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Sheriff Harwood pimps the American flag for profit
Sheriff Harwood pimps the American flag for profit

Sheriff Harwood pimps the American flag for profit

So now, poor old Buddy Harwood has been kicked off of Facebook for writing about the American flag and WLOS is stupid enough to fall for his parody.

Do you buy this? I don’t. I find it interesting that the victim here is Cynthia Niles of Madison Pharmacy.

Now, we as intelligent folks of Madison County are being led to believe by WLOS NEWS that the poor distraught Madison County Sheriff Department was standing up for the owner of Madison Pharmacy because she was flying a single flag at her pharmacy.

We assume by the coverage that the individuals attacking this sweet meek pharmacist were more than likely Marshall flag haters.
They have come out of the woodwork to attack quiet, demure Cynthia Niles and Madison pharmacy. This is happening as she eats her soup at their businesses in Marshall.

Yeah right folks, this just doesn’t pass the smell test.
First and in comparison, Bonnie’s Appalachian Cuisine just down the road from Madison Pharmacy has been flying American flags for years.

In fact, Bonnie Whitener has been attacked vehemently by Marshall, and Marxist Hill’s left for well over a year.
You that follow the real news of Madison County through this venue know this.
I didn’t see Harwood or Cynthia Niles defending Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine when this happened in Madison County.
Where were they? Where was the Patriotic Sheriff’s department of Madison County during these attacks?

Folks, the truth is Sheriff Buddy Harwood has illegally forbidden his employees to eat in Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine restaurant.

That’s right, the Harwoods clan of misfits can no longer eat in this restaurant because Bonnie has taken the beloved “Buddy Burger” off the menu.

I swear I am not making this up; this guy Harwood is this vindictive.

As for Cynthia Niles, let me share a recent story about her and her attack on Bonnie Appalachian patrons so you can get a real good sense of this woman and the connection to Harwood. They are two tiny irrelevant peas in a pod.

I wrote a few months ago about Todd McCormick, who owns the hardware store in Marshall; he is a “BFF” of Niles. For all of you in Marshall, BFF means “Best Friend Friend.”
Remember, McCormick placed many rebars in his vacant lot next to Bonnies to keep trucks from using the dilapidated space as parking to go into Bonnies to eat.
I wrote that it was priceless that a guy who sells hardware would be so ignorant and spiteful to those who would do business with him.

I never told you the complete story because I knew this day would come, and I would be able to finish it in its entirety.

Here is the rest of the story, Cynthia Niles owns a little building next to Bonnies. It is a gym of some sort; behind it is a laundry mat. The gym is closed and has not operated for a while.
Todd McCormick showed his stripes, but Niles actually instigated the start of this whole charade.
Cynthia Niles was angry and jealous that hungry patrons were parking in her vacant space and going to eat at Bonnie’s, so what does she do?

She calls Haney’s wrecker service to tow these people while they were eating.
Thank goodness that Mr. Haney was more honorable and kinder than Cynthia Niles because he didn’t tow the individuals.

This childish act by Niles did not stop with one call; it continued; she even showed up on a Friday evening, parked her car at her empty building, and spent the night harassing the patrons of Bonnie’s Appalachian Cuisine.

She called and called to get vehicles towed, and when that did not work, she asked the diners of Bonnie’s restaurant to get up from eating dinner and move their cars. They did. Do you think this helped her reputation in the community?

The next day Cynthia drags her poor retired FBI boyfriend out to fill trash cans with cement and line them up in front of her vacant building. All she really accomplished was to make a complete ass of herself for all the Bypass to see.

I tell you this because this shows her character and character matters. After all, Cynthia Niles wants to run for commissioner of Madison County and don’t rule out her cozy friend Todd McCormick either. Both of them are Buddy Harwood toadies.

In the end, it was Bonnie Whitener that helped Cynthia Niles get a renter for her building. So who is the real woman here? I think you can figure this out.

I will also add that Bonnie Whitener uses her time and money to feed our Madison County Veterans – Buddy doesn’t nor does Cynthia Niles.

Did you folks know that Cynthia Niles- Madison Pharmacy also supplies Sheriff Buddy with pharmaceuticals for the jail? Big contract, think about it. Did WLOS disclose this?

Did you know that Harwood was yucking it up with the lefties in Marshall – (Lizzy Gullum) the week prior to this in a radio show?

Don’t fall for another one of Harwood’s charades.

It is a disgrace that Sheriff Harwood would use our American flag as a PR stunt.
Harwood will do anything for good press because his whole Sheriff Department is falling apart, and he wants to continue as sheriff.
Like the “Back the Blue” fake rally at the commissioner’s meeting, this is another exhibit by a feckless, corrupt politician parading as an admirable law enforcement officer. Story link below:

This Facebook suspension is very suspicious.

If this one post gets you removed from Facebook, answer me why has Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine, with its patriotic commentary, never been removed?

Also, above the WLOS reporter posted Harwood’s “active” Facebook page on Twitter; if the Madison County Sheriff department is suspended, was it active on Facebook when she reported this?
WLOS claims these are screenshots; who would take screenshots of Madison County Sheriff’s department and then send them to a reporter before the suspension happens? Who is connected to WLOS? Why good ole Buddy Harwood compatriot Chad Nesbitt.

This con smells folks start with Harwood; now add Cynthia Niles, Chad Nesbitt, and you have another town clown show for WLOS to report.
A monumental embarrassing moment for Madison County that the public at large can decipher into the fraud it really is.
Use your common sense who do you think feeds WLOS these stories, and who has started showing up at Madison County Commissioner meetings?

None other than Chad Nesbitt think about it – this guy reminds me of Tracey Bridges; I will fill the blanks in on this later.
By Chad’s own omission, his best friend is none other than Eddie Harwood – Buddy’s brother.
Remember, with Buddy; there is always a kickback. Always something in it for him. He thinks the people of Madison County are stupid and will fall for it because it has worked for him time and again. He does this for sport and this is the reason he is not qualified to be the sheriff.

I think it is telling that Harwood chooses to wrap himself in an American flag when he is so incompetent at enforcing the law that this precious American Flag represents.

Did WLOS look into the fact that Reverend Harwood was caught with Michael Garrison, sitting commissioner, illegally wiretapping the county offices?
Did WLOS ever look into the fact that Coy Phillips, former chief deputy, was giving away concealed carry permits and is under investigation?

Did Chad Nesbitt ever report this? Why no Chad is too busy chasing, unidentified penis’s across the Internet. Folks, you can’t make this up; it is accurate and pathetic.
Here is another tidbit for all you concerned citizens of Madison County which employee is getting the $10,000 raise in this year’s budget?

Could it be our corrupt sheriff Buddy Harwood or Norris Gentry? – You bet ya it could..

If it is Ledford the dam will break next week because she has a seventeen year old problem that will arise from her past in Marshall.
More coming I have a great story on real patriots of our country coming tomorrow-CH