There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Eyes Wide Shut…
Eyes Wide Shut…

Eyes Wide Shut…

When your eyes are wide open, it means you can see clearly; if your eyes are wide shut, on the other hand, you can’t see.

It takes courage to see it?

The phrase “eyes wide shut” refers to a person who doesn’t fully understand a situation due to their refusal to acknowledge some aspects. On second thought, it can show that a person does have all the information but is choosing to ignore it.

Of course, ‘Eyes Wide Shut, the phrase itself, is a calling card among secret societies, meaning ‘my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother .’ This anonymity is required of participants to cloak society’s moneyed elite. Enter the Deep State of our Federal, State, and local governments.

Why do you think corruption requires this?

Why are most law enforcement- emergency responders and firemen, Masons?

Why is there such rampant sexual misconduct in these professions?

Why are all these demons behind the Great Reset and Illuminati involved in secret societies?

Do you see what is going on in the World currently?

First, the World, then Madison… Think use your minds…

Only THREE TIMES in all of its history has Russia declared a war mobilization. The first time in World War One. The second time, in World War 2. The third time this week.

Are you awake to what is right in front of you?

Putin addressed Russia on Wednesday about the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

“The subject of this address is the situation in Donbas and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup.”

Valdimar Putin

Putin doesn’t beat around the bush. He came out firing against the “Neo-Nazi regime,” and the violent coup started in 2014.

A coup that Obama facilitated and then Vice President Biden at the time. This coup is why Biden continues to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine. They are protecting their Deep State proxy. They are covering up their evil human trafficking.

Biden or the “Big Guy” and his family have been trading for millions in treasonous acts with Zelinsky for years.

Honest news reporters are, at the least, reporting, that soldiers in Ukraine have Swastikas on their helmets.

Ukrainian soldiers with Nazi symbols on their helmets, including the swastika and the SS runes of Hitler’s infamous black-uniformed elite corps.

However, you will notice throughout the speech Putin carefully articulates that these actions were not carried out by any Nation(s) or the People but by “the aggressive policy of some Western elites.” He calls out the Global Deep State to which Joe Biden -Obama -Bush’s-Cheneys, and others are members.

Since the beginning, Putin and Russia have made a conscious effort to direct their allegations and displeasure with the “Western elites,” not the US as a whole.

Russia has repeatedly alleged that the “US Democratic Party” with the help of George Soros and non-government entities have been laundering US DOD – (department of defense) funds into Ukraine to build an unofficial Deep State agent outside the scope of US Congressional Oversight.

“They turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder and pushed them into a war with Russia, which they unleashed back in 2014. They used the army against civilians and organised a genocide, blockade and terror against those who refused to recognise the government that was created in Ukraine as the result of a state coup.”


Putin is correct; look at all human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, poverty, and disease because of unnecessary US involvement in Ukraine.

Putin has never attacked President Trump; he knows who the real enemy is, and it is not real Americans who want no part of this DeepState war.

Remember last weekend at President’s Trumps rally in Ohio? He said several times that Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers coming into our country should get the death penalty.

Why is DEA -(drug invorcement administration) not arresting and prosecuting the big Drug and Human Traffickers across our country?

Who oversees the DEA? Why none other than Merrick Garland of the DOJ? He is too busy chasing fake allegations against TRUMP – Christians and MAGA supporters.

Latest by Garland’s Gestapo…

FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speaker, author with guns drawn as his terrified kids watch

Look, folks, you don’t act like this if you are winning…

Putin talked about nuclear weapons after calling out the West for shelling the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear power plant and looking to cause a Nuclear catastrophe; Putin declared he is ready to take on the threat of the West by whatever means necessary.

“I would like to remind those who make such statements regarding Russia that our country has different types of weapons as well, and some of them are more modern than the weapons NATO countries have. In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us. 

The citizens of Russia can rest assured that the territorial integrity of our Motherland, our independence and freedom will be defended – I repeat – by all the systems available to us. Those who are using nuclear blackmail against us should know that the wind rose can turn around.”


The West has already grossly miscalculated with “suicide sanctions” but still won’t admit to its catastrophic errors.

As proof of the incompetence of western nations, consider that their “suicide sanctions” against Russia — implemented initially to try to force Russia into a currency collapse — have had the opposite effect.

The sanctions are destroying the Euro, not the Ruble, and now all of Western Europe faces a winter of darkness, famine, and freezing to death.

You greenie hypocrites need to take a bow.

Entire forests are being destroyed for firewood.

Suppose you travel through Germany currently; you will notice forests being clear-cut everywhere in a desperate effort by the people to stockpile firewood for the coming winter.

This clear-cutting is the new “green” agenda on parade: Clear-cutting forests that will take decades to grow back. 

At this point, every informed person should prepare for nuclear war, understanding that the USA and NATO are desperately provoking it. Russia doesn’t want nuclear war. Fortunately for humanity, Putin is far more measured and patient than any western leader (probably because he and his motherland did not take the clot shot), meaning he won’t irrationally lash out with nuclear weapons for political purposes.

Provoking Russia into a nuclear exchange while Russia has the best anti-ICBM missile systems is like getting into a war on horseback while your opposition is in tanks.

These global elites want war, and to perpetuate their Great Reset, they will give rise to it!

As Putin said, “the Wind Rose can turn around.” In terms for most to understand, he means, “I’ll be your huckleberry say when.”

In any event, Russia is taking off the gloves. Russia began calling up 300,000 reserves last Wednesday, moving tens of thousands of tanks and armor out of storage and sending them all into Ukraine.
These reservists are being taken off the workforce to fight these Ukraine NAZIS; you don’t do this unless you mean business. According to military consultants, most of this could take one to two months.

So Buckle up, Buttercups; it could get really dicey…

Trump’s statements at a rally in Wilmington, N.C, on Friday.
‘I was right about Ukraine. I was right about what, Taiwan, and I’m hoping I’m not going to be right about World War Three because we have stupid people dealing,’ the former president said, as he predicted the U.S. would lose a conflict to Russia.
‘You could end up in World War III and this will be a war like we’ve never had before – won’t even be close, because we’re being run by stupid people.’

President Trump

Speaking of stupidity, it is happening in your beloved county as well.

Eyes wide shut in Madison…

Remember the Monday night commissioners’ meeting? Well, it was a clown show of incompetence right down to the attorneys and the planners for Madison County.

What happened at the County commissioner’s meeting on Monday should concern every citizen.

All five Madison County commissioners, the Zoning administrators, and the two attorneys for Madison County proved their intent to destroy your property values and your way of life here in Madison County.

Or is this Hanlon’s Razor?

Below are the proposed Madison County Land-Use Text amendments. I did not receive these from Brad Guth (pronounced goof) until hours before the meeting.

I want you to look at what ALAN WYATT – (Republican candidate for Madison County Commissioner) proposed.

Remember, this guy owns vacation rentals in Madison and will profit off these amendments. The definition of Hillbilly Deep-State.

Also, remember who donated to his campaign Buddy Harwood and developer Orville English whose holdings are in Wolf Laurel.

By the way, who in their right mind takes a campaign picture next to a wood pile?

This is a hanging curve ball for a snark like me🤔

The above land use ordinance amendments by Alan Wyatt and Mary Rice show what these corrupt commissioners are planning, right down to the cell tower fees.

Remember what Alan Wyatt, the inept, arrogant fireman and cabin rental board member, stated at the Carpet bagger hearing?
Wyatt stated that he and Mary Rice wrote all of the Land Use Amendments. So these two admit they were conniving then, and what authority do these two board members have in totally redoing our Land Use plan without public input?
Jackie Ball was the only planning Board member who was doing the right thing for all of Madison County.

This action is pathetic, folks; let’s review some of these so-called staff recommendations from above. 

  • Wave the Madison County land use square foot requirement. Eliminate any need for a square footage requirement.


Well, that Einstein Terrey Dolan – the overpaid Zoning Director with no education or knowledge of Land Use let the cat out of the bag.

Dolan stated they had to do this because the swells in Wolf Laurel were renting out vacation rentals that exceeded the square footage.

So Floriduh Dolan, how come you haven’t shut them down?

Does Dolan believe it is better to change the rules to help people who are breaking our laws?

Instead of enforcing the Land Use Law to protect the people in our county who follow the regulations?

Who hired these two idiots?
After watching this clown show, folks, I have been investigating their backgrounds, and what a joke.

But again, this is what happens when you hire incompetent people like Brooke Ledford and Mandy Bradley and place them in authoritative positions.

When Brooke Ledford was hired, she had not even completed her education; there was an application submitted by an applicant for human resources who had a tremendous resume from Willmington, NC. But Forrest Gilliam and Mandy Bradley Fish disposed of this resume because this guy would have broken up their tea party at the Madison County administrative offices.

Don’t forget it is Mandy Bradley who controls the release of Legal Public Records. This woman has no idea what she is doing and even devised a phony system under the auspice of being a records request department. There is no records request department in Madison County.

Why do you need a secret special meeting for Personnel Policy?

This is scheduled for Wednesday.

Tread lightly, Madison County; you don’t want to break the law or do you?

These two women, Guth and Dolan, need to be sent home along with that occupier Norris Gentry and hire competent individuals to take their places.

Look below; this is just a sampling of who they are catering to. Do you want this in your county?

Why haven’t the Zoning administrators and John Noor- or Donny Laws sent these carpet baggers up in Wolf Laurel a cease and desist for being in violation of Madison County’s land use plan?

Do you want your county to be the next Red Neck Riveria like Chimney Rock?

Well, Orville English, Allan Wyatt, Buddy Harwood, and these five commissioners do!

Ram it through: Put a target on Madison County’s back, so high density, low price range rentals, and carpet baggers can have a heyday. 

Don’t forget the mirrored hotels- who told this developer this was on the horizon? Dolan- Commissioners or maybe John Noor?

Madison County will be as ugly and dirty as Newport -Weaverville, Old Fort, and Marshall. We already have the incoming crime; Buddy Harwood refuses to release his 2021 crime stats until after the election.

But this squaller will be worse because this county has no infrastructure or services for even ONE of these developments.

No cleaning crews, No maintenance crews, no workforce; are you commissioners and board members crazy? Vacation rentals are rampant with noise complaints, trespass, parking issues, drugs, and human trafficking. These dumps lower the property values and the quality of life of the residents who are victims of these noxious entities.

This pending change to our Land Use Plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

Just like ramming that water sewer line through from Mars Hill to Marshall, with no infrastructure, but here come the inept Republicans Robin Lyles – Elmer Gantry Garrison-Fried Chicken Wechtel- Mark Pless and Ralph Hise shoving it through.

They will do anything to get votes.

These politicians tell us we are lucky to have the Republican Party looking out for us with this water and sewer line.

But you know what, folks, if their expertise is so focused on grants to run urine down a water line, why can’t they keep the toilet operating at the Republican headquarters?

You got it; the Republicans will have a new mascot at their headquarters, a porta-potty. You just can’t make this up!

The planning board also wants to remove a Fifty Foot setback to protect a neighboring property from these developments.

Why would you want to remove this? 

Is it because Alan Wyatt’s rental business becomes a non-conforming use? John Noor and these commissioners better answer these questions; why is Wyatt voting and preparing anything that he can profit from?

You know this meeting by John Noor – Brad Guth – Terrey Dolan- Donny Laws was so poorly planned and so chaotic it begs to be examined.

It was embarrassing and painful to watch.

Again it is Hanlon’s razor..

  • Why didn’t the commissioners attend this planning board meeting before being blindsided by these requests? Fried Chicken
  • Does it mean you are getting competent advice when the one advising you has a law degree? 
  • Do any of the commissioners understand Land Use law? Why can’t we get legitimate counsel and good planning skills for the salaries we are paying in this room?
  • Why were these amendments in front of the commissioners when they violated the Madison County Land Use plan? 
  • Why didn’t the commissioners ask questions about Noor’s vague, conflicting legal answers?
  • In his statements, John Noor used the term -grandfathered instead of the legal land use term of a non-conforming use. This tells me he doesn’t have the first idea about what he is doing or knows precisely what he is doing.
  • Why didn’t any of you commissioners ask about the conflict of interest by ALAN WYATT?
  • Why did no one check the background of Brad Guth and Terrey Dolan before hiring them and paying them $200,000 in salaries?
  • Why does Donny Laws- county attorney, smirk and giggle when taxpayers address the commissioners in public comments? Why are some of the commissioners, including the interim county manager, on their phones when the citizens are addressing you in public statements?
  • I saw two county commissioners appropriately dressed at this meeting- Garrison, and Wechtel; the rest of you look like slobs. Donnie Laws, a county attorney who wears no socks and looks like Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow, took his shoe off and went barefoot during this commissioner meeting. How disgusting.
  • What happened to you, Craig Goforth?
  • When you became a commissioner, you dressed very well and respected the county; now, you look like Dagwood Bumstead.
  • You were sitting right next to Laws; you had to smell his vile feet, or are you this far gone, down the collegiate rabbit hole of Marxist rancor?
Ichabod Laws

I noticed three citizens who spoke at this hearing; they showed immense knowledge, courage, and common sense. 

One asks a very simplistic legal question; this gentleman went to the planning board meeting that the commissioners could not be bothered to attend. He asked the commissioners why they were even considering amendments that violated the Land Use Plan.

Bravo, they almost swallowed their phones.

Another lady from Spring Creek showed great grit; she knew her Land use plan and stated that neither Guth nor Nolan had been to Spring Creek, and there were violations all over the place.

She asked a great question who was going to enforce this?

Finally, Tony Ponder, who I think would make a great commissioner, is more on the ball than any of these five. 

He spoke several times and brought up a fact in the planning board meeting when the “Carpet bagger- mirrored hotels” on Hayes road was approved; He stated that John Noor pushed the planning board decision by scaring them into thinking they would get sued.

Tony Ponder made a remarkable statement at his end; he looked straight at the commissioners and said,

“Why do you want to hurt us?” “Why do you want to hurt the county?”

Why do these commissioners want to hurt this Country? Because folks, these commissioners could care less about what you think even though you pay their salaries? 

Also, mentioned at this meeting, Wechtel made his usual commentary “there is a lot of misinformation out there about the vacation rentals putting 50 units on 50 acres.”

Isn’t that in your ordinance Fried Chicken? What an asinine statement! Ok, what if it is 200 acres and flat and can perk out to put 200? The sky is the limit; square footage mirrored hotels on any property.

You see, folks, these commissioners are a train wreck of incompetence and arrogance.

Who will pay for the additional environmental health employees needed to oversee this mass development? No one wants to work for Jamie List, much less Madison County.

Spoiler Alert -Your taxes will increase to pay for higher salaries to draw environmental Health employees into our area while destroying your property values and quality of life; now that is just Priceless…

Bubba Mark Snelson’s firemen boys also begged for money for towers at this meeting. Anytime you hear the word “tower,” raise your radar. Remember, tower fees were also on the planning board recommendations; think 5-G. 

Five G is very dangerous; even in Europe, they are backing off this debacle.

Isn’t she Lovely?

If Mark Snelson is involved, you better bet there is a kickback for him and Buddy Harwood in the mix.

Why do we need more towers or upgrades to towers in this county?

Why can’t they use satellite phones or satellite walkie-talkies as they do in many mountain areas? It is not like these fire departments aren’t bleeding us in our taxes every year.

I am telling you, folks, this is a trojan horse, and I smell a rat, and Mark Snelson is one of the biggest rats that sits on this commissioner board, even more so than Fried Chicken.

Bubba Mark Snelson

Mark Snelson is a greasy liar, and don’t doubt he may be pushing  5-G towers into our area.

The Fire boys want a Motorola contract, and Motorola wants 5-G throughout the mountains. 

Remember what Mark Snelson did with the ambulance contract? It was unlawful what he and Buddy Harwood did to secure that contract.

A Quid Pro Quo for Mark Snelson and an extra million dollars the taxpayers had to pay to keep Bubba employed.

He should have been fired; he took money by overcharging his hours and was caught taking items out of the ambulances and other despicable acts on tape.

Marxist Paul Moon of the Asheville Citizen-Times buried this story. Why? After this, he got a job at Land of Sky; did someone from Madison procure that?

Before we shell out a million dollars for fire boys and first responders, why not shell out audits on all the fire departments in our county; these fire departments, just like Sheriff Buddy, have never been audited. Folks, you realize there has been embezzlement in these fire departments over the years in Madison. Right?

Buddy Harwood covered it up.

Let’s start with the most prominent fireman, Emerson Franklin, friend and comrade of Harwood and Orville English. He spoke during public comments at the commissioner meeting after Mark Snelson blew his dog whistle to get these fire boys out to beg.

It was a setup suck-up.

story below

‘About the sorriest in the country’: Madison earmarks $1M to fix public safety radio system (

Do we need all of these responders in our area?

Whenever there is any car accident, no matter how small, these knuckleheads come barreling in at high rates of speed from all directions. They interfere more than they help and then stand around and take up lots of space.

Their claims for this million dollars are these responders can’t seem to get radio frequency because our towers are the sorriest in western N.C. 

Don’t forget Bubba Snelson and Norris Gentry wanted 5 million originally. 

Isn’t it interesting that these poor, neglected responder’s tower reception works when they get the emergency call but never when they are out on the call? They actually are so stupid to make the statement that the public has complained they can’t get scanner coverage. Seriously who sits on a scanner all day and why?

Who cares that Noisy Rosey on disability, can’t get her scanner fix for the day?

Years ago, I did a story on these fire departments in Madison County, and since Emerson says he has been around since Madison was incorporated, I think it is worth mentioning. I caught them while they were on the clock living it up on steak and beer on the taxpayer’s nickel. Yep, they and their girlfriends and wives were partying on the weekends; they thought they were being covert because they shopped for the steak and beer in Weaverville. Not too bright, these fire boys. 

They were charging it to the taxpayers. Now, do you understand why audits are needed? Why would you not want your Department audited unless you are doing something wrong? 

By the way, Caleb Dispenza, Madison County emergency operations director, and Louis Roberts, Emergency Management director, complained that these fireman first responders had to walk up a hill.

Do they not look like they need a little hill walking?

Plus, do these two jobs look identical to you? Does this not remind you of the same duplicate jobs in the Zoning planning department? 

If Caleb is so concerned about emergencies, then why does he allow the county roads to go unmarked? 

He did this up here in Spring Creek a few years back; it took years for him to get off his butt and get our road signs ordered and replaced. It is the firefighters who are in charge of putting these signs up. Are you catching on?

Now onto Louis Roberts, the emergency management director for Madison. Since Buddy Harwood used the D.J. Raheem Geer incident to go after Cruzan in the primary, I thought you should know the facts, and it’s worth mentioning Roberts was involved.

D.J. Raheem Geer below came to Madison County to harass public servants in our area. This clown show he facilitated was to make money on his youtube channel. Does he make money on the side? He would bully public officials while claiming he had a right to harass and film them as an auditor. Does Geer blackmail to make extra money?

He is a real beauty folks…Notice he signed his complaint with no name

Interestingly, he started at the Sheriff’s Department the prior year in April.

The video posted in April by this hood had Michelle Quintero, the Hughey lady, and Louis Roberts in it. He has taken it down; imagine that but guess what? I have a copy… Why would you take it down, DJ? You never took down your Madison County Courthouse video?

Arrogant & Inept

You see, Geer had cut the video; it was apparent. Why?

Because Buddy Harwood had come out and started cussing and raising hell with Geer and the other guy with him, why would Geer cut this video?

You have a prize, a Sheriff on tape cussing and raising hell; Folks, you know how we know this? Louis Roberts said so.

Did Harwood pay off Geer? They exchanged something- Geer came back in January to go after Cruzan. Why come to a little town in the winter where nothing happened before and go after the courthouse? Why take down the Buddy Harwood Madison County sheriff’s department video?

Because Cruzan announced he would run for Sheriff and Coy Phillips, Harwood’s henchman contacted Geer to get him up here to facilitate the attack-Hill Billy Deep State. Did Louis receive anything?

All of this brings me to my last point. Like most of you in Madison County, I am disappointed in the candidates we have to vote for in this election. Look below; these are the candidates for the Republican Party; it looks like mug shots except for Jeremy Hensley.

The Democrats are even scarier except for Mark Cody.

What do Jeremy Hensley Republican and Mark Cody Democrat have in common? They are both honest, ethical men. They are not running or serving in their positions to profit themselves; they do it because they care about their county and what is happening to it.

They care about you. 

Over the years, I have watched these political jackals manipulate their positions in the Madison County government and Madison county schools to profit for themselves and their families. 

It is getting blatantly worse, and I think the reason is we have no honest news organizations left in our area.

The news is weak, cowardly, and infiltrated by special interests manipulating their narrative.

Look at what is available for news

  • a Marxist rag
  • A vanilla T.V. network of C-level reporters and newscasters
  • A dunce who considers himself an investigative reporter on Facebook who can’t seem to get over being out of High school and literally uses baby talk “live” on the air.

This guy is a plant that has covered up the corruption and the real news in this area for years. Instead of reporting the truth, he would rather chase corpses on the Appalachian Trail. Why? Because these corrupt individuals are his friends.

Real simple. Don’t be fooled by little men with no integrity.

I don’t care if you hate my guts; liking me is not why I write; I strive for the truth no matter where it takes me, and sometimes it takes me down a road that must be challenged and investigated.

Candidates and politicians in elections are notorious liars. You, as a voter, have the right to know everything about who you may potentially vote for in an election. The so-called media has been weak and has failed you, lest the reason why the corruption is so thick. 

What they won’t dare to tell you …

Let’s start at the beginning Ballad of the Real Buddy Harwood.

Buddy Harwood started his illustrious career in our area at a Concrete plant -Southern Concrete. Harwood is from Barnardsville.

Buddy Harwood worked with Coy Phillips’s mother at this concrete plant, thus the connection to Coy and his family.

While working at this plant, Buddy Harwood started making after-hour runs of concrete to friends, selling it to them at a minimal price, pocketing the rest, and doing a split with his manager. In essence, Buddy Harwood stole money from Southern Concrete.

The Southern Concrete manager was fired, and Buddy left and went to work at the Woodfin Police department.

While Buddy worked in Woodfin, trouble seemed to follow him, and he and another officer were investigated by Federal authorities.

In order not to be prosecuted, Harwood turned state evidence on the chief of police Darrell Rathburn. Rathburn went to prison, and Buddy Harwood left Woodfin. Why would the police department get rid of Harwood if he were not involved? Think …

Harwood ends up at the Hot Springs police department, where he was involved in numerous nefarious actions, including incidents of drugs etc. Harwood was known for making traffic stops of people he knew were carrying drugs and making deals with them of splitting the drug assets up 50-50, and then he would look the other way.

This is how Buddy knows Debbie Ponder from Hot Springs; she was on the Hot Springs town council and gives Harwood a lot of political money.

The next stop for Buddy Harwood was John Ledford’s regime in the Madison County sheriff’s Department.

Why would John Ledford hire this corrupt man and make him captain if John were an honest cop?

Because, as I have told you, these two guys are pirates. It doesn’t matter to them; the only thing that matters is money and power.

Remember, Buddy Harwood brought in Coy Phillips and even the old manager of Southern Concrete to work at the Madison County Sheriff’s department.

John Ledford was warned about Coy Phillips by the sheriff of Yancey County yet he hired him anyway. Why?

Think it is right in front of you…

Buddy Harwood was John Ledford’s henchman, drug runner, gun mover, and money collector. You know, just like Coy is today. 

Are you catching on?

Buddy Harwood is no different from back then than today.

Elmer Gantry Garrison can’t put lipstick on this pig; it is still a pig in fact Elmer can’t wear the lipstick either…

I know these Jackals, and what interests me is when Buddy found out about Cruzan running for Sheriff, he went out immediately to implement a scheme to set up not just Jim Cruzan but Linda Cruzan. 

So I ask all of you knowledgeable folks out there why it took Buddy Harwood over a year to ask Robin Lyles to leave after he announced his bid for sheriff.

  • Why does Lyles run with the bad cops and not the good ones? Lyles has not spoken to the decent cops of this area, only Buddy Harwood’s drug dealers who work for the Madison County Sherriff’s Department.
  • Why won’t Lyles come clean about all the women he sexually harassed at the schools- A.B. Tech and the courthouse?
  • Why does Lyles call Austin Edwards (Buddy Harwood’s Toadie) a friend when he told both John Ledford and Jim Cruzan that Austin Edward’s business “Walnut Service Center” was giving and taking kickbacks? Remember all the money we pay Walnut Service Center. Remember that phony Second Amendment resolution Fried Chicken Wechtel and Buddy Harwood produced for a show after the Cruzan folly? Austin Edwards was in on that. Think, don’t let them play you for fools.
  • Why are Buddy Harwood and John Ledford teaming up as new pals when they were mortal enemies for years?
  • Why are there no audits on the evidence room in the Madison County sheriff’s Department?
  • Why hasn’t Robin Lyles turned Buddy Harwood and John Ledford into the Feds?
  • Why hasn’t Robin Lyles turned Buddy Harwood into the ATF?
  • Folks understand if Robin Lyles is telling you he has to wait to become Sheriff to do these things, he is lying to you.
  • Where is the Republican DA Seth Banks?
  • Where is the SBI?
  • Why is Buddy Harwood, a Democrat, now telling prominent Republicans he is switching his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican after the 2022 election?
  • Where are all the Buddy Harwood signs we saw during the primary? He had those signs out all over the place when he ran against CRUZAN- Why not now? It is right in front of you if you will only open your eyes…

Here is what I think is going on. The one thing corrupt politicians want to hide is the evidence that will put them away hence the Madison County government’s blatant inability to audit. This corruption goes back years and involves many law enforcement officers and current and former county employees.

What happens if Buddy Harwood wins? 

  • John Ledford expects Harwood to step down and allow the Democrat executive committee to appoint him to the role of Sheriff. Don’t tell me John won’t leave Buncombe because of the money. How much money do you think Buddy really makes?
  • Ledford has also procured a position for Fredo (The Godfather-the-dumb brother) to take over as Tax administrator, pushing Diana Norton out. Mike Ledford would be a perpetual disaster for this county; he literally is the dumb brother. Diana Norton has done a great job collecting back taxes, and who doesn’t like paying their taxes -Why none other than Orville English?

What if Buddy Harwood wins and changes his affiliation to Republican? 

  • Harwood could then quit and allow the Republican executive committee to appoint his successor.
  • Now, who do you think they will nominate? Why Elmer Gantry Garrison… Are you catching on? Garrison will not audit because he would go down with Buddy.
  • Garrison can bring Robin Lyles in as chief deputy, and the corruption will continue indefinitely.

Robin Lyles and Elmer Gantry Garrison are so much alike; both men can’t pass a mirror without gazing at themselves; both are liars and are intent on covering up the corruption here in Madison.

What is our solution? 

We wait till election day to vote if you go early to vote, your vote may be compromised. 

The arrogant Republican party of Madison thinks we have no choice but to vote a straight party ticket.

I just gave you every reason to reject this. You do not have to vote for their C-grade candidates; send a message: 

Vote no to Mark Pless and Ralph Hise; these men are trying to turn Madison County into the next Red Neck Rivera with their methadone clinics and affordable housing grants.

Do not cast a vote for these two seats

Vote no to all school board candidates; they do not have the guts to make changes for the betterment of Madison County Schools.

Do not Vote for Any school board candidate

Only one candidate as commissioner deserves your vote; his name is Jeremy Hensley, and he has shown the diligence and drive to be a good commissioner. 

Vote one for County Commissioner -Jeremy Hensley

Vote no to both Sheriff candidates;

You know what Buddy Harwood is unless you are blind. Robin Lyles is a perverted liar. Let the powers in charge take down John Ledford – Buddy Harwood and his corrupt regime of Elmer Gantry Garrison and others. 

Don’t doubt it is coming, as this will be bigger than Bobby Medford.

Vote for Mark Cody, even though he has no opposition, for he has earned your trust.

Vote for Ted Budd and Chuck Edwards; they care about our Country and take the time to stand up. We need these two men to make America Great again!

Vote for every Republican Judge on the ballot

We need to cull this Marxist ideology out of our courts before it destroys our constitution and everything those before us fought for with their blood.

If you care about your country, county, quality of life, and your children’s health and safety, you can’t vote for those who may betray you.

The next chapter has not been written yet, but we will be writing it this time. -CH

Your Red Pill is below but first, some interesting information on SOWE founder Chris Hohn who goes by SIR Chris Hohn, and the director of SOWE – Kylie Richardson. Her last name is Richardson on the SoWe site, but in reality, her real last name is HOHN.

Is she his wife now? Below are his divorce documents that he tried to have sealed from the first wife who bore this cockroach his four children …more coming

I will have more on this: the first bite of the apple. Looks like this guy is a big Climate Change activist who gave lots of money to the Clinton Foundation.

SOWE FOUNDER-The Biggest Divorce Ever ” An American Wife Gets

$530-million in a divorce payout



The Biggest Divorce Ever ” An American Wife Gets $530m in a divorce payout – TN Blog (

A judge in a London High Court ruled that the American wife of a British Tycoon be given $530m in a divorce payout. This is considered to be the biggest divorce settlement so far in British history. The estranged wife of finance tycoon Christopher Hohn will receive an equivalent of N96 billion.

The judge awarded Jamie Cooper-Hohn $493 million in cash and the rest in the form of a property in Connecticut and adjustments to her share of a pension.

A full judgment will be published in December, but the figures were cited during a court hearing yesterday November 27.

She was initially seeking half of her ex-husband’s assets, but he said she was entitled to just a quarter on the grounds that his talents as an investor constituted a special contribution to their wealth. He also referred to himself as an “unbelievable moneymaker.”

In awarding Ms. Cooper-Hohn less than half of the couple’s $1.3 billion fortune, the case could set a legal precedent in the U.K, which has developed a wide reputation as a capital for divorce disputes between ultra-rich couples.

Mr. Hohn and Ms. Cooper-Hohn met while studying at Harvard University, and have been married for 17 years. They have four children.

The couple have been described as UK’s most generous philanthropists and have both said they lead relatively modest lives, given their wealth.

Read below the High Court ruling

This weeks “Red Pill”..

What the media won’t tell you about pedophile King Charles and the monarchy…

And the evil precious Queen… You have been sold a lie


What the Media Won’t Tell You about King Charles III

September 23, 2022 Truly Gracaeful

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 and her eldest son was named King Charles III. These short videos of King Charles III document his support for the “Great Reset” and information about his close friendships and affiliations with pedophiles Jimmy Savile, who was also accused of murder, former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, and Lord Janner, the president of Board of Deputies for British Jews who was close to the Crown. King Charles’ mentor and uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was reportedly linked to sexual abuse of children from the Kincora boys’ home in Belfast, and was the subject of a secret FBI dossier. In addition, Prince Andrew settled a sex abuse lawsuit that was filed by Virginia Giuffre, who was under 18 at the time she had sex with the Prince at the behest of Epstein. The case settled for an estimated $16 million in February 2022, weeks before Andrew was scheduled to be deposed. Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, had a financial relationship with Epstein.

It is alarming that the Great Reset was first launched by then-Prince Charles on his Twitter account in June 2020 when he stated that following COVID, “as we move from rescue to recovery, therefore, we have a unique, but rapidly shrinking opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path…” Charles has regularly promoted the Great Reset and the WEF’s globalists’ agenda under the cover of philanthropy and altruism. The Great Rest includes a Fourth Industrial Revolution of automation that aims to merge technology and humanity.

Jimmy Saville was a procurer for children for the Royals and was knighted by the evil Queen; it makes you wonder about these Knightships, huh?

After the demon Saville died, Charles gave him a public tribute.

The videos below will blow you away about this evil Monarchy sect …

The Royal Family’s Secret Pedophile Ring

This link below is a 12 min documentary on the shocking truth of what goes on behind the doors of the royal family and it’s members.



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