Save Madison County NC From The Left


Coming Barn Burner on Candidates and what happened last night at the Planning Board meeting.

Last night, the Madison County Planning Board proved why we need to clean this county’s house.

By a vote of 5-0, they voted to destroy our County and demean the Land Use Plan of Madison County.

Alan Wyatt, was the acting chair of the planning board last night; and has entered the race for County Commissioner on the Republican ticket. Wyatt was a complete imbecile last night and proves why he needs to be defeated in this upcoming election.

Folks, Alan Wyatt is a Buddy Harwood Boy.

I have plenty coming on him and others. I have been made aware that Coy Phillips is becoming so desperate that he is now impersonating himself on Facebook as a woman to quash dissent, even targeting an area journalist.

Hey Coy Boy or should I say, Rocky- who from Unicoi County TN picked up the deer you shot illegally?

It is pretty comical this act of despair by Buddy Harwood and company, which pathetically speaks volumes…

These cowards will not stop our speech. They will never silence you or me.

The old guard of Madison County knows their days reigning with an iron fist are numbered….Buckle up Buttercups we are just getting started-CH

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