Save Madison County NC From The Left
Say when!
Say when!

Say when!

The CDC is getting ready to transport “high risk” people to ‘internment’ camps, where they will be segregated for long periods of time.

So let me get this straight it is ok to allow millions of illegal infested aliens into our country with God knows what kind of diseases and no ability to confirm where they go.

Yet, the CDC has worked up plans to send grandma to an internment camp to protect the public. Now that is priceless, folks…

You are in the most challenging part of the PLAN!!!… Where everything is intensifying, multiplying on both sides of the war.

It’s like a head-on collision you are witnessing. The extreme mental pain that is being felt will intensify.

Biden’s VACCINES will change from experimental to mandatory At all costs; you must reject the vaccines.
You must practice your free WILL—stand firm in the most challenging part of the fight.

BELOW Proof in a great short video; please take the time to watch.

Documents below: Verify the CDC’s plan to force your loved ones into custody. Also, documents to help those of you who work in a situation where forced vaccines threaten your job. All of this follows at the end of this story.

Are you going to let them take your loved ones into custody?

You are already allowing the schools to indoctrinate your children.

You are allowing the health department monster Tammy Cody and her minions to poison your children.

You are allowing churches to con you with free haircuts and goodies to get the jab.

Do you honestly think they “your enemies” will stop?

Below one of Corrupt Sheriff Buddy Harwood’s Church’s flyers from Facebook – THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK….. Are you recognizing the “Monsters Within”?

Our greatest weakness as a nation is that we stopped fearing God and started fearing man. Additionally, we idolized leaders for many years. We became vulnerable once we lost God’s perspective.

Exodus 20:3
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Folks, you may not see many people who have already taken the first jab becoming angry.

The CDC FAUCI Biden Administration told them to take more and more vaccines to regain freedom.

The vaccinated now know that was a lie, and vaccines companies are coming after their kids and families.

All this while the CDC and Vaccine manufacturers choose not to take the vaccine. The CDC is NOT requiring its employees to take the vaccine.


This is who they are, folks, look below as to who they serve.

Friday’s performance of their “Pedo in Chief” and ask yourself – Why would these parents not see what is going on here right in front of them?

Notice this child’s body-language – She knows. Do you honestly think she won’t remember what Mommy and Daddy did to her? Do you honestly think your children won’t remember what you are doing to them?

It speaks volumes about what kind of parents these people are and notice they don’t care to pimp their kids out for a photo op.

As long as they get the money or the job, any profit, they will always look the other way.

Sound familiar? It is happening in your schools, your churches, Federal, State, and local governments. The Deep State is not just in DC.

I have a big story coming Tuesday on what will happen in the next few weeks; A lot going on please prepare.

You are inside the storm; it had to be this way; remember what I said to you last week?
Know who the monsters are within. Identify your enemies.

You cannot trust the Health Department or their alliances- The Madison County Schools-DSS- Madison County Commissioners or Sheriff Buddy Harwood and his deputies.

Remember what Harwood did the last time during the Covid hoax – he shut down your churches and businesses and allowed Nurse Ratched and his deputies to harass you. At the same time, he and his toadies and those called Emergency Personnel ate steak on your nickel.

Please let’s not forget this Facebook post below when Harwood’s dope-dealing chief deputy Coy Phillips made his proclamation to scare you into submission. Where is the bible-thumping Coy Boy now? Are you waking to who they indeed are?

Well we sure know that Coy and Buddy didn’t turn from their wicked ways… Coy Phillips- Buddy Harwood and all your enemies enjoy using the Lord for their own profit. When these scoundrels use God and their common blather of “Back the Blue”.

Remember to use your common sense and never “Back the Blue” that doesn’t protect the best interests of your children and families.

Know your enemy if they arrive at your door.

You are more powerful than you know…CH

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Link below to get documents to protect yourself and your family. Government employees- Private sector Employees- Health care workers Public and Private-Parents with school age kids-Military Service Members-College and Vocational Students