There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
The truth is like a lion you don’t have to defend it let it loose; it will defend itself…St Augustine
The truth is like a lion you don’t have to defend it let it loose; it will defend itself…St Augustine

The truth is like a lion you don’t have to defend it let it loose; it will defend itself…St Augustine

Your Government lied to you…

Dirty attorneys, prosecutors, government officials, dirty cops, Republicans, Democrats, News Media, and the Mentally ill left all accused any and all of us of an Insurrection that never occurred.

The Truth below is the actual footage of what happened on January 6 .
The January 6 committee LIED -Hiding the truth served the Democrat- Republican political interests…


The Biggest Lie told by the Democrat Party – Commentary by Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times- Excerpt below they are genuinely sick and accused Trump Supporters of carrying weapons, and they labeled them armed insurrectionists all because they had American Flags and flagpoles.

Folks, you can’t make this stupidity up, and now the Truth defends itself.
Justice is coming for the Left…

Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for being brave enough to fight for the truth, and now folks more truth about the
“Elephant in the Room in Madison”…

It takes a strong person to stand up against the tyranny in their own political party.

Below is Reporting from Tony Ponder (R) from the Madison County Republican Party Convention on Saturday.


Republican county convention held in Marshall on March 4, 2023; Tony Ponder reporting.

The Madison County Republican Convention was held this past Saturday in Marshall.

Elected officials and delegates, the majority being from Mars Hill, gathered for their bi-annual meeting.

The most impressive speaker of the afternoon was Congressman Chuck Edwards. Not only was he knowledgeable, but his aides were also impressive. Congressman Edwards addressed some of the issues facing the country. He stated that the government must now pump money into the Social Security system to keep it solvent.

He added that the debt ceiling has to be raised in order to meet financial obligations and to keep prior commitments. Those commitments are to our military, health care, Social Security, etc. He stated that he is now on three house committees and that is unusual for a new congressman. He promised to work to curb Washington’s wild spending. He feels that his most important committee assignment is on The Ways and Means Committee.

Congressman Edwards stated that he didn’t intend to settle into Washington. He exhibited a workman’s like attitude toward his responsibilities as a new congressman. It appeared to those in attendance that the congressional district now has a work horse and not a show horse in Washington. He gave the aura of a man who could become the dynamic financial force in the house; perhaps a Wilbur Mills.

Congressman Edwards answered many questions and concerns from the audience. Perhaps the most interesting reply was to the question of a water and sewer line between Mars Hill and Marshall. The questioner didn’t want Madison County to become another Buncombe. “I don’t either,” was the congressman’s brief reply.

An attendee whispered to an aide for the congressman to be wary of the deep state. They have been known to lure new congressmen into compromising situations for blackmail purposes.

State Senator Ralph Hise conducted the meeting in a professional, business like manner. He made this response to a reporter’s question. What is the legislature going to do about these corrupt voting machines that are notorious of changing election outcomes? He replied the governor and democrats control that. We can’t do anything about it.

Thanks Ralph! Now the democrats have a free ride into the governor’s mansion for four more years. It must be nice to redistrict yourself into a nice safe district. You can bask in the sunlight of being a lone republican mister big shot while a democrat holds the levers of power in the governorship.

Patrick Ward was reelected chairman against token opposition. Other officers are: Austin Edwards, vice chairman; Cindy Davidson, secretary; and Vickie Hollifield, treasurer.

As a side note: This blog creator’s name came up twice during the meeting. Isn’t it amazing that a person can cast a pall over a meeting and not even be present?

Tony Ponder

Tony was more kind than I would have been. Below is my analysis of this Mars Hill clown show…

Let’s start with who the Republican Party members chose for leadership positions.

  • Patrick Ward- As all of you know, I think Patrick Ward is an incompetent chairman; this guy has never been ready for Prime Time. He was ushered in by a local barkeep and implemented because he would take orders from Mutt and Jeff. Ward wants to run for Mark Cody’s position- (Clerk of Courts); this is the only reason he took the job. He actually told me this. I told him he wasn’t qualified and would be a disaster if elected.
  • Austin Edwards-co chair- Are you kidding me? This is Buddy Harwood’s Toadie. He calls Sheriff Buddy (D) daily and brags about doing it. Look below for how long he and his family have milked the county with Walnut Service Center. This Wannabe and Fried Chicken’s only claim to fame is implementing a resolution to protect gun rights in Madison County. A Resolution means nothing, folks; it is nothing but more Gas-lighting; Besides, Fried Chicken could care less about gun rights Wechtel as president of his HOA subdivision, banned their use- chew on that, you good Mars Hill Republicans.
  • Don’t doubt for one moment these Hypocrites and their good friend Buddy Harwood will be the first ones knocking at your door to collect your guns. Remember, they were the first to shut down your businesses, churches, and freedoms while getting in line and pushing you to get the deadly jab.
  • RINO- Republican in name only…

  • Vickie Hollifield – treasurer – Folks, a treasurer position is one of the most involved positions for any organization as it requires organization -record keeping- minor accounting, and overall attention to detail. I initially had high hope for this woman when she ran for office, but she failed miserably in my eyes after witnessing her lies and tattle-telling. This gal still lives at home with her parents and frequents food banks in our area. I am not against people going to Food Banks; some people need this service, but it doesn’t look suitable for an area Headquarters treasurer. But hey, the Mars Hill Republican party is notorious for putting the worst in this position. Years ago, while Matt Wechtel ran the party, they placed a woman in this position who was delinquent for five years in property taxes. This woman’s daddy was a Twice failed Republican Candidate for commissioner. Maybe Hollifield will do her due diligence and actually look into my complaint to Patrick Ward and her about Cindy Davidson making statements to Republican Party members, including Hollifield, that Davidson paid the rent for the Republican Party Headquarters. It is not appearing in the Madison County Republican Party disclosures under donations and expenditures. Link here –
  • Cindy Davidson – secretary – This is the same Cindy Davidson above and who helped run the Buncombe Republican Party into the ground. She just recently moved to Madison County and wants to take over the Republican Party here. Why do we need Buncombe County values in Madison? Davidson was known as a “Know it all” and liked to bully volunteers in the Buncombe GOP. Her last days operating in Buncombe County were telling. She went off to Montana during the final two weeks of an election. Maybe she was trying out for a role in “Yellowstone,” who knows? A little note on this woman’s antics over the years in the Buncombe County GOP as told to me by two sources. Davidson had a lead that a home in the Fletcher Arden area was bringing illegal voting ballots into Western NC. This sounds like a Pee Wee Nesbit tabloid story which he is known for, folks. Cindy Davidson could not verify, nor did she have any evidence, except there were car tags from Georgia, and people were bringing in boxes into this home. Did this idiot ever think that maybe they were moving into the house? She tried her best to get the volunteers to stalk this home and its residents and document the coming and going. The volunteers wanted nothing to do with it, so who did she call? Not Ghostbusters, which would have been better but the Madison County Militia. I have met these guys before; they are funny, friendly people but far from a Militia. The Militia went there, and nothing was uncovered. Why would a GOP campaign headquarters leader encourage others to do something which could be illegal without proof? Imagine what she will do here; look at the Buncombe County Republican party’s results and ascertain her effectiveness for yourselves.

The best or the worst for last …

The most unhinged pathetic action occurred at this convention by a former losing candidate for School Board, Monica Oliphant, or whatever her name is.

This woman made an outburst during this convention when Tony Ponder got up to speak after he was nominated as the Chairman of the Republican Party. Remember, this Mars Hill Republican party had already made their selections weeks ago, so how dare anyone come in to muck this up by getting nominated for a position?

You know what? This reminds me of French Broad EMC when they make their Board selections

Ponder barely got into his remarks when Oliphant’s outburst came from the audience. Yelping – “What about Cindie Harman.” Tony Ponder, who had not mentioned my name, said, “what about her.” Ralph Hise, who was running this fiasco, stated that the audience could not interact with the speakers.

This is not the first time Oliphant has attacked Tony Ponder; she actually tried to start an altercation after a Madison County Republican Party meeting accusing Tony of telling me that her maiden name is Ponder. First, Ms. Oliphant Tony Ponder never told me anything about you; second, what is wrong with the “Ponder Name?” I knew Vernon Ponder well; he was one of the finest Christian men in Madison County. He was fit for office, unlike you! Don’t blame the name…

This failed candidate reminds me of an old Aristotle saying:

A fool contributes nothing worth hearing and takes offense at everything.

It is easier for Monica Ponder to lose and blame someone else. In her mind, the fact she lost gives her a pulpit to blame everyone for her shortcomings; imagine how ineffective she would have been if she had won.

Why did Oliphant think she had some undue Godly right to bully this man while he spoke? Did Mutt And Jeff encourage this unstable outburst? This is the second time for her, and remember Wood Pile Wyatt also did this after a County Commissioner meeting with Tony Ponder. This sure is a thin-skinned bunch of feckless politicians, isn’t it, folks?

I think it is because Tony Ponder is effective and intelligent, and this galls these dull-witted dunces…

The Mars Hill Republicans are scared to allow anyone with new ideas inside the party because it jeopardizes their power structure.
In their Tiny world, their self-perceived importance is all that matters…

The Republican Party of Madison does not strive for the best they aspire for the least, so they pick the worst to represent them.

This is also why they loathe descent in their ranks and free speech. Is this conservative and constitutional thinking?
No, it’s how backward hicks think…

This is because Management to the lowest common denominator is more manageable to encourage conformation than trying to breed exceptionalism.

This Mars Hill Republican Party hates thinkers. They don’t like anyone who can hear and think for themselves, and heaven forbid you to question their actions.

They are all sheep in wolves’ clothing.

These totalitarians want to rule through intimidation like a pack of wolves, but they are a bunch of mindless following sheep. I deplore you, Republicans, to consider what this leadership is doing to your party.

They think they own the party, and you better comply with who they want on a ticket and in the party…

Just like Austrailia…

Reminds me of a cult. Instead of the Mars Hill Republican Party, they should be called the Peoples Temple of Mars Hill.

Let’s hope they don’t start giving out free Kool Aide…

I want to thank Ms. Oliphant, or whatever her name is, for keeping this blogger in the Hearts and Minds of the Mars Hill Republican Party.

If you can’t handle being vetted in a political race, I suggest you think twice about running. Once you are elected, you better be careful in trying to cull dissension.

Isn’t it interesting how those who self-identify as Conservatives and Constitutional thinkers and run as this during a political campaign are the first to criticize your rights to speak?

This is why Freedom of Speech should be protected at all costs and why our voices should become louder for our country’s sake.

This is why so many voters are leaving both the Republican and Democrat parties- They are no different, just different wallpaper on the outside- CH

Next Tuesday, March 14th, at 7:00 PM, the Madison County Commissioner’s meeting – Support those that speak out…