There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Do they think we are stupid?
Do they think we are stupid?

Do they think we are stupid?

You are watching a magician’s show; don’t fall into the rabbit’s hole…

The Democrats are trying to pull rabbits out of a hat to be elected.

What they did today has disolved their chances forever.

The Democrat Party died today

God Bless America!

This cabal is so desperate they want to arrest President Trump.

I told you it was coming.

The chess game is over and they lost they just don’t know it yet!

You dirty coppers have poked the wrong bear…

President Trump’s statement below:


If you’re Trump, with a staff of military-trained war game analysts who work for you… and you’ve known for months they wanted these documents… Evil Lizzy Cheney has always been after the PEADS.

Think! Remember, President Trump signed all those Executive orders before he left the WH.

He also unclassified many documents; many went to Durham.

Wouldn’t the War Room scenario planners mention the possibility someone comes with a warrant for those docs?

Trump knew this raid was on the table and what it was planned for. Don’t doubt this for one minute.

What is that called?

And stupid Merrick Garland the FBI and Biden just ate the poison!

This magic show is not just happening in DC and Florida.

This madness is all over our country, including Madison County.

Take the red pill!

Buddy Harwood is putting AR-15’s in the schools, but he didn’t just announce this over the weekend like these propagandists in the press are spewing.

He announced this in June. He was on Mark Starling’s morning show on 570 AM on June 14th. It was pathetically painful to listen to because Harwood was using a tragedy ( Uvalde TX Shooting) to get votes.

He actually stated in his goober bumbling voice that it was easier to shoot down a hallway with an AR-15 than with a 9mm weapon.

Now that Sheriff Harwood has broadcast his incompetence throughout the country today, do you feel safer at Madison County Schools?

Because folks they -being the criminals will come.

Maybe the press needs to ask Sheriff Buddy why it is more critical to have AR-15’s in lockers than to have CERTIFIED SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS.

Sheriff Harwood never bothered to have his deputies certified at Madison County schools until the Uvalde incident.

Those Ulvade Coppers had AR-15’s and those police cowards let the children and teachers die as they huddled outside.

A gun doesn’t make you a good cop. Your character does, and there is NO character at Sherriff Harwood’s Sex Castle.

I am going to ask another question. What purpose is it to lock up weapons in lockers on the premise?

Does this not put teachers and students at risk? We have Harwood and Garrison encouraging illegals and drug dealers into our area; now you are baiting them to attack a school.

You literally have to go find a locker, unlock and remove the guns; how smart is this? What if the criminal arrives at the lockers before the coppers?

Are you completely insane, Buddy Harwood, or just stupid? Do you honestly think these Bowery Boy deputies of Harwoods are up to grade for this task?

More reason to get your kids out of this pathetic school system before Buddy Harwood and his team of misfits hurt them.

Now for the DC self-serving Dummies. Notice they always pull these stunts in August when everyone is on vacation. That is, if you can afford a vacation this year.

The Democrats just passed a $740 billion Climate change package bill that will raise all our taxes during a recession, and they tell us we will like it.

Sound Familiar? Isn’t this what the Great Globalist Klaus Schwab, a blood-drinking satanist, said below?

You will own nothing and you will be happy about it…

Klaus Schwab

It is in their Great Reset handbook.

The Climate change hoax is their plan for how they will destroy America!

You see, folks, they want us to become Venezuela and the Democrats are complicit.

The above inflation bill does nothing to help curb inflation but makes it worse.

In this Bill:

  • While the drug companies are enjoying huge profits, the pharmaceutical industry will still be allowed to charge the American people the highest prices worldwide for prescription drugs. 
  • This bill will raise taxes for small businesses and taxpayers making over 30,000 a year.
  • Inflation will soar, putting more pressure on American Families.
  • They want your land- This bill has a pathway to allow the government, county, and local officials to tax property on its perceived value and not its actual value. The taxing authority could then arbitrarily decide your property value is higher, thus causing higher taxes and forcing land owners to sell.
  • Wink wink, remember, Madison County has a revaluation coming next year; how convenient.

Don’t forget what Schwab said, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy about it.”

“Build Back Better” – Better for whom?

Did you notice in Bongino’s video above that he spoke about how the government is taxing farmers for owning cows in New Zealand?
What is wrong with owning cows?

Remember at the Asphalt Hearing, one of the Marxist members of the Board of Adjustment, Mike Tuziw, spoke about how cow farts were destroying the environment. I am not making this up -It is in the transcript from the hearing.
This guy said cows were destroying our planet. Does that sound familiar?

These people are bat guano crazy it is they who are dangerous, to society not cattle.

They live among us pushing this propaganda, claiming they are doing it for the common good.

Where did Reclaim Madison-Madison Housing Coalition get the money to buy French Broad Pavings Mexican restaurant for $750,000?

Notice Baby Leake sits on this board.

CHC is now targeting Spring Creek!

From: CHC Outreach <>

Subject: Flyer for Urgent Home Repair Service

Hi there!

We hope this email finds you and the Spring Creek Community well. CHC is hoping to spread awareness and find clients in Madison County for a new important urgent home repair program. This particular program can help folks that already receive Medicaid and are in need of home repairs. We are eager to reach people about this opportunity!

Please send this flyer out to your community center and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or know anyone that we may be able to help. 

Thank you so much for your support!Best,
Grace GrabielFund Development & Communications CoordinatorCommunity Housing Coalition of Madison County(828) 649-1200 | 798 Walnut Creek Rd, Marshall, NC |

This from the Community Housing Coalition website

You call them they will give you a HOLISTIC OVERVIEW of your circumstances

These so-called Do-Gooders are using the Soros Playbook – the same playbook which was exposed in R.OA.R and Down Home Madison manifestos.

This is the great lie of Socialism

(New Democrat Party);

they tell you they will make your lives easier but in essence, they mean your obedience will make their lives easier.

In their world, all white people are Supremacists and need to be reducated,

controlled, censured and silenced.

You need a holistic overview. WHY? Where does God come in?

Below is what happens when area locals forget their roots…

The Reeds call themselves long-standing local community members in the above advertisement.

Talk about- “Sleeping with the Enemy,” the irony is that French Broad Paving, also French Broad Asphalt, is now buddies with the same people who were fighting against them to stop their asphalt plant.

Look, folks, if Madison County is to survive the influx of these Marxists, carpet baggers, and Methadone clinics coming into its county.

The so-called long-standing community members need to stop selling out to the enemy and respect the heritage they used to define why they should get their Asphalt Plant!

Oh, we can’t get by this week without mentioning last Thursday’s Health Department Board meeting. Tammy Cody was a spectacle to be had; she couldn’t stop blubbering and mentioning how bad Norris Gentry was to her.

Below is the gist with an added snarky commentary…

Director Tammy is disturbed because Commissioner Gentry and County attorney Laws are sitting on a request to complete a contract with ETSU concerning internships.
A contract must be signed and in place before an internship can be completed with the health department. The board voted to get an outside attorney to do the work.

Who will pay for the outside attorney?

Also, Tammy was frustrated because Gentry would insist on signing the contract. One could understand her frustration because time is of the essence so that the intern can earn credit to graduate.

Really who cares about an intern?

Tammy was also frustrated because commissioners put some playground equipment on hold. She stated that she had worked so hard and was frustrated because her efforts were in vain. Cody discussed the playground at a recent commissioner meeting.

Tammy- who is in charge of this playground across from your office and Buddy’s sheriff’s department?

Aren’t Tammy and Buddy doing a great job keeping these playgrounds clean and inviting for children?

Tammy was also concerned that she was denied travel expenses in her budget. When staff goes to conferences, they must file a request with commissioners for approval. She is not happy with the arrangement. She was very critical of the interim county manager Norris Gentry and Fried Chicken – Matt Wechtel took some flack but redirected it toward the county manager.

Matt is sure wearing the Fried Chicken branding proudly.

Cody stated that staff morale was extremely low and blamed the problem on the interim county manager.

Again that would be Norris Gentry.

At one point, Tammy Cody left the room in tears and returned later.

Is it just me, or do any of the rest of you find this behavior a bit unstable?

Last year’s revenues for the health dept. were $2,891,531 and expenditures were $3,526,945 for a deficit of $635,000.

Where did this $$$$ go?

So, in essence, the Madison County Health Department has a deficit of $635,000 dollars which means a mismanagement of 22 percent of your budget Ms Cody.

You can cry and play drama queen all you want, Tammy; you don’t deserve any money for your tears; you deserve a pink slip.

If you have low morale at the Madison County Health Department,

maybe you need to look in the mirror.

Below is a great, heartbreaking video;

Tammy should have tears for this below not money for travel.

I am sorry I did not get to Pless and others tonight but believe me, folks, I could write a story every day- It will be next week.

Below is a lawsuit that showed up in today’s Madison County Commissioners agenda meeting items.

I know this woman, Jennifer Gregory, and am aware of what she and her family have been through with Mary Jane Wallin (register of deeds), Jack Wallin (dead former mayor of Marshall.), and other Madison Marshall officials.

This is a despicable act by The Register of Deeds – sheriff of Madison County – Forrest Gillium-Madison County and its employees – Jamie List – Danny at the Inspection offices.

Gregory has hired a good attorney out of Charlotte and is not afraid of Madison County’s Democrat cabal. I am just hitting the surface with this lawsuit below, and there will be more coming because there was an unfounded arrest that deserves exposure.

I will also post the legal fees Madison County is paying next week. You will be shocked.

Read below and notify the plaintiff’s attorney in this case if you have had a similar experience. Because this has to end in our county, the only way it does is to bring the legal hammer down on injustice.

Look, folks, it is going to get dicey in the next few weeks – Warning below:

Don’t take the Democrat’s bait; they and the Republican Rinos are headed to the Hell they made for themselves.

Focus on God’s Compass not mans- CH

Click the link below to view the Jennifer Gregory lawsuit: