Ponder input on this water sewer line and its impact on Madison County

Madison County’s general government expenditures increased by 30% when their revenue projections have only increased by 12.4 percent, which is called growing government.

I reached out to Rod Honeycutt- county manager of Madison County, with my concerns and my concerns with public record requests and transparency. I asked him directly about the building of the new Courthouse and what they were doing to get this done. He then spilled the beans. Just like I and many others warned, these commissioners misappropriated the over 4 million dollars in grant money intended to build the new courthouse and are planning to finish what is left by using it to bring the courthouse OSHA-compliant.

Honeycutt also informed me in this conversation that the County had approximately 3 million in contingency.

For all of you in Marshall, this means – a reserve of money set aside to cover possible unforeseen future expenses.

It also means these Templers Guarding our interests taxed us too much; you just can’t make this up!

Let’s go through the whole pathetic walk by this Rino Express in assuring they would protect this grant money allocated to BUILD a NEW COURT HOUSE; the timeline is below:

  • Secured a 4 million dollar grant to start the project of building a new courthouse
  • The county commissioners take offense to the fact that no one trusts them with this money, so they create a committee task force to show what is obvious.. the Madison County Court House needs to be replaced. This costs approximately 600,000 plus out of the grant money received. Cha-ching…In the evening, this report was presented to the county commissioners on the first day Honeycutt took the position of county manager. Michael Garrison pulled a fast one and moved to appropriate a portion of this money to fix the courthouse after just receiving an in-depth 600,000 assessment that the Courthouse should not and could not be salvaged as a functioning court facility.

I wrote about this below:

  • To appease me, Honeycutt tells me the commissioners are bringing this courthouse up to OSHA standards starting in September, and this genius thinks it will only cost 1 million dollars- FUBAR!
  • The County wants to move the Courthouse to the Cooperative Extension offices for months or maybe even years while these repairs are being done.

The Madison County Courthouse is a neglected white elephant that can no longer function as a courthouse. Years ago, a former judge, Jim Baker, squandered Tax revenue to polish this dinosaur up. It was a disaster of hopium. Needless to say, it was incompetently renovated. Old plaster that had been saturated and wet for years was drywalled over and left to toxify underneath.

That is just the tip of the iceberg; a stream is running under the building, and guess where it goes? Smack dab into the town of Marshall and the French Broad River.

So I ask you, thieves of Court House Grant money, what will you do when this million-dollar contractor uncovers Stachybotrys Chartarum, commonly known as the black mold, the rare bad one? 

Tell me, ye, Einsteins of the Republican Party. How will a Court House with an active River running through it become OSHA-compliant?

Do you plan on redirecting the stream? I can’t wait to watch this clown show.

That million-dollar contract could blossom into a ten-million-dollar liability. That is, if they can clean it up, how will you stop it from moving downriver in the active stream underneath it?

Face it; we have five stupid men and an arrogant military Toadie who are creating potential liabilities due to greed and incompetence.

After completing his mission of transforming this white Elephant into a viable building, I asked Honeycutt if he would be moving any of the other county facilities into this building.

He quickly replied, “NO.” He then caught his composure and said it is not big enough.

Yeah Right…

He wanted to say that the county has no intention of EVER building a new courthouse. And to imply any county facility would ever be in there was just insulting; why these county officials are too good over there at the RINO County Government to have their offices or meetings in the courthouse?

But you watch: these liars and frauds will move to a bond issue. To build a Gigantic two-building county office emporium to house their hillbilly affirmative action employees. Because that is the way the Military operates, Cha-Ching Cha-Ching,

As I said before, if these commissioners were ever serious about building a new courthouse, they would be moving fast on this project as Interest rates are rising. One Building, three floors at the Sheriff’s Department where the county owns the land for a minimum of 40 million. Not 75 Million, which is what the Military Toadie wants. This is the definition of FRIED CHICKEN.

Speaking of Fried Chicken

Below is the breakdown of your 2023 budget worksheet. Chew on this for a while because it is full of all kinds of goodies.

I am only going to pick apart a small portion of this today, but I assure you we will cover this in the weeks to come.

Look at all those professional services by these departments and the bumbling of accounting of line items in the wrong departments.

Notice the electric bills, especially the sheriff’s department; these did not go up until they brought the Boondoggle called Juvenile Detention into Madison County. Although I will tell you, Honeycutt told me he thought it was because the little old ladies who were using the Sheriff’s kitchen for community food might have been who upped those costs. FUBAR


Travel Expenses for the Great Commissioners…

Why do they need $27,400 a year in travel expenses and another $ 700 in board member expenses?

Around eight thousand a year goes to the great Chairman. Matt Wechtel. Why?

How many boxes of Fried Chicken does this guy need in a year? Well, I calculated this for all of you-Taxpayers out here that are not eating as well as Matt and are not able to travel as high on the hog as Mr. Wechtel.

For eight thousand dollars, Mr. Wechtel could buy 728 of KFC’s Big Box Meal-three piece combo

I will have much more on this budget later as there is other hilarious and frightening County News…

Chuck The Cuck and his Carolina Cruiser is coming to Hot Springs tomorrow…

To give you greater access to your federal government, I’m excited to announce that my mobile office, the Carolina Cruiser, will be across Hot Springs City Hall on 189 Broad St., Hot Springs, NC on Tuesday, August 1 from 1-3 p.m.

My staff will be parked outside with the Carolina Cruiser ready to meet with constituents and assist with casework.

I hope you can stop by to share your thoughts on issues that matter to you or ask for assistance with federal agencies.

Chuck Edwards

Folks, I almost could not stop laughing when I read this above although it is perfect divine timing for this story.

I bet many of you were unaware that Chuck is pushing to use the mountains for military training. Do you trust or want these military knuckleheads near your homes?

Our Congressman Edwards got added to the recently-passed National Defense Authorization Act ..

Watch these five stupid Rinos we have as commissioners, plus their Military Toadie; they will be running for that Federal Grant handout Chuckie is talking about!

Seriously this guy who voted with McCarthy to bankrupt the country several weeks back is a complete moron. I have a great idea; how about putting this military base in “Kenmure” down in Henderson County?

This is a hubristic Golf Course where Chucky lives. These military Geniuses could take turns doing flybys on the clubhouse and all the elite homes to see how close they can get before they crash.

This man is the gift that keeps on giving … Primary Him, Please!

But hey, the Madison County Republican Party is not doing so well either; no one showed up for their last fundraiser.
Wonder why they are so polished…

For crying out loud, get professional photos taken; you hustled enough money in the last election to pay for this; why embarrass yourselves?

Look below the Democrat’s website and notice something.
Regardless of what they really look like, they at least took professional pictures and look attractive.

Spring Creek had its own news this week looks like “The Scut Farkus of Meadowfork” has attacked again because a woman has the audacity to harbor camels and has a better barn.

The exchange below was on a Public Community Board in Spring Creek

Between a woman in Spring Creek with a lovely farm who wants to bring camels onto her property and a known antagonist in the area Erica Tenner…

Remember, Tenner is well known for attacking her neighbors and has used FaceBook to show how truly refined a woman she is.

New Neighbor with the Camels and a New Barn

Good morning Spring Creek!

I am starting a farm email list and will not be posting anymore about the camels here. If you would like to be included and stay tuned on the camels on the farm, please reply here with your name and email and I will get you added. This email list will be solely dedicated to the camels. I will still post here about veggies, eggs, and birds for sale.

Thanks everyone and have a fantastic day! 🙂


Subject: [SpringCreek-NC] Erica wanted to see the sources…

Hello Everyone:

First off I want to thank everyone who emailed me directly with support, concerns, advice, excitement etc. Those emails were all very encouraging and helpful and I did receive a few that expressed apprehension for the camels being in the ‘wrong environment’. I addressed those concerns and some of the concerns brought me to new research — it was all very useful and thank you so much. These camels already live in the wrong environment and they are coming to a home where I will do more for them than their current situation can to balance their ecosystem and diet. For example: we live in Florida as well which just so happens to grow many of the camel’s favorite food and have much sand — we are using this resource to feed the camels here. But that is just one example of how we are very aware and going above and beyond most camel owners. We are in touch with doctors, vets, camaleers all over the world. We are elbow deep in camel at the moment. 

However, tonight I got a very rude, unannounced visit from Erica, the girl with the purple trailer and horses. Yea, the girl who had her horse colic is over here worried about how I will be caring for my live stock. She said others were concerned we didn’t have enough space for the camels. She told me ‘psychologists say camel milk is bad for children with autism’ and she demanded to see my sources. She then said ‘what are you promising people’ to which I said: I am not promising people anything, I just stated the facts that it is approved by the FDA and being used by ND (Naturopathic Doctors) to treat the following illnesses. To which she replied that she did not believe autism was an illness. At the end of it I felt like someone had roped me around a may pole. LOL

So here are the sources since she said she represented multiple ‘concerned residents’ in Spring Creek. First of all, it is none of your business and no one is invited to get any milk even when I have some, except the people I really like and they know who they are 🙂 It will never be for sale in general. I will be selling most of it to Drs who are treating these illnesses with it. 

Sources for people who have no idea how to use Google: 

(I highly recommend for you ‘science oriented’ folks that you type in ‘peer reviewed research’ when you do any search)


Good wishes welcome. Bad vibes and tending your neighbor’s garden is not welcome. I hope everyone has a lovely evening and takes good care of their own live stock. We intend to do the same. I thank everyone who has contacted me with those intentions. 

Have an awesome week Spring Creek!


Tenner Responds

Subject: Re: [SpringCreek-NC] Erica wanted to see the sources…Thank you for publicly responding. My horse didn’t colic. He has Potomac horse fever. So does another neighbors. And others. Despite being vaccinated for it. If you have horses – please vaccinate. My horse is alive because he was vaccinated for it. 

I was interested in discussing your findings of camel milk. As I work in the field. 

Also stated I could be a good resource, with my horse training etc. 

More concerned about the lack of space your camels will have but wish you the best of luck. And nothing but the best. 


Be good. 

More Tenner

Subject: Re: [SpringCreek-NC] Erica wanted to see the sources…Anyone interested in hearing word for word our conversation we shared surrounding camels milk treatment / camel needs, feel free to reach out to me directly. I’d be happy to play it. 

Thank you both for talking with me about your camels moving to spring creek. It’s quite the endeavor & I wish the camels the best. They’re definitely getting a beautiful barn.

My Take

Firstly Camels are not considered exotic animals in NC and can be housed legally as farm animals. Does Scut Fargus of Meadowfork think herself to be the Spring Creek Mayor?

What about Alpacas? What about goats? They struggle here. The vets love you, goat people; your animals are always sick.

I like how this woman handled this bully who obviously went to this family’s private home and taped them. Why?

What right does this unhinged ninny have to go to someone’s house uninvited and harass them?

It sounds to me like Scut Fargus is jealous of this woman and her endeavors.

I see these camels as refreshing: we are getting people into the area with a brain and building nice things.

So the lady from Florida comes in, builds a beautiful barn and a nice place, and brings in camels to use for a possible medical purpose.

Erica Tenner moves in, builds nothing but a purple trailer, and harasses her neighbors. But Scut does bring something.

Why a Registered Sex offender…Folks you just can’t make this up…

I would rather have camels a nice barn and smart people over Woke Marxist ideology and their dumps anyday of the week!

More coming ….Hard Working Americans are coming together…

We have a nation of bright, common-sense people living in this great country and county.

But what happens is that we end up accepting the lies and the Gas Lighting simply because we are too lazy to take the time to see the light.

Or because a bunch of you in this county are getting paid under the table to look the other way regardless, it is wrong to accept what is happening right before you.

There is only one truth. Government should be honest and fair. We can forgive, but we cannot forgive without accountability.
How we address this does not need to be done with vengeance or spite.

But folks, we must do something not just on our county level but also at the national level.

First, we must acknowledge all of the truth and be honest, or these reprobates will continue to do this again. Secondly, they will do worse if they continue getting away with their corruption.

Thirdly, nothing will change until we all get involved and stand up for ourselves.
It is straightforward and starts with the man in the mirror-CH