There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Beginning of the End…
Beginning of the End…

Beginning of the End…

The Hunters become the Hunted…

Today it is Bill Gates…

Soros, Schwab and Gates not present at WEF 2023

Something VERY BIG is going on, and it appears it is not good.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) begins its world conference today, but WEF Founder Klaus Schwab and now Billionaire George Soros have just BOWED OUT; they will NOT attend!

Citing alleged “health issues,” Klaus Schwab has just made known he will not attend the WEF Conference in Davos.   

Now, George Soros is publicly saying he, too, will not attend. This is despite the conference date being set months in advance, and it is the most significant affair the WEF runs yearly.

This comes despite the country of Switzerland deploying five thousand army troops and empowering those troops to “use coercive police power” to keep order.

RUMORS are running rampant, and they CLAIM (unsubstantiated) that both Schwab and Soros believe they are being hunted for what they’re doing, and trying to do, to the world.  The RUMORS (unsubstantiated) claim both men now fear for their physical safety.

This reminds me of the passengers who canceled their trips on the Titanic at the last minute and the lucky billionaire leaseholder who didn’t show up to work in their office at the top of one of the towers on 9/11.

BOO HOO, the three most evil men on the planet are running scared. The people are challenging their Satanic depopulation plan, and their reign is waning…

Why would anyone worship this Liberal freak Klaus Schwab below? But the Left does this Satanic Filth is who funds the Democrat Party.

Don’t Forget their big toy; Joe Biden is also in big trouble. The Left is crumbling before our eyes!

What will be next?
How many more classified documents will be found?


Not just on the Democrat side, folks it involves many on the Republican side.

A battle has been going on in the DC Swamp for the last few years. It even ended in a sanctimonious brawl for the speakership position. I enjoyed watching this because it made me think they were actually earning their salaries.
This is your blessed Republican Party, and you better start waking up to both parties being the same; both have been infiltrated with this evil.

To choose Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House is like putting the fox in charge of your chicken house; what about the Democrats? Look what they have representing them in yet another stolen election of many this year.

Is this America? Look at this creature who was elected in PA.

Remind you of anyone? Good Grief folks, you can’t make this up!

Thank the twenty that stood up to Trump and McCarthy and the other worthless feckless Republicans in the chamber.
All the NC GOP stood with McCarthy which speaks volumes…

Pathetic that we only had twenty that stood, and in the end, only six were left. These six are true patriots. Notice how all the Republicans took a bow after this vote.

The Grass Roots, the MAGA party, got this done, not Trump or the Rino Republican party of the House of Representatives.

Trump took credit for getting McCarthy elected Speaker. …Against the will of Republican populists. This is not the Trump of 2016 or even 2020. Trump better watch his step and whose wagon he hitches to. I remember something Rush Limbaugh said before he died, he said: ” No one can take Trump’s followers from him except Trump.” That is good advice. Trump should heed it.

By the way, why was there no consensus on Election Fraud for this election in these backroom deals for speakership?

Our American elections are rigged; no one can deny this after watching what just happened in the midterms.

Do you build a house on top of a broken foundation?

No, you fix the foundation and then build the house because if you don’t,
the house will fall.

Below is who McCarthy indeed is: Now ask yourself why any true conservative would want this man as House Speaker.

Why do any of you out there with a brain still follow those Deep State morons on Fox News? They were pushing the McCarthy Rino. They also were paid to push the Covid Jab Bioweapon on the public.

Follow the money; who do you honestly think writes the legislation for congress? Do you genuinely believe the interns- clerks or the congressmen themselves of the capital house wrote the 1 Trillion dollar omnibus bill?

Heck no, all they did was print the 4000 sheet packages for the congressmen. The special interests lobbyists and K Street provide this legislation, not your bloated congressmen.

They are being paid under the table to present this; how do you think these elected congressmen and congresswomen get so rich after they are elected? They get rich, you get poorer, and you are slaves to their gaslighting and propaganda being pushed by news organizations funded by George Soros and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Looking at this chamber during this says a lot; it is a repulsive quandary of narcissistic, egotistical politicians representing the Federal Government- Deep State -K street, and Wallstreet.

The Republican speakers who played the violin around Kevin McCarthy no doubt had opportunism in mind as they bloviated McCarthy’s attributes.

It makes you want to vomit; the only shining stars were the 20 conservative Republican individuals who fought for the American People.
The Democrats got drunk and ate popcorn.
In the end, McCarthy won in the fifteenth vote but gave up a lot.

Below is who McCarthy is and how he votes – A member of the farce called the Freedom Caucus…

This is how I feel about all of this and how it went down.

McCarthy is an immoral swamp dweller and has been his whole political career. I can’t stand that ape from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene; watching her and McCarthy during this drama was disgusting and telling.

Andy Biggs, one of the Patriots who stood up to the Rinos of Congress, lost to Kevin McCarthy but won huge wins for conservatives in restoring power to the people.
This could lead to investigations against China, the FBI’s out-of-control behavior, and border policies that violate the law. Below are three short videos which spell this out. It is the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Russ Vought: McCarthy’s Concessions Are The Biggest Wins Against The D.C. Cartel In 60 Years

Davis: McCarthy Has Directly Supported The Marxist Left Taking Over Every Institution In America

Davis: Conservative Grassroots Set New Precedents With The DC Swamp With Historic House Speaker Deal

Below is why McCarthy caved. We owe a great deal to Matt Gaetz – Lauren Boebert and Andy Biggs for this hard-fought battle.

Notice the tramp Marjorie Taylor Greene and McCarthy during these votes.
Folks, Marjorie would make the DC Madam blush!

That Lewinsky moment…What is this bleach blonde bimbo grabbing at in this below video?

She better scram before McCarthy’s wife visits DC…

Greene’s husband divorced her- Why? Use your imagination

Before any of you start the banter of I am abandoning President Trump hear me out because this is the Elephant in the room.

I have questions as a supporter of President Trump because of this latest spectacle that took place in DC.

  • Why does President Trump surround himself with some of the trashiest reprobates in Washington?
  • Why did President Trump encourage people to go out and take a bio-weapon jab? After many reputable Doctors warned about this death jab? Why do this to our military?
  • If, as some say, Trump knew about all the Deep State plans, why did he leave office? Joe Biden never won, and we all know it; neither did that goon in AZ – Katie Hobbs or Democrat Lurch above from PA, along with many more.
  • Why tell your base during a time of emotion of blatant election fraud to come to DC if you knew they were being set up by Pelosi – FBI- Dirty Cops of DC? Did he know?
  • Why did Marjorie Taylor Greene go only a few times to speak out for the January 6 prisoners and then clam up and move on to something else – like her fake accusation that someone was “swatting her” at her home? This was done for attention. Why does Trump endorse steroid scum like MTG?
  • Why hasn’t President Trump continued to speak out for the forgotten January 6 prisoners? They are beaten, starved, and kept in a filthy dirty prison as President Trump sleeps on silk sheets down in Mar Lago. These prisoners traveled to DC because of their love and support for President Trump.
  • After all the new information about this Bio-weapon vaccine and its dangers, why hasn’t President Trump admitted he was wrong about encouraging Americans to take this? He knows some listen to him because he once stated, “He could shoot someone in the street, and they would still support me.”

These are things he and the Republican Party need to address before the next election, along with Election Fraud which we know is happening.

If this McCarthy election was some shady back-door deal, the GOP and Trump could kiss their base and all future victories goodbye forever. Millions of Republicans will leave the party & some will never vote again. This is not a threat. It’s a promise.

Why does anyone care about Congress?
The ruling families of the DNC created and released Covid 19 to gain control and implement mass voter fraud via mail-in ballot harvesting.

Because Democrats can’t win legitimately, they have to cheat. The deep state censored any damning factual information about the Democrat National Committee/Covid and brainwashed the masses to interfere in our elections in 2020.

Why do you think Biden stayed in his basement? Because he knew the fix was in, and he didn’t have to work to get elected.
This Congress and occupying president Biden are illegitimate in many ways. The two parties’ political system will be hard to maintain once the culprits are tried for crimes against humanity.

I will always support President Trump for the reasons in these three stories below but do I believe we will ever go back to normal?
and I don’t believe a Man will save us, but I do believe God will…

Donald Trump’s Accomplishments as President by Mark Lewis

My first two articles in this series have provided information about the accomplishments of Donald Trump’s administration in eight different areas. It is an impressive list, and I shall add to it here. We do have to understand, of course, that much of this is WHY the Left hates Trump. Their anti-capitalistic, pro-China, pro-socialism, hate America, and green agenda were all threatened—especially by the success of what Trump did. So, they had to remove him from power. And they succeeded in doing so—thus far.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because the truth destroys their illusions.

Those people stay in their safe spots. They become victims and slaves to brainwashing and gaslighting.

The same people who lied to you about Covid are the same people who want you submissive to their totalitarian agenda.
They tell you what you can think and bully you into submitting to their agenda. Their agenda is your demise; they are your enemy, not those who speak the truth.
Many conservative pundits want you to forget that they pushed the deadly COVID vaccines mainly because the Biden regime paid them to do it.

Your health meant nothing to these pundits – law enforcement agencies- medical professionals, and your own churches; money did. If they could get paid by Democrats to sell you out, what does that say about them?

COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis

Patient after patient in stable remission is now suddenly experiencing an explosive relapse.

Oncology doctors sound the alarm – the COVID boosters appear to be triggering metastasis. Patient after patient in stable remission is now suddenly experiencing an explosive relapse, triggering the appearance of new tumors just days or weeks after being forced to have a booster.

COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis (


  • Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and is now one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that, in turn, is driving down U.S. life expectancy.
  • The leading causes of death in 2021 were heart disease and cancer, both of which are potential side effects of the COVID jabs.
  • Dr. Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George’s University of London, warns that COVID boosters may be causing aggressive metastatic cancers.
  • Research shows that SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that helps your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer.
  • The COVID jab is less effective in lymphoma patients. Emory University researchers found only 68% of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia developed neutralizing antibodies after the second dose, compared to 100% of healthy controls.

Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and are one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that, in turn, is driving down U.S. life expectancy.

How many Mollys are out there?

County News
Why is Sheriff Harwood covering up crimes in Madison?

A week ago, the SBI was in Madison County looking for a missing child from Charlotte.

WSOC Charlotte

Investigation into the disappearance of the missing Cornelius girl continues in Madison County.

By Dave Faherty, wsoctv. com, seven days ago

MADISON COUNTY, N.C. — Agents with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation returned to Madison County Tuesday to look for surveillance footage in the expanded search for missing 11-year-old Cornelius girl Madalina Cojocari.

Last week, law enforcement sources said they came in contact with Madalina’s mother, Diana Cojocari, in a rural part of Madison County. A deputy came in contact with Cojocari at a pull-off area on U.S. Highway 25 near Lonesome Mountain Road, sources said.

The SBI, Cornelius police and Madison County sheriff’s deputies searched there and in the Revere Community along Burton Cove Road.

The girl was reported missing on Dec. 15.

Madalina’s mother and stepfather, who are now in jail, waited 22 days before reporting her missing, police said. Diana Cojocari and Christopher Palmiter are accused of failing to report Madalina’s disappearance to authorities.

Dave Farrety


Missing Madalina Cojocari: Timeline of North Carolina girl’s disappearance that went unreported for weeks | Fox News

Why hasn’t the Weekly Wiper out of Marshall reported on this? Obviously, law enforcement believes the kid could be deceased, or they would not be up here. Why does Buddy Harwood continue to hide criminal acts and incidents in Madison County?

Harwood’s cabal is the only law enforcement in western NC that refuses to post-incident reports- Why? What is he hiding?

From Cooke County Newport :

Authorities arrest several on drug charges in ‘Operation Friday the 13th’

Yancey County Sheriff every week posts theirs:

Yancey Sheriff’s Report 1/6 – 1/12/23

 January 13, 2023  Latest UpdatesLocal News

Paul Arthur McCandless Of Dovers Branch Road Burnsville, NC Was Arrested On 01/10/2022 And Charged With Habitual Felon And Was Issued A Unsecured Bond.

Misdemeanor Arrest: 7

Calls For Service: 262

Mitchell Sheriff’s Report 1/8 – 1/15/23

 January 16, 2023  Latest UpdatesLocal News

(Press Release from Mitchell County Sheriff’s Department.  Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Megan Brittany Miller, 35 of Bakersville, NC. Mitchell County Deputies arrested Miller for misdemeanor larceny warrants issued by Yancey County. She was issued an unsecured bond and scheduled to appear in court on 2/9/2023.

Tiffany Nicole Morgan, 35 of Nebo, NC. Deputy D. LaPlante arrested Morgan for misdemeanor assault on Government official and resisting a public officer warrants issued by McDowell County. She was issued $5,000.00 bond and scheduled to appear in court on 1/25/2023.

Tucker David Jones, 31 of Burnsville, NC. Deputy T. Silvers arrested Jones for misdemeanor charges issued by Yancey County. He was issued $10,000.00 bond and scheduled to appear in court on 2/9/2023.

Tucker David Jones, 31 of Burnsville, NC. Detective J. Masters arrested Jones for felony possession fentanyl, misdemeanor possess drug paraphernalia and driving with license revoked. He was issued $12,500.00 bond and scheduled to appear in court on 2/8/2023.

Citations issued:

Jarvis Drennan, 39 of Bakersville, NC. Deputy C. Laundress cited Drennan for operating a motor vehicle while displaying an expired registration number plate, knowing the same to be expired. She is scheduled to appear in court on 3/8/2023.

Jail Record:

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office currently houses 21 inmates in McDowell County jail and prearranged detention facilities.

Calls for Service:

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office had 141 calls for service.

Stabbing in Madison AirBnB – This was brought up in public comments at last week’s commissioner’s meeting; see below this stabbing was down the road from Brush Creek school:

6 people charged in Madison County quadruple-stabbing | WLOS

Do you truly believe you are safe in Madison County?

I think Harwood is quashing arrests and incident reports because he knows there is more crime in Madison than there is in these surrounding counties. His actions are a violation of public trust.

Do you folks realize that Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips have allowed a known drug hub on Tillery Branch road to operate for years?

Back in December, one of the renters on this property sold tainted drugs to a young man, and he required several doses of Narcan to revive.

I guess the question becomes, what is a bad drug? This sounds like an oxymoron. Aren’t all drugs harmful?

Folks, this property has been cooking Meth for over 20 years, and law enforcement and county officials have done nothing but look the other way.
Because the owner is a good ole boy from Madison County.

What has happened is Buddy is getting pressured by higher-ups to clean up the drug rings in Madison, and his Chief Deputy, Coy Phillips, a real Einstein and drug dealer himself in Madison, set up a stop outside this Drug convenience store with plain clothes deputies.

They were so stupid that they were entering private property without a warrant, asking if they could enter after they entered. Who trains these morons?

Why now? Well, folks, because Buddy Harwood wants to retire this year and wants Coy to take his place.

Harwood is begging Democrat Executive committee members to vote for Coy.

Why would anyone want this Yancey County Bacteria below to be sheriff?

Coy Phillips while on the clock for Madison County Sheriff Department stoned and eating dirt…Priceless

Heck, these Democrat Executive committee members wouldn’t even vote for Coy when Buddy tried to get him on the ballot to replace Nick Honeycutt for commissioner in 2020.

Can you imagine having these two Yancey County reprobates – Coy Phillips & his ramen noodle-stealing sister Michelle Quintero in charge of law and order in Madison?

Every drug dealer-pedophile and human trafficker in the state would be relocating to Madison County.

Heck folks, Coy could bring in the rest of his relatives from Yancey County, his daddy Cash Phillips to run the jail, and his other dope-head sister to oversee the evidence room at the Sheriff’s department.

But hey, he thinks he can con you and gaslight you; remember when he tried to frighten you during the Covid hoax?
He and Buddy ate steak while you were forced to shut down your businesses and stay at home.
And this con did it in Gods name…

You need more here’s more about the Godly Coy Phillips…

The Guy that gaslighted you with the above -Phillips is infamous for forcing Madison County female deputies and employees to administer blow jobs to him regularly; there have been numerous complaints.

Coy Phillips- Michael Gantry Garrison- Buddy Harwood love using the Lord to gaslight the public. As long as the public is dumb enough to drink the Koolaide, these hucksters will continue to provide it.

If this is what you want as a Sheriff, by all means, send your young daughters over to work at
“The Madison County Sheriff Department Sex Castle.

Now onto public comments from last Tuesday’s commissioner’s meeting:

Wow, during public comment, with only three people speaking in three-minute intervals, Tony Ponder requested an extra 30 seconds to finish his comments, and Fried Chicken denied it.

Why is Wechtel afraid of freedom of Speech?

Well, it appears that Fried Chicken – Matt Wechtel didn’t like Tony Ponder bringing out a massive discrepancy in Tammy Cody’s -Madison County health director’s budget. Ponder brought up the fact that this was disclosed at a Board of Health meeting, which Ponder attended, and Wechtel sits on as a member.

Tammy Cody, a Madison County employee, accosted Ponder, a taxpayer, after his statements at this prior meeting because she claimed instead of having a shortfall, she actually had a profit of half a million dollars.

Ponder made a valid point last Tuesday night by cornering Wechtel in his own statements that the county has to pick up and cover all shortfalls -which for all of you in Marshall, means Hey, sorry, we misappropriated the moolah.

Wechtel could not give Tony Ponder any more time because folks Fried Chicken was getting schlonged by a fellow Republican who was much more intelligent than he was.

The question is, where is that revenue that was gone and then miraculously reappeared and doubled?
You, can’t make this up, folks?

Robin Lyles spoke and gave a commanding reason why we need to audit these departments, which by the way, Bill Briggs had stated he was going to make the statement about this last month. Did he fall asleep because it did not happen?

Since Tony Ponder caught this Health Department discrepancy, don’t the audits sound like they are indeed needed?

Don’t you agree?

Below is the last audit of the Madison County Finance Office -There are many things to take away from this audit one that truly stands out is the incompetence of the former Finance director Darlyne Rhinehart. In fact, Rhinehart quit and took a job at the Sheriff’s Sex Castle because she didn’t want to adhere to this audit and actually get a CPA degree.

After Elmer Gantry Garrison took office, Interim Finance Director Kary Ledford was voted in as the new Finance Director. I can’t find a CPA degree for Ledford; if she indeed doesn’t have one, she is putting our county in jeopardy because of it.

Do you see what these Rino Commissioners are doing?

To be a good leader, you will never be liked by everyone, so if you are trying to win a popularity contest by holding a permanent smile on your face and never questioning, you show how ignorant you are because the public is seeing this.

Guess Who?

Madison County Audit Findings

These Republican Commissioners sure must have felt the bruising from these three lone individuals who were only allowed to speak for three minutes each because these issues were brought up at the Republican meeting on Thursday night last week.

All three of these brave speakers are Republicans, yet their own party shuns them for speaking the truth and refusing to lick the boots of Mutt and Jeff…

At this Republican Thursday meeting, the audits Robin Lyles brought up in his public comment statements were demeaned and cast away by Bill Briggs, the Jeff of “Mutt and Jeff. ” and Fried Chicken.

If Briggs did this here, wonder what he did on the campaign trail?

What are you two Rinos hiding? Who are you protecting?

Gaslighting is a behavior that people learn by watching others. A person who uses this tactic may have learned it is an effective way of obtaining what they want or controlling people. For all of you in Marshall, this means they are lying to you and selling you snake oil!

Elmer Gantry Garrison and Fried Chicken have been doing this for years to cover up their ineptitude. But folks, it is getting more severe because money is involved -our taxpayer money.

Wechtel stated at this Republican Thursday meeting that the County Commissioners could not do audits without a cause or reason.
This is laughable but what do you expect out of guy who announces at a prior Commissioner meeting that he was an HOA President?

His only claim to fame is that he is a Homeowners association president. Who the heck wants to be an HOA president?

Saying you have to have a cause to audit is one of the most asinine statements an elected official can make. Are you seriously this stupid?

Not only can Audits be called without cause they should be called without cause.
This is how you ensure transparency & honesty in government finance.

Next, enter the tag team Genius -Bill Briggs, who states an audit will cost $200,000. Again- Hanlon’s Razor – “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

One audit will not cost $200,000. It may cost $50,000 but look at what we are spending and losing by this incompetence and malfeasance of these county officials.

Don’t the taxpayers of this county have the right to know how their departments are being run?

The Madison County, NC Sheriff’s Department evidence room has NEVER been audited. Why? Because they hide their corruptness in the pages of records, not to mention it is used for sexcapades.

These RINOS of Mars Hill backed Buddy Harwood in the sheriff’s race because they wanted an idiot in office, not someone intelligent and honest who would discover their dirty deeds.

They want someone in office who is amoral and dishonest and who will look the other way when they or one of their family members are arrested.

These same Rinos want unscrupulous favoritism and deals under the table that benefit them.

This is why these County Commissioners are nothing more than good ole Boys who want to keep the public uninformed and in the dark.

Look below. These Republican Commissioners that we just hired are such weenies they can’t handle the discord from their constituents – Jeremy Hensley, who says God told him to run and who I endorsed, can’t handle being scrutinized by the public and add Wechtel to the mix also. Heck, the Democrat Commissioners never showed this lack of backbone; maybe we need more Democrat Commissioners and fewer RINOS…

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You are not to speak out about fellow Republicans; you are supposed to get in line; does that sound familiar?

It takes guts to speak out against your party and push for change and fairness.

It started in DC as only a few, and because these patriots held the line and took the ridicule, threats, and bullying, We the People won.

Those that stand up for what is right and bring forth the truth are true patriots; there may be only a few at first, but those few have way more power than the cads that stand in their way.

Folks, don’t ever give up; we are winning, and they know it- CH