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Time to talk about the elephant in the room
Time to talk about the elephant in the room

Time to talk about the elephant in the room

When you say,  “the elephant in the room” it refers to an obvious or controversial problem that no one wants to talk about because they find it uncomfortable or awkward. 

We have come to a point as the Swamp continues to drain ;we see those trying to hang onto power yet have no choice but to reinvent themselves into something more palatable to the American public. Enter the elephants in the room.

A week ago, I listened to Michelle Woodhouse, the GOP district chair, on Mark Starling’s morning show at 570 AM.

I thought this interview would be about Madison Cawthorn jumping ship out of our district into the thirteenth.

Instead, it turned out to be about this woman no one knows, Michelle Woodhouse, the new GOP 14th district chair. The question Starling wanted to know was if she was running for Cawthorn’s seat.

It gave anyone listening to this interview a feeling of Deja Vue; it reminded one of what happened in the congressional race in 2020 with Mark Meadows and Linda Bennett.

I looked this woman’s name up, “Michelle Woodhouse” I thought this couldn’t be her; she said she was 52; this woman looks at least 70.

I could not believe a woman who looked like a hooker would enter the 14th district Republican congressional seat race.

This woman Michelle Woodhouse has plenty of baggage. What the heck is going on with the Republican Party that they can’t vet this stench from the get-go?

The Republican Party of this district elected this idiot as the GOP District chair.

I was told by Republican operatives in Henderson County that there was no choice; the other candidates were worse.

How do you get worse than this below?

One look at her dress and her physique should tell you everything. She is 52 and looks 72, and dresses like Erin Brockovich, but she lacks the looks, the youth, and the brain.

Woodhouse claims to run a business called “Purple Door Aesthetics Strategic Consulting,” which in other words, she pushes botox and consults with firms to sell this botulism.

She and Nancy Pelosi would have a lot in common. So much on the Internet, it is popping up everywhere. She calls herself a vagina road warrior. Are you kidding me?

Warning folks, don’t Google vagina road warrior it comes up porn.

The picture above is of her and her husband, Eddie Woodhouse.

What kind of man lets their wife dress like a cheap whore and act like this at her age? I thought it was a joke, but it is not!

Michelle Woodhouse is a Train Wreck a Vagina Warrior Train Wreck!

Below is Woodhouse showing up Thursday in Hendersonville to announce she is running. Here comes Rough and Ready…

Woodhouse has only lived in our district for a few years. She lives at Laurel Park in Hendersonville.

Why would she and her husband Eddie Woodhouse move from Raleigh to Western NC?

Eddie ran for office in 2015 for Raleigh District A city council but lost. He has been appointed to positions because of his family over the years. So why move here instead of staying in your hometown of Raleigh?

Is it because the truth came out? You can’t hide from the truth; it always has a way of showing up.

Michelle Woodhouse, originally from Michigan, was elected by the Republican Party delegation to represent the 11th now14th district of Western NC district in April.

Why was she even considered?

Because folks, this carpet bagger got in good with Cawthorn.

Madison Cawthorn and this arrogant Republican party are no different than Linda Bennett, who they attacked in the article below.

You feel like you have to take a shower after you engage with them.

I spoke to several Republicans about this election last week. I mentioned Rod Honeycutt’s name and how impressed I was about his military background.

Do you know what one Republican operative said to me?

They said he doesn’t have the Republican backing. What does that mean?

They meant Party backing. You know the ones in the Republican Party which go around and tell everyone who to vote for in an election.

I informed this person we just watched a big election in NJ and a truck driver with only $200.00 in his pocket beat the most powerful entrenched Democrat in Jersey.

I don’t think anyone is going to tell any voter in 2022 how they are going to vote. All of us have a duty to vet these fake RINOS starting with Michelle Woodhouse.

Below from the Hendersonville Lightning on Thursday when Woodhouse announced her candidacy- Notice what she said Thursday and after you read this see what she said a year ago. Today she says she is a patriot a year ago she was the proud establishment.

Folks this woman is the Swamp in more ways than one!

Read below from the Smoky Mountain News… These are just Woodhouse’s comments – hit the link to read the full story:

Some WNC Republicans won’t back Trump-endorsed candidate


“Bennett does not have the intellect, the disposition, or even the coachability or personality to listen to what others say. She’s a terrible listener. She has horrible platform skills.

What I have seen from her for this entire campaign has shown me that this is not a woman who is suited to serve in the people’s house,” said Woodhouse. “Her integrity is highly questionable. This woman does not have what it takes to fight for me as a constituent in Western North Carolina.”

The concerns Woodhouse has about Bennett’s suitability for the job are so strong that it was Woodhouse who filed the NCSBE complaint against Bennett for the sham “conservative” ballot endorsement.

“You have the sham ballot, you have FEC questions regarding her campaign colluding with PACs, you have her financial report to the end of March — she had 12 local donors. Just 12 people had donated to her campaign that could vote for her,” said Woodhouse. “The rest of the money, nearly a million dollars, all came from outside of NC11.”

Bennett’s latest gaffe, the improper polling place interview conducted with WLOS on June 4, only serves as further example of Bennett’s mindset, according to Woodhouse.

“It just continues to show that this is a woman who thinks that she is going to be crowned the next congresswoman in NC11,” she said. “She hasn’t earned it. She feels that she’s entitled to it. And at every turn, that’s how she behaves. This is a woman who just does not feel that the rules apply to her, that she’s going to bulldoze her way through this and the rest of us just need to get in line. I continue to see questionable behavior from her at each and every turn.”

One incident mentioned by Woodhouse occurred at an executive committee meeting of the NCGOP’s 11th District.

“I’ve seen her unhinged,” she said. “I have watched her in person completely go off on fellow Republicans. I watched her stomp her feet, cross her arms, turn her back, and get in the face of the chair of the district. I watched her scream and yell at a fellow candidate who had lost that was there to represent Cawthorn.”

“I will be voting only for Republicans. That’s my goal in November from President Trump down to county commissioner, top to bottom, I am there to vote for and get Republicans into office,” she said. “Lynda Bennett is not a Republican. Lynda Bennett is a Tea Party fringe candidate. I listed off for you all of the organizations and groups that I’ve worked with for Republicans for well over a decade, and Lynda Bennett has never been part of any of those. Lynda Bennett has hired and surrounded herself locally only with Tea Party members. It’s her only endorsement in NC11.”

Michelle Woodhouse won’t say the president was wrong, but she is disappointed Cawthorn apparently didn’t get the same opportunity Bennett did.

Michelle Woodhouse

I was not fond of Linda Bennett either, but you will see Woodhouse’s hypocrisy in her statements from 2020 to 2021. My take on her statements below.

She says Linda Bennett does not have the intellect, the disposition, or even the coachability or personality to listen to what others say.

Sorry Vagina Botox lady, but Linda Bennett is a successful real estate businesswoman; you don’t get to the top of this field by not listening.

Ask Madison Cawthorn about that because he was in the same business and failed. Madison Cawthorn was never ready for Primetime.

I doubt Bennett slutted her way up the food chain as Woodhouse has.

The audacity of Ms. Woodhouse to bring up the term “Bennett’s integrity is highly questionable” how hypocritical you are to talk about integrity with your past?

Add the unhinged statement by Woodhouse made about Bennett, for Woodhouse is known as the pushy bitch in Republican circles.

The PAC statements against Bennett, “which means a Political Action Committee for all of you in Marshall,” are very righteous indeed since Woodhouse has been bragging about the donations to her recent PAC.

Woodhouse made statements that she organized her PAC over 12 days ago.

So Woodhouse, in her ineptness, was talking about her decision before Cawthorn announced his switching of districts? Now that is just PRICELESS…

I contacted the NCBOE on Friday about her PAC donations.

The NCBOE responded as follows:

Ms. Harman,

There is no committee for Michelle Woodhouse registered with the State Board of Elections. Mr. Gannon advised that federal committees file with the Federal Election Commission. I do not see anything on their website for this candidate, however you should contact them regarding the regulations for federal candidate report filing.

Pursuant to G.S. 163-278.7A a federal committee registered with the Federal Election Commission should also register with the N.C. State Board of Elections if the Committee will be making contributions to In-State NC Candidates or Committees. Here is a link to the statute:

gs_163-278.7a.pdf (

Future Campaign Finance questions may be directed to



Per NCGOP Plan of Organization

F. REFRAIN FROM UTILIZING POWERS OF OFFICE IN REPUBLICAN PRIMARY Each Officer and each Member of any Committee created pursuant to this Plan of Organization shall refrain from utilizing the powers and dignity of his or her office or position in any Republican Primary for public office at any level. Nor shall any Committee created pursuant to this Plan of Organization make or issue, in any way, manner or form, any endorsement in any Republican Primary for public office. Nor shall any Committee issue any contrary endorsement or withhold support from any non-partisan judicial candidates properly endorsed pursuant to this Plan of Organization.


In the event that the chairman or vice chairman of the State Party, or any District, Legislative, Judicial or County Party, shall announce his intentions to run for public office or shall file a notice of candidacy with the Board of Elections, that person shall be deemed to have resigned his office within the Party, effective seven days after the close of filing, and the then-existing vacancy shall be filled as provided for herein. In those cases where the Party office held by said person is at the county level, the Party official may petition the County Executive Committee for exemption from this provision and the County Executive Committee may, for good cause shown, grant such an exemption with a two-thirds affirmative vote. This exemption shall be deemed void if any other Republican files with the Board of Elections for the same public office within that election cycle

Is Woodhouse breaking the law and doing what she accused Linda Bennett of above?

Timing is everything folks, does it look like Woodhouse and Cawthorn set this up just like Meadows and Bennett?

You better believe it does; Woodhouse and Cawthorn are con artists, not Patriots. President Trump saw through Cawthorn.

The statement of crowning a woman of Bennett’s caliber is offensive. Especially coming from a hideous woman like Michelle Woodhouse who resembles Mick Jaggar in drag.

Her comment-“It just continues to show that this is a woman who thinks that she is going to be crowned the next congresswoman in NC11,” she said. “She hasn’t earned it. 

In Michelle’s dysfunctional elite world, what constitutes the ability to be a candidate?

What does she mean by earned? Do you mean being a party-goer and part of the pathetic self-righteous RINO’s in the Republican party? 

These political connections and good ole boy relationships are why our country is in the shape that it is today.

You can’t push a chain Ms. Bling you have to pick a side and pull!

Woodhouse even dared to go after the Tea Party stating Bennett had no right to be considered because she was aligned with the Tea Party. 

The Tea Party took on the RINOS of the Republican Party, the dung of the Republican Party.

These Patriots Tea Party affiliates were both Democrat and Republican, and they love their country and their God.

They are not a party of swells; they are a movement.

What bothers Michelle about Patriots? 

But that’s right; this was last year we are different this year. Now Woodhouse identifies herself as one of us. Don’t be fooled by her Fake Bling.

By Woodhouse’s admission, she claims with pride that she worked with two of President Trump’s most prominent nemesis globalists, John McCain and Richard Burr. Both of these men are from the Swamp of Washington DC. Woodhouse never mentioned Sara Pallin in this article when she was giving the reporter her resume. Oh that’s right Sara Pallin was part of the Tea Party Movement. Folks, are you catching on?

Both of these men, McCain and Burr, have profited off the American people through their swampy globalist agendas.

McCain is dead, and if he weren’t, he would be facing indictment through Durham. McCain was a traitor, period.

Burr should be in jail for profiting off insider trading.

Both of these RINOS voted against Trump’s America’s first policies.
This whole diatribe by Woodhouse above sounds more like the envy of how she should be chosen to run, not Linda Bennett.

It looks like the Woodhouse’s recent move to Western NC while sucking up to Cawthorn, and his minions was her and Eddie’s plan all along.

Cawthorn even donated to her campaign recently.

How do you feel, folks, about the fact that Cawthorn preyed on you for money, ran off to another district, then turned around and delivered it to this harlot?

The Woodhouse’s and Cawthorn conceived this deception together.

Don’t think for one second these two reprobates did not plan this in unison.

Remember, Michelle believes she is the chosen one.
While Michelle Woodhouse sat as the district chair, she and she alone managed Cawthorn’s engagements.

You had to go through her to get an interview or to get a comment. When the Woodhouse’s showed up, Cawthorn went down and has been in free fall ever since.

So I find it amusing that this preacher from Cruso in the above Henderson Lightning article was giving her accolades about her help in God knows what concerning the flooding of Haywood county. Because Madison Cawthorn was a no-show until the newspapers attacked him in the area, Woodhouse was his handler.

Woodhouse knew she was running at this time for the Cawthorn seat, and Cawthorn knew he was switching districts. It was a scam set up by these colluding opportunists.

Woodhouse even went so far as to use her position as District Chair to encourage others in the Republican party to demoralize other candidates from running for Cawthorn’s congressional seat.

Was Michelle Woodhouse using her position to dissuade others from running for the congressional seat in the 11th district to help Madison Cawthorn, or was she doing this to help herself think about it?

Is this legal? No, it is not.

Was Woodhouse paid under the table by Cawthorn for consulting services? Was her husband Eddie Woodhouse paid under the table? Eddie Woodhouse calls himself a political consultant. Who does he consult?

Let’s talk about good ole Eddie from Raleigh; the Woodhouse’s have been very active in N.C. politics.

Remember, Dallas Woodhouse headed the Republican Party; he left in 2019. Twenty nineteen was also the year of NCGOP scandals.

Dallas and his brother Brad a Democrat, have been on numerous shows battling politics. They were even on CSpan one time, and their mother called in and gave them grief. It was comical and deserved.

Eddie, who is Michelle’s husband, is also the “Woodhouse Brother’s” cousin.

Raleigh is where Michelle and Eddie met; they were both married to others when they met in a prayer group.

The only prayer coming out of this group was adultery.

Michelle Woodhouse is a grifter liar and an opportunist who preys on anything that satisfies her thirst for power.

If it takes a prayer group to hide her motives to get what she thirsts for, so be it.

She will walk over anyone with those tacky four-inch bling stilettos to gain prominence.

Michelle Woodhouse and Madison Cawthorn are two peas in a pod; the money drives their disease of lies and deception, and they use the churches to propagate it.

Below posted by Madison Cawthorn about his new church, notice the picture of money behind him.

Unbelievable, what an idiot!

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Below is an article from Dallas Woodhouse, who works for Carolina Journal.

He spits in the eye of corrupt Cawthorn.

Remember, he is Michelle Woodhouse’s husband’s cousin. Below is a picture of Michelle next to Eddie; ain’t she pretty.

To the left, far away from Michelle, is Dallas Woodhouse.

Cawthorn abandons his constituents and our district, and Michelle Woodhouse, who still has not resigned from GOP’s 14 district Chairman position, thinks she is entitled to be our next congressional representative.

She made statements on Thursday at noon in Hendersonville that she was a “Swamp draining outsider”.

Woodhouse said on Thursday “Send a true conservative warrior to fight the swamp”.

One of the defining charecteristics of the Swamp is they indeed believe the public is too stupid to see through their lies.

Woodhouse is the poster child of the SWAMP.

Michelle and her husband lavish with the GOP at cocktail hour as they deviantly calculate with other elitists on how to fool you into voting for them.

As Sara Pallin once said ” you can’t put lipstick on pig it is still a pig.”

Folks, you are not dumb, send this “Vagina Ho” back to her hilltop manor in Laurel Park.

Let the GOP elites feed this elephant in the room ; we the people aren’t foolish enough to take a bite from this spoiled apple.
Below are the candidates who have announced or are interested in running for the District 14 congressional seat.

Any of them by far would be better then this opportunistic grifter.- CH

ANNOUNCED candidates

  • Retired Army Colonel Rod Honeycutt- He is a decorated Army Colonel , folks he actually drew up the plans to leave Afganistan but the Biden Regime refused them. Which speaks volumes
  • Retired Navy Wendy Navarez
  • Bruce OConnell – Pisgah Inn
    • POTENTIAL Candidates
    • State Senator Chuck Edwards- Flat Rock
    • Deanna Ballard -Watauga County
    • Ralph Hise – Spruce Pines
    • Matthew Burril- Asheville Area airport authority member

Now a few comments after Pee Wee Nesbit announced his friend Woodhouse was running on FaceBook. Don’t forget Nesbitt is a former Democrat he likes fake bling.

Below is the Dallas Woodhouse’s article on Cawthorn.

I will have much more on Michelle and Eddie Woodhouse. This is part one of “Elephants in the Room” unfortunately we have more elephants.

The Woodhouse’s have a lot of baggage and Michelle is one of those gifts that just keep on giving.

I will have a special Thanksgiving post next week remember we all have a great deal to be thankful for, don’t ever doubt that…

Dallas Woodhouse – Carolina Journal -November 17, 2021

When Congressman Madison Cawthorn confirmed through a video that he would change congressional districts, he began by telling Republican voters in the 13th Congressional District that they could not make a wise selection for Congress without him.“I have every confidence in the world that regardless of where I run, the 14th Congressional District will send a patriotic fighter to D.C.,” Cawthorn said in his Twitter post. But knowing the political realities of the 13th District, I’m afraid that another establishment, go-along-to-get-along Republican, will prevail there.”The message is a direct one: The people in the far most western part of the state (NC-14) are smart enough to send a patriotic fighter to Congress because they already did with him. However, absent intervention from Cawthorn, the rubes, and RINOS in Gaston, Polk, Rutherford, McDowell, Cleveland, and Burke, are likely to choose an establishment go-along-to-get-along Republican who is not a patriotic fighter.

Cawthorn further states, “I will not let that happen,” as if the voters’ opinions are irrelevant, and he solely gets to say who belongs in Congress, in not just one district, but two.

In his two-minute and 10-second video, he makes no appeal to the voters in the new 13th as to why he wants to represent them and why he is the best person for the job.

He sets no goals, legislative or otherwise, to deliver for the people of the 13th. He oddly says that his district change is in part made after consulting “his constituents.” Cawthorn talked to current voters, and they encouraged him to leave them and go elsewhere? Not sure I would fall back on that talking point while campaigning.

Some voters in the new 13th district are not taking kindly to the paternalistic comments from Cawthorn, including Susan Tillis, wife of U.S. Senator Thom Tillis. “I can assure you that those of us in the new 13th didn’t need any intervention, and we are capable of making our own decisions,” tweeted Susan Tillis.

Cawthorn’s video raises other questions.

Who is the establishment “go-along-to-get-along Republicans?”

Is successful Republican State House Speaker Tim Moore an “establishment, go-along-to-get-along Republican?”

The same state Speaker that will gavel into law the largest tax cut in North Carolina history against the objections of Gov. Roy Cooper this year. The same Speaker responsible for blocking Medicaid expansion as recently as a few weeks ago? The same Speaker contemplating impeaching State Supreme Court and other judges for outrageous conduct?

Was Moore a go-along-to-get-along Republican when in 2019 he walked away from budget negotiations with Cooper and the teacher’s union rather than giving in to their hostage-taking methods?

Do people in Cleveland County think that they have elected a “go-along-to-get-along Republican in Moore for the last two decades?

Do the other 68 Republican members of the State House think the leader they support is an “establishment, go-along-to-get-along Republican?”

Since the voters in this district, are according to Cawthorn, inclined to make bad decisions, do those bad decisions include selecting Senators Ted Alexander, R-Lincoln, Kathy Harrington, R-Gaston, and State Reps. Kelly Hastings, R-Gaston, John Torbett, R-Gaston, David Rogers, R-Rutherford, Hugh Blackwell, R-Burke, and others? Because if the GOP voters are not smart enough to select the “right” GOP person for Congress, what does it say about the voter’s decision to choose these conservative Republican legislators?

Like Moore, these legislators in the new 13th have a great list of accomplishments that have advanced conservative public policy: tax cuts, school choice expansion, cutting red tape, enhanced private property protections, and passing voter I.D.

Brent Woodcox, a Republican legislative attorney, and frequent political commentator tweeted: “What conservative policy has Cawthorn ever delivered for his district? He’s barely even a lawmaker. He just plays one on T.V.”

Chris Cooper, professor of political science at Western Carolina University, told C.J.:

He ran as a pro-environment Republican who promised to bring the Republican party to young people through a new social media friendly brand of conservatism. He talked of his respect for establishment conservatives and was visibly pleased to speak at the most establishment event of all —the Republican National convention. Soon, however, he turned into a politician consumed with his own brand at the expense of everything else.

This points to an interesting paradox for Cawthorn:

What if the voters in the 13th don’t see the error of their ways, don’t recognize Cawthorn as their political savior, and choose another Republican to represent them? It may just be that Republicans in the 13th, the ones Madison Cawthorn does not trust to make the right decision without him, may make a decision he does not like with him.

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