Save Madison County NC From The Left
Cooper and County Commissioners have one thing in common- All are about as sharp as a rubber grape!
Cooper and County Commissioners have one thing in common- All are about as sharp as a rubber grape!

Cooper and County Commissioners have one thing in common- All are about as sharp as a rubber grape!

Madison County commissioners moving to bring Land Of Sky Commies in to provide Economic Development services-Why? 

The Commissioners have scheduled another special (secret) meeting this Tuesday at 4:00 to consider a contract for these services. 

Was there a bidding process for this contract? Having a secret meeting at 4:00 is telling but what do you expect out of these crooks…

Now, folks, we pay the incompetent Terry Bellamy over $54,000 to be the County’s Economic Development Director. What has Bellamy ever done?

She was brought in here by Norris Gentry and Forrest Gilliam to fill this position. 

This was Gilliam’s statement to the paper about having an Economic Development director-

“If you don’t have someone in that position, you’re not competing,” Gilliam said of the role now run by Terry Bellamy.

So I guess you throw anyone into that position, or is Bellamy a token for Gilliam and Norris Gentry? 

There are better tokens available.

These two men are both hardcore Leftist Democrats that believe only government, not the private sector have the answers? Neither has ever worked in the private sector only in government positions which speaks to these actions.

They believe grant money from our tax dollars should go to fund their endeavors. Endeavors that were created by mismanagement of people like them in government- an example of this is the Marshall Water collapse. 

Get a grant, but what happens when a grant falls through or runs out of revenue? What do we as a County give up for the sake of the scum of Marshall?

We, the taxpayers of this County, pick up the bill. Why should we pay for Marshall’s water?

Bellamy does not currently or has ever had any economic development experience. Both Gentry and Gilliam- (Under-Dog)

sit as delegates on this Democrat Boondoggle called Land of Sky. 

I think it is priceless that Gentry is the treasurer – Do they know his past with missing money?

The below link is from the Land of Sky website – I might add this is a pathetically maintained site – some areas have not been updated since 2017. 

Meetings (

Guess who else works for Land of Sky – Marxist Paul Moon; he left Asheville Citizen-Times to parade with Land of Sky’s liberals. 

So you can imagine what kind of economic development will come out of this organization. 

Bellamy lives in Asheville.

Bellamy was a disaster when she served as Mayor of Asheville. 

Is Bellamy’s $54,000 position being eliminated in Madison County- it should be since she can’t do her job? 

Why no, we taxpayers, the ones who actually pay taxes, are footing this bill along with the new tab – Contract with Land of Sky.

We are a County of less than 22,000 residents. Most of the County’s employment sector is “on the dole,” which for all of you in Marxist Hill and Marshall means:

registered as unemployed and receiving benefit from the government.

The former County Manager and current Economic Development director didn’t even know what a baseline report was, and they did not have one on file. A base Line report is the fundamentals of Economic Development. It is a starting point, the foundation of what you have to work within to bring business into your community.

These two, not knowing, speak volumes about where they want to send our County and folks it is not down the yellow brick road. 

Do you folks in this County want these nut planners like Paul Moon and Sara Nichols regulating your wells and other entities on your property?

That will be just the start – and don’t cry out to Matt Wechtel; he coos and slobbers over Nichols like an old bulldog in heat whenever she gives a presentation.

Nichols has shown her butt numerous times in County meetings. She is dangerous to any property owner that values land rights and use of their land.

In other words, she is like Jamie List multiplied by 100.

Planner for what: Land of Sky is nothing but leftist Marxists hiding behind the designation of planner. They don’t plan for the people; they prepare for their leftist ideology. Planning means Stopping.

They will do what all leftist Democrats do, NOTHING for the PEOPLE. But by golly, their pockets where they live will be padded- meaning it all goes to Marxist Hill and Marshall.

What about the Court House and the putrid County offices?

Sara Nichols and Marxist Moon are incapable of developing a “Bond Underwriting.”

Let’s use Under Dog’s own words – “you can’t be competitive unless…” 

What does it look like to business that you want to compete for when they see how dilapidated the County offices and Court House is? 

But , those schools with Heil Hoffman- (friend of Nichols) in control sure look good and have a new football field for an inept football team.

Allowing the County Court House and offices to decay -says a lot about you idiots in government and the idiots that hired Terry Bellamy; we don’t need an Economic Development director. 

Terry Bellamy needs to be fired and sent back to Asheville. 

Land of Sky is not the solution. The solution is teaching the County residents that they don’t have to take what these Democrats and Rinos have been dishing out for years. The people of this County have what it takes, but they don’t know how to get there. 

For years this County has run a class system – something you see in Britain and elsewhere. This system is set up to control the populace.

Characteristics of Class System: 

  • The class system is based on occupation, wealth, education, age, and sex.
  • Hierarchy of status group. In general, there are 3 classes – upper middle & tower. Status, prestige & role is attached.
  • Feeling of superiority & inferiority. In these three classes, there are such feelings the upper-class people think they are…

This is not American, but the people like Larry Leake and Zeno Ponder – town leaders and commissioners -sheriffs have profited off this, and it has never stopped. 

Because folks, you let them – you don’t have to be afraid of these reprobates; they are nothing. You don’t have to depend on them – your lives are better without them.

You give them their power; they are tiny inconsequential Dung Beetles.

Why do you think people like Matt Wechtel call me dangerous – Because I am telling you the truth and he is one of them – Remember he signed Moon’s Pledge of allegiance – (AFTER THE ELECTION) to the Marxist of Madison County.

You are in charge of your own lives and bearers of the truth scare the heck out of them.

You don’t have to stay at the bottom of the barrel. Your fear of these classless swells is based on a hoax. You are now seeing who they really are and not just here but throughout our Country. One million illegal aliens have entered our country since illegitimate Biden took office. Why Roy Cooper and Larry Leake want them in NC to sign them up under the farce called “Motor Voter bill.”

Let’s look at the latest out of Roy Cooper, who paused the voting on Election night because he was losing the governors race and President Trump was winning big. Pasty Roy Cooper is now looking into creating vaccine passports for NC.

Notice how Cooper below references his hero buddy in crime- Murderer Cuomo. Cuomo is Coopers Wind Beneath his wings….

From NC-NPR –

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper said Wednesday his administration is having “discussions” about creating “vaccine passports” — a standardized record for people to show they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. The passports could allow businesses to determine who is admitted and who isn’t for events like concerts or perhaps even indoor dining.

Joe Biden has said the federal government is leaving the implementation of “vaccine passports” up to the states, though his administration is expected to release guidelines soon on ways states can implement them.

The Biden administration has said it doesn’t want to create a federal database of who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

Cooper said Wednesday he’s looking into it.

“We want to be able to help people to be able to show others that they have gotten the vaccine because a lot of people are going to want that,” he said after a tour of a vaccination site at CaroMont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia. “So we are figuring that out now and we’re having discussions about the best way to do that.”

New York state recently released its vaccine passport, called the Excelsior Pass. It’s an electronic health certificate that shows a code on someone’s phone. A business can then scan the code to see if the person has been vaccinated.

In Israel, people who have been vaccinated can show a “Green Pass.” The European Union is also creating its own vaccine passport.

Cooper said he wants to make sure people without phones can also show the passport.

“We want to make sure it’s equitable,” he said. “It would be great to have an app where you could show, but at the same time we know we need paper because a lot of people don’t have phones. We have to make sure this is equitable in the way we do it and respect everyone’s privacy.” Vaccination passports have become the latest flashpoint between Democrats and Republicans. In Florida, GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he wants to prohibit businesses from using them.

So folks illegitimate Cooper again is targeting Patriots and those that refuse to submit to his illegal actions. He is pissed because you have figured him out and won’t comply. Lets look at the facts- the states that mandated mask wearing and shutdowns have the most problems with the China Flu. Those are facts Cooper is an attorney -Lawyers are like real estate agents -Amoral morons that are self serving. Cooper has no idea on how to run a successful economy- he abides to those that pad his corrupt pockets- China and Soros.

Can Cooper initiate Vaccine Passports? No – he can’t-Cooper is about as sharp as a rubber grape. Murder of the Elderly in NY- Cuomo has a Democrat Legislature – Pasty Cooper does not.

Roy Cooper is a Tyrant and like Tammy Cody and Buddy Harwood- a megalomaniac. He was never elected, not even the first time.

Cooper is a fraud, and to hold onto power; he committed a treasonous act by stealing your vote. 

But his reckoning is coming, and the Legislature is moving forward against this dung beetle.

Look below: The Legislature took Coopers magic underwear away!

North Carolina State House Passes Bill Limiting Democrat Governor’s Emergency Powers | The Daily Wire

Don’t forget who funds Cooper – The Chinese Communist Party and Nazi-George Soros. 

The Legislature needs to move to impeach Cooper and others in this state and County involved in election fraud. 

Like all evil, they think they got away with it, but a Reckoning is coming soon for Biden and old pasty Roy. 

There is no need for fear-There are more “liberty loving Patriots” then they, and we are better armed. 

You can’t trust Democrats; they will fall in line with their masters.

They are out of the same yolk and will come for your guns –

We need an honest Republican Sheriff in our County, not a Rino, and three new commissioners- that can’t be bought.

Time to stand up and fight against the tyranny coming out of Marxist Hill -Marshall – Raleigh and our Country.

If you have any doubt about standing up and fighting watch this small clip below – This great man fought for you it is time you fight for him.

Have a great Easter Folks – There is a lot going on in this world – Remember you are watching a movie and it gets more exciting everyday.

Biden will be gone soon -Cooper will be exposed – President Trump did not abandon this great country there is a big surprise on the Horizon CH