There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
When you are caught you are caught…
When you are caught you are caught…

When you are caught you are caught…

What do French Broad and Sustainable Madison have in common?

  • Both pretend to be helping the poor and impoverished while padding their own pockets.
  • Both lie to get what they want.
  • Both hide under IRS protection so that others will not discover their true intent and those involved in their scam.
  • Both are arrogant and operate as totalitarian states. For all of you in Marshall and Marxist Hill, a totalitarian state means one that recognizes no limit on its authority in any sphere of public or private life; it extends that authority to whatever length is feasible.
  • Both would qualify as an ingredient in Road-kill soup

Tomorrow is the French Broad’s 80th annual meeting for members, except only 25 chosen swells can attend; now that is just priceless…
Like me, many of you received their annual report in the mail -a week before the official meeting.
I noticed many things; first, French Broad EMC never lists the exuberant salaries of their top employees.

Below is their 2018 – (Federal 990’s) they have not filed their 2019’s but Haywood County EMC has filed theirs. Notice the compensation on the far right hand side. Add that together with their salary will give you the full amount.

Notice below the French Broad EMC salaries from 2017- Jill Austin -Board member’s salary doubled – Notice the hours worked – Look how much we are paying them for doing NOTHING!

Rutherford Electric Membership Cooperative

Below salaries from 2018 – (990’s)

64,000 members -Twice the members of French Broad -lower electric rates and less board members than French Broad.

Notice the difference in compensation also…

The French Broad EMC Report statements to the members by Joe Justice and Jeff Loven -in their lookback of 2020 are quite intriguing.

These two bloviated about great wholesale cost benefits given back to the members by Duke Energy. They communicate that this is “making our power costs some of the lowest in the state.” But folks, this is simply not true.

Read below the actual rate of electricity 11.5 KWH – which shows that it is almost 5% greater than the NC average rate.

Is this a material misstatement on the annual report by Joe Justice and Jeff Loven?

What about that facility charge on your electric bill -for each meter you are charged a facility fee. Another money grab by this cooperative mafia.

Below is a previous article from Clint Parker of the Weaverville Tribune back in 2019 – Notice how Paula Seay of French Broad EMC tries to spin Jeff Loven’s salary and compensation package. Is Jeff Loven worth $111,000 in 2018 in an additional compensation package for only 44 hours of weekly work? Seay claims in 2013 that Loven is the “Peach ” of North Carolina – I can think of another fruit to call him….

Notice that Jeff Loven is paid more then Joseph Joplin general manager of Rutherford Electric Cooperative – Rutherford Electric Coop is almost twice the size of French Broad at 64,000 members compared to French Broad at 39,227. Also notice that they only have 11 board members – French Broad has 12.

Folks French Broad lies for sport and Clint Parker’s story back in 2013 below points this out… Have they changed – Not Hardly…

Now onto this cooperative’s arrogance in maintaining their easements and how they exaggerate the publics’ response to thanking “Them” for keeping the power on! They actually said there were members who thanked them for keeping the power on-Thanked them for cutting down and maiming their property…yeah right.

I seriously don’t know anyone who is happy when these poor guys come out spray and cut down trees and limbs.
Let me explain a little problem this oligarchy French Broad has; they actually think they own your property. I have never seen such an abuse of this before -except here in this area.
This cooperative electric company has an easement – right a way with these electric lines – you are the owner, and they cannot damage your property or lower your property value.
They cannot spray on your property if you have an endangered species growing under those power lines -they cannot spray or do damage in any respect. If they cause erosion to your property, you can fight them. You can challenge anything they do to your property.
They do not have to kill everything underneath these lines either – if this vegetation can’t reach their lines, they are out of luck.

Oh, they say they have to get their workers to the lines and their workers can’t be hindered with walking over the very debris they created.
French Broad has lost this argument; when they cut the limbs off the trees, do they clean them up?
Why no, they leave them on the ground in a heap of a mess. Those poor workers have to crawl over dead trees all the time to get to those power lines, obviously they don’t care about their workers.
French Broad Electric cannot cross your property to get to an easement either – You have every right to ask the contractor on your property to show you proper identification of all its workers.
Does French Broad Electric pay any of your property tax? Does French Broad Electric pay any of your Home Insurance? The answer is that no, you are the property owner, and you have rights, and French Broad Electric can’t violate those rights with an easement Right of Way.
Now I am not against using post-emergent herbicide; you have to maintain property consistently.

Folks, I have worked with French Broad on my property, and they were reasonable and have done a great job to try to make me happy with their Right of Ways.

I have head water on my property with orange salamanders and an endangered species that grows on an upper line. These guys were respectful of my concerns; they may not be after this article, but we will see.

Remember we are the members of this cabal -Below are the long overdue questions that need to be addressed with French Broad:

  • Why are we paying these board members so much money – they do nothing – Their salary should be no more than $5000 a year.
  • Term limits why are they not enforced?
  • Why do we need so many board members?
  • The easements -right of ways should be evaluated to see if they are binding in perpetuity – for those in Marshall, that means- the state or quality of lasting forever.
  • Why are there not more dividend checks sent to members?
  • Did this incompetent board make any attempt to inform its members of the nomination by petition process in detail?
  • Has this inept lazy board ever shown the courtesy of explaining to its members how to nominate their representatives?

Folks, the charter of French Broad Electric needs to be challenged; this election process and their use of this Covid Hoax is possibly illegal and virtually impossible for the members to have a say in the management of this Coop. We have rights and they can’t trample on those rights.

There are 26 of these cooperative scams currently in North Carolina. They all have the same systematic Liberal Wealth Redistribution policies.

French Broad Electric Cooperative and others were set up in rural areas and pushed as needed entities for the impoverished. Still, in the end, they are just another Democrat honey-pot for selected families.

The people they claim to help are the same people they have taken advantage of by their higher-than-normal electricity rates. They have taken advantage of the poor. Their high salaries mean you get less back as a member of this cooperative.
Joe Justice, Jeff Loven, and these board members are a disgrace and need to be held accountable for what they have done.

They have raped Madison County!

In closing on this, why has Joe Justice, (as he sits as President, collecting a check he has not earned) not done a darn thing for the Spring Creek area where he resides concerning French Broad Fiber Internet Service?
Greg Fowler informed me that French broad fiber internet service is tied up in red tape – Is the Spring Creek Community considered not important to French Broad EMC?

Now onto the other Liberal con job in Madison county….

Sustainable Madison has earned the designation as Madison County’s largest-ever Hemorrhoid. These idiots- I swear they literally have no brains. Please read below the flyer they sent out.

These hippies are so arrogant – they actually think they have the moral authority to tell anyone what kind of business they can have in an INDUSTRIAL SITE after it has been approved and litigated.

They are lying again- This Asphalt Plant won’t produce any more smell then the breath coming off the Marxist Lizards that live in Marshall.

By the way Marshall is not a pristine area it is a dump- a dump filled with roadkill and untalented people who think they are artists.

I have an idea…. below is the Department of Environmental Quality’s email

Email them and tell them you want them to approve the permit for

French Broad Asphalt in Marshall.

You know folks I think it is time if this obnoxious vermin thinks it can order business out of our county than we need to demand they leave our county

I mean fair is fair -CH