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Who vets these people?
Who vets these people?

Who vets these people?

How did we get stuck with Mark Pless?

Below is a video from Haywood County Commissioners meeting and an article from Smoky Mountain News; you will see Mark Pless in real time and his arrogance

Heck; he comes off deranged and resembles Mike Aquino.

Watch these Haywood commissioners in this video. They are positioned above the public like a Roman senate. The resident who spoke out was respectful but was told to go live in Marion if he didn’t like what they were doing. Sound familiar?

The reason I bring Pless up is that I had a run-in with this RINO over the weekend. He came to Madison County last week looking for political support. I can’t believe no one vetted him.

Michelle Presnell endorsed this guy and threw him onto the public, and expected no one to blink an eye. Remember, she, like Mark Meadows decided to relinquish their thrones to stop legitimate candidates from running. They wanted their hand-picked toadies elected.

Michelle Presnell, who now works for Madison Cawthorn, endorsed this clown.

Folks, you can’t let these people tell you who to vote for in an election. Look, you church people let corrupt Buddy Harwood tell you who to vote for; what does it say about you?

Pless spent most of his time with Sheriff Buddy and RINO Matt Wechtel.

Mr. Pless, if you are looking for support from conservatives in this county, the last thing you need to be doing is hanging out with either of these two guys. Now add Mark Snelson to the shared litter box playmates; he was also yucking it up with him.

Mark Pless is a professional asshole with a pattern of abuse.

Pless has a background that will shock you. Below is just a tiny piece. But this, dope made the mistake of emailing his garbage to me.

Mark Pless truly believes he has the right not to perform his paid duty as state congressman if he doesn’t like what you say about or to him.

Emails between us after these two stories one is from the Smoky Mountain News.

Residents who live in Marxist Hill -Ebbs Chapel are about to get a big surprise. Compliments of Sheriff Buddy and Mark Pless.

In closing are my comments about this Superficial Amazon Movie and SoWe.



My Email Exchange With Haywood County Commissioner Mark Pless

At a recent meeting of the Haywood County Commission, Eddie Cabe called out Commissioner Mark Pless (actually Steven Mark Pless) for Pless’s email suggesting that Eddie move to Marion if he wanted to live in a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Later in the meeting, Joe Alan James challenged Pless, asking if he had really sent such an email.  Here it is on video:

I found Pless’ response to be totally inappropriate for an elected official speaking to a constituent, so I sent him the following email:

Commissioner Pless:

I voted for you.  At the January 21 meeting of the Haywood County Commission you made me ashamed to admit it.

Mr. Cabe can indeed be trying, and he often tests the limits of my patience.  While I generally agree with him on principle, I often disagree with him regarding his approach to problems.

Having said that, Eddie has lived here a long time.  Eddie has been Eddie for as long as I have known him.  And somehow until recently, no sitting Commissioner suggested that Eddie move elsewhere.

I suspect that in your heart of hearts, you see that your email to Eddie was inappropriate.  Had you said as much in your comments and apologized, you would have earned some respect from me, and I suspect also from many others present.

I recognize that it is also possible that you feel, as stated in your comments at the recent Commission meeting, that your frustration justified the suggestion that Eddie move elsewhere.  If that is truly the case, I suggest that you resign the Commission and stick to selling insurance.

Sincerely, Paul YeagerWaynesville, NC

And here is what I received in response:

Mr. Yeager

Not sure what voting or not voting for me has to do with any of this. You can be ashamed about me standing up to being bullied and harassed if that makes you feel better about your friend.

You know your friends behavior got him kicked out of the the Republican Party and banished from attending any state or local events for behaving like he does. If memory serves me correct you have been banished by the Republican Party as well. Instead of bashing people who do not take his garbage you should have been a true friend all along  and helped him overcome the way he treats people.

You excuse his behavior by saying he is trying and tests your limits of patience however you show no such grace toward myself or any of the other commissioners. I have disappointed you once and your ashamed of me but somehow you make excuses for the multiple failures friend had made. 

You have a misguided concept that people who make the choice to seek public office deserve to be treated as less than human. This freedom of speech you extend to your buddy also is given to me by the same Constitution. If I chose to express myself your group stands offended because I am not afforded the same rights as you. Our president continually pushes back against people who harass and lie about him and you applaud his actions. When we are harassed and lied about you condemn me because I push back. Seems like a double standard. You only believe the parts of the constitution that help justify your actions, your mobs actions and your friends actions. If memory serves me correctly you have been charged with assaulting Ted Carr, trespassing and pointing a gun at someone last August. You can’t control yourself or your actions however I am supposed to be alarmed because you disagree with what I said in an email.

For the record if Eddie and Monroe don’t want comments on their private emails stop addressing them to 47 people and sending them over the county email. Neither of them are county employees and have no right to send personal emails over the county system. If you involve someone in your private email conversation and then get your feelings hurt it’s your own fault. Look closely at this email you are offended by and you will see he did this as another harassment tactic.

I am certain when you see that you will just say Eddie will be Eddie and that is a double standard. You were polite and respectful in your email to me and I have tried to return that in my email. If you choose not to vote for me or choose to vote for me that is a personal decision. Do not ever try to use your vote as a way of saying any public official owes you anything. It is really easy to sit back and condemn others instead of stepping up, filing for office and being the one who tries to help the people of Haywood County. Your whole attitude disgusts me because you do not appreciate anything the 5 of us try to do for the people of Haywood County. We spend hours and hours each week talking, listening and trying to help the people of Haywood County. You invest nothing in anyone but yourself and bloat your ego every time you bash us. You need people to shower you with attention so you can feel good about yourself and you choose to get that attention by bashing us. The next time you feel the need to criticize me look down deep inside and evaluate how you treat others. If you look inside and find your behavior has lead to your arrest or your banishment from the Republican Party clean up your mess before you try telling me what I should or should not say.

Mark Pless
Haywood County Commissioner
Sent from my iPhone

Do you see the “unhinged” in Mark Pless’s words and demeanor? Pless has this burr up his butt over somebody named Eddie that dislikes him.

Look at his Devilish Goatee and his eyebrows going up and down was this done to intimidate the residents in this body?

Kind of reminds me of Peter Strozke remember him?

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Pless even states above in this email that he thinks he is President Trump in likeness.

Mr. Pless you are no President Trump.

Below article from By Heather Hyatt Packer • Guest Columnist Smoky Mountain News – Shocking that this guy was elected dog catcher, much less the state congressman.

Pless’ behavior should worry voters


Heather Packer

When our government leaders deliberately mislead or lie to us, there is no immediate consequence. We would never hire or retain an employee who lacks personal integrity or responsibility, yet we seem to accept that the lack of integrity in political leadership is the norm — even at the local level. 

It is no secret Haywood County Commissioner Mark Pless — who is running for a state House seat in District 118 — is problematic. Not only has he vehemently opposed harm reduction efforts in our community but has lambasted our homeless population and often makes gross distortions of the truth. Pless habitually claims he’s never been given facts, information and studies on these subjects — when he has in fact received the materials. He offers no feasible solution to these problems. Instead he refuses to acknowledge science-based evidence that addiction is a disease. Pless, a salesman, says addiction is a “choice.” 

Pless has openly sparred with constituents who disagree with him. He has bullied — primarily females — and is disrespectful during meetings and through email exchanges. He has attempted to “humiliate” residents through social media shaming. A person with seemingly no ability to manage his impulses has no place in public service. That’s right, Mark. You’re a public servant. Your position exists to serve the people, not the privileged. 

In a June 2020 interview, Pless claimed he left his paramedic job in 2003 because of PTSD issues. Yet in the same article, evidence shows the contrary. Pless quit after having a verbal altercation with another county employee in which Pless made threats that he would “f*%@ the system.” An advisory board wrote a letter stating he exhibited “willful and deliberate misconduct which resulted in the termination of your employment.” 

Obviously, Pless is giving folks the ole razzle dazzle about how he came to no longer be employed by the county. Why the dishonesty? It’s as if he’s ashamed of the termination and rumors of sexual harassment surrounding his career in emergency services. 

The same man has been accused of domestic violence. His wife filed a domestic violence complaint and restraining order in 2008. According to Mrs. Pless’ own words, Commissioner Pless was having an affair with a member of their church which led to multiple physical altercations. Her report states he grabbed her by the throat, slammed her to the bed. When questioned about the nature of this incident he downplays it as “the little domestic thing.” Am I to conclude that domestic violence and misogyny go hand in hand? 

Someone needs to stand up, say something. I guess I’ll be the one. This is atrocious behavior for an elected leader. With his controversial background, Pless has no place in local government. The unconscionable conduct in both his personal and professional life along with his blatant disdain for the female gender leaves me to wonder how someone like this has the arrogance to run for public office? 

There is a real and worthwhile conversation taking place in our community regarding harm reduction, addiction and the non-housing issue. Unlike Pless, there are superstars in Haywood County who tirelessly serve those in need, create opportunities for change, and deliberately move towards an end which will ultimately serve us all. 

We need a leader who truly lives mountain values. Simply put, mountain values to me include a sense of dignity and empathy that have been built by brave frontier men and women who endured troubled times through hard work and helping their neighbors. We need a leader who doesn’t send snarky emails suggesting he’ll “bring the homeless to your doorstep.” We need a leader who serves everyone — not just his base. We need a leader who doesn’t equate human worth to property ownership. We need a leader who not only proclaims himself a Christian (as if that somehow is an association with rightness) but in effect acts like a Christian. 

Jesus might find himself caring for those in Frog Level that Pless so execrates at public meetings. We need leaders who embrace servant leadership with a clear sense of duty and guides by example. 

Below is what I gathered from both of these articles above:

  • The People of Haywood County want a Second Amendment Sanctuary County but Pless fears the masses who supported him will shoot everyone.
  • Pless is a Former Farm Bureau Insurance agent just like RINO Matt Wechtel
  • Pless claims Public Officials owe their constituents nothing
  • Attacks a Republican voter because they were banished from the NC Republican Party. Folks this should be Badge of Honor not detrimental
  • Pless likes to bully females using social media. So does Buddy Harwood regime and Madison County’s Commissioners
  • Pless was a parmedic like Bubba Snelson. Pless was forced out of his position by an advisory board because of malicious behavior and probable sexual harrassment.
  • One of Pless’s wives has filed a domestic violence complaint and received a restraining order.
  • Pless attacked his wife because she caught him screwing a church member and according to her statements this is why he choked her and threw her onto the bed.

Well all I can say is no wonder you like Buddy Harwood- Matt Wechtel and Bubba Snelson so much!

Below my own email exchange with Pless over the weekend…

CH- Sun, October 3, 10:06 AM (2 days ago)

I am aware that you came to Madison County this week. I noticed you met with Sheriff Buddy Harwood- Mark Snelson and Matt Wechtel. If you want support from voters in this county you better watch being in bed with the Democrat jackals and Rino Republicans. I wrote the story below and will do follow-ups in which I will be mentioning your kindreds with these reprobates.

PLESS- Oct 3, 2021, 3:51 PM (2 days ago)

I can understand how local citizens disagree with local officials. I simply ask when you make the decision to involve me in your writings you keep in mind my roll.

As the House of Representatives member my job doesn’t involve local issues. My roll is to represent the interests of Madison County and to interact with local officials in ways to benefit yourself and others in Madison County.

If you have concerns or issues with your local officials who govern your county take that up with them. As for who I met with your not correct.

I met with sheriff Harwood and mental health professionals at the community center in Ebbs Chapel because I was ask to.

The conversation was for the mental health professionals to ask me to look for funding at the state to help staff the center with a mental health practitioner full time. This was important so folks can be seen who have mental health issues.  

Many of the people in the community  are not getting mental health treatment on a regular bases because they don’t have access or don’t have insurance.

That is my job as a representative. As for meeting Commissioner Matt Wechtel that was at the request of your Republican Chairman. Patrick ask me for a US flag to give to a Korean War Veteran who lives in Madison County.

I had a flag flown over the NC Capital for this veteran and at the request of Patrick I delivered the flag to Matt.  

As for Mark Snelson I didn’t meet with him this time my meeting with him was a couple of months ago.

The purpose for that meeting was at the Request if Mark Snelson, fire chief Joshua Norton and Sherriff Harwood. I came to the Hwy 25/70 accident site near the Hot Springs city limits.

I was ask it interact with DOT on behalf of the folks in that area to get a guardrail installed to prevent trucks from leaving the roadway and threatening the homes and lives of residents who live near the base of the mountain.

There had been an accident and fire which destroyed the property of some home owners but thankfully no loss of life.

I did as I was ask and to my understanding the guard rail is in place with no other issues.

My visit to see Bonnie was because Patrick Ward  told me too. I was looking for a way to meet with locals and see what I can do to help the residents. I conveyed this to Bonnie when I went to her restaurant.  

We discussed how to get residents to sit down with me and tell me how I can help them. I ran for office during covid shut downs and didn’t get to meet a lot of folks. I was limited to Trump rides and handing out cards at ingles where no one felt comfortable to talk because of the virus.

I have done nothing to warrant your email threat. I have done nothing underhanded or deceitful in any situation. If you wish us to spread hateful misrepresentations of what I try to do for people I will simply spend my time helping the other counties I represent.

Mark Pless

Representative NC House District 118Office 919-733-5732

Legislative Office Building Room 533Raleigh NC 27603

CH- Oct 3, 2021, 5:43 PM

Mr. Pless

So if I understand you correctly, you are demanding that everyone suppress an opinion or concern of you in exchange for representing the voters of counties you have sworn under oath to represent. 

Does the NC state legislature understand that you have a cost for doing your job in Madison County?

That this job you hold requires subservience to you in the form of censured voices and opinions?

And If you don’t like what is said about you in a county, you will no longer help its residents?

Pless never responded. I would like these questions answered by him or by the leadership in the NC legislature. I noticed in his email he c/c Ralph Hise

I wonder if he agrees?

Remember our tax dollars pay these gentlemen’s salaries.

Public officials don’t have the right to make statements – “they owe their constiuents nothing.”

Maybe this is why we never get anything worthwhile done in this Western NC legislature.

Let’s look at what Pless said; he inferred in his email that he got the guardrail put in Hot Springs.

I contacted the DOT because I wanted to know about the railing.

Many people in this county would like to have more guardrails and, on a minimum, would like to see their state roads graveled and otherwise maintained with mowing. This maintenance has not happened regularly in this county in the last few years.

The DOT correspondence is below:


Can you tell me the reason the DOT placed a new guardrail on Highway 25-70?  Was it because of state congressman Mark Pless’s urgency, or was it planned? There has never been one here, and I wish to know from the DOT why now? I believe there was an accident here and a fire near the city limits of Hot Springs.

Thank you

From Gabriel Johnson

Ms. Harman,

The guardrail was placed due to two severe accidents that occurred in this area over the past three years. 

Thank you,

Well, folks, It doesn’t look like the Phantom of the Opera had anything to do with it after all, does it?

Also interesting in this Pless email above is this statement about being with Harwood last week:

” I met with sheriff Harwood and mental health professionals at the community center in Ebbs Chapel because I was ask to. The conversation was for the mental health professionals to ask me to look for funding at the state to help staff the center with a mental health practitioner full time. This was important so folks can be seen who have mental health issues”.  

Mark Pless

I didn’t realize that Ebbs Chapel had so much mental illness.

  • They have only had a clinic since June of this year.
  • What other Mental Health professionals did you meet with as you state Mr. Pless?
  • This center is mainly used as a music hall.
  • Two hundred and fifty seats it is a big hall. It calls itself a performing arts center, not a clinic.
  • This same facility is how Orville English wrote off over $80,000 in delinquent taxes. Taxes he and Buddy Harwood conned the county Commissioners into writing off.
  • English provided a trash feature which he acted like he supplied to the Ebbs Chapel community, but what happened in the end is dear Godly Orville wanted a pay back for his services. Which we the taxpayers lost out on because Orville English never paid his delinquent taxes. I didn’t realize tax payers were able to barter their delinquencies? Well you can if you provide Buddy Harwood with votes for him and his candidates.
  • Remember all the rewards which came to Brother Emerson Franklin of Laurel Fire Department. He solicited votes for Buddy.

I don’t know what is going on here, but you would think since this clinic has only been opened since June, the facility would be looking at more medical personnel instead of a mental health practitioner.

Why are there so many mental health issues in this small community? Is it drugs- addiction?

People from Tennessee are flocking to North Carolina to get Methadone; could this be planned?

There is a Methadone Clinic in Forks of Ivy, and the good folks of Marxist Hill are getting upset.

Mars Hill is 1 mile from Forks of Ivy, and these soiled folks are hanging out at Ingles and other County line businesses.

If Buddy Harwood and Orville English have their toes in this, you better watch what transpires here because it smells.

Buddy Harwood does nothing without a price or a kickback into his pocket.

Tennessee ranks No. 2 in the nation for prescription drug abuse per capita, and East Tennessee is listed as the worst region in the state, according to data from the Tennessee Medical Association.

Who is Buddy Harwood’s big buddy just over the TN line? Why it is the Unicoi County Sheriff of TN.

Has there been an increase in crime in Mars Hill since the Methadone clinic was established at the Forks of Ivy?


Harwood and company have allowed Drug houses to run amok in this county ever since he was elected. Overdoses are up because Harwood won’t eradicate the drugs out of our county. Harwood gets his court cases thrown out regularly simply because of incompetence. These drug dealers make deals with Corrupt Coy Phillips and Big Buddy. These dealers are arrested and back on the streets within months.

So you should not be surprised if Buddy Harwood is integrating his business model into increasing his profit on the addicts and their recovery.

Now onto this Amazon Movie it is astonishing to me that some of you follow Mans compass instead of Gods so easily.

For the sake of money and a movie, really?

October 06, 2021

The Danger of Ignoring the Word

Psalm 119:33-40

Putting together a toy or a piece of furniture rarely goes as smoothly as expected.

This is especially true if we don’t read the instructions. Perhaps they’re too long or difficult to understand, so we ignore them.

Then we wonder why the project doesn’t turn out right.This is how many believers live the Christian life.

They try to figure it out without referring to God’s Word. The Bible is too long, they think, and it would take years to gain a basic understanding of the contents; there just isn’t enough time to read it. Furthermore, it strikes them as complicated and difficult to understand.

But ignoring the Word of God is dangerous.

When we stop reading Scripture and applying its principles, we don’t just stand still; we actually start drifting away from God.

Peter tells us to long for the Word so we may grow in respect to our salvation (1 Pet. 2:2). And don’t forget, the indwelling Holy Spirit will bring understanding.If your desire is to glorify God and overcome worries, fears, and sin, then Scripture must be your priority.

Reading, studying, and applying the Word may require sacrifices, but the reward of knowing your Savior better and living a life pleasing to God is worth it.

Charles Stanley

Did you know Amazon thinks it can prevent you from parking in a US POST OFFICE Parking lot?

They cannot block you from parking in a federal parking lot, no matter who they think they are. Park there; they can’t force you to park elsewhere.

Why is the NC state road by the island coming into Marshall blocked? Marshall can’t stop traffic on this road. Marshall did this before during the terrorist Black Lives Matter parade. It was illegal then, and it is illegal now.

It appears Amazon is also using our French Broad EMC to film this Syfy nominal movie. I asked Greg Fowler about this; here is his response:

Hey Cindie,

They are filming an Amazon Prime Video show called “The Peripheral”. 

To my understanding they are filming in several different areas of North Carolina and I believe even London.

Greg Fowler

District Manager

French Broad EMC

I like Greg Fowler, but sometimes, you have to do things that others force upon you when you manage an entity.

I hope this is the case because, as a member, I am embarrassed and offended by this.

French Broad EMC is a membership corporation and nonprofit. All of us that have electricity are members of this corporation.

The board of directors at French Broad makes these decisions.

Using our Electrical Co-op in a movie that promotes a transgender is offensive.

Folks, I don’t understand why you would ever get in bed with these people for the sake of money and the numbing of your Christian values.

‘The Peripheral’: Alexandra Billings Joins Amazon Series – Deadline

The movie is called “The Peripheral.” Below is their star, an open transgender freak.


Transgenderism is nothing more than an abomination of God. Look below at what evil uses transgenderism “Baphomet.”


What is more evil than Hollywood? Amazon is a company that symbolizes the tower of Babal – Below is Amazon HQ their new tower to the Devil …

It looks like this Luciferian production company wants to continue with a five-year contract. Do you really want this below around your family for five years? Do you put this filth above God?

Greg Fowler said

“To my understanding they are filming in several different areas of North Carolina and I believe even London”.

London is where one of the “SoWE” Founders are from, same founder that is an associate of Jeffrey Epstein.

Why are they coming here?

Those are kids below on Epstein’s Island cameras

SoWE mission statement below:

The School of Wholeness and Enlightenment is a global project that will serve as an educational bridge between the world as we have known it and the new paradigm awakening within humanity.

Our purpose is to support and help activate the awakening consciousness and the innate genius at all levels, for all ages, to help create a more enlightened world.

The above is not what was sold to the public when SoWE first announced- I have more coming on this next week along with much more news.

KNOW YOUR ENEMIES- Below the truth-CH