Save Madison County NC From The Left
If you cannot deceive yourself you cannot deceive others…
If you cannot deceive yourself you cannot deceive others…

If you cannot deceive yourself you cannot deceive others…

We are officially in December 2021. Now what? I don’t know – but I have a feeling; It’s going to be WAY better than December 2020.

Buckle up, folks, because we have a great year ahead; the swamp of DC and Madison are being exposed and dealt with daily.
Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing…

It’s over. Biden is already backing off enforcing the vaccine mandate for federal workers. The entire mandate is going to collapse epically. The people have had enough and are standing up to the Left’s tyranny.

Biden’s house of corona-cards is falling fast—because it’s built on lies, not on the law.

We are a country of rules of law based on our US Constitution. As a great nation, we have been blessed with many patriots sworn to protect this great document over the years.

The rule of law governs our courts, and thank God there are still men and women who give it all every day to protect us from those seeking to destroy our foundation fought by Patriots many years ago.

Below is a video from one of the greatest heroic attorneys of our time Lin Wood. Lin Wood has been persecuted because he speaks the truth. He does this with the spirit of Jesus enveloping him.

Oh, how the enemy hates this a man of God who shows no fear and in passion fights for those who need it most. But in reality, some of these folks fail to appreciate the fact of what they have been given.

A band of opportunists has taken over the Kyle Rittenhouse saga and now are leading a coordinated attack against Lin Wood.

Why, you ask, because some of these people we all thought were part of the Patriot movement but are they? Lin Wood’s organization “Fight Back Law” has a full audit in place. Do these accusers have the same?

When Kyle was first arrested, prosecutors slapped him with an absurd $2 million bail figure, even though Kyle had voluntarily surrendered to police and was a non-existent risk to re-offend.

They did that because they wanted to hurt Kyle and his family because he represented the regime’s enemies.

Lin Wood represented Kyle Rittenhouse last fall during a time when Rittenhouse needed help the most.

He says that he raised the money through his Fight Back law Foundation, and so the courts should return the money to him, and he has filed court paperwork demanding that.

The Rittenhouse family says that the money ought to go to them, and this has turned into a steadily escalating war of words between the parties.

So you see, folks, this all has its roots in greedy opportunists out to make a buck in the shadiest and most despicable ways possible.

From Lin Wood
Our nation and ALL Patriots need God-fearing
leaders who do their best to speak TRUTH, who say what they mean and mean what they say.

We The People have had more than enough “leaders” who deceive us, profit off us, spy on us, and play Deep State games with our hard-earned money, our lives and our futures.

We must drain the swamp.

We must look to FRESH FACES for our leadership. Career intelligence spooks and career politicians cannot be the wave of the present or of the future.

Unless you want more of the same old swamp.

We need consistently honest leaders who are transparent on ALL relevant matters and who are willing to answer ALL relevant questions.

The people have the right to be fully informed on all relevant issues by any person who seeks to lead us.

We also need leaders who acknowledge their past mistakes, correct them, and vow to learn from them in order to better represent We The People.

Don’t be sold another bill of goods. We must change and make wise choices if we expect God to restore the soul of our nation.

Just sayin.’

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Every lie will be revealed, but don’t focus on the lies. Focus on the TRUTH.

One thing Lin Wood knows a great deal about is what true defamation and libel is.

I was made aware this week that the infamous Rupa Russe has filed a complaint against me in federal court. I have not been served, but it looks like this suit has reached as far away as California. I am flattered.
Below the article, make sure to read the comments it is comical.

Rupa Russe actually thought she could file a lawsuit and then petition the court to place a gag order on me and anyone else who wished to see it. Of course, the courts ruled against her, but what is fascinating is she filed this action on October 3, 2021.

I have not been served, and she filed this in the Western District Federal Court. Why not in Superior court?

The courts of this country are not governed by Rupa Law. Kudos to those who follow the constitution.

Read the complaint below now, ask yourselves, aren’t you glad this woman was not elected county commissioner?

I don’t think anyone taught her the constitution in law school or much less the rule of law.
The court document is riddled with fallacies.

Folks, you can sue a ham sandwich in NC, but one thing the defense gets is the opportunity to countersue and discovery.
Discovery could include the Madison County Democrat executive committee and Buddy Harwood.

Below is her filing

Now you have just read her complaint and her accusations. See below a few documents of many that I have which dispel these charges.

Ask yourself; why was President Trump mentioned? Was this to prejudice the filing?

Did you notice she seems to know why my website was de-platformed? Really I requested this information from my website server many times they never answered.

Rupa bases this as a fact in her rants. How does she know when I was never made privy of the reason?

Is she psychic, or did she have something to do with it? Court orders and discovery will provide these answers. Below are all public records remember Russe changed her name from Russell to Russe. Why?

Since Rupa has discussed the Democrat Executive committee in these claims, when are they going to remove Rupa from the vice-chair position of the Mars Hill precinct?

Her filing above claims she lives in Check, Virginia.

Russe cannot sit as vice-chair in a precinct when she shows her residency in another state. Where is Patrick Ward, the chairman of the Republican Party? Do you think the Democrats would not raise cane if this were a Republican?

Remember Buddy Harwood, candidate for sheriff, made sure Rupa was on the ballot instead of Wayne Brigman back in 2020.

Stewart Jolley who was chairman and John Gosnell who was vice-chair now chairman of the Madison Democrat Executive committee did not notify all the executive committee members.

This will be part of discovery and these two men will be questioned as to why they held this meeting in the way in which they did.

Sheriff Harwood and the bookkeeper of the Sheriff’s department entered into the vote for Rupa Russe after the quorum was achieved by phone, which helped throw the vote to Russe.

Buddy owns this and wears Rupa around his neck. Harwood has so much hatred for Wayne Brigman and Clayton Rice because they would not cover up the Illegal Wiretapping committed by Harwood and Michael Garrison against the county and its citizens. Sheriff Buddy Harwood was angry that Wayne Brigman and Clayton Rice former commissioners would not write off Orville English’s tax debt which had accrued to enormous amounts. Orville English helps Harwood with votes in Wolf Laurel. Are you catching on folks?

Nothing can stop the truth. All lies will be revealed, and all of you good Democrats can thank Rupa for this.

Harwood is on the Democrat executive committee; why did he not notify the committee of this filing below or did he?

How many vice precinct chairs have this in their past?

This court file is a 50-B court case of Rupa Russe and her frightened tenant. This action happened in March of this year.

Notice after her tenant filed, she immediately filed a counter 50-C, and when that didn’t work, she sued him.

Rupa’s tenant claims to have a tape, and his remarks appear to be of a frightening nature.

Do you think the magistrate would have signed this if he didn’t suspect the guy was terrified? Not likely.

Make sure you read the last documents from her hired attorney Bowman.

I have never seen an attorney attack a victim of a 50-B and threaten them under the auspice of rule 11.

Is it because the victim is a guy? What about the rights of the victim?

This gentleman tenant was granted a temporary no-contact order; there had to be some probable cause to enforce this.

I think Rupa should take Bowman’s advice for initiating a false and malicious proceeding and use that advice for herself.

Because I agree a court should appropriately sanction for violating Rule 11