There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu
“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu

“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu

There are three classes of people in this world, those who see, those who see when they are shown, those that do not see.

Leonardo Da Vinci

I guess the big question is – how do you want to live your life?

Are you going to live your life looking at everything in the rear view mirror? Or are you going to wake up and get off your duffs and fight back?

These commissioners work for us!

Even the two Republican Rinos are commenting on how Mark Snelson is acting like he is a king.

County Corruption: Mark Snelson is robbing Madison County again.

 Payoffs to department heads- FRAUD – Buddy Harwood awarded new vehicles – Fire departments becoming Gestapo payoffs.

Folks, you can’t make this up – Stupidity is typical in Madison County, especially if you delve into County government. 

Below is the agenda for Tuesday night’s commissioner’s meeting.

Notice :

Health Department preliminary construction proposal.

Kari Ledford interim tax administrator- Budget amendment – Buddy Boy is getting a new truck on our nickel – Why does Kari look the other way – it is her responsibility and duty to challenge purchases?

Mark Snelson- Fire Commissioners- (Why do we need Fire Commissioners?- I know and will show you what they are up to)

Norris Gentry – Still the Interim County Manager- Are you kidding me – Bill Deblasio of Madison County is still being paid by the tax payers.

Madison County Commissioner agenda for Tuesday

When you put someone like Mark Snelson into a power position, you have to expect this kind of behavior.

Mark Snelson’s last job with Mission says it all. Snelson claimed over $40,000 in overtime that he did not earn. He was also caught on surveillance cameras doing things that you should not be doing while you are supposed to be working.
He is Larry Leake’s favorite Democrat, which speaks volumes – These Democrats have no shame, and the Democrats still in this putrid party don’t seem to give a damn about doing anything about it. Why because they are waiting to get their piece of OUR PIE- Which means our tax dollars.
Mark Snelson violated the Federal Hatch Act when he and Buddy Harwood interfered in the ambulance contract, costing the people of this county an additional million more dollars on this contract.

Snelson profited from this , so he should have never been involved, period – This falls on Donnie Laws – County attorney who is also a BFF of Larry Leake.
Laws’ ineptness cannot be written off anymore as incompetence. This connection to Larry Leake – shows a pattern that smells of the Stain of Sodom.

Let’s look into these items on the agenda.

  • Why are we spending more money on the Health Department’s capital outlay when the Courthouse and the County offices fall into decay?

How many times do the taxpayers have to pay for the incompetence of the Health Department? 

Are Tammy Cody and Emergency ambulance services coding deaths in this County that are not Covid as the coronavirus to receive Federal subsidies? I have been watching the counts for months and noticed this particular incident- On the weekend of February 6-7, the count was 30 deaths.

On February 8 – Jack Wallin- mayor of Marshall fell over dead – The Madison Health Department coded two deaths for that period. One for that weekend which was Lisa Ogles mother, and one for Monday, which was Wallin.
The only person that died on Monday was Wallin.
Wallin did not die of Covid – he was a chronic alcoholic that took drugs.
Remember, if you code these deaths as Covid, you do not have to pay the ambulance and emergency services. But it is fraud if you died otherwise and collected that subsidy.
Look what has just opened up in NY with Cuomo, a federal investigation into not only the killing of grandmas in nursing homes but the collecting of fraudulent money for suspicious COVID CASES. I think the Feds need to come to investigate Madison County.

  • Buddy Harwood, Also -a chronic taker of pain killers, is getting a new truck – 

He and his dung beetle Coy Phillips received new vehicles last year. The Madison County Sheriff department’s budget exceeds all other sheriff departments of the same size population in Western NC. Yancey County Sheriff Gary banks has driven the same Dodge truck the County provided for several years. Mitchell County Sheriff Donald Street drove the same Dodge charger for several years as well. Buddy Harwood has gotten a new vehicle every year since 2018, he and Coy have had new cars every year, and Humpty Harwood is about to get another new upgraded truck in the next couple of weeks…

Buddy Harwood is an embarrassment, folks; if you think these two worthless drug dealing Democrats, Coy Phillips and Buddy Harwood, would protect your gun rights, think again. They will do what the illegitimate vote-stealing Democrat Party tells them to do.

If you believe that a fake Second Amendment vote will protect you, think again – It was a resolution from liars that have a D next to their name. The real sheriffs are in Mitchell and Yancey Counties, and they are Republican, not drug dealing dung beetles that rape our county coffers.

Now, how are those two Rinos working out for you, Madison? – I told you Garrison was just another shill for Harwood. And Matt Wechtel, well, Buddy likes to say he gets on his knees and asks him what he can do for him right before every commissioner meeting. I can’t picture Wechtel on his knees because I don’t think he could get up if he got down there. But why are these two Republican commissioners not screaming about this? And where is that fake Republican Party out of Mars Hill? They are also silent, which shows they are in bed with these reprobates.

They are not conservative in any sense – They talk the Talk and never Walk it!

  • Bubba Snelson and his fire Commissioners – Why do we need Fire Commissioners? No reason except to beg for money that we don’t need to spend.

Look, folks, if you are complaining about your dump fees going up to twenty bucks, wait till these Fire commissioners get a hold of your wallet.

Don’t trust Bubba; remember he is a liar and a thief and wants to get these volunteer fire departments on the payroll. And the one leading the way is Emerson Franklin of Laurel, a good friend of corrupt Buddy Harwood and Orville English – Who does not pay his taxes. 

See below the rates we have now, and then after that, see what the rates are in Henderson County. Snelson-Goforth-Gentry will double your fire tax rates.

So- Forget the Dump fees; your fire Tax could double and go up an additional-$100 or more.
For what so these guys can go and buy steak and party on your nickel? We have less than 22,000 people that live in our County- This is more of a scam to pay for extra fire personnel that we don’t need and we don’t need to fund fancy firehouses either.

Fire Taxes: 
In addition there are Fire Districts within the County which taxes are assessed for operational costs. Remember folks the commissioners raised our fire tax in Spring Creek last year during an assessment it is now .05 – Wayne Brigman and Matt Wechtel voted against this but the other three thieves voted for it!

Smokey Mountain.08
Ebbs Chapel.09
Mars Hill.09
Big Pine.06
Spring Creek.02
Henderson County Fire Tax

Why does our small County need this BS?
When was the last time Emerson’s fire department received a REAL Audit? When was any of these fire departments audited?
The payoff is they go out there and get you to vote for who they say to vote for-which is who Buddy – Goforth- Snelson want to be elected.

Are you that gullible? Buddy Harwood needs to get off the dope and start doing his job and stop relying on the Fire Departments to do his job.

While I am in the Fire and Fire departments, one of these Mars Hill swells has slipped through the cracks without discussion. And since you all have chastised me for not getting more County News out, this deserves discussion. It will show how corrupt this County is and how all of these scoundrels are connected back to Larry Leake and Buddy Harwood.

I remember Ronnie Ledford, who used to be the Madison County Zoning-Building Inspector-Health department environmental health head. No joke, he served all of these positions. He was also certified to inspect the jail at the time for John Ledford. Connections- Orville English -John Ledford- Buddy Harwood- Larry Leake. Ronnie resigned from the County and went on disability. So, in essence, he couldn’t get paid to inspect the jail without compromising his disability.

You all should know how this works because half of this County is freeloading on disability. One day, while speaking to Ronnie, he laughed and bragged to me about how Larry Leake – (Stain Of Sodom) had figured out a way to pay him. He stated that Larry Leake- (who at the time was county attorney) had arranged to have his tax bill written off the books. I wasn’t laughing when he told me this and informed him this was an illegal act. I immediately called Eddie Fox – who was a commissioner and the Fire chief for Mars Hill. He sounded alarmed and said he would look into it.

Fast forward – Fox called me back and said he talked to Larry, and of course, Larry said he didn’t know anything about it. At this time, the tax office was an elected position held by the Democrats-her name was Janice Buckner and she did exactly what she was told.
Now that is all the Great Eddie Fox did – the same Eddie Fox that was found guilty under the Hatch act while he set as commissioner.

Fox now works for Blue-Ridge Funeral home and interestingly receives all the funerals that Buddy collects for and then sends them to this funeral home. Remember Big Buddy likes to tell everyone he is paying for this. Not hardly….

Eddie Fox had dinner every night after the commissioner meetings with Larry Leake at the Waffle House in Mars Hill. Now, do you think these two didn’t discuss this illegal act and how they would bury it- not likely. No more than Donny Laws doesn’t discuss the County business in his weekly lunches with the Stain of Sodom in Yancey.

Buddy Harwood has been giving and getting payoffs and kickbacks for years on our county nickel. Harwood uses the same technique used by IRS fraudsters.
He has the merchant bill for service, he then has the Book-Keeper pay the bill, and then the merchant pays the dung beetle a kickback. Do these idiots know that this is Federal fraud? Do these churches realize they could lose their 501-C3 status over this?
You people amaze me on what you continually hang out with – I don’t care if it is your family.
I haven’t had a word to say to some of my immediate family for over 40 years – Why because they are not the type of people I want to associate with Period!

So why do so many of you? Why do you tolerate this corruption that is so blatant and visible before your eyes? Do you not care what is going on around you? People are waking up and they are scared I get it but I can’t keep fighting your battles for you. You have to want it and want your freedom from this. Watching these people in Mars Hill is like watching the “Stepford Wives” and those in Marshall are more like the Walking Dead. You have to get involved and that means electing a new Sheriff and three new commissioners. And electing new school board members that are not creepy church ladies that like to gamble and eat bon bons.

You are not always going to get that check in the mail. That check that you didn’t earn that someone else is paying for- Wait till that day comes and no one is left to help you but those that took it all from you.

Maybe you are that final class of people that Leonardo DaVinci spoke of:
Those that do not see.

Niccolo Machiavelli had a much harsher interpretation of the three intellects. I personally believe that number three are those that are always looking at their rearview mirror.-CH