Save Madison County NC From The Left
The Bell is Tolling for Harwood…
The Bell is Tolling for Harwood…

The Bell is Tolling for Harwood…

The bell tolls for thee.

When a large bell rings or tolls, it is called a knell.

It means the end of something.

The bell is tolling for those who seek to destroy our county, country, and communities through their corruption and sense of entitlement.

It tolls for you, Sheriff Harwood, and all those who are involved in this moral depravity you have built over the years.

The arrogance is undeniable to all who choose to see it.
Many of you are outraged at what has been going on right under your noses for years. But you are waking up and want better for yourselves, your families, and your communities.

It is not easy to stand up and speak out against entrenched politicians and their toadies of shame. Give credit to those who have taken steps to run for office and put their lives on hold to make Madison County and our country a better place to live.

We owe them our gratitude.

This County Corruption is interchangeable. It travels through the Sheriff’s department, county government, schools, and onto those who have taken the bite of the apple.

The apple of Eve, Buddy Harwood ate the apple.

below the unvarnished truth…

Last Saturday, a “Meet The Sheriff candidates” meeting was held at the Seven Glens Home Owners association in Mars Hill.
All the candidates showed up except Buddy Harwood, who claimed he was officiating a wedding at 10:00 AM.

Was Buddy afraid to show up? Was he afraid to debate the other candidates?

Robin Lyles- a Republican candidate for Sheriff, and Jim Cruzan, a Democrat candidate for Sheriff, had plenty of tangible things to say about Sheriff Harwood.

Look, folks, both of these men worked for Harwood, so they have experienced his malfeasance first hand.
These candidates talked about how Harwood would curtail their ability to make arrests. For instance, Jim Cruzan was checking individuals in the Spring Creek area because they were driving left of the center line and came to find out they were illegals with no driver’s license or insurance.

Buddy Harwood got angry and said, “we would not mess with them because I know who they work for, which will cost me votes.”

Really I live in Spring Creek, and I think many people in this area want illegals held accountable. We certainly don’t want them driving erratically and without insurance.

Can we go to these business owners in Spring Creek, who Buddy likes so much, and hold them responsible if these illegals destroy our property or harm us in an accident?

At this meeting, Robin Lyles conveyed the same thing; Lyles was making arrests for speeding and drugs, and Buddy Harwood was nixing these arrests because it would cost him votes.

What kind of people would care if lawbreakers and druggies were arrested?

What does this say about Harwood’s voters?

The homeowners at this subdivision also pinned they were perplexed at how little service the Madison County Sheriff’s Department offered them.

According to these taxpayers, the Madison County sheriff’s department was deliberately AWOL in their area and failed to respond to numerous requests, including breaking and entering.

These acts by the Madison County Sheriff are not surprising because Buddy Harwood has covered up many legal, lawful arrests and investigations by his detectives (who have integrity).

But one of the most blatant coverups involves former County commissioner Elsberry Wyatt; I fondly named him “Ole Slick Head” years ago, and boy was it accurate.

Here is the story, a very prominent businessman in the area had allowed a customer to look at some flooring for sale at one of his storage facilities. While the customer was on the premises and loading some of the floorings, Elsberry Wyatt drove up.

The individual told Elsberry Wyatt he was taking the flooring and had arranged to settle up with the seller later. I guess Ole Slick Head felt he could help himself because he goes home, gets his trailer, and then allows himself to approximately 20 rolls of flooring out of this facility.

Who in their right mind does this?

Wyatt’s have profitted off this county for years why blatantly steal another man’s property?

Wyatt not only commits theft of this flooring, but he gets on the phone and calls two more people and lies to them that this flooring is free and they should get some. Was “Ole Slick Head” setting the stage for his theft? If you are caught stealing, why not incriminate others to protect your crime. Criminals do this all the time.

One of the people Wyatt called did the right thing and contacted the flooring owner, who told him the flooring was not free of charge.

Upon investigation by one of the few ethical detectives at the Madison County Sheriff’s department, the detective spoke to Wyatt, who lied about the incident and made an attempt to implicate others.

Why did Wyatt call anyone about the flooring? Was it to cover his actions? Why did he lie to the investigator?

After the investigation, the detective went to his boss Sheriff Buddy Harwood with the report and told him he had enough evidence to arrest Elsberry Wyatt.

Harwood immediately covered up the incident, and the detective had to notify the owner of what happened. The detective advised the owner to contact the State Bureau of Investigation. The same State Bureau of Investigation has covered up for Harwood in the past.

Because Harwood refused to prosecute this action, the owner of the flooring never recovered his flooring or the money he would have made if he had sold this.

What if this happened to you?

After Harwood covered up this felony, Wyatt’s girlfriend’s friend notified the detective that Wyatt had some of this flooring installed at one of his horsey girlfriend’s business rentals.

So ole Slick Head Elsberry Wyatt got away with stealing a honest man’s property.


Maybe because David Wyatt is his brother. David Wyatt Democrat Lackey for Roy Cooper.

Maybe because Willa Wyatt, who is married to David, and David are best friends with Larry Leake?

Maybe because John Gosnell, chairman of the Madison County Democrat Party, is the nephew of Willa Wyatt?

Are you catching on, folks, about how deep these con artist swamp creatures go?

Remember what Larry Leake did to a fifteen-year-old little girl,, yet these Democrats put him back in charge of the state Board of Elections and appointed him to a judgeship in our district over family court.PRICELESS

These same Democrat Executive committee members and Larry Leake have no morals or ethics, just like Buddy Harwood, who they support for Sheriff.

The Madison County citizens who follow the law and refuse to kiss this Cabal’s ring are attacked and bullied and receive no law enforcement support, which they pay for in tax revenue.

All the signs show Sheriff Buddy is worried.

Don’t forget Harwood is playing the Cruzan tape, as he calls it, to anyone who will listen and claiming he is not worried about Cruzan and the primary.

If you are not worried, Buddy, then why were you at the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department negotiating your certification status?

Why is Harwood putting up three signs in one place?

Why do you need so many signs out during a primary which you are not worried about?

In fact, folks, Harwood has even resorted to trespassing on private property to place signs?
Harwood’s goons are throwing other candidates’ signs on the ground as they place their signage.
What a sense of entitlement; maybe Buddy Harwood should be working on the certification of his deputies. Instead of damaging signs of his challengers.

FYI- The former deputies I reported on in last week’s blog ( Potters) have not been certified since 2015.

Folks, this is incompetence and misconduct.

But hey, what do you expect from Harwood’s regime notice below this letter sent over the weekend to Jim Cruzan?

I just love it when someone ends a hit piece letter with

“May God have Mercy on your soul.”

Those that support Harwood and take up for Dj Raheem Geer should be checking their Jesus Fish at the door.

Look, folks, I have been looking at Darlyne Rhinehart’s -(Buddy’s Book Keeper) chicken scratch for years; this looks identical to her handwriting on the envelope.

Notice she even made the mistake of allowing previous writing on the bottom of the page.
I hate to tell you, Buddy idiots, but most people in Madison County could care less about what happened to DJ Raheem Geer and his and Buddy’s attempt at setting up the Cruzans.

We know what Buddy- Coy and Geer are, all three have the same smell.

Geer is a clown whose only claim of fame is he likes to harass law enforcement – taxpayers and municipalities.
In other words, folks, he is a professional ass hole.

Geer harasses individuals for clickbait on youtube. Does he pay taxes on this revenue? He did not pay in SC, where he claimed he lived. So does the IRS know about this?

I hate to tell ole DJ, but if he tried this crap on some of the citizenery in Madison County, he might end up with that camera somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.

No one spat or assaulted this degenerate either.

Look how Darlyne, in the end, states she reviewed the videos. Videos? There was only one video, so where is this other video?

Buddy has some of the most unintelligent people working for him. Why are we paying Darlyne Rhinehart for 30 hours of work a week when she performs less then seven?
Darlyne above spoke about Jim Cruzan mistreating his wife; Seriously, Darlyne, Buddy Harwood has the real background in mistreating his wives.

Why look below at Buddy Harwood’s 50-B and contempt charge.

Sheriff’s under NC statute are not suppose to have 50-B’s in their backgrounds right?

Does Jim Cruzan or Robin Lyles have a 50-B in their background? NO!
Buddy has lied for years about his 50-B in Buncombe now you have the truth about Reverend Harwood see below:

How many times does the bell have to toll for some of you to see the truth?

  • How many of you in Madison County live-in a home with a three hundred-foot-plus concrete driveway with heating coils?
  • How many of you own a 2019 Ford 350 Dually Diesel valued at $80,000?

  • How many of you own a 2019 Jayco Camper valued at $85,000 – but of course you need the dually above to pull this camper?
  • How many of you own 2019 Dodge Challenger (Hell Cat) valued at $80,000? Daphne Harwood went from a Laredo to Hell Cat! I could say more about Daphne being a Hell Cat but I will be nice
  • How many of you also own a 2019 Chevy truck?

Folks this is what Buddy Harwood owns not to mention the new tractor etc…This is over $350,000 on a sheriff’s salary in Madison County?

Remember when Covid hit and the trendsetter Craig Goforth locked down this county? You were harrassed in your businesses -homes- churches.

You were forced to eat Ingles freezer burnt old meat while Buddy Harwood – Craig Goforth- Darlyne Rhinehart – Tammy Cody- Mark (I don’t mind sharing my wife) Snelson- Norris Gentry -the Madison County sheriff Department ate steak on your nickel.

Don’t ever forget what this vermin did to you!

They will do it again…

Buddy Harwood does not care about the people of Madison County he cares about himself and his special interests. Below the current individuals who have contributed to his campaign: Notice we have a magistrate who contributed. He is Heil Hoffman’s little brother how wrong is that?

For whom the bell tolls, Buddy Harwood’s bell has tolled so loudly Raleigh can hear it.

But don’t fret good things are happening in our country and world.

Supreme Court judge Samuel Alito’s draft was leaked by one of the Sotomayer Woke mentally ill clerks to take your eyes off the war in Ukraine, Movie 2000 Mules & the Pfizer data dump.

Pfizer data was released. Remember, Pfizer wanted this data buried for 75 years.
80,000 pages. Pfizer knew vaccine harmed the fetus in pregnant women and that the vaccine was not 95% effective; Pfizer data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate.

The Enemy hates truth. The meltdown over the twitter purchase by Elon Musk is all because the far left fears losing the power to threaten, silence, and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

Because Elon Musk has bought twitter the Biden regime puts out their version of controlling speech called the “Ministry of Truth.”

See her below the new Ministry of Truth she works for DHS.

I swear I am not making this up…

Hitler did the same…

This above is the result of when siblings breed…

They are imploding! Every year the Department of Education spends twice as much as Elon Musk pays to buy Twitter. Think about that.

Overturning Roe Vs Wade will be the final nail in their coffin!

God has won, and these demons know it!- CH
I will have more next week. Important information on the schools and Heil Hoffman. Below Madison County Schools and their diversity committee, we will talk about this next week. Remember if you want your vote to count VOTE ONLY ON PRIMARY ELECTION DAY May 17-2022. I will explain the voting machines and the collection of votes next week also- Try to get out and see the great movie 2000 mules and see how these Democrats cheated. And in the final next week, I will talk about, Roe Vs Wade. Finally, this evil may leave us.

God will bless our Country again!