There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
WHITE NOISE… Coincidence? Any of one of us could be next…
WHITE NOISE… Coincidence? Any of one of us could be next…

WHITE NOISE… Coincidence? Any of one of us could be next…

They always tell us what their plan is. Some People call this coincidence, but believing in Coincidence could cost you your life…

Your Government, the EPA basically nuked a town with chemicals so they could get a railroad open.
Where is the LEFT?

The top 10 railroad owners of the Norfolk Southern Corp include:

  • Vanguard
  • JPMorgan
  • BlackRock


KANEKOA.SUBSTACK.COM does phenomenal research. I encourage you to read all of his posts

They- Norfolk Southern received a liability letter from the EPA on February 10-2023

We are all being exposed- For all you Lefties crying about French Broad spraying Glyphosate (Round UP), Dioxins are way more toxic…Round Up ultimately goes away. Dioxin doesn’t…

Where is the Left? Where is the Biden Administration?

They are too busy trying to get their drug-riddled, diseased illegal scum across our borders and pay off a Nazi drag queen in Ukraine to be concerned about the needs of real Americans in our nation.

Do not forget that many Snap payments ( food for the poor) will end next month, but not for the Illegals crossing our border.

In fact, these illegal aliens crossing our border into our country-communities and our county are receiving BIGGER checks than those of you accepting a Social Security Check.

You worked your whole life and paid into this Social Security program. These freeloaders coming across the border illegally bringing their disease and drugs – children to be sex trafficked are getting paid more than you, who are Real Americans! Let that sink in…

Joe Biden and the Democrats can not be bothered to help those of you who are Americans with genuine needs. They are too busy paying off Nazis and falling down the steps of our Air Force One to be bothered.

Folks, your Government has failed you!

This is how the Democrats and a fourth of Republicans view those of us who were intelligent enough not to be hoodwinked by Covid and the deadly jab…

Everything we are witnessing is the result of a stolen election.
President Trump, not Republicans, but America First, and God’s Grace is the only way out of this evil storm- CH

Will Bra Boys Buttigieg & Biden travel to Palestine Ohio – the scene of their crimes against America?
The crys from the crowd of victims in Palestine Ohio ” Thank You for not forgetting about us” speaks volumes…

By Breitbart, Feb 22, 2023

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — Former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on Wednesday, where he delivered truckloads of bottled water following a train derailment earlier this month that left the small town in disarray.“President Trump is meeting with the citizens of East Palestine, and he will never forget them and what they are going through.

Contrast that with Biden and the federal government, who have failed them from the beginning,” Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung told Breitbart News.


While Biden is focused on Ukraine, President Trump is delivering water to the people of East Palestine, Ohio. Trump paid for all of the water. President Trump is the people’s president.

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — Former President Donald Trump told residents of East Palestine on Wednesday that “We’re like a third-world nation” with Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary.

“We’re like a third-world nation, and this is an example of it, the breakdown. Our whole country is breaking down,” Trump said while hanging out with residents of East Palestine in a McDonald’s on Wednesday.

Exclusive — Trump: ‘We’re Like A Third-World Nation’ with Sec. Buttigieg (