There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Wouldn’t you rather be in the tugboat?
Wouldn’t you rather be in the tugboat?

Wouldn’t you rather be in the tugboat?

Owned by those we serve?
This is French Broad EMC’s motto below.

But doesn’t FBEMC act like they own us instead?

Honestly, after everything that has been unearthed, wouldn’t you rather be in that Tug Boat instead?

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This Saturday is the vote for Board Members of French Broad EMC.
Interesting to note that Jeff Loven and his Lemmings had a secret meeting Saturday.
For all of you in Marshall –Lemming is a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, especially a headlong rush to destruction.

FBEMC is implementing voting machines to tally the votes in this election. I reached out to Greg Fowler on Saturday and asked as a member the following questions. He never responded. I guess he was too busy in his secret meeting.

  • Specifics on the voting machines used in the French Broad Board election for May 6, 2023.
  • Whether or not a third party will be responsible for tallying the votes
  • Who will be tallying the votes

Why has FBEMC gone to great lengths to hide this element from the members? Let’s hope the Stain Of Sodom – Larry Leake is nowhere near these machines.

District One has the only challenger, with Scott Haynie challenging Mark Snelson, the French Broad Mobs’ pick. Notice the flyer sent out with the proxies below:

What a lie by these con artists to say, “In accordance with the bylaws, the following members have been nominated.”

Mark Snelson is not “in accordance with the by-laws.” He is not eligible to be on this ballot; he is unfit to be elected folks.

Are the ByLaws of Member Owned -French Broad EMC rules for thee not for me?

These Corporate Bylaws were updated in December 2021. They were updated while the sitting president Joe Justice had an active “Durable Power of Attorney” in place – ( he could not perform legal duties because of mental incapacity), which was written and drawn up by Jamie Stokes of “Leake and Stokes.”

Stokes is also the legal counsel of French Broad EMC and was present and witnessed this document being notarized in-house at French Broad EMC by Jeff Loven’s personal secretary Paula Seay.
Also FBEMC Board member & secretary John L Chandler signed as witness

This all happened under the oversight of Phyllis Holt, bookkeeper and office manager of French Broad EMC.

It is time for French Broad EMC to answer for its actions. It is time for these licensed professionals to answer for their actions.

French Broad EMC thinks they own your property, no joke; this is in their newly updated bylaws in 2021 which are illegitimate on their face.

You can’t make this up it is right in front of you documented – Heck Ray Charles could see it!

French Broad EMC has used unconstitutional means through their bylaws to lower your property value and take control of your property:

SECTION 2.12 – Member to Grant Easements to Cooperative and to Participate in, if required, Cooperative Load Management Programs.

Each Member shall, at any time requested by the Cooperative, execute and deliver to the Cooperative grants of easement or right-of-way over, on, and under such lands owned or leased by or mortgaged to the Member.

Such grants shall be provided to facilitate the construction, operation, maintenance, or relocation of the Cooperative’s electric facilities, to provide service to the granting Member, and/or to facilitate the Cooperative’s efforts to provide requested or anticipated services to any other existing or future Member or Members.

Each Member shall participate in any required program and comply with related rates and service rules, and regulations that may be established by the Cooperative to enhance load management, more efficiently to utilize or conserve electric service or to conduct load research.

Under Federal Law, a company cannot seize private property for public use without compensating the individual.
Not to mention other legal factors…

What authority does French Broad EMC have to order its members (who were never allowed to review or vote for these by-laws) to turn over property rights to them?

This sounds Stalinistic- Marxist in nature.

Besides, don’t forget these by-laws were implemented illegally through the malfeasance of all of these “Board of Directors for FBEMC.”

FBEMC has rigged these Board elections for years using Iron Fist techniques aimed at their employees to collect proxies.

They have hidden their actions from the public view through Non-profit status and tried to thwart legitimate Legal Public Record requests over the years.

Do you think French Broad EMC has the authority and right to lower your property values by placing their ugly power lines and chemical sprays onto your lands without your permission?

This helps dirty carpet bagger developers get electricity which then takes away your enjoyment of your property.

Remember, French Broad EMC and its Board of Directors do not pay your mortgage -property tax, or insurance payment on your property.

Yet, they think they own you and your property and your rights to your property…

But there is more…

SECTION 2.09 – Reduction in Electric Service.
As required or allowed by Law and as determined by the Board, if a Member substantially reduces or ceases the use, receipt, or purchase of electricity from the Cooperative, then the Cooperative may charge the Member, and the Member shall pay to the Cooperative, the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Cooperative in reliance on prior assurances regarding the anticipated future use of electric service by the Member.

Really… notice the “as required by law” part; who is the Einstein attorney who implemented this BS? They are going after those of you who have chosen to use renewable or other energy sources to lower your electric bills.

Should members who use less electricity be fined because they chose to use something else and are actually trying to save money?

Now onto the “Cover Your Butt” section, which is invalidated because they illegally altered their bylaws with two Board members with ACTIVE DURABLE Power of Attorneys in place as they voted for this rubbish.

Folks, they can’t order you into arbitration; this is a scare tactic to get you to comply and kiss their mighty ring.

SECTION 2.13 – Dispute Resolution.
By applying for service or accepting electric energy from the Cooperative, each Member agrees that any dispute the Member has against the Cooperative arising from or related to current or former Membership in the Cooperative or the receipt of electric energy from the Cooperative or arising out of or related in any way to these Bylaws, or any agreements with or services provided by the Cooperative, if not resolved informally by the parties by discussion, negotiation or voluntary mediation, will be subject to mandatory and binding arbitration (“Arbitration”) in any case where the entire amount in controversy exceeds the jurisdictional limits for District Court. The Arbitration of such a dispute will be commenced by the Member or former Member sending a demand for Arbitration to the registered office of the Cooperative. The Arbitration shall take place in the county of the Member’s service address as listed in the records of the Cooperative. In the absence of other express agreement by the parties, the Arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules and Arbitration Procedures of the American Arbitration Association in effect at the time of the demand for Arbitration, except in all cases the arbitrator may tax against the Cooperative the arbitrators’ expenses and fees, together with other expenses but not including counsel fees, incurred in the conduct of the Arbitration if the arbitrator enters a decision solely against the Cooperative. Each Member further agrees that no class action claim may be brought in such arbitration or in any court. Furthermore, the Cooperative and the Member each waive their respective right to a jury trial in any dispute.

I wanted you to see the above dispute resolution clause because I want you to ask yourselves whether French Broad EMC has acted fairly to all of its members.

SECTION 8.02 – Nonprofit and Cooperative Operation.
The Cooperative:

  1. shall operate on a nonprofit and Cooperative basis for the mutual benefit of all Members;
  2. may not pay interest or dividends on capital furnished by Patrons

Nonprofits must spend their money to stay nonprofit; the only entity benefiting from this Coop is Loven’s Lemmings, “The Big Ten.”

Nonprofits don’t even pay property taxes. I will be getting into this in the next week’s story. Below are the Non-Profit exemptions for Madison County notice French Broad EMC tally under utilities:

French Broad is over 3 million in exemptions.

French Broad EMC is a NonProfit, and Nonprofits have to spend their money to keep their non tax status, so why do French Broad EMC and Jeff Loven, the “Big Ten” including the FBEMC Board Members, get to eat up the profit in the form of salaries?

Why not give it back to the Members which French Broad EMC, in their Motto, states,
” Owned by those we serve.”

They don’t serve us; they serve themselves and their friends…

Below the money IRS 990 form for 2021

I think the IRS will be interested in the fact that the president of this Board of Directors was conned into signing this 990 when he had no legal right to do so and since this is a federal agency they may be interested in the fact that elder abuse exploitation may have taken place to get this signature.

Scott Haynie, the District One French Broad Board Seat candidate, is not doing this for salary; he told me he didn’t want the money.

By the way, FBEMC claiming in Federal 990’s these directors work 9-10 hours a week is skeptical.

I tell you what FBEMC BOARD MEMBERS, do something productive how about all you French Broad EMC Board Directors take one hour out of your 10-hour week and actually read YOUR BYLAWS…

Notice up above in the Director salaries the contractors for French Broad EMC in 2021
CVO is listed as fiber work.
This contractor was paid by members and Federal Grant money in the amount of $2,465,408.

Who owns CVO?
Why good ole Brooke Lunsford

Why did Brooke Lunsford need the below PPP money of up to $350,000 in late 2020 if he had this gig lined up with his friend Jeff Loven?

Is this why there were multiple LLC’s owned by Lunsford lined up as Bidding Contractors for the USDA Grant Money for Fiber Optic Installation in Madison County at FBEMC?

These are legitimate questions that need to be answered by this Board of Directors for French Broad EMC.

FBEMC also needs to answer why they took advantage of two men in an incapacitated and vulnerable state to get this Federal Grant money.

Look below three different but similar cons using federal money in order to profit- Observe these stories then ask yourselves could this have happened here?
This is why we need answers to these questions instead of silence by FBEMC…


You have an opportunity on Saturday to start the process of putting the trust back into the motto of “Owned by those we serve.”

Scott Haynie is not a member of Loven’s Lemmings. He is his own man and has sacrificed a lot to try to make a difference in this FBEMC election.

It is a tough battle against a corrupt institution that has gotten away with these antics for years.

You can turn this around not by just talking the talk but by walking it, going to this meeting on Saturday in the rain, and voting your heart.

This is just one battle in a war; remember that. French Broad has never been challenged …

Taking on the establishment is not easy. People- who Haynie doesn’t even know have attacked him and called him crazy.

These folks turned out to be some of FBEMC’s mobs that are collecting proxies for Loven.

These are the same tactics played by those who are less than honorable and who are desperate to keep power.
Not to mention they don’t want the truth to come forward.

Scott Haynie’s Facebook Live last night, please take the time to watch

(18) Scott Haynie | Facebook

If you have a proxy that you want to vote for Scott Haynie, please contact Scott, or if you simply want to ask him questions, call him; he is not afraid to speak to the public.

Scott Haynie Trucking map below…OPEN M-F 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM -PHONE: 828-230-6975

Don’t become them; stay who you are, and don’t lose focus on what is right…

Speaking of what is right as a nation, we lost one of our country’s finest evangelical men on April 18, 2023- Charles Stanley.

I remember Pastor Stanley mentioning while preaching that in his most challenging times, he endured by keeping his eyes focused on the light of God.

How true those precious words are today…

We as a nation are in those times

There is a lot of evil in our world, and we all must stand up and fight for Liberty and God.
Paul Harvey was trying to tell us in 1965, isn’t it time we started listening – CH

More is coming, and it will deal with the rest of the story, including county government and what happened at the last commissioner’s meeting – Tucker Carlson and more….stay tuned…